Dawn Nelson prides herself in being a true working cowgirl. She was born and raised on a cattle ranch in North-Eastern Washington state. Married to a cattle rancher she now calls Creston, Washington her home.

Dawn, along with her husband and their daughter, own and operate a cattle ranch in central Washington. She enjoys showing her registered cattle, riding horses, hunting, camping, writing and just about anything that involves the outdoors.

She is the winner of The Academy of Western Artist, 2010 Buck Ramsey Book of the Year Award. She was a finalist for the 2010 Storytelling Award given out by the Western Music Association. Named
first runner-up in the New York Book Festival, bronze award winner for the 2011 best non-fiction writer in Spokane and is currently a finalist for the 2011 Western Music Associations Outstanding Storytelling Award.

Dawn Nelson currently has five books out, plus a CD and a cookbook.

Award winning author Dawn Nelson, wife, mother, rancher and genuine, hard working cowgirl.

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Thanks,Dawn, for visiting with us today.You have such an exciting and exhausting life with your family,ranch and writing….


MBA:  Tell our readers about yourself, Dawn, I see you where born, raised and how life on a ranch?

DN: I was born and raised in Danville, Washington on my families cattle ranch. I learned to ride at a very early age and spend most my life behind a cow on the back of a horse. My Dad raised me to be one of the boys, I could ride, rope, shoot, hunt and do anything they did. I learned from an early age that I had to speak my mind or it would be spoke for me.


MBA:  What do you enjoy most about ranch life?

   DN:  Everything!!! I love my life but my favorite time of year is roundup and calving season.

Roundup, I get to spend two weeks solid on my horse in the mountains chasing cattle. The leaves are changing to bright colors and the air is crisp, there is just nothing more relaxing.

Calving season, it is cold and snowy and the cattle are all in close to the home place and calving. I love seeing the new babies, helping bring some into the world and the quiet evenings spent in the barn with a calving cow while she calves. I use these such evenings as a chance to get some writing done.

MBA:  I see your stories are western based, and biographical, what’s next on your horizon?

DN: I am currently working on a couple books along my usual lines but along with those I am working on a few thrillers that are out the norm for me. I am enjoying writing them but at this point am not sure what I will do with them.

I hate to plan too far into the horizon for the moment I plan something around here the cows get out and ruin all my plans. I take things day by day.


MBA:  With the holidays fast approaching, what is your favorite holiday? Why?

DN:  I love Christmas! Growing up my family was never wealthy but my parents always made sure to make Christmas special.


MBA: Tell our readers where to find you and where your books are available?

DN: My books are available at my website www.authordawnnelson.comat my publishers website , Amazon, Barnes and Nobles,  Hastings or you can order them anywhere books are sold. They are available for bookstores and other book sellers through Ingrams, Partners West or through Gray Dog Press.


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Pub. Date: June 2011

Publisher: Gray Dog Press


ISBN-13: 978-1936178483

SOURCE: Received for review from the publisher

Product Description

When Laura Dawson’s husband left her for a wealthier woman, she took full custody of their two children and swore off love for good. She’s a tough and resourceful rancher who could go it alone, but the money her ex offered to stay out of his new life was too much to turn down. She’s putting that payoff to use on a new stallion from South Dakota, where self-proclaimed bachelor Kyle Wilson owns and operates a 2,000-cow spread with
no time for settling down. For Kyle, life is nothing but calves and quotas until one eventful evening of Laura’s visit finds both of them considering a change of heart. Their growing attraction is at odds with Kyle’s individuality and Laura’s new independence, not to mention the two states that separate their respective ranches. Neither is ready to leave home behind for good. But for Laura and Kyle, emotions are stirring. So is trouble. Someone wants revenge on the Rafter R Ranch, and collateral damage is not going to stop them. A friend is terribly ill, the past is roaring back, guns are being loaded—and Laura and Kyle are about to find out just how deep their new love is, and how much it can bear before it breaks.
THE RANCHER by Dawn Nelson is an interesting Western novel set on a ranch. It #3 in “The Rancher” series, but can be read as a stand alone. It is the story of Laura Dawson,a lady rancher whose husband left her for another women,she has two children,she’s tough, resourceful, and sworn off of love. Enter, Kyle Wilson,whose life is calves,quotas,owner of a 2,000-cow spread in South Dakota and has no time or intention of settling down. Until he meets Laura. Their attraction is strong,emotions are high, but two states,trouble,
revenge,the past,and collateral could separate them.This story is full of love,romance,past actions,revenge,
ranch life and the power of love. A fast paced, story that will having you turning pages and holding your breath.
A great read for any Western,romance,action,suspense,and intrigue readers. Received for review from the publisher. Details can be found at Gray Dog Press and My Book Addiction and More.
**Coming in 2012: “Wanted Dead or Alive”***
REVIEWED BY: April Renn 


  1. The series sounds awesome… And seeing as you actually live the ranching life I'm sure adds to the story 🙂

  2. Thanks for having me on with you. I was hoping to be here earlier this morning but I woke out of bed with a alergic reaction and had to be rushed to the hospital by my husband. Thank you for the wonderful review of my book.

  3. I loved the 'Last American Cowboy' series that played on Animal Planet last year – looks like these stories would fit right in.

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Sorry to hear about your alergic reaction, hope all is better.
    You are a new to me author, will be checking out your site.
    Thank you for stopping by today!

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