The Farm by Emily McKay

THE LAIR (Berkley Trade; November 5th, 2013; $9.99; ISBN: 978-0425264126) by Emily McKay the vampires continue their rampage across the country but now sisters Mel and Lily have been separated and are forced to fight the menacing monsters without each other. Lily made it to a base camp in Utah where the small resistance resides. It seems like a safe haven but while Lily and Carter are out foraging for supplies, the base camp is attacked and some of their fellow fighters are killed. McKenna feels as though it is too dangerous to give birth to her baby there so she, Lily, and a member of the resistance named Ely set out to find refuge in Canada. Meanwhile, Sebastian is training Mel how to fight and function as a vampire. Mel is slowly coming to grips with being separated from her sister and being a newly formed vampire who is no longer autistic.


Everything changes when Lily faces a terrible betrayal that not only jeopardizes her life but the efforts of the entire resistance. She must reunite with Mel and begin to unravel the empire of destruction that Roberto, the most powerful vampire on the planet, has built before all of humanity is lost.



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About the Author:

Emily McKay loves to read, shop, and geek out about movies. When she’s not writing, she reads online gossip and bakes luscious deserts. She pretends that her weekly yoga practice balances out both of those things. She lives in central Texas with her family and her crazy pets.  She also co-writes young adult novels as Ivy Adams.

Visit Emily online:; Twitter @Emily_Mc_Kay


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An added bit of information on the series:

The Farm Series

The Farm by Emily McKayThe Farm by Emily McKay

Set in a creepy, post-apocalyptic world where vampire-like mutants called Ticks roam the countryside, The Farm is the first novel in the trilogy, supplemented by exclusive on-line content, an independent website for the National Disease Pandemic Control Organization, Twitter content, and e-shorts. Enter the world of The Farm. You may never escape!

The excitement continues in the upcoming sequel, The Lair, arriving November 5th, 2013.


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What a intriguing concept this series sounds like. Don’t forget to pick up your copy today, if you enjoy vampires, the post-apocalyptic world, and creepy things that roam the countryside, this may be the series for you to read.