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Waiting for my chance at a job as a ninja assassin, I, meantime work  out my drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit as  sassy and kick butt as I thinks I am.  Though, until that ninja job  comes through, you’ll find me acting out scenes for hubby and puppy  while catching up on my favorite reality television shows in sunny San  Diego.


MBA&M:  Tell our readers about Nana Malone?

NM: I’ve lived all over the world but my family is originally from Ghana.  Growing up, I was always itchy for new adventures and slamming my nose in a book was the easiest, safest way I could manage it.  It was during one of my less successful adventures in New York that I decided to actually do something about my writing hobby and aim for publication.  It took me eleven years 3 completed manuscripts and more rejections than I care to count but I’m finally here.  I live in sunny San Diego where I spend any free time I have chasing around Dear Hubby, nearly two year old daughter and stubborn Scottie puppy.

MBA&M: What if anything made you write “Reluctant Protector”,an erotic paranormal romance?
NM: I was watching reruns of Heroes and was gearing up for the start of Alphas on the SyFy channel.  Then I thought, why not a Superhero Romance?
MBA&M:  What where some of the challenges in writing “Relucant Protector”?
NM: You mean besides my muse not cooperating when it came to edits?  Deciding on the superpowers.  There are so many to choose from.
MBA&M: Who,be it animal,character or person is your biggest hero?Why?
NM: My younger brother who is autistic.  He’s changed my life dramatically.
MBA&M:  Nana, tell our readers a few tidbits about what’s next for Nana Malone?
NM: Slated for release this spring is a sexy interracial, contemporary romance, called Sexy in Stilettos.  The sequels for both Sexy in Stilettos and Reluctant Protector will be released later this year.
MBA&M:  If you could be anyone or anything, what or who would you want to be at this time in your life?Why? 
NM: I wouldn’t want to be anyone other than myself.  I’m a very lucky woman.  Great husband, great kid and I get to write what I love.  Though, it wouldn’t hurt to be JK Rowling.  Lol.
MBA&M: Tell our readers where to find you and where “Relucant Protector” is available?
Reluctant Protector is available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.
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Product Description(from Amazon)
For five years, Cassie Reeser has been her brother’s personal lab rat.  Peter’s experiments have made her a stronger, faster, better human. And  she’s not the only one – he’s been experimenting on others as well. For five years, escape has eluded her. Until now. When she finds out he  plans to sell her as a human weapon she knows it’s now or never. To make  her escape she’ll sacrifice family bonds and leave behind the one  person who’s ever helped her. Cassie’s learned to shrink from kindness  and to never trust anyone. She knows the day Peter finally captures her  will be the day she dies. To elude her brother and save the others,  she’ll have to risk her body and her heart. What she doesn’t expect is a  chance at a normal life.Seth Adams is used to sifting through  lies to find the truth. As a former war correspondent he knows what  evils lurk in the world. When he finds Cassie hiding out in his car  trunk, her story sounds like a fantastical dream. But, before long, he  witnesses firsthand what she’s talking about when they’re attacked by a  group of Peter’s soldiers. As a result, he goes through his own  transformation into a super human and realizes the extent of what Cassie  is running from. Cassie might not think she needs his protection, buthe’ll die before he lets her brother have her back.
Now Available from Amazon and Smashwords
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