Thank you for having me at My Book Addiction & More today!

I am thrilled to share information about my upcoming novel, TURNED! It is the first book in my new paranormal romantic suspense series, The Belladonna Agency.  “Some Flowers Thrive Better in the Dark.” I love this tagline because, just like the beautiful but deadly Belladonna nightshade plant, this perfectly describes my heroines in this series, ordinary women with dark pasts who are recruited to join Belladonna, a black ops organization that hunts vampire criminals.

 My concept is a bit of Charlie’s Angels meets Supernatural.  My hero Ty must convince my heroine Ana to join the Belladonna Agency and hunt down bad guys.  The Agency employs human women to take down the villains.  After all, what human woman would have the audacity to infiltrate the supernatural world? Strong women—who happen to have a lot of support and love from their respective heroes.  I hope you enjoy the excerpt and enter to win a Print of TURNED.