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MBA&M: Tell those readers who may not know you a few tidbits about Caridad Pineiro? 

CARIDAD: I’m a mom, wife and writer.  I’ve been published for about 12 years now and it’s still exciting to see one of my books on a shelf or have a new release!  I write mostly paranormal romance and romantic suspense, but I have a number of contemporary romances in my backlist that I am getting ready to re-release.

MBA&M: What if anything made you write “Nocturnal Whispers” an erotic paranormal romance novella? 

CARIDAD: I was originally scheduled to do some paranormal romance Nocturne Bites, but the line transformed into Nocturne Cravings which are erotic paranormal romances.  I was a little hesitant at first since although my writing is very sexy and edgy, erotic was a whole new genre for me.  I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of writing these very very sexy, almost naughty, short stories.

MBA&M: What are some of the challenges in writing “Nocturnal Whispers”? 

CARIDAD: The biggest challenge was balancing the redemption of the hero, Lord Alec, with the very bad, very demanding villainess – the mummy.  Alec had definitely done a bad thing and I loved showing how he’s changed enough to not only learn how to love, but to make up for what he did.  As for the villainess, she was so bad, but I wanted you to root for her to have her happily-ever-after.  That was tough, but I think I pulled it off.

CARIDAD: Who,be it animal,character or person is your biggest hero?Why? 

CARIDAD: Man, that is such a tough question.  It’s like picking who is my favorite child!  If I had to choose, well, if I could pick two of them, it would be vampire Ryder Latimer (from THE CALLING vampire novels which return in late 2012 and will be transformed to the REBORN vampire novels in 2013) and Christopher Sombrosa from THE LOST.  Both are men who are uneasy being thrust into the hero mold and yet find the inner strength and courage to do the right thing.  I loved seeing the evolution of them in their stories.  As for Ryder, he is still evolving as readers will see in BORN TO SERVE, which launches the REBORN series in early 2013.

MBA&M: Caridad,which do you think is harder to write erotic paranormal romance or romantic suspense?Why?

CARIDAD: Both are tricky, but for me, the writing the shorter erotic novellas and having them be romances was much harder than a longer romantic suspense.  In the longer book you have the time for the sexual tension to build and have a reasonable first encounter between the hero and heroine.  With the shorter length and erotic element, it’s that much harder to create that immediate connection and have a believable romance.  I worked very hard to make that happen in my Nocturne Craving because for me, it’s all about the romance between the two.  The naughty, sexy bits are that much more enjoyable because you feel the emotion between the hero and heroine.

CARIDAD: How do you feel your writing has improved over the years? Why? 

 CARIDAD: I think that like anything else, the more you practice the better you get.  I think I’ve gotten much better at choosing the right action verbs, creating better similes and metaphors and understanding my characters better to create people to whom readers can really relate.  My goal in a story is to have the readers emotionally involved with the characters and make them feel as if they are real live people.  If I do that, I feel I’ve succeeded.

MBA&M:  If you could be anyone or anything, what or who would you want to be at this time in your life? Why? 

CARIDAD: If I could be anything, it would be a cat.  I’m so jealous of how mine can stretch or take a long nap in the warmth of the sunlight.  As for being someone else, I’m really kind of happy just being me, although I wish I was a me who had more time to write!

MBA&M: What are some of the lessons you have learned as an author and what advise would you give to inspiring writers? 

CARIDAD: My first and most important lesson:  Never give up.  I even have to tell myself that at times when things are going as I would like.  If you give up, you have zero chance of accomplishing your dreams.  Your dreams are the deepest wishes of your soul and you should always try to reach for them.

 MBA&M: Tell our readers where to find you and where “Nocturnal Whispers” is available? 

NOCTURNAL WHISPERS released on February 1 and is available online at all the various online booksellers.  I will also have THE VAMPIRE’S CONSORT out in April 2012 and NIGHT OF THE COUGAR in June 2012.  Both are erotic paranormal romance novellas.

Caridad, do you have anything you would like to add? 

 Just a big thank you and hug for having me here! 

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 an erotic paranormal novella

Available February 2012


Harlequin Nocturne Cravings

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For over a century, Lord Alec Wright has been condemned to wander the Earth searching for a mummy he stole from an Egyptian tomb. Cursed to see all his loved ones die, he also must endure the spirit that tortures him with unrelenting arousal every night until he atones for his crime.

After years of searching, Alec has finally found what he seeks—but museum curator Kate Morton stands his way. The mummy’s spirit is affecting her as well, driving her wild with desire. It is the perfect opportunity for Alec to seduce Kate and obtain the artifact. But in his quest to end his torment, will Alec wind up losing his heart?




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THE FIFTH KINGDOM a romantic suspense novel

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  1. Thank you for visiting with us today. If you have not picked up "NOCTURNAL WHISPERS",please pick it up,you will not regret it,This I promise.

  2. Haven't read anything by you yet but NOCTURNAL WHISPERS sounds like it's right up my alley!

  3. Oops forgot to add my email : bitemeash (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    If you're looking for a new author to read, grab Caridad's books and you'll not regret it!

  4. Hi, Caridad,

    Just stopped by to say that I am looking forward to reading your novellas.
    As interesting as it has been for you to write erotics, it is going to be as
    different for us to read them! Different, but just as "Caridad" as ever!
    (Does that make sense?)

    Pat Cochran

  5. Caridad – I've read several of your books & have enjoyed every one of them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & books with us!

  6. I haven't met Ryder yet but vampires are my favorite paranormal creatures to read about. I would say seeing the characters transform throughout a story is one of the main reasons I connect with them.


  7. As you know I enjoy paranormal and you're right up there;also have enjoyed your previous books.
    dsadler53 at yahoo dot ca

  8. Thank you all for the kind comments about my vampires! I think you'll really love seeing how THE CALLING comes back and is REBORN (LOL!). The next novella after Nocturnal Whispers is a vampire story and then a shifter story. Having lots of fun with these.

  9. NOCTURNAL WHISPERS looks amazing & I would love to read THE FIFTH KINGDOM thank you.


  10. I am looking forward to this book, it sounds great. I am always happy to find a new vampire book to read–Love them!!! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  11. I enjoyed the interview. The book sounds very good. Thanks for the giveaway.


  12. Hi Caridad!!! I just wanted to say I love your books! and I can't wait to read this one!! Thanks for the giveaway!
    goodblinknpark @

  13. I've read some of Caridad's other works and enjoyed them. I look forward in reading more.

    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  14. I enjoyed the interview. Nocturnal Whispers sounds very intriguing. I love the pyramid pictures you have. It looks like it was a beautiful site! The Fifth Kingdom sounds like it will be a good read. I like how it starts out with her mother's situation. Thanks for introducing me to a new author!

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