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my hope is found



MBA&M: Welcome to MBA&M today! Please tell our readers a few tidbits about yourself?

Thank you for having me! I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom and we come from a little mountain community in Southern California. I love spending my days with the kids, but it also makes finding time to write a bit of an adventure! My husband is so great about helping me carve out extra time here and there and my family has been supportive of my writing journey from the start. I’ve been blessed to publish three books with WaterBrook Multnomah the last year and a half and have enjoyed every moment of it getting to connect with readers.

MBA&M: Please give our readers who may not have read of your series,”The Cadence of Grace” a little about the series?

The series is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, about 1901. It’s a three book series that follows the love story of a couple, beginning with their shotgun wedding when they wish for nothing more than to be free of one another. It’s an unlikely love story and one that I hope illustrates how our happy ending for ourselves can often look different than God’s happy ending for us.

MBA&M: What was your inspiration behind this series?

The books really center around new beginnings and looking toward the future with hope and the promise that God is in control. It tackles some touch subjects of love and life, but ultimately, is triumphant. I love to write about redemption. I love to take people who are unlikely heroes and show their growth throughout the story. I hope readers will be reminded that hope is never lost, change can always happen and that happy endings aren’t just for fairy tales.

MBA&M: Inquiring minds what to know: (or me) what made you decide to have Lonnie and Gideon’s struggles to last through three books? Why a story with such heart-wrenching circumstance?

That’s a great question! I actually didn’t set out to write three books. It wasn’t until I finished Be Still My Soul that I realized that even though Gideon had matured in many ways, he still had a lot of growing up to do. He had an idea of who God was, but he didn’t grasp it fully. That’s when I knew that more lessons would be in store for him for that complete redemptive transformation in his life. I wasn’t sure if a publisher was going to want all three books and for a while I knew to prepare myself for someone to just take one book, if any. At that time, WaterBrook Multnomah was looking at it and they ended up wanting all three which was really exciting. The books are almost three parts to a whole and having them each come out over the last few years has been such a dream come true.

MBA&M: Why the Blue Ridge Mountains as a setting?

It’s funny, but looking back, the setting was as much a part of this book as the first glimpses at the characters. I don’t even know if it was a choice, as much as it was a realization. When I got the first ideas of the characters, I knew the hero was going to be a bluegrass musician. One of his talents is playing the mandolin and with that, the story was sort of born in that region from the beginning. Since that moment, I’ve fallen in love with writing Appalachian fiction and it’s become my writing home.

MBA&M: In “My Hope Is Found”, Gideon is on his way to his beloved Lonnie, but she has finally decided to give her heart to another, why such a struggle?and what was the most difficult challenge in writing “My Hope Is Found”?

I think that struggle is there because it’s the hurdle that Gideon’s always needed to overcome. For someone who was wholly selfish, to love Lonnie and to really mean it, he needed to be able to face his greatest challenge of wanting to win her heart with dignity. There are times early in the story that he fails at this, but as he begins to see what God’s plan is for Lonnie’s life and for his, he stops fighting against his circumstances and learns to trust God. Without that challenge, I don’t know that he would have fully grasped that surrender.


MBA&M: Inquiring minds want to know: Does your characters write their own stories,do they whisper in your ear as you are writing or do you totally make them up as you go along?

I definitely think they write their own stories. I always have an idea of who they are from the start, but I don’t really know them until I begin the writing. It’s been fun to look back at the early notes for this series, the characters sketches, and see so the similarities and also the differences—those parts where the characters really took on a life and personality of their own.

MBA&M: What is next for you as an author? 

Up next, I’m actually working on a little cookbook that’s inspired by the series. It will come out sometime in November and has 10 recipes and it also includes a bonus chapter with Lonnie and Gideon that I hope readers will enjoy.

MBA&M: What is your favorite time of day and who would you like to have as a dinner guest in your home, why and what is on the menu? 

My favorite time of day is when my husband gets home. Each evening, the kids and I keep an eye out for his truck to come down the road and when it does, he’s greeted by three kids on the porch, waving. I think it just might be his favorite part of the day too. And a guest… ooh, the most popular vote in our house would definitely be Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty. My kids would be over the moon!

MBA&M: Please tell our readers where they may found you, and where they may purchase “My Hope is Found”?

My Hope is Found is available in stores or online. And I can always be found at my website,, or my facebook page! I love connecting with readers and look forward getting to visit with readers, both old and new.


Thank you for spending time with us and our readers today!


Thank you so much for having me!

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“The dramatic conclusion to the unexpected, twisting love story of Lonnie and Gideon, set in the heart of old Appalachia.”

my hope is found

*From the publisher/publicist*

In My Hope is Found (Multnomah Books, Oct. 15, 2013), Gideon sets off from Rocky Knob a free man to take back his family, or so he thinks. The past from his marriage with Cassie prove not to be as tied up as it seems, and even worse, he arrives home to Jebediah and Elsie’s farm to find Lonnie engaged to the handsome Scotsman, Toby McKee.


Two Charming Men Both Want Her Hand…
But Can Lonnie Trust Her Own Heart?
Colorado Springs, Colo.— In My Hope Is Found (Multnomah Books, October 15, 2013) novelist Joanne Bischof concludes the dramatic and tumultuous love story of Lonnie and Gideon.
Gideon O’Riley is a free man. A man who knows what he wants—beautiful Lonnie Sawyer, the wife of his heart, the heartbeat of his life, and his young son Jacob all to be a family again. Yet even as he travels through the woodlands of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the handsome young Reverend, Toby McKee, asks for her hand in marriage.
Gideon arrives back at Jeb and Elsie’s farm to find his beloved betrothed to another. He also finds out that the complications from his past are not tied up as nicely as he had thought. Lonnie sees Gideon’s turmoil and wishes she could help him. Should she give him her heart and tell him that she has never loved another?
Yet Gideon’s evident immaturity causes her to see continually before her the many virtues of Toby, the dashing and generous Scotsman who does not have a selfish bone in his body. She also feels a pressing in her heart that Gideon’s journey must not end with her hand in marriage; it must end with Christ on the throne of his heart. And so she continues to wait.
WaterBrook Multnomah:
Barnes & Nobles:
joanne bischofABOUT THE AUTHOR
With a passion for writing at a young age, JOANNE BISCHOF completed her first full-length novel while still in high school. Now, a writer, a gardener, and mother of three, she lives in the mountains of Southern California with her husband. She is the author of Be Still My Soul and Though My Heart is Torn. When she’s not weaving Appalachian romance, she’s blogging about faith, writing, and the adventures of country living that bring her stories to life.
  Website: for more!
 my hope is found
Fiction/Christian Fiction
ISBN 9781601424259 ● Trade paperback ● 352 Pages ● $14.99 U.S./$16.95 Canada
eBook:  ISBN 9781601424266



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