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Author of MUCH ADO ABOUT JACK (Sourcebooks Casablanca, Feb 2014)


CE: I’m so excited to be a guest on your blog. I’ve been addicted to books all my life…well, since I was old enough to read by myself in a hidden nook at the school library when I was five. So thank you so much for hosting me. It’s great to be with other book lovers.



MBA&M: What do you feel the appeal of Regency Romance is to readers today?


CE: I think Regency romance offers a bit of a contradiction to our readers. One on hand, we have the civilized, careful manners of the period, where every social move is choreographed beforehand, almost like an elaborate dance that everyone knows the steps to. It easy is to make one false move and embarrass yourself, but it is also possible to move easily within the form, to find solace in the formality.  I always think of the Emma Thompson version of Sense and Sensibility, the scene in which she sees Edward for the first time after his engagement to Lucy. We all know that both their hearts are breaking, but we can also see their love for each other shining through as they talk to each other with, to modern ears, a sort of stilted carefulness. A wealth of emotion is buried in that carefulness, and that scene is a great example of showing it.


On the other hand, most modern Regency romances are a far cry from Jane Austen. We are a v culture that is very open about sensuality, so it is fun to watch our characters fall in love, and express that love on the page, in ways that make sense to a modern audience. The duality of the careful manners and the heated passion makes for fun fiction.


Sense and Sensibility


MBA&M: How has Regency or Historical Romance changed though the years?


CE: I think it has become gentler. In the 90’s for example, the hero was an alpha male who pillaged and rampaged through the pages of a novel, only to be semi-tamed by the sweet heroine by the end. But now, we want to see more well-rounded heros to match the strength in our heroines. We want men who are still alphas, but who are fully human, eager to meet our heroines on common, solid ground. Marauding and pillaging are a lot less impressive to us as an audience, I guess.


MBA&M: What will you do to celebrate your new release?


CE: In the morning, I celebrate with my friends online. I raise a cup of tea while visiting with my readers and my fellow writers, and savor the moment of watching the book I worked so hard on come into the world at last. In the evening, after the day job is done, I like to raise a glass of champagne with a friend or two in honor of the book and the hard work that went into it. Veuve Cliquot when I can afford it, a German Riesling from Aldi’s if I’m being more sensible.


Champagne Popping


MBA&M: Who was your inspiration or hero growing up?


CE: Helen Keller. A woman who could do anything, in spite of the fact that she was deaf, mute, and blind. I was always amazed by her, and read tons of books about her, and Annie, her teacher and rescuer. To see a woman with those kinds of limits not allowing herself to be limited by anything really inspired me. It still does. Her story reminds me to be grateful for my own life, which is full of beautiful things. She reminds me not to limit myself.


MBA&M:  What is next on your to do list?


CE: By the time JACK has launched, it will not be as cold up here in the NC mountains. Once my baby is happy and healthy, out in the world, I am going to leave my computer behind for a day and go hiking.

Thank you, Christie, for spending time with us and our readers. Congratulations on your newest release!!








How to Become London’s Most Notorious Widow:


1. Vow to NEVER remarry


2. Own a ship and become fabulously wealthy


3. Wear the latest risqué fashions in your signature color


4. Do NOT have a liaison at the Prince Regent’s palace with a naval captain whose broad shoulders and green eyes make you forget Rule #1



Angelique Beauchamp, the widowed Countess of Devonshire, has been twice burned by love, and she is certain that no man will ever touch her heart again. But that doesn’t mean she can’t indulge a little—and it would be hard to find a more perfect dalliance than one with the dashing Captain James Montgomery.



After a brief torrid affair, James tries to forget Angelique and his undeniable thirst for more. The luscious lady was quite clear that their liaison was temporary. But for the first time, the lure of the sea isn’t powerful enough to keep him away…



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Christy English is happiest when she is dreaming. Her dreams have taken her to the royal court of Henry II in THE QUEEN’S PAWN, to medieval Paris in TO BE QUEEN, and now to Regency England in MUCH ADO ABOUT JACK, LOVE ON A MIDSUMMER NIGHT, and HOW TO TAME A WILFULL WIFE, where she loves to watch her characters find true love, often in spite of themselves.

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  1. The latest historical romance I read was The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas and it was a very good story.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  2. Thank you so much for hosting me 🙂 I had a ball visiting with you. Thanks for the book suggestion Maureen. I love a good historical.
    Thanks for comign by, Karen

  3. I recently read "The Runaway Countess" by Amanda McCabe and found it to be quite good. It told the story of how two people married too young which made for many problems. However, with time and patience, they discovered how to overcome their obstacles and come together again

    I have been wanting to read "Much Ado About Jack" and am hoping to be selected as your winner. Congratulations on another great release, Christy.

      1. Thanks, Christy. I'm looking forward to reading it. My book list is quite long and I read a lot.

  4. I just finished reading "The Greatest Lover Ever" by Christina Brooke, and I really enjoyed it. I loved Christy's book, "Love on a Midsummer Night". I'm a hopeless romance addict, and love to lose myself in these lovely stories. Thank you for this chance to win "Much Ado About Jack".

  5. I recently finished Shana Galen's When You Give a Duke a Diamond and I'm happy to recommend it. I love Shana Galen's books and this is the first in her Jewels of the Ton series.

  6. I haven't read any historical romance books lately. But I would love to read this one, it sounds wonderful.


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