Want to know what your friends have downloaded?

Have you all seen this?

It’s supposed to help with pirating. What are your thoughts?


2 Replies to “Want to know what your friends have downloaded?”

  1. My thoughts: Is this supposed to help with pirating? Really.. ? That looks like cyber terrorism to me, I don't appreciate sites (or organizations) suggesting or actually planting scripts or viruses or whatever on my PC just to scare some people. Who knows what thing infiltrates itself when you go to that site? Usually people that download stuff don't care about those sites and those things and it's the innocent people that end up being the one affected.

    Something else.. this is 2nd time I run into a blog talking about that site.. I smell some subliminal-conspiracy-ish-Illuminati (hahah not really) passive-aggressive bogus trap. Just thinking about it makes me mad as hell.

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