Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: Warrior For Christ Publishing (May 27, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0990339505
ISBN-13: 978-0990339502
Book Title: Altars of the Heart
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction


About the book
Do events from your past continue to play over and over in your mind? Do you feel like your relationship with God is not where it should be? Are you looking for a deeper worship experience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have some good news for you. The answer may seem far away, but it’s actually much closer than you think.

Altars of the Heart will take you on a journey to rediscover who you are and give you authentic tools to help you connect back to walking hand-in-hand with God through deeper worship.
The knowledge and insight that you will gain from reading this book will take you to a life of newfound liberation from insecurities, fear, doubt, shame, and un-forgiveness.

You will be encouraged to do an internal “heart” examination, to re-evaluate how you interact with others, make choices and worship the Lord.

The Word of God specifically states in the book of Hosea 4:6, that my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. I issue a challenge to you to open this book, and allow your life to experience freedom from bondage and finally discover your path to deeper worship.

Open this book, and let’s have a heart to heart conversation!

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About The Author

April Minger was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio, where she became involved in church at the young age of six years old; since her parents did not attend church she rode a community church bus to attend Sunday school. After graduating from high school, April joined the United States Air Force, because she had a strong desire to serve her country and travel the world. Shortly after joining the Air Force, April met and married her husband; they now have been married more than 18 years and have two children. April works in the Insurance and Health Care fields, and also has a Master’s degree in Business, graduating with honors, and is a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa Chapter of The National Honor Society. She currently resides in Fort Drum, New York, where her husband serves on active duty as a member of the United States Army.

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~BOOK SPOTLIGHT~QUANTUM -TOUCH 2.0 The New Human: Discovering and Becoming


  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • Publisher: North Atlantic Books (February 12, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1583943641
  • ISBN-13: 978-1583943649

February 12, 2013

Quantum-Touch 2.0—The New Human endeavors to significantly enlarge the possibilities of what humans can be and do. In clear, step-by-step instructions, the reader will learn to easily demonstrate that human limits are as yet unknown.

Readers can learn to do healing on multiple people at once to reduce their pain in minutes, work on multiple conditions at once, help people shift their own beliefs with the use of energy, and work across time and space. Readers will even learn to safely and visibly adjust the posture of multiple people simultaneously without touching.

Science assumes that we are separate, and that our thoughts don’t affect the outer reality. This notion is something that each of us can now clearly demonstrate to be untrue.

The originator of the Quantum-Touch energy healing method and a popular workshop leader and speaker at conferences and holistic health institutes, Richard Gordon has been developing and refining Quantum-Touch since the publication of his best-selling Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal. Gordon shares his discoveries in this new book, which takes Quantum-Touch to a far more powerful level.

To enrich the book with scientific insights and commentary, Gordon sought out coauthors Vickie Wickhorst, PhD, and Chris Duffield, PhD. As academics investigating the convergence of science, technology, and the power of the human energy field, Wickhorst and Duffield serve as perfect guides to help readers, even skeptical ones, uncover their own process of discovery.

This book is a must for all world travelers!


About the Author

The founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon is a recognized pioneer in the field of energy healing and an internationally acclaimed speaker and workshop leader. Vickie Wickhorst, PhD, is a researcher, author, healer, and Quantum-Touch instructor. Chris Duffield, PhD, is a consulting intuitive savant and inventor with current academic affiliations at Stanford University and the University of Arizona. The author lives in Santa Monica, CA / Centennial, CO / Tucson, AZ.




Ready for PREtirement

Don’t Let Your Retirement Nest Egg Fall into the Great Abyss

By Kris Miller

            In today’s economy, many people are still losing 40 to 60 percent of their 401Ks and IRAs due to the market’s volatility. As a result, older Americans are delaying retirement, or they’re struggling to make ends meet in what was supposed to be their “golden years.”

            For the millions of retirees or soon-to-be-retired folks who are feeling the pinch, their options for a financial rebound are limited. But if you’re younger (in the 35 to 54 age range), you can take steps today so you don’t relive your parent’s experience.


Avoid the Stock Market Game

            If you have any sort of retirement accounts, the first step is to take a good look at them. In these investment vehicles, is your money “at risk”? When your money is “at risk” it means you can lose your principal because you’re primarily invested in the stock market or in variable annuities. Why are so many portfolios so heavily weighted in these two areas? Because these are the items that pay higher commissions for the brokers.

            Realize that there are other options you can invest in—things that have much less risk yet that offer good returns. So look where your money is. If it’s all in stocks or other high risk investments, the money you think you have may not be there when you need it. Therefore, it’s time to move your money to a safer option.

            If you haven’t started to save for your future yet, start the process now. Yes, the economy is still weak and many people are living paycheck to paycheck. But chances are you have a few dollars each month left over, especially if you forgo one or two designer coffee drinks per week. Even if you’re putting only $5 a month aside, that small amount, over time, will build. At the very least, it’ll put you into a savings mindset. And once you start saving a little bit of money, it’ll quickly become a good addiction—one you’ll want to keep doing and increasing.


Investigate an IUL (Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy)

            When you look into safer investments with less volatility, be sure to ask about IULs (Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies). Unlike traditional life insurance policies that only offer a death benefit, an IUL combines a cash growth account with the traditional life insurance policy. How? An IUL compounds market-linked interest on all cash values paid in that are greater than the term insurance premiums. This gives you access to your principal and profits during your lifetime—or an income stream during retirement.

            Even better, since it’s a life insurance product, you don’t pay taxes on the money you withdraw. This is a huge advantage, because most people realize that taxes will go up in the future. Why have a large portion of your retirement income eaten up by taxes? You’ll need that money to live on, so a tax-free option is ideal.

            An IUL also offers less volatility because the cash account portion of the IUL accrues interest based on the upside-returns-only of a market index, such as the Standard & Poor 500. In other words, when the market index drops, you don’t lose your principal. This is what makes them such a safe investment. When the market rises after a previous drop, you continue to accrue new growth without having to rebuild your principal amount.

            While anyone can get an IUL, they are ideal for people in the 35-54 age bracket. This allows ample time for the money to grow (the average interest rate on an IUL is six to eight percent). And if you currently have a 401K or IRA, you can roll that money into an IUL.


It’s Your Future – Plan It

            Whatever you do, don’t let your future be a repeat of what many older
Americans are going through today. If you have started saving for retirement, know where your money is and make sure it’s in a safe investment. Move your money if needed. If you have not yet begun building your nest egg, take the first step today. Investigate IULs and other low risk investments, and then take action.

            Few people intentionally set out to work until they’re 90 or to live in their child’s basement when they retire. Those scenarios result from poor planning. That’s why, no matter how young you are, it’s time to start preparing for your golden years today. Even though retirement may seem like a lifetime away, it’s a reality you’ll face sooner than you think.







Kris Miller


  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Morgan James Publishing (August 1, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1614481253
  • ISBN-13: 978-1614481256


Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: August 1, 2012
Ready For PREtirement: Everything You Need To Know NOW So Your Money Is There When You Need It is a comprehensive guide designed to help you plan for retirement NOWRetirement planning can be scary, confusing and overwhelming, especially if you wait until you’re faced with a family medical emergency. It is during these unexpected situations that people often make foolish decisions because of the stress and pressure to make a quick choice.

But a little planning goes a long way.  The worksheets and tools included in Ready For PREtirement make it easy to get started.  Learn how to create a Living Will and a Living Trust Designate Guardians for your young children and make sure that your family is cared for, even if you can’t be here to take care of them yourself.

While older people have pressing financial planning issues related to age and health, retirement planning isn’t just for Seniors.  Author Kris Miller taps into her vast Estate Planning experience and explains why you should get started now – even in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s.

Ready For PREtirement is designed to offer – in easy-to-understand terms – an overview of all the financial decisions that everyone will need to make at some point in their lives.  From writing a will to creating a trust, from the proper way to hold property to selecting low-risk investments, this book provides necessary financial guidance for everyone. For those who haven’t even started their PREtirement planning yet, Ready For PREtirement will serve as the first step.

So get started and get Ready For PREtirement.








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 Living in a world of turmoil and unrest is trying, but when the disquiet is in your own mind, it is infinitely more difficult to deal with.



Here is a brief description of the book:

Living in the Light provides readers with step-by-step methods to overcome depression and anxiety. It offers solutions through a combination of cognitive techniques and gospel-centered principles that will empower readers with the ability to regain their peace and happiness through eliminating all aspects of darkness from their life, embracing a life full of light.

Meet the Author:

Lacey West, a wife, mother, and registered nurse, was born and raised in Delta, Utah.  She graduated with honors from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor degree in Nursing.  Motivated by a desire to conquer her own depression, she spent years researching mental health.  She enjoys writing, spending time with family, playing the violin, sewing, and fishing.  She resides with her husband and two children in Wichita, Kansas. To find out more on Living in the Light and author Lacey West, visit:




Join Ingrid King, author of the nonfiction pet book, Purrs of Wisdom: Conscious Living Feline Style, as she tours the blogosphere December 3 – January 11 ! Ingrid will be giving away a $25 Amazon GC, one autographed paperback copy and 3 electronic copies of her book!  To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below and good luck!




Ingrid King is a former veterinary hospital manager turned award winning writer. Her popular blog, The Conscious Cat, a comprehensive resource for conscious living, health, and happiness for cats and their humans, has won multiple awards, including DogTime Media’s  2012 Pettie for Best Cat Blog, 2011 Pettie for Best Overall Pet Blog, and’s 2012 Readers Choice Award for Best Website About Cats. Ingrid is the publisher of the online magazine News for You and Your Pet, which goes out to subscribers around the world. Her articles have been published in Cat Fancy, Animal Wellness Magazine, Urban Animal, NOVADog, and on miscellaneous websites. Ingrid lives in Northern Virginia with her tortoiseshell cats Allegra and Ruby.

Her latest book is Purrs of Wisdom: Conscious Living Feline Style.

Visit her website at

Stalk Ingrid!




Purrs of Wisdom is a collection of essays featuring lessons in conscious living, inspired by the cats who have shared my life. From help with every day challenges to inspiration on living a joyful life, this compilation provides encouragement, guidance, and enlightenment, feline style. Whether it’s creating balance, navigating turbulent times, or finding the magic in life’s ordinary moments, there’s something for everyone in this book.
Chapters include:

  • The Healing Power of the Purr
  • Making Time for Contemplation
  • Routine as the Key to Happiness
  • Purging Can Make You Purr
  • Healthy Cats, Healthy Human

The stories may remind readers of lessons their own cats have taught them, provide “aha” moments, or simply bring a smile.

PRAISE FOR Purrs of Wisdom

Purrs of Wisdom, by Ingrid King, is a treat for anyone who is enchanted by all things feline! The book is an exploration of lessons on living a joyful and inspired life, learned from the many magical cats who have shared the author’s journey.

I found gifts on every page, but the section titled Lessons from a Maple Tree especially touched my heart. The author talks about taking time out of her busy day to soak up the tree’s magnificent colors when the leaves change in the fall. “Doing nothing without feeling guilty” is a lesson she learned from her cats. Ingrid’s words were a gentle reminder to this fast-paced former New Yorker to look to my own kitties for guidance when my world seems to be spinning a bit too quickly.

Purrs of Wisdom is sure to be a treasured addition to any cat lover’s library!”

Christine Davis, Author of For Every Cat An Angel and Forever Paws


“Reading this collection of feline-inspired essays and life lessons gave me several AHA! moments. Purrs of Wisdom is a refreshing read that packs a deceptively powerful punch and provides helpful recipes for finding your bliss. Ingrid King writes with compassion for those who struggle along as “life happens.” The gifted writer offers nearly poetic insight how to manage the angst, as well as to recognize the “why” behind such things. You’ll want to savor each individual chapter and purr-haps bookmark and revisit those that strike a personal chord. And of course, read aloud to your favorite feline companion!”

Amy Shojai, bestselling author of more than two-dozen pet books


Purrs of Wisdom is the perfect book for anyone who loves cats – and has an interest in living life to the fullest, with a positive and peaceful outlook – just like a cat does! It spoke to me on several levels and is sure to become a well-thumbed volume as I continue on my life’s journey.”

Ann Brightman, Managing Editor, Animal Wellness Magazine


“In this guide to living spiritually and creatively in a world that isn’t always quite comfortable with either quality, King, a keenly intuitive writer, draws upon the lessons she has learned from her beloved feline friends, weaving them deftly together with her own experiences. ”

– T.J. Banks, Author of Sketch People: Stories Along the Way and Catsong





Pump Up Your Book and Ingrid King are teaming up to give you a chance to win some fabulous prizes!


This promotion will run from December 3 – January 11. The winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter, contacted by email and announced on January 12, 2013.



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Good morning,Travis, and welcome to My Book Addiction and More today….
Thank you and it’s a pleasure to be interviewed here today. 🙂
 MBA&M:  Tell our readers a little about Travis Morgan?
TRAVIS: I was born in Kansas City, I now live in Temecula, CA with my wife and children. I am a 20-year veteran in IT.  In the early part of career, I held positions such as Network & Systems Administrator, Network Engineer and Systems Engineer.  I then moved on to a national college, where I served as Vice President and Institutional Director of Information Technology.
One of my strengths is the ability to communicate with end users who have very little or no computer knowledge.  People often comment how relieved they are when I explain things in terms they easily understand.  I have also owned various computer sales and service businesses over the years, and dealt with residential clients regularly.
I currently suffer from a rare and incurable disease called Usher’s Syndrome – a combination of Retinitis Pigmentosa and hearing loss.  I still have some of my central vision but, for the most part, none of my peripheral vision is functioning – and my night vision is pretty much non-existent.  Just in the past year, my day vision has reduced so drastically that I don’t expect to have any vision much longer.  The added loss of my hearing will make it virtually impossible to communicate except through tactile sign language like Helen Keller. I may have been dealt a bad hand of cards, but I am helping others while I still can … and I love it!
 MBA&M:  What, if anything, made you decide to write “Catch Me If You Know How”?
TRAVIS: I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, as well as physical abuse.  I understand the outcome of abuse all too well. Fortunately, I never let it keep me down.  I grew up with such a hatred for those who are abusive, that I found myself desiring to help defend those who are vulnerable.  I have since helped countless parents and spouses discover telltale items on their computers that they had not known, or had suspected but not known how to find proof.  It made me feel good to know that I could really help these people in some fashion or another.
In 2005, I decided to start writing a complete guide to computer eDiscovery and forensics that could be used by virtually anyone.  I quickly found out that my target audience ranged widely in computer skills and knowledge.  I was faced with either writing too difficult of a topic matter, or too simple of a topic matter.  So I put the book on a back burner for a while.  When I picked it up again in 2011, it dawned on me to write different books for different skill levels.  And thus, the basic level “Internet Edition” was born.
MBA&M:  What made you decide to write non-fiction?
TRAVIS: I am a career IT professional, and although I have written since middle school, where I started my first fantasy book, it was something I enjoyed but did not concentrate on.  Over the years, I had written plenty of guides and documentation for IT related issues, but I never wrote an entire book until now. I am often complimented on my writing and ability to convey thought and emotion in my writing, So I guess the answer to your question is, it fell in my lap without my looking for a specific genre to write about.
 MBA&M:  What is a typical writing day for you?
TRAVIS: Like many people, writer’s block prevents me from writing as much as I would like to.  When it comes to a topic I am passionate about, however, such as the book, “Catch Me If You Know How – Internet Edition”, I often write until my eyes and fingertips hurt.  I have found that my best writing comes in the evening with some new age music and a glass (or two) of my favorite wine.
 MBA&M:  What are the challenges in writing a non-fiction?
TRAVIS: In my opinion, the topic alone is half the battle when it comes to non-fiction.  A story, idea or subject matter is paramount to the readability of a non-fiction, and I was fortunate enough that the subject matter I wanted to write about was an extremely popular and well sought-after topic.  Everyone in today’s developed countries, and even developing countries, have some type of internet access.  In addition, I found there were virtually no books on the market for this subject matter.  To me, it seemed this would be a book high in demand with no competition.  There are other forensics books out there, but none that break it down to simple terms for people with little computer knowledge.
 MBA&M:  In today’s world of high tech, what do you feel the appeal of computers, gaming, facebook, twitter and such for today’s young people, instead of going outside and playing in the dirt or backyard?  What happened to fishing, hunting, riding bikes and such?
TRAVIS: Outdoors are for the birds. 🙂  Kidding aside, that’s a pretty open question.  I believe today’s era of “always connected” has its advantages and disadvantages just as much as life in the old days before games and computers. Today, we are much more educated and we can reach a great number of people in virtually minutes.  We also have the resources available to learn and do things we never had available to us before computers.  On the other hand, we are not exercising and playing sports as much as we used to, which has caused a large increase in overweight people.  Although many of today’s games are educational, and require much thought in overcoming obstacles and learning new skills, some are obsessed in gaming and, therefore, do not socialize and meet people.
As with anything, things should be taken into small dosages and moderated. We often see Internet addiction, predators, online relationships, and games of violent nature, as well as excessive game playing, take away from the natural growth of people and society. I think all of this new technology is a good thing – as long as it is not abused.
 MBA&M: If you could change anything in today’s world what would it be and why?
TRAVIS: Another very in-depth and open question!  What I would love to change is the availability of disturbing content that to which our children can easily gain access.  I am a firm believer in free speech, however, I wish we had started the .xxx domain extension from the beginning of the Internet so pornography and other vulgar materials would be separated, making it extremely difficult or impossible for a child to find these websites with their browser’s security.  Once a child reaches the age of majority (typically 18 years old in the US), it is then up to that person to view what they wish.
 MBA&M: Travis, how did you get into the world of “Computer Forensics”?
TRAVIS: Throughout my career, I have seen many methods of securing computers and data, for legitimate reasons as well as illicit. These methods ranged from simple password protecting logins to encrypted disks, drives, and hardware level-blocking methods.  I also learned a great deal about network security and the risks of hackers breaching firewalls.  So by the nature of my work, I knew not only how to discover a security breach, but to analyze the extent of the damage and access by that security breach.
 MBA&M: Travis, tell our readers where to find you and where they can find “Catch Me If You Know How”?
TRAVIS: You can find me on my website at, as well as email me at . There are links on our website to purchase the ebook from Amazon (all countries),, Google eBooks, the Apple iTunes store, as well as hundreds of other places.  The printed book is available to bookstores worldwide, so you can also request your local bookstore to order it for you.
Travis, do you have anything else to add?
TRAVIS: I most certainly do!  My book is a work of passion.  I hope that every parent and grandparent reads this book to protect any child in their lives from the vultures on the Internet.  In fact, I am donating 10% of the book proceeds to charities that help at-risk and victimized children.  If there is a serious concern for a child’s welfare and Internet use, and someone does not have the money to buy my book, I ask that they email me at I will do what I can to get the book to them in either eBook format or a printed copy.  My purpose in writing this book was to help people.  It was not for monetary gain, although I admit it will help my family tremendously when I am no longer able to work.
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule today and visiting with My Book Addiction and More and our readers!!

Publisher:Ominous Light Publishing (September 18, 2011)


ISBN-13: 978-0983711803


Book Description(from Amazon)


Publication Date: September 18, 2011
This book teaches computer forensics to any level computer user. You do not need to be an intermediate or advanced computer user to understand this book or to know how to implement any of the procedures. It’s very easy to navigate, with clear screenshots as examples. Stop Cyberbullying Stop Pornography Addiction Catch Your Spouse Cheating Save Your Teen from Suicide Save Your Child from a Pedophile Stop a Compulsive Online Gambler Prevent Mass Murders and Terrorism Discover Who’s Wasting Company Time ANYONE CAN UNDERSTAND IT! ANYONE CAN DO IT!
*Sponsored by the author*
We are offering, 20 copies of “Catch Me If You Know How” by Travis Morgan. Yes, readers 20 winners!! This is how the giveaway will go:
4 Print books for US Customers
4 eBooks for North American Customers
4 eBooks for European Union Customers
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= 20 Free Books
Giveaway will run from today March 15 until March 30,2012.
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Travis Morgan*
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