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Author name: E.P.ROSE




Author bio: E.P.ROSE lives in London, England, with his restaurateur wife, various daughters, a dog called Frank and a cat called Wednesday.


Synopsis of book: *From the publisher and/or publicist*

A sonnet is penned and, lo, the Conspiracy Kid Fan Club is born. Beware. To read this sonnet is to join the Club. Membership is automatic and irreversible.


This is the story of the earliest unwitting Conspiracy Kid Fan Club members: Edwin Mars (poet), Joe Claude (billionaire), Walter Cornelius (werewolf), Muriel Cohen (chef), Ewan Hoozarmi (artist), to name but a few.


Where to buy:

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What is The Conspiracy Kid about?

Well, yes, let’s get right down to it. Never mind the niceties. Are you sure you wouldn’t like a cup of tea? Gin? Champagne? How about a sandwich? No? Ok, The Conspiracy Kid tells the story, as it says in the blurb, of the earliest unwitting members of the Conspiracy Kid Fan Club. It’s the story of a friendship between a semi-fictional poet, Edwin Mars, and Joe Claude, the bereaved billionaire. How is he bereaved? His daughter died. It was a ketamine disaster. Edwin’s son, Richard, opens a restaurant – Red, White & Blues. Joe Claude reads a review and goes and that’s how they meet. There’s loads of characters. It’s like a soap, a literary soap. People often say to me, wouldn’t it make a great movie – but if it had to be anything, I would like it to be a soap opera. On the other hand, you know what, there’s a character in Kurt Anderen’s excellent novel, Turn of the Century, who buys up the rights to books he likes, so that they can’t be turned into movies. I have considerable sympathy with that point of view. Movies of novels we love are almost always awful. Discuss ……..


What / who inspires you to write?

Life. Awful awesome – glorious ghastly – beautiful beastly – horrible hilarious ……… life. People. Trying to make sense of them. Trying to make sense of myself. Telling a story, to entertain myself, to entertain you.  When it goes well, it’s an intense and engrossing process. It’s a happy addiction. Flaubert, who had a bit of a way with words, said: “Writing is a dog’s life, but it’s the only life worth living.” I’m with Gustave on this.


E P Rose LRWhat do you need in order to be able to write?

A pencil. I used to do the martini thing. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker: After one – I think that I might. After two – I think that I’m able. After three – Oh yes, I can write! After four, I’m under the table. It doesn’t work. Sobriety and silence. That’s what I need. That does the trick.

If Hollywood decided to make a movie about your life – who would you want to play you?

Groucho Marx.


What advice can you give to other writers?

I don’t think that any writer worth his or her salt ever listened to any advice from anyone. Advice is the kiss of death. There are no rules. There are no guidelines. There is just a preparedness to submit to the obsession. Ignore everyone. Just go away and write.


What is the most challenging part of being a writer?

Staying awake.


What are you currently reading?

I have just finished reading El Narco – The Bloody Rise of the Mexican Drug Cartels – by Ioan Grillo. Research for the new book. Unbelievable. You simply could not make this stuff up. And I am about to start reading The Genius of the Beast: A Radical revision of Capitalism by Howard Bloom. Bloom’s book, Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century is one of the most interesting and stimulating books I’ve ever read. I’m really looking forward to this new (to me) one, which, apparently, is brimming with optimism and hope for the future of the human race. I like a bit of optimism. I am a professional optimist. I think that optimism is a duty – optimism tinged with a dash of clinical gloom.

If you’re not writing – what do you love to do?

“I used to play water polo, but the horses kept drowning under me.” No, of course not really. That’s my favourite line from Some Like It Hot, a film of exquisite perfection. I like to cook and swim and play golf, but not at the same time.


If you hadn’t made it as a published novelist – what would you have done instead?

If I’d thought of it earlier, I would have become a professional golfer. Fortunately, for Tiger Woods and his cronies, I left it too late.


Describe your perfect day?

Sex. Breakfast. Walk dog. No, wait a minute, this is a fantasy – someone else can walk the dog. Write three perfect pages. Swim. Lunch. Sex. Siesta. Golf. Second siesta.  Sex before supper? No, can’t you see I’m busy playing Candy Crush? Supper with friends, involving several gallons of the finest pinot noir. Sex after supper? Oh, if you insist. Goodness me, what a day, I’m exhausted. Goodnight.


What was your first book, ‘Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping’ about?

Beyond is about what you find “Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping” – death, divorce, prison, bankruptcy, boredom, remorse, regret, redemption. So, obviously, it’s a comedy. Beyond is a miniature middle-class saga, spanning 30 years of London life, which tells the story of a brother and sister, one of whom lives and one of whom dies. Susan Perry falls in love with and marries Victor Abrahams, a more than somewhat conflicted and muscle-bound writer of unreadable novels. George Perry, her brother, makes a lot of money and manages to lose it all. As a matter of literary interest, it is a geographically displaced, anachronistic prequel to Chekov’s wonderful Uncle Vanya, from whom the cast of characters has been nicked. It seems to make people laugh and cry. I certainly laughed and cried while I was writing it.


What are you working on next?

It’s a story about a girl who gets hired by an extremely famous children’s story author to write his biography – and she ends up on a beach by the Pacific Ocean, being held hostage by a Mexican drug lord. Something along those lines. Working title:  “Mee and I”. I’m writing it in the first person. It’s really quite interesting being a girl. A touch of the Moll Flanders. Why not? If Daniel Defoe can do it ….. exactly. Now, how about that drink?



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