MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into John Pennington?
I am a recent law graduate and have worked as Father Christmas. Yes, really. I do much of my ‘writing’ in my own head as I walk and often find I’ve travelled miles off course when lost in my own worlds.

MBA&M:  Why did you choose to write in the YA genre and why Fantasy? 

For me, the Young Adult genre stands on that strange border between the unlimited magic of children’s’ stories and the greater danger that is inexorably tied with the reality of adult fiction. I’ve always been partial to that balance. As for Fantasy it is the siren song of absolute freedom, the chance to bring the complete wonder of the human imagination to the page.

MBA&M:  What was the appeal of Outcasts and Demons?

Everybody has felt a little different sometimes and the fear of becoming an outcast is something that can linger at the back of anyone’s mind. I thought the conflict between individuality and acceptance was the perfect formula for a unique protagonist. At the same time I realised that many are made outcast based on nothing to do with their character and are shunned simply for what they are, not who they are. This conjured tales of demons in my mind, beings that are supposedly born evil and I realised I could play with that concept to create some interesting heroes and villains.

MBA&M: Give our readers some insight into the process of writing a YA Fantasy?

It is much the same as it would be for any story: world and character. One defines the other. The only difference with fantasy is you have no restrictions which can lead to more work when creating your world but is ultimately liberating as it truly will be ‘your’ world. Making your protagonists around the Young Adult age is a natural choice and really will help establish a voice and tone for your story.

MBA&M:  How do you choose appropriate content for a  YA story?

As the Young Adult genre is already teetering on the precipice of Adult fiction, determining appropriate content can be an unusual task. You shouldn’t run from what your audience already knows and there often isn’t a need to. Still there is a certain expectation that you will ‘tone things down’. The simplest advice would be to determine what your story truly requires and decide what must be blatant and what would be better delivered with a little subtlety.

MBA&M: What is next in the “Outcast Legacy”?

I am presently working on the second novel in the series, tentatively titled ‘Shadowborn’, which will give me the chance to explore a whole new territory.

MBA&M: How may our readers connect with you and where may they purchase “The Outcast Legacy: A Different Demon”?

I would be delighted to hear from readers and the best way to contact me is by email on I also have a facebook page for The Outcast Legacy and a Deviantart page if you would like to try reading some of my other stories. The best place to buy is from Amazon. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for this opportunity.

Thank you, John, for taking a few moments of your time for us and our readers!
“The Outcasts Legacy: A Different Demon” sounds intriguing!



Follow the Standard. This is the law and it keeps humanity safe from the Different. Now the law has failed. Something new has crawled into the shining streets of Absoldem and fear stalks its footsteps. A million terrified people stand poised to tear their city apart. Someone must fight the rising shadows. For Sion, an outcast raised to hunt the Different, the chance to become a hero cannot be ignored. Yet the world is not kind to heroes. With right and wrong impossibly blurred, Sion must face monsters hiding in the light even as he journeys into the darkness. Time runs short and if he is to succeed, there must be sacrifice.


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Author Bio

John Pennington (also known as J E G Pennington when he wants to sound more like a professional author) grew up in the North West of England, in a town of coal and glass. His formative years were spent in the idle certainty that he would become either a fireman or Batman. What he actually became was ‘man’ which is probably for the best. One constant however was a passion for writing and a fascination with the human minds capability to conjure infinity in the smallest of places. Law degree in hand, John is determined to make stories everywhere he goes.

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