PAUL GILLEBAARD,author of “Moon Hoax”..

MBA&M: Please give our readers a bit of background about yourself?

I am a small business owner of Gillebaard Engineering Corp. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I coach track at the local high school.  My wife and I have been married 20 years and have two wonderful daughters. We live in Orange County California. I have absolutely no background in writing, and can’t say I ever had any aspirations to be a writer.  The story of Moon Hoax started out as an idea in my head that developed into a page of notes. After months of prodding from my wife, I decided to attempt writing the book (having no idea how to start). A year and half later I had the first draft.  


MBA&M: Where did the idea of “Moon Hoax” come from?

I lived in Nassau Bay Texas, which is right across from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in the late ‘60s, early ‘70s where many Apollo astronauts lived.  Having men who walked in space or on the moon as neighbors was no big deal at the time (we moved away in 1971 when I was 10). 

Nassau Bay was a very cool place for a little boy (the neighborhood was built like a resort with a lake, bay, and country club with a pool). Builders were trying to make the neighborhood as attractive as possible to lure future astronauts joining NASA (the neighborhood was completed in time for the third group of astronauts selected….like eventual moonwalkers, Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, Gene Cernan).

It was one of the best times in my childhood years. When my children where the age I was when I lived in Nassau Bay, I came to realize what a special time it was. I began to appreciate the history that was being made at the time.  Soon I was spending hours googling Apollo. Eventually I decided I needed to do something with all this knowledge I was gaining. 

The idea for the novel developed when I wondered how quickly America could get back to the moon if it was of national importance (a week, a month, a year…?).  And how would we get there (by using old proven technology, or new?).  I then came up with the China angle (China claiming we never landed, and the US having to get back to the moon today to prove we did or lose credibility and eventually its world leadership to China).  

MBA&M: How hard was it to get your research information and where it you find all the facts related to this title?

Very easy.  That is the great thing about writing books today, we have the internet. You have instant information right at your finger tips, and this information is current. So for example I could Google, “Problems docking with the Space Station” and all these great articles come up. However, I should point out I did interview a handful of astronauts that had some great technical suggestions that made it into the book. Also one of these men did a final technical read for me.

MBA&M: Tell our readers a little about one of your secondary characters in “Moon Hoax”?

Viktor Alexandrov, a 75 year old retired cosmonaut who joins the lead character to fly the dangerous mission to the moon.  Viktor was the comic relief in the book. He was my favorite character, and joy to write (he has a little of my dad in him).

MBA&M: What was your favorite part about writing “Moon Hoax”?

Finishing the book!  Having no experience in writing, I felt I could crank out the book in 6 months.  Not true. Instead it wasn’t until after a year and half of research, interviews and rewrites, that I finally typed that last word of the manuscript. My wife and I shared a bottle of champagne that night.  Of course probably the best moment for any first time writer, is holding that first hardcopy from the printer.

MBA&M: If you could pick a character in this title to be for a day,who would it be and why?

Peter Novak, the lead character. How cool would it be to be a part of the CIA, and your area of expertise is flying in space. Plus his love life wasn’t too bad.   

MBA&M:  Give our readers three words you feel describe your writing style?

Entertaining easy read

MBA&M: How do you separate your personal life from your professional life?We realize writing,book appearances,online social networking takes up a lot of your time.

Fortunately my other job (I am a long ways from making a living as just an author) allows me to work at home, which helps being a father of two active teenagers (my wife works at an office).  Of course I am also a track coach.  So I am quite busy. I do most of my writing in the morning, and at night (as well as doing things like this).  I am halfway through the second book (which is a sequel to Moon Hoax, and will be part of three book set).

MBA&M: What do you hope readers will come away with by reading “Moon Hoax”?

First and foremost, be entertained.  I love hearing people say they couldn’t put the book down because of how much they were enjoying it.  Getting positive feedback is very rewarding; especially from people I don’t know.  Also the book is very relevant for today, so I also hope readers get a little education on both the past and present space programs.  

MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where they can purchase “Moon Hoax”?

I am happy to offer your readers a special 40% discount for a limited number of signed first edition copies.  To take advantage of this offer, your readers can go to my website, www.MoonHoaxBook. com and enter the code: BookAddiction. Of course the book is also offered at all the regular sites, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble (which are the best places to get Ebook editions).







  • Hardcover: 405 pages
  • Publisher: Dream Access Books; First edition (January 16, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 061545576X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0615455761

(From the publisher)

CIA agent and former NASA candidate Peter Novak, son of a U.S. moonwalker, is selected to fly a mission back to the moon against UN sanctions to set the record straight. With no manned rocket close to flying, America must figure out how to get their man into deep space undetected and without international help.

Restoring his father’s good name and the reputation of his country on a one-way ticket to lunar orbit sounds crazy–but it’s Peter’s only chance to break free of Earth’s atmosphere and fulfill his dream as an astronaut. Peter enlists a former space rival as his unlikely co-pilot, and the two battle to outwit China’s efforts to sabotage the operation and beat the Chinese back to the moon.


Thanks for visiting with us and our readers today,Paul!