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Cavendon Hall

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Q: What was your/is your inspiration in writing?

A: I began writing at 7. Sold my first short story at 10. My mother taught me to read at 4. She was my inspiration. I because a journalist at 16 on the Yorkshire Evening Post. I’m still a journalist writing for British papers. 


Q: What made you decide to write a story during the Edwardian England era?

A: I love writing about English history. This period has always fascinated me and I know a lot about it. The Edwardians were very happy and social. The era was glamorous, and England was the greatest empire ever known. London was the center of the world, and Kind Edward VII was beloved by everybody.


Q: What is five things readers may not know about Barbara Taylor Bradford?

a) I am a great champion for Freedom of the Press

b) I’m not attached to material things, can easily get rid of them.

c) That I love reading crime novels and watching CSI on TV.

d) That I was a spoiled only child and very indulged.

e) I love decorating.


Q:What are some lessons you have learned as a Bestselling New York Times author?

A: That you are only as good as your last book.


Q: Can you give readers a little background into Cavendon Hall?

A: I thought about friendships between women one day and that I had lifelong friends. This was six years ago. Suddenly, I had two girls in Edwardian England growing up together, being close forever. I called them Cecily Swann and Delacy Ingham, and began writing an outline about them. I suddenly realized the outline was for two books and put it away. But I took it out two years ago and understood how great the outline was. I got to work.


Q: What is next on your agenda?

A: I am writing the sequel called The Cavendon Women, and promoting Cavendon Hall. I’m also decorating our new apartment in Manhattan.


Q: Inquiring minds want to know, or me, anyway: What are some funny stories or things that have happened to you during book signings?

A: A woman asked me to sign a book which had a hole in the middle. Her husband had shot it. It was one of my books. 

A man at a signing told me I was his favorite author. When I asked him why, he said that when his mother-in-law came to stay, he gave me her my latest. He knew that she would be reading it non-stop and that he would only have to see her at meals.  

One fan took the trouble to find all the decorating books I’d written and she brought all 8 of them for me to sign when I was promoting my last novel, Secrets from the Past. What a surprise that was! 

Another fan once asked if she could touch me. 

Another insisted I must be a relative of the Queen and wouldn’t believe me when I said I wasn’t. 

The funny things that have happened to me have usually been questions, but I have had some strange gifts like badly knitted scarves, a peculiar handmade case for my pen, and weird looking coats for the dogs, who now sadly have gone to doggy heaven, but not in those coats!

Thank you, Barbara, for taking time to visit with us and our readers today. We wish you all the best on your adventures in writing career!

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Prepare yourself an elegant afternoon tea and be swept back in time to genteel Edwardian Yorkshire with New York Times bestselling-author Barbara Taylor Bradford in her 29th novel CAVENDON HALL (St. Martin’s Press, Hardcover; April 1, 2014; $27.99).


Barbara Bradford Taylor transports readers to the grandiose and elegant estate of CAVENDON HALL to meet the two families that reside there: the aristocratic Inghams and the loyal servants who have served them for multiple generations, the Swanns.


Like his ancestors before him, Charles Ingham, the sixth Earl of Mowbray, is lord of the manor. He lives in splendid comfort with his wife Felicity and their six children: Guy, the heir, who is studying at Cambridge; their younger son Miles, attending Eton; and their four daughters Diedre, Daphne, DeLacy and Dulcie, affectionately known as the Four Dees by staff members. 


Attending the Earl and his family is Walter Swann, his valet, and his seamtress wife Alice, who is in charge of the countess’s and the Four Dees wardrobe. The two families lives are—like their ancestors—intertwined and live side-by-side in the imposing Yorkshire manor. But lives will drastically altered with the approaching Great War. The two families will face challenges that will test them in ways they never thought possible. Loyalties will come into question in a time where the world— especially in Great Britain—will witness huge political and social upheavals.


Spanning 16 years, from the cusp of World War I to the end of the roaring twenties, CAVENDON HALL is Barbara Taylor Bradford’s most ambitious novel to date.


CAVENDON HALL is the heartfelt tale about loyalties and traditions of a bygone era. 

  • RRP: $27.99
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
  • Date Published: 1 Apr 2014
  • Pages: 400
eBook Formats
  • Kindle Edition (448 pages)
  • Nook Edition (400 pages)
  • iBooks Edition (464 pages) logo Barnes & Noble logo Books-A-Million logo Kindle logo Nook logo IndieBound logo Powells Books logo iBooks logo logo




BarbaraTaylorBradford_credit_JulianDufortAbout Barbara Taylor Bradford

Barbara Taylor Bradford was born and educated in England, where she started her writing career as a journalist. She has written twenty-eight international bestsellers. This is her twenty-ninth novel. In 2007 Queen Elizabeth awarded her the OBE for her literary achievements. She lives in New York with her husband, television and film producer Robert Bradford.







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