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Hi, April. Thanks for having me here at My Book Addiction and More.
My new novella from Entangled, Melting the Millionaire’s Heart, is a bit of an odd beast. Although it’s a sexy, lighthearted story, it has a serious backdrop. The heroine, Kayla, is a teacher at a private school for special needs kids: kids with intellectual disabilities, autism, ADHD, fetal alcohol syndrome, and psychiatric disorders. She’s on her way to a remote rural estate to schmooze a wealthy potential donor to the school when she wrecks her car in a snowstorm. Things take an interesting turn when she’s rescued by a good-looking stranger.
My inspiration for the story came from a very unlikely source: the many websites and blogs for parents of special needs kids. My son has ADHD, but we’ve been very lucky. His academics haven’t really been affected and he’s done well in a mainstream public school. Many parents aren’t so fortunate. I’ve read many stories over the years of parents struggling through public schools, 504 plans and individual education plans (meant to address a child’s special needs), homeschooling, expensive private schools, sometimes thinking they would never find a good fit for their child. I was inspired one day reading the story of one such mother whose adopted son suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome, a particularly devastating (and totally preventable) disability. After years of struggle, they found a small private school that worked with her son in small groups, based on his ability, not age, and provided the emotional and behavioral support he needed. I wished such schools were easier to find and easier to afford for all children who can’t thrive in a traditional school. I wrote about such a school, Horizons, that existed in my imagination. But like any such school, it doesn’t run for free. It needs money to pay the bills. That was the inspiration for Dr. Dunne, the driven principal who is always looking to suck up to wealth if it means a donation to Horizons. My hero Ryan is one such wealthy potential donor. He’s caught between his genuine desire to help kids in need and his intense dislike of being used for his money.
Kayla is much the same: She would do anything to help her students, but she’s turned off by the succession of donors who give money to the school only to buff their public image, not because they care anything about kids. When these two characters come together, sparks fly!
Interestingly enough, my editor at Entangled bought the story in part because she loved its realistic depiction of kids with special needs, something I take a lot of pride in. Until recently, kids with special needs have been practically invisible in popular culture. The character of Max, a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, on Parenthood is a notable exception. I’m hoping to do a small part to change that, not only in “Melting the Millionaire’s Heart,” but in its follow-up, which I’m writing now.




Special-needs teacher Kayla Johnston writes off any shot at New Year’s Eve romance when she’s summoned to a fundraising event for her school at the remote estate of a wealthy would-be-donor. But when a massive snowstorm hits and Kayla careens off the road, the sexy stranger who rescues her brings to mind cozy fireplaces and steamy midnight kisses…among other things.

Reclusive entrepreneur Ryan Langford may be missing his own fundraiser, but being marooned in a cabin with Kayla beats ducking a room full of people after his money any day. Too bad she’s so irritated with the ” gazillionaire” who ruined her New Year’s Eve that he feels like he has to lie about his identity. But when the sparks fly and they fall into each other’s arms, Ryan knows he’s made a big mistake. Will she be able to trust him once the snow melts and the truth comes out?



Title: Melting the Millionaire’s Heart
Author: Linda Morris
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 92 pages
Release Date: December 2012
ISBN: 978-1-62266-799-4
Imprint: Ever After


To read chapter one,visit:

Melting the Millionaire’s Heart