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MBA&M: Tell our readers a little about Natalie Anderson?


NATALIE: Well, I live in New Zealand with my husband and four children. I started writing when my first two were young and I needed a little something for ‘me’ to work on while getting up for all those night feeds! SO I started and I really haven’t stopped since! I was super fortunate to sell my first submission to Harlequin Mills & Boon and I’m working on my 20th novel for them now, and am also branching out – I’m so excited to be working with Entangled on this fun novella and I have more planned! I live in Christchurch, which you may know has had a number of very large earthquakes in the last year or so – in fact we’ve had over 10,000 quakes since September 2010 – so that’s been pretty hard – but it teaches us resilience and appreciation for what we have. I love Christchurch though, it is my hometown and I want to see it rebuilt and stronger. We’ve just had the World Buskers Festival here and that was brilliant!

MBA&M: What made you want to write a Contemporary Romance?


NATALIE: It’s what I love! It’s my favourite genre to read and it’s also where my voice naturally seems to fit and the day I decided to sit down and finally ‘write a book’ – that’s the kind I wanted to write! It’s been that way ever since J


MBA&M: What was some of the challenges in writing “Melt”?


NATALIE: I needed to do more research in this one than I’ve had to in most of my other books – but that was not so much a challenge as it was a lot of fun – we have an Antarctic attraction just across from where the planes take-off for the ice and they have a lot of history stuff there, geological info as well as the cutest little Blue penguins – I guess the challenge was in dragging myself away from there and back to the keyboard to finish the story!!!


MBA&M:  If you could be anyone in one of your books, which character would you be and why?


NATALIE: Well I certainly wouldn’t mind being Emma in MELT!!! Because I really, really do want to travel to Antarctica some time and also Emma is a talented artist – I just can’t draw or paint, I’m always so in awe of those who can. So it would be nice to go down there and be able to paint like her – PLUS I’d get to meet Hunter and frankly, that’s reason enough! 😉


MBA&M: How hard is it to write different genre for different publishers?


NATALIE: Well I’m not so much writing different genre as different lengths. My books for Harlequin are longer whereas MELT with Entangled is a novella. Writing novellas is always challenging as you need to get a lot in, in a few words – but that’s a lot of the fun in writing them too!


MBA&M: What are some of your writing rituals?


NATALIE: I’m a bit boring in that I don’t have too many rituals! I DO have an app that disconnects the Internet though! I really need uninterrupted time to write properly. I’m really looking forward to this week as it’s been the summer holidays here in New Zealand and all four children have been home for weeks now – and while that’s wonderful, it doesn’t help me meet my deadlines! And my youngest are in school, so I will finally have daytime hours in which to concentrate fully – it’s going to be grand!

MBA&M: What advice or person would you credit your writing career success to and why?


NATALIE: My husband is the most amazingly supportive guy. Back when I first started writing seriously and had no real thought of subbing or making it a career, he carved out time for me to write in the weekends – taking the kids down to the local café while I worked upstairs in the bedroom. For the last five years while we’ve had preschoolers and I’ve been the ‘at-home’ mum, he’s been the ‘solo dad’ in those weekends when I was on a deadline crunch. He’s always believed in my (even in those days when I didn’t really believe in myself). The other person who has been hugely supportive is my Mum. I’m so lucky to have such a great support team!!!

MBA&M: Natalie, tell our readers where to find you and where “Melt” is available?


My website is at and I’m also on Twitter @authornataliea and Facebook at

About Melt

When two frozen hearts collide…

Emma Reed closed her heart to love years ago after a lifetime spent getting kicked around foster homes and bad relationships. Now she’s on a mission to prove she deserves her recent award to paint a mural for a research base in Antarctica. Nothing and no one is going to get in her way.

After months working in recovery zones around the world, Hunter Wilson planned to escape everything this holiday season by rebuilding a lab at the Kiwi Research Base. Alone. No to family, no to fun. It’s isolation not intimacy he’s aching for. But when he sees the determined artist, that ache becomes an urge – after all, shouldn’t someone show her what two people can do with twenty-four hours of brilliant sunlight?

In the coldest place on earth, even the most frozen hearts can melt.

Melt  is available for purchase from Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Natalie would you like to add anything else today?


Yes – Thanks so much for having me here! It’s been so nice J 

                Natalie, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with My Book Addiction and More and our readers today..


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  1. Congratulations on Melt and on having a husband that is so supportive. Those are rare and worth keeping. Your writing is new to me, and I can't wait to try it. Have you always lived in the Southern Hemisphere?

  2. Congratulations on the release of Melt! I'm really curious as to what inspired this story, especially the location – it sounds like a really good read. Looking forward to reading it.

  3. Hi Marika! I'm so glad you enjoy my M&B stories 🙂 In terms of the hard part of writing a novella, I guess it's making sure you've got the characters well explored in that short word count – without bombarding the reader with a big, boring info dump or something! You need to get the reader on board with the heroine very quickly – but that's actually true for longer books too 🙂 They're a lot of fun to write!

  4. Hi Renee – yes, I was born in New Zealand and have lived here all my life apart from a five year stint in the UK in my 20s. And yes, my hubby is absolutely a keeper – I'm very lucky 🙂

  5. Hi Karen! I've always wanted to go to Antarctica myself so this was a bit of wish fulfillment 🙂 I live not far from the Antarctic centre here in Christchurch – where all the flights go from, I've spent lots of time looking at all the pallets of gear they send down there and the massive planes… I'm just curious about it I guess!

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