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Victoria1What is the allure of historical erotic romance?

VICTORIA:To me, history is incredibly sexy and the allure of erotic historical is three fold: There is a strong fantasy element to historical with the elegant clothes, the formal manners, the rigid social etiquette. Sex outside marriage, (and even within the marriage bed, if performed without the goal of procreation), was forbidden fruit. All of this combines to create a certain mystique and is a wonderful backdrop for a sensual story.


What is the allure of seduction and innocence? This is a theme that I obviously love!

VICTORIA:In the context of a historical romance I think the allure of a premeditated seduction is that it’s like a game of chess with a winner and a loser- especially since the rake must employ a certain strategy to accomplish his ends. This was no easy feat in the 18th and 19th centuries as genteel young ladies were not allowed ever to be alone with a gentleman without a chaperone. Getting the girl alone often required some true scheming on the part of the would-be seducer.


abreachofpromise 200X300In my debut erotic historical romance, A Breach of Promise, Marcus sets out to seduce Lydia  when she decides to break off their betrothal after waiting six years for him to follow through. His first attempt to dissuade her has interesting results which forces him to take more drastic measures:


“A drink, Needham,” Marcus demanded. “Perhaps I should make it an entire bottle. I have great need of something particularly…numbing.” The two men repaired to the library where Marcus dismissed the footman and helped himself to a generous glass of whiskey.

“Sorry, ol’ chap. Though I suspected she would be more immune to your charm than you believed, I’d have never imagined you’d take it so hard.”

Hard? An interesting choice of words,” Marcus said. “I can’t remember such a cock stand since you and I pooled our allowance to hire our first whore.”

Nicholas’ brows shot up. “I am uncertain how to interpret that very enlightening bit of information.”

“It means I want her, Nick. She has the body of Venus and the innate sensuality of Voluptus and I want her so badly my bloody teeth ache.” He emptied his glass in one long draught and refilled it again. He offered the bottle to Nick who demurred.

“But she still won’t have you, eh?”

Marcus regarded Nick with a self-satisfied smirk. “Oh, I think she’ll have me all right. She melted like chocolate and damned well tasted like it too.”

“So progress was made in your, er, negotiations?”

“Yes and no,” Marcus answered with a wry twist of his lips. “She’s responsive as hell, far more than I would have anticipated, but fighting it like the devil too. I think she’s scared of her own passion.”

“An interesting dilemma.”

“A bloody frustrating one.” Marcus took another drink. “I’ve tried reason. I’ve tried charm. She still wishes to call it off. It’s time for more drastic measures.”

Nick gave him an inquiring look.

“I’ll ruin her, Nick, and when I’m done, she’ll be too damned sated to care. All I need is to get her alone.”



In The Devil You Know, book #3 in my DeVere series, Ludovic, Viscount DeVere has tired of his mistress, Caroline, when the unwary Diana enters the picture. Although Diana is a respectable married woman, DeVere is determined to have her. When he employs the full measure of his charm, she is helpless to resist. (I doubt there is a woman breathing who could!)


Mini excerpt:

Annalee prompted Diana forward. “My Lord DeVere, may I present to you my cousin, the Baroness Diana Palmerston-Wriothesley.”

His gaze of cobalt-blue met hers, and Diana’s smile froze on her face, an unfamiliar and unsettling frisson of physical awareness sweeping over her as he took her in from head to toe in a swift, and by his show of strong white teeth, appreciative appraisal. For a woman who took pride in her self-possession, she was strangely discomposed when he raised her fingers to his lips, his thumb skillfully settling on the bare expanse of skin just above her glove, setting her pulse skittering.

“Baroness.” The timbre of his voice, the curve of his lips, was fraught with meaning, sending a jolt of heat to a place low in her belly. He gave a shallow bow that set his gaze on a horizontal plane with her breasts and lingered there much longer than proper, his eyes flickering like a blue flame. Her nipples tightened, contracting against her layers of muslin and silk, sending a tiny tremor rippling over her. Without having uttered a word beyond her name, the portentous weight of an indecent proposition hung between them.


Another snippet -later that evening:

Caroline flicked a scathing look over Diana’s gown. “A daring cut for a woman of your proportions. I shall have a footman fetch you a shawl. One would hate for you to catch a chill.”

“I am perfectly comfortable,” Diana replied.


“You needn’t trouble yourself, Caroline,” DeVere interjected. “As host, my guests’ comfort is my concern.” He turned to Diana with a burning look that made her pulse skitter. “Should you later grow chilly, dear lady, you need only whisper the word, and I shall command every hearth in this monstrosity be lit. I would rather set my entire house aflame than cover such a magnificent…” His gaze raked over Diana’s bosom with an appreciative gleam. “…gown.”


TreacherousTemptation 450X675 

Lastly, in Treacherous Temptations, Hadley sets out to seduce the innocent Mary as a means of revenge as well as to secure her vast fortune:



“Your sigh betrays you, Miss Edwardes.”

“Was it really aloud?” She hadn’t realized she’d given away her thoughts.

“Sweet and sad, it was. I have failed to divert you. Perhaps I should have thought of something else.”

“It’s not that—” she turned to protest but stopped when he brushed the corner of her mouth with his thumb. Her gaze widened as he inspected it with a half-smile.

“A vestige of jam tart, I believe. But alas,” he gave a helpless shrug. “I have no napkin.” Before she realized what he was about, he brushed her lips in a feathery kiss, lingering at the corner of her mouth, where his tongue flicked out to taste her. The unexpectedness of it stunned her. “Lord Hadley! Wh-what are you doing?”

“If you have to ask, I must be losing my touch. Perhaps I should try again?”

Still too dazed to formulate a response, he took advantage to steal another kiss, this one as soft as the sigh that escaped her lungs. He increased the pressure then, slanting his heavenly mouth and lightly nibbling her lower lip. His kiss was warm and soft and wonderful, making her forget she was supposed to protest.

“You are deliciously sweet, Mary, like ripe strawberries, but now I have taken a taste of you, I only want more.”

“Please,” escaped her lips.

Was it a protest or a plea? She wasn’t sure. If the former, it was feeble even to her own ears. How easily… how eagerly… she had capitulated to him…and far worse…how desperately she wanted more.

“Please?” he repeated. “Please stop, or please kiss you again?”

“No.” She averted her head with what he surely knew was a toothless protest. His manner was far too familiar, far too intimate. She knew she shouldn’t permit him any more liberties, but good heavens!

“Come now, Mary.” He turned her bodily back to him, his warm gaze seeking hers, his honeyed voice cajoling. “It’s only a kiss, after all.”

Only a kiss?

Perhaps he had no idea how devastating a kiss could be…or mayhap he knew exactly what it did to her. “Perhaps this is normal for you, my lord, but I am an unsophisticated girl and unaccustomed to casual kisses.”

“No? Then perhaps it’s past time you became accustomed. Shall I really kiss you, sweet Molly? Truly and thoroughly?”

Was this the course of a seduction? Is this what he had planned all along? She searched his face for the answer only to lose herself in his blue eyes. Fear gripped her. Not of him, but of her weakening will. “Don’t,” she whispered.

He muted her protest with his mouth, catching her breath and replacing it with his own. This kiss was different, paradoxically soft and firm, it demanded a response that she was helpless to deny. Mary closed her eyes, responding and melting into him as he nipped, and licked, and suckled her lips. Like a vortex, he pulled her into the kiss, stealing the air from her lungs, along with any remaining will. His warm slick tongue teased, gently urging her to open. When she parted, just a fraction, he took command. He entered her mouth deeply, seeking, exploring with his smooth, wet tongue, the contact of which instantly sent a flood of warm moisture between her thighs.

Only a kiss?

It was staggering.

Her mind was lost to time and place, as if nothing existed beyond his divine mouth. He discarded her bonnet and tangled his fingers in her hair. She whimpered, clutching at his lapels, yet he refused to relent. Mercilessly, he intensified the kiss, pulling her so far in; submerging her in so much sensation that Mary thought she would drown in the pleasure of it.



            Victoria1ABOUT VICTORIA VANE

A lover of history and deeply romantic stories, Victoria Vane combines these elements to craft romantic historical novels and novellas for a mature reading audience. Her writing influences are Georgette Heyer for fabulous witty dialogue and over the top characters, Robin Schone , Sylvia Day, and Charlotte Featherstone for beautifully crafted prose in stories with deep sensuality, and Lila DiPasqua for creative vision in melding history with eroticism.

THE DEVIL DEVERE SERIES- Library Journal Best E-Book Romance 2012
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A Breach of Promise , December 2011 Ellora’s Cave
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• Reading Romances 5 flames and “Pen Award”
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