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Michael and Alesia Matson

{Erotic Thriller/Fantasy/Romance}
[Book 1 in the Raven and The Iris series]


Raven's Tears CoverSo without further ado, please welcome today’s guest:

Alesia & Michael Matson

When we were first shopping around Raven’s Tears, the existing publishing houses,
gatekeepers to the realm of legitimately published works, really didn’t know what to do with it.
They were prepared to deal with fantasy novels, or erotic novels, but the combination rated
refusal after refusal. It was enough to make us put the finished work away for a long time.
And then the Internet happened! Well, to be more precise, electronic books happened. Indie
publishing happened. Fan bases for stories happened -­ and fan fiction was an inevitable result.
The story-­reading public got access to materials the established publishing houses could never
have allowed through the gates. At that point, as working persons who also happened to be
storytellers, we took a look at the material we’d written together over the years and decided that
the fantasy erotica niche, and Raven’s Tears, deserved one more chance.
In the book, the reader learns that elves -­ and sex -­ exist in this world before they’ve finished the
first chapter. Enchanted crystals are used to commit a crime in the second. We made a
conscious attempt to wrap the reader in the differences right away, mostly because we always
felt the “fantasy OR erotica” choice, though it still exists, was a false one all along.
Fantasies are erotic. So is reading, and writing. They all involve imagination, which engages the
mind and in turn arouses the body. To read a fantasy written down by a storyteller is to engage
with that storyteller on a very intimate journey, and that is true whether there is overt sexuality in
the prose or not.
In that sense, as the writers of this particular tale, it made sense to us to leave the shades up
once the clothes came off;; to show all of their humanity, not just the “socially acceptable” parts.
Sex and sexuality become themes that wind through the subplots, twisting up everything the
characters touch, and so painfully that, eventually, a truth or two gets revealed. If their illicit love
affair is their sin (an open question), then Angel and Raven have to go into that until it becomes
their salvation. These themes are universal -­ coupling them with magic and dwarves can’t
diminish that. Showing them with sex and pleasure and words can’t diminish them either.
As literature goes, Raven’s Tears is pure escapism. Read it because you want to lose yourself
in a world where there is magic you can touch and dragons still exist and it is perfectly fine for
anyone to be as sensual -­ as sexual -­ as they dare to be. Read that way, classifications and
labels hardly ever matter.
BIO: Michael and Alesia have been married, loving, fighting, and writing together for 20 years.
They live together with their two goofy dogs and a spastic cat in Northern California

Thank you for spending time with us and our readers today! Congratulations on your release of “Raven’s Tears”!


Raven's Tears Cover


RAVEN¹S TEARS is the first book in The Raven & The Iris series. It¹s a romance, erotic thriller, fantasy novel, and police procedural tale all rolled into one hell of a read‹but most of all, it¹s a story of true love and of the sacrifices love demands.
The link for the book on Amazon is:
About the book:
A con turned cop. An urchin turned lady. A web of lies. An epic love.
Set in the fantasy world of Menelon, Sir Vincent Sultaire is the Raven, a rakehell, playboy, con turned cop in the City-State of Fernwall. His lover, Lady Angelique Blakesly, is on the surface a wealthy, widowed baroness and devout member of the conservative Guardian Paladin church.  But all is not what it seems. Behind Lady Angelique¹s careful poise and reserve lies her true identity as the Iris, one of Fernwall¹s most successful high-stakes burglars. 
After a brilliantly executed theft of the priceless necklace T Tôrg-Dernäd, Sir Vincent is put in charge of the investigation. This appointment sets the stage for a race against time‹and a test of true love‹as The Iris is desperate to keep him from learning the truth.
A thief set to catch a thief. Steamy sex, love, and lies intersect as RAVEN¹S TEARS takes readers on a journey across the breadth of Fernwall and through time as the Raven unravels a dizzying collection of deceptions behind the crime. Will true love survive?
*** Please be aware: This title does have some erotica contained within it¹s pages. ***
  • Series: The Raven & The Iris
  • Paperback: 418 pages
  • Publisher: Metaphor Publications (November 26, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 097541075X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0975410752




Michael wrote his first book at age 12. A 24 page masterpiece hand typed onto letter paper folded in half with a construction paper cover — hand illustrated, of course — the tome was none-the-less a best seller in the family. Since then he’s been an airman; a commercial fisherman, the third generation to go to sea in his family; a lobbyist; truck driver; counselor and minister; and general contractor. All the while, writing has remained an important creative outlet and a cornerstone of his marriage to his equally literally gifted wife. Having retired from his construction firm, he now writes and publishes full time from his home in Northern California.


Alesia2013About the author: Alesa Matson:

My Twitter profile (@zenstitcher) has the most succinct summation of words to describe me:

Author, needlework enthusiast, aspiring Buddha, RPGer, gardener, tech-geeky, herbalist, pirate.

Honestly, that will probably tell you all you wanted to know, but if you need or want more, I’ve been married to Michael Matson, who is also my co-author, for almost 20 years now. I have two grown sons by a previous marriage, and currently live with Michael + two dogs and a companionable feline supervisor.

I’ve never actually considered myself to be a Writer — you know, one of those “I must write lest I die” kind of people. I just write because it’s fun, and because I seem to have a knack for it. My favorite fiction genres are fantasy and modern urban fantasy, but I like kicking down into some gritty sci-fi and space opera stories, too.

I have written quite a bit of erotica over the years. As a rule, I tend to include sex in the stories I’m writing as part of what’s driving the plot. I don’t offer gratuitous sex scenes, nor do I always describe them in full-on, blushing glory when they appear. It seems to me that if a sex scene — or a violent combat scene, for that matter — is in a story, it should serve the story arc in some intrinsic way. If not, it’s probably better classified as “pornography” and should be taken somewhere more private.

I live in Northern California, not terribly far from the Oregon border. I can see the Pacific Ocean from my house, but in all honestly it’s the Trinity Alps that own my heart. I am most at home in the mountains — my idea of a dream home is a roomy cabin at the end of a gravel road, only accessible by stout four-wheel drive vehicles. With high speed Internet access, of course. And good cell phone service!

One last word about that “pirate” part — when I say I’m a pirate, it has NOTHING to do with stealing anything. I’m aware some self-styled pirates do steal, and I’m sorry they don’t understand what they’re doing to themselves and others every time they do. We’ve reinvented pirates in this century, to some extent. For me, being a pirate is about living life on my own terms, taking the lumps and the prizes as part of the lifestyle. It isn’t easy, and it’s rarely ever as glamorous as some movies have made it out to be, but it turns out to be the best way I’ve found to get through this life without being overpoweringly tempted to cut someone.

Thanks for reading along.



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