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You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover – Unless You’re Considering Buying It!


by Fletcher Best


We’ve all heard the adage about not judging a book by its cover, but apparently that advice goes out the window for most people when it comes to actually buying a book.  Of course if you’re purchasing a book that will one day be displayed on a bookshelf, it’s to be expected that you want something that looks reasonably good.  You don’t want something that is going to clash with your décor after all!

As a new author, the one piece of advice that I get over and over again is to make sure to have the best cover possible for every book I publish (as if I’d intentionally try to have a bad book cover) – even if it’s only going to be an ebook.  Supposedly the cover can make or break the sales of even an ebook, so there’s got to be more to it than whether or not the book looks good on a shelf.  Of course, nobody can really specifically define what makes a book cover good or bad.  I guess it’s kind of like how Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart defined pornography – you know it when you see it. 

I recently attended a self-publishing seminar that covered… covers.  They laid out a set of basic rules for book cover design and then proceeded to show a lot of examples that violated one or more of the rules.  The thing is, many of the dirty, no-good, rule-violating book covers were proclaimed by the experts to be “good” or even “excellent” or “outstanding”. When one of the brave/foolish non-experts in the audience would have the nerve to point out the discrepancy with the rules, he or she was quickly dismissed as not understanding because of a lack of training as a graphic artist.  The solution of course was to hire a graphic artist like one of the experts holding the seminar – one of whom said she could produce an outstanding book cover for a mere $500 to $1000.  Now, I agree with the advice to hire a professional cover designer whenever possible, but I looked at her portfolio and I can honestly say I only liked about 10% of her outstanding covers.  Perhaps she had a set of stupendous or fantabulous covers that were better (probably at a higher price point), or perhaps my dislike of her work is simply due to my artistic ignorance.  I believe I do know pornography when I see it, but I’m willing to admit that may not be the case with a good book cover.

Speaking of covers, I hope that readers will like the one on my new release, The Eight Fingered Fiend of Lake Porker.  More importantly, I hope it is an entertaining read.  Check it out if you get a chance.  

Thank you, Fletcher, for stopping by today. What an interesting and entertaining story!!


The Eight Fingered Fiend of Lake Porker 7About the Book


Dark secrets lie just below the surface of the small town of Lake Porker, Texas. The long-time, yet much-despised mayor has been keeping his job by means of rigging elections with the help of the town clerk, a highly respected woman who secretly happens to be the mayor’s dominatrix lover. The man that most of the town thinks is a successful stock day trader is actually a methamphetamine kingpin. His drop-dead beautiful and supposedly devoted God-fearing wife is not only plotting to kill him and take over his meth empire, but she’s having sex with everyone and anyone she thinks will be helpful in advancing that goal. The new African-American deputy is drawing the ire of the town rednecks and is secretly involved in a May – December romance with the sheriff’s wife. Then there’s Octavio, the oversexed freshwater octopus bred by the brilliant and lonely fish hatchery scientist who has trained him in the ways of pleasure and has taken him as her lover.


The giant octopus periodically escapes the fish breeding lab and roams the lake looking for other targets for his sexual talents, much to the confusing combination of arousal and horror in his victims. Octavio can’t be kept secret forever, and soon he attracts the attention of a cryptozoologist and documentary film producer and his intrepid cameraman out to make their next hit reality television special. All of this plays out in an absurd, darkly comedic romp filled with sex, drugs, and violence.


Welcome to the cold, sticky embrace of The Eight Fingered Fiend Of Lake Porker!


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Fletcher BestAbout the Author


Fletcher Best is an American author of humorous fiction and science fiction.  He is the author of the Stranded In Time series of science fiction novels, including Pirates of the Storm, The Corpornation, and the upcoming third installment, Timeless.  His humorous works include Sniffing Out Stink Ape, The Great Chupacabra Kerfuffle, and The Eight Fingered Fiend of Lake Porker.

In addition to his novels, Fletcher Best also writes short stories that are published exclusively for the enjoyment of visitors to his website,  These include the popular, Manatee Vengeance – Blood at the Boat Launch, Alien Invasion of the Zombie Apocalypse, Operation Black Friday, and A Fabulous Business Opportunity.

Born in Miami, Florida, Fletcher has lived in Texas since 1988.  He (or more correctly, his real-life alter-ego George Best) attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas before beginning a chiropractic practice in San Antonio in 1992.  He has resided in San Antonio ever since and now lives in sin with his girlfriend and their 4 cats (the sin being strictly with the girlfriend, not the cats).

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