the absolutist guide to love

MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about yourself?


LAURIE: First, I would like to thank you for having me here today.  I feel honoured to share this virtual space with everyone.  There are many adjectives to describe me; broadcaster, speaker, workshop leader, relationship coach, mother, metaphysician and now author.  What I really want you to know about me is that I am just like you, a human being creating an adventure called life. 

the absolutist guide to love
MBA&M: What inspired you to write “The Absolutist Guide to Love”?


LAURIE: There’s a story I tell in my book about sitting in the witness box during my divorce trial and the lawyer said to me, “You would agree then Ms. Langcastor that you are an expert on failed marriages?”  My whole body burned with shame.  That incident started a process of inquiry into the nature of relationships, my experience in relationship and why we cause so much pain for ourselves and each other.  I jokingly say in my book that since I was deemed an “expert” that I had better write a book; that’s what experts do!!  I have experience with relationships ending and I pose the question who decided that ending was failure?  What if every relationship experience you have ever had, or ever will have is exactly perfect? We spend so much time in pain and suffering from relationships and it’s absolutely unnecessary.

MBA&M: Tell our readers in your own words a little about “The Absolutist Guide to Love”?


LAURIE: There are 5 Absolutist principles that not only apply to love relationships but also to every aspect of your life.  They are designed to move you from living in bondage and suffering to living in joy and freedom.  They are simple and not easy.   We have been trained to see love/life  through a set of perceptions that don’t even belong to us.  It’s making a decision to do different.  If you live these 5 Principles, you will live a life of Freedom.  No longer will you outsource this great adventure to anyone or anything else.  The Absolutist Guide to Love invites you to take full responsibility for your entire experience-No Exceptions and with that comes power. The pain of relationship is replaced by peace and great joy.


MBA&M: Which is the most difficult of the Principles?


LAURIE: In love relationships, most people get big time stuck on Principle #2-I blame no one or no thing-No Matter What!  We all want to blame the other person in our relationship.  He/She did “this”, so I’m unhappy.  If He/She didn’t do “that”, my life would be better.  We blame so that we don’t we don’t have to take responsibility for our entire experience of life (Principle #1).  We blame to make someone else wrong so that we can be right AND we don’t have to take responsibility for our entire experience of life.  These are Absolutist principles because there are no exceptions for any circumstances ever.  That part is challenging for everyone, including me.



MBA&M: What were some of the lessons you learned while writing “The Absolutist Guide to Love”?


LAURIE: I was challenged by “walking my talk” which surprised me.  Principle #5 declares-It’s all perfect and in my book I’m very forthcoming about my life experiences and yet there were moments when it didn’t feel perfect.  The shame I felt in the courtroom bubbled up and I examined it and released it.  Yucky feelings arise so we can heal them….not run away from them.  Most of us spend our entire lives running away from feeling our feelings when they are showing up to help us.  What connects us as humans is that we all have “stories” and none of them are special.  We ALL have the same stuff with different facades.  People have shared with me their deepest darkest shameful secret.  It is so painful for them and only because they are  judging themselves.  In my head I’m thinking the dark secret is nothing and I help them to see it the same way.  As my sister says, “Paint it  red” which means stand from the rooftops and shout your shameful little secrets out.  They have no power in your life unless you choose to give it .  So I’m standing from the rooftops shouting out my secrets to inspire healing for others.

MBA&M: Who would you say influenced your writing style?


LAURIE: My 30 plus years in broadcasting and media influenced my writing style.  I am a communicator and I communicate through my writing the same way as if I was talking on the radio.  There are so many great writers and the authors I love the most are the ones who I feel a heart connection with.   I read their words and feel that I am sitting across from them and we are engaged in this intimate exchange.  That’s who I am as a writer and I hope my ability to intimately connect with other human beings comes through in my book for the reader because intimate, meaningful connection is my greatest joy.


MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to connect with you and where they may purchase “The Absolutist Guide to Love”?


LAURIE: I just mentioned how much I love to connect so I would be delighted to hear from everyone about their relationship experiences and how the Absolutist Principles are helping to create more peace, more joy, more freedom, greater love in their lives.  My website is LaurieLangcastor.com.  The Absolutist Guide to Love can be purchased via my website and also on amazon.com  I will be speaking and doing workshops across North America starting this fall and my schedule will be updated via my website.



MBA&M: Laurie, do you have anything you would wish to add today?


LAURIE: Yes I do.  Be kind to yourself.  Be loving to yourself.  And know that everything you have done in relationships in the past and everything you are doing right now and everything you will do is perfect.  You are learning and growing and evolving so be patient with yourself and trust yourself.  And remember, It’s all perfect-Absolutely.  Thanks for having me here today.

Thank you, Laurie, for spending time with us and our readers today~


the absolutist guide to loveTHE ABSOLUTIST GUIDE TO LOVE

This book will forever change how you see love and yourself in relationship. WARNING: You must be willing to give up the late night teary phone calls, incessant texts written by your evil alter ego, punching holes in walls, frantic Facebook relationship status changes and buying but rarely reading every manipulative book on how to get the man/woman of your dreams to love you. Every love experience in your life is perfect, all created by you and designed for your specific purpose. The secret to Love is simple: Freedom. The secret to your Freedom in relationship is easy: The Absolutist Life. The reward is a life of peace and harmony. It’s already yours so Claim it. This is the last book on love and relationship you will ever buy…. unless of course I write another one!


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laurie langcasterLAURIE LANGCASTOR

Laurie Langcastor is a Broadcaster, Speaker, Writer, Relationship Coach, Metaphysician, and Spiritual Practitioner. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2003, Laurie set out on a healing journey searching for a different way to understand and to live. The path brought her here to the Absolutist Life. Laurie shares her wisdom from a lifetime of experience, some education, and a lot of “I’m going to do it the hard way” via humour, intelligence and always with an open heart.


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