MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about Angela Peart?

AOP: I really like milk chocolate. Oh, wait, that’s probably not what you meant. It always starts and ends with my favorite food anyway 🙂 I was born and raised in Poland. The storytelling and reading has been my the part of my daily activities since childhood. I have been writing short stories and novellas in Polish throughout my school years, but after graduating from college I took a long break from writing, only to return to it a few years ago, but this time exclusively in English. Besides authoring books, I also watercolor paint, knit, draw, cook, and grow my organic garden. 

MBA&M: Where did the idea for the story of “Forged By Greed” come from?

AOP: The story has been brewing in my head for a couple of years before I have started to write it. I have been infatuated by mythology ever since I remember. When my son was little, he loved this one book with stories about Hercules. He wanted me to read it to him over and over. One day an idea popped in my head. What if all the mythological gods and goddesses had one thing in common—they were actually the same deity, just observed differently by different cultures. The idea started to grow, and soon I implemented the paranormal elements into the story. I figured, if the goddess(es) can shift from one form into another, then their minions should be able to do the same, at least to some extent. Shape Shifters were the perfect fit, and that’s how the first book in The Forged Series was born. I wanted to keep the story set in today’s reality to give it a contemporary basis.

MBA&M: What was the hardest thing about writing “Forged by Greed”?

AOP: Because Forged by Greed is the first book in The Forged Series, I think it was somehow more challenging than the sequel will be, since there was a whole aspect of the story and character development. Although the next books in the series will for sure bring their own set of demands, like keeping in par with the first book as far as developing a believable conflict, throwing compelling trials at the protagonist, and his/her personal growth based on the overcoming those challenges.

Finding large blocks of time to write with no distractions and interruptions is my own personal challenge. So far, I think I manage pretty well, but there is always room for improvement.

MBA&M: What was your favorite part about writing “Forged by Greed”?

AOP: Everything! Creating the story according to my own vision, and deciding on all aspects of the character, plot, and conflict development was electrifying.
MBA&M: If you had to pick one character in this story who would you pick to be and why?
AOP: Probably Penelope. She is a no-nonsense, strong, and a level-headed teenager. She has a soft spot for fashion, and probably spends too much money, but she also gets a job to pay for her expenses, and at the same time she is a good student. Penelope is a great friend to have—she can be always relied on, she cares for her friends, and never leaves them in trouble.
MBA&M: What is your favorite genre to read?
AOP: I read a lot of Young Adult paranormal and fantasy books, but I really don’t have one favorite genre. There are tons of books on my Kindle and on my bookshelves that fall into various categories: contemporary, romance, thrillers, mysteries – both YA and adult. I don’t care much for horror and erotica.
MBA&M: Do you get lost in a book when either reading one or writing a story?
AOP: All the time! That’s the beauty of a well-constructed story: a reader and an author) can forget about the surroundings and any present issues, and just live inside the book for a while.
MBA&M: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
AOP: I love just being outside. The nature repairs all the damage that life imposes on me. I spend a lot of time on my own, recharging those overused batteries, enjoying the quiet and peace around me.
MBA&M: What do you think is the most important quality of an author?
AOP: Writing for the reader, not for the market; telling the story that needs to be told, not writing it to just sell and make money, but putting the passion first; the quality of writing; publishing only polished, ready-to-be-released books.
MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to connect to you and where to purchase “Forged by Greed”?
Twitter handle @Angela_Peart
Thank you for having me on your website!
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and our readers!!
Angela’s bio:
Angela Orlowski-Peart was born and raised in Poland and now she lives in the Seattle area with her family and a very independent and chronically curious cat.
She describes herself as European born, American by choice.
Angela is an author of the Young Adult fiction novels, including YA paranormal romance/urban fantasy, Forged by Greed. This is the first book in The Forged Series. Angela writes in multiple genres, including paranormal, fantasy, urban fiction, sci-fi, and short stories.
Forged by Greed blurb:
Their choice had been taken away long before they were born.

Two Seattle 16-year-old Shape Shifters, Jatred and Jasmira, are torn between following their hearts and protecting the order of the world. The path of the star-crossed lovers leads only to destruction.

The ancient Shape Shifter Races—the Winter wolves and the Summer leopards— live among humans and fit perfectly into modern life, while keeping secret societies with their own laws and traditions.

Two Goddesses, Crystal and Amber command their respective Races. One is on a quest to tilt the scale of power to her side. The other will never let it happen, even if it means sacrificing Jatred and Jasmira’s love.

The Amulet commissioned to bring stability into the world remains hidden and concealed with the help of advanced technology. Jatred is the guardian of the Amulet and key to the Goddesses’ conflict.

When the forces of nature are disrupted, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions rake the world. The Goddesses go to war and summon all their Shifters to join in the conflict. Jatred and Jasmira must fight not only for their love but to protect the future of both Races and humankind.


Forged by Greed – Book One in The Forged Series http://www.amazon.com/Forged-Greed-ebook/dp/B009CLCDTO/ref=la_B009CY4Z06_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1350419064&sr=1-1/?tag=fuzzy0f-20



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