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Coming in November 2011 In bookstores and in e-book! 

Sourcebooks Casablanca (November 2011)

ISBN-10: 1402251599

ISBN-13: 978-1402251597

The Storm That Is Sterling.

Jones, Lisa Renee (Author)


Nov 2011. 384 p. Sourcebooks/Casablanca,
hardcover, $6.99. (9781402251597).

The exciting Zodius futuristic suspense series
features soldiers enhanced by a GTECH secret military experiment. Sterling
Jeter, who is assigned to guard Rebecca Burns, the scientist working on an
antidote for the highly addictive and fatal drug ICE. But Rebecca is also the
high-school dream Sterling was never able to realize. She has cancer and
tangling with bad guys who want her science skills for their ends has left her
an ICE addict, too. She wants to take advantage of her time left with Sterling,
while Sterling wants to protect her. As danger mounts, they try to sort out who
is trustworthy. The GTECH and science details can best be followed with the
help of the index, but they do not overwhelm the appealing characters or
action. Jones’ suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with
a paranormal twist by Julie Garwood or Suzanne Brockmann. Alpha, military, and
paranormal romance readers will want Jones’ entire series.

The cover copy:

He may be invincible to everyone else…

Sterling Jeter has remarkable powers and has shown

to be just about indestructible. But beautiful,
brilliant Rebecca

Burns knows that even a Super Soldier needs
comfort, and so

much more…

But she can see that deep down,he’s just a man…

Sterling and Rebecca’s teenage romance was

but years later the heat between them flares back
to life.

Even though it endangers everything they’re
fighting for, it’s

impossible to resist picking up right where they
left off…


His cheek brushed hers, whiskers erotically scraping against her skin, his breath warm against her
ear as he whispered, “If I instinctively know something so simple as how to order your dinner, think what else I might know about you. What we might know about each other. How to tease each other… How to please each other.”

There was an emptiness inside her that shuddered with hope, with a plea that he would drive it away, fill it with something that wasn’t icy and cold.

He pulled back and looked at her, his eyes dark, passionate. Compelling. “No regrets, Becca,” he vowed, and she knew he’d found those words in her head. Words she’d sworn to live by when she’d left that German hospital without a cure. Words she’d spoken in her head in the lab earlier with him there.

She rolled them around inside her and let them take root, rewarded herself with a deep inhalation of Sterling’s addictive, masculine scent. “No regrets,” she said softly.

A slow smile formed on his lips. “I love it when you agree with me,” he teased.

Becca laughed. “You’re crazy.”

“About you,” he said huskily.

She felt a little schoolgirl rush from that. In the past, she would have felt like the geeky bookworm with the quarterback, uncomfortable and out of her league, but not with Sterling. Never before had a man taken her from such dark emotions to laughter. A place she might just find real escape.

She pressed her hands to his face, her lips to his. Absorbing him. Breathing him in like a little piece of life. They lingered that way, heat simmering between them. Expanding… drawing them in closer to one another without ever moving.

His tongue flickered against her lips, pressed past her teeth as he slid it against hers for a long, sensual taste. “Your kisses taste like honey,” he murmured. “What does the rest of you taste like?”

She shivered at the erotic comment—the promise he was going to find out. He kissed her again. Crazy-wild, hot-kissed her, and she loved every second of it. Loved his tongue, his lips, and his hands sliding through her hair, over her face.

Becca ran her fingers through his thick, blond hair. She loved his hair—a little wild like him. Hot like him too. With each stroke of his tongue, each touch of his lips, she felt liberated.

Her palms traveled over his chest—warm, hard muscle, her reward. She was extremely, intensely interested in those muscles, like the best science project in the world that had to be studied. She explored his arms, his biceps, how they felt beneath her palms. Inching forward in her chair, she arched into him, for research purposes, of course. To explore how he would feel pressed close to her. Her breasts ached for his touch, her nipples tight and swollen, in need of his mouth. God. Had she really just had that brazen thought? She was a good girl; she always had been.

His hands slid over her breasts, fingers teased the stiff peaks of her nipples. Her hands covered his, silently telling him she wanted more, because she couldn’t ask or demand. Because she was still that “good girl” at heart and couldn’t seem to let it go.

But she didn’t want to be a good girl. If anyone knew the meaning of “life is short,” she did. Becca ran her lips over his jaw, hid her face in his neck, and nibbled as she said, “You know what I want?”

He slid his hands around her waist. “If you say Chinese food, I’m going to object.”

“I’ll give you a choice then,” she said, feeling braver with his jest. “Feed me, or take off your clothes.”

“I’m all for getting naked, if you are,” he quickly agreed.

“You first,” she bargained.

And while the idea of standing in front of him naked, him fully clothed, would make her feel vulnerable, exposed, it apparently had none of those effects on him.

“Okay,” he said, unaffected by the idea as he pushed to his feet and started undressing. And only seconds later, he stood there in all his naked glory, and she sat there, fully clothed.

Thank you,Lisa for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us today…

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Good Morning Emery and thank you for visiting with My Book Addiction and More today…

Thank you so much for inviting me, April!

MBA: You are so welcome…

MBA: Emery, tell our readers a little about yourself?

I have been an avid reader,horse lover, and history buff for most of my life but never dreamed until only
a few years ago that these passions would ever converge. But this is precisely what happened when I came up with the idea for my first romantic historical novel, THE HIGHEST STAKES. The idea wouldn’t let me be, so with nothing else to guide me but the determination to persevere, I began writing. That was exactly four years ago this week!


MBA:  Tell our readers what made you decide to write Georgian England?

The era actually chose me! When I decided to set my first story in the world of horseracing, I traced the origins of the modern Thoroughbred to 18th century England. After that I just completely fell in love with this era. The more I learned about it- the customs, manners, speech, art, music philosophy, and literature, even the
gaming and other vice- the more enamored I became. Over time, I have come to feel that I know it almost as well as my own century!

MBA:  In “Fortune’s Son”,gambling seems to be the theme. How hard was it to find resources

on this subject for this era?

That was a bit tricky and did require a great deal of research, for you see, most of the games they played no longer exist today – at least not in their 18th century form. One of the most popular games was Hazard, played with dice. It was much like modern day Craps but not exactly the same. The game we call Roulette is pretty old but at that time they played a version called E-O. How all of these various games were played is described in some detail in FORTUNES SON  (as well as how people cheated!)

As to the question of resources, I was able to locate original gaming books such as the one written by Sir Edmond Hoyle in the 1730’s that gives rules and instructions for play and I basically taught myself
the games in this manner.

MBA: In “Fortune’s Son”, how did you decide who was the hero and the heroine?And did they present themselves in “The Highest Stakes” with the need for their story to be told?

The main characters, Philip and Susannah were secondary characters in my first book, albeit very important
ones. They played second fiddle to Robert and Charlotte but still almost stole the show. When I finished THS,  I just didn’t feel that their story had been  adequately told.

Philip, in particular plagued me as he is such a fascinating, complex and unpredictable character. He
did a lot of very self-serving things in the first book but still managed to show glimmers of the person he could have been had he wanted to change. The trick was how to motivate him to become a better man. Usually the most effective way to do that is through suffering. Thus, poor Philip goes completely through the ringer in this book,  but he had to do so in order to know real love and redemption in the end.

Susannah, (Sukey to her intimates) is also a complex character and a woman with many secrets. Yet she
is capable of great love and self-sacrifice, also borne out of the heartbreak in her life.

These two characters mirror one another in many different ways. It’s a very unique relationship and an
atypical romance as the story chronicles their tumultuous relationship through several very distinct phases over twelve years’ time.

MBA:  Can you tell our readers a few tidbits on your next project(s)?

Gosh! I actually have six books in various stages of development to include at least two historical
romance novellas that I have chosen to write under another name because they are so completely different in tone, style and sensuality from my previous work. The first of these, titled A BREACH OF PROMISE I like to think of as “Heyer-esque but  with heat” and should be available in late winter/early spring.

As for my other projects, I have begun a romantic historical novel I am absolutely in love with that is
inspired by Captain Cook’s first voyage to the South Seas. It has a fabulous love story with a hero and heroine who could not be more diametrically opposed to one another if they tried! I have not yet sold this manuscript but am hoping to soon find a publisher smart enough to snap it up!

I also have begun a series that will feature much little known Jacobite history and intrigue. Lastly, I wish to delve into some biographical fiction in the future. There are several 18th century people I have researched and wish to write about.

 MBA:  If you could go back in time what period would it be and why?

Absolutely the Geogian Era. I would be quite at home there and the clothes are just the coolest ever!  I find the  portraits of “manly” men dressed like peacocks in all that velvet, silk and lace incredibly sexy.  Be still my heart!!

MBA:  Now,Emery, tell our readers where to find you and where to purchase your books?

I am very easy to find! My regular hangouts are at my own Goodreads Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers Group:

My Facebook Romantic Historial Fiction Lovers Site:

The CASABLANCA authors blog where I post on the 28th of the month:

And lastly at my own Georgian Junkie Blog:

THE HIGHEST STAKES and FORTUNE’S SON are available in paperback and e-book format from any book
retailer.  SPECIAL DEALS: The paperback version of THS is currently on sale at Amazon for $6.24
and  The Book Depository is currently running a special pre-order sale on FORTUNE’S SON for $5.24 that
includes free worldwide shipping.






Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca; Original edition (November 1,


ISBN-13: 978-1402256448

SOURCE: Received from the author and publisher for review

Product Description

Love is the ultimate gamble…

Seasoned gambler Philip Drake knows every trick and uses most of them. After years of infamy, he’s ready to accept the mantle of respectability with his earldom– until a devastating racing loss and the threat of debtors’ prison force Philip right back into his gaming ways…Susannah, Lady Messingham, is a woman with a past who refuses to belong to any man again. But Philip’s skill catches her eye and she persuades him to teach her how to win at the tables. Their new partnership turns into an exhilarating high-stakes game that entangles them in terrifying risk and unimaginable rewards…Immerse yourself in the risky side of Georgian England with a pair of lovers who aren’t afraid to risk it all on a toss of the dice…


FORTUNE’S SON by Emery Lee  is an exciting historical romance set in 1739 – 1751 Georgain England.It is the  next installment to “HIGHEST STAKES” and is the story of Philip Drake and Susannah,Lady Messingham, who where secondary characters in the previous book,but played a very important in that story. “Fortune’s Son” has romance,betrayal,love,high stakes,secrets,gambling,sacrifice,redemption,a bit of carelessness,forgiveness and a bit of sensuality.Philip,after years of gambling and infamy attempts respectability with his earldom, while he finds love,he finds himself in threat of debtor’s prison. Susannah,a young widow,in need of funds,decides to enlist Philip’s gambling skills to teach her how to win at the gambling tables. They find not only their hearts are involved,their freedom is also at risk. Philip,in “Highest Stakes” is not very nice,oh well,you must read “Highest Stakes” to realize his bad side. He struggles with self-serving,sacrifice in “Fortune’s Son” he seeks redemption in the end. Susannah,refuses to ever belong to another man,falls prey to her heart. Together, Philip and Susannah learn love,sacrifice and that life is a roll of the dice.Immerce yourself into the world of Georgian England,gambling,love,with this pair of lovers as they struggle through twelve years of life. Another great read. A must read for any historical,romance,Georgain era and any one looking to be taken away into the world of  early gambling vices and its aftermath.Received for review from the author and the publisher. Details can be found at Sourcebooks Casablance,an imprint of Sourcebooks,Inc. and My Book Addiction and More.




As a special surprise,Emery, will be giving 1 lucky commenter a print copy of either “THE HIGHEST STAKES” OR “FORTUNE’S SON”(winner’s choice). Giveaway will run from today October 28 until November 4,2011.

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It is with great pleasure we, at My Book Addiction and More welcome Erin Quinn,awarding winning author of  “Mists of Ireland”  today….


Good morning,Erin,and thanks for being here at My Book Addiction and More today…

Thanks for inviting me to be a guest!  I love your site.
MBA: Thank you,Erin,for being our guest and we are so glad you love our site.
MBA:  Erin,tell us a little about yourself?
     I am the author of the Mists of Ireland Series as well as 3 stand alone novels.  My books have been called “riveting,” “brilliantly plotted” and “beautifully written” and have won, placed or showed in the Booksellers Best, WILLA Award for Historical fiction, the Orange Rose, Golden Quill, Readers Crown, Best Books, and Award of Excellence. I live in Arizona, have been happily married for 23 years (gasp!) and I work full time as
well as write. 
MBA:  Tell us a little about your Halloween Anthology?
       Two writer friends (Calista Fox and Mary Leo) and I cooked up the idea for our Halloween anthology while at the RWA National conference this year.  Yes, we were in the bar.  🙂  I love a good ghost story and when I found out that both Calista and Mary did too, we started brainstorming and a book was born.  The Anthology is called A Touch of Twilight and my story within it is A Shiver at Twilight (excerpt).  In A Shiver at Twilight, a tragedy from the past haunts the house where Carly and JD are trapped for one terrifying Halloween night.  The sparks fly between the two of them, but will they survive to explore the flames of passion they ignite?
MBA: Tell our readers a few tidbits about your upcoming project(s)?
      I am a very busy girl lately.  I have two books I’m working on and another story for a Valentine’s Day anthology.  I love creating stories and I get so jazzed every time I get to start something new.  I’m not ready to talk about any of my projects though–the ideas are still too new and vulnerable.  🙂  But I think my readers will like what I’m cooking up!
MBA: Tell our readers a little about your latest release(s)?
       Haunting Embrace–the last in my Mists of Ireland series–hit bookstores on October 4.  I’m very excited about this book because not only does it wrap up my series, but it allowed me to explore a hero to die for–Áedán Brady–once the most powerful druid ever known,  For eons Aedan has been imprisoned by a curse…until Meaghan Ballagh sets him free.  Meaghan is thrust back in time, where she and the devastating Áedán become ensnared by echoes of the past.  She cannot trust him and yet she cannot resist him either.
To survive, she must piece together the history that binds them and break the curse that has doomed their love throughout time…..
Haunting Embrace by Erin Quinn Book Trailer:
MBA:  What relaxes you after a long day of deadlines,family and a hard day?
            Before I was a writer, I was a reader and I still love to read as much as ever.  I don’t usually read in my own genre unless it’s something I just can’t resist.  Mostly I read a lot of regency and contemporary romances and nothing relaxes me like a hot bath and a good book that I didn’t have to write, lol.
MBA:  Now,Erin,tell our readers where to find you and where your books are available?
            You can find me everywhere!  My website is  I’m on FB, twitter and I blog as
well.  And you know, I’m always giving something away.  Check out my monthly contest and my fun Spread the Word contest
Speaking of giveaways–would love to give an autographed copy of Haunting Beauty to one lucky commenter so…talk to me.  🙂
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Open to U.S residents only.No P.O. Boxes,please.
Giveaway will run from today Oct 27 until Nov 3,2011.
From the author’s website:
Order Erin’s Books:

Amazon      Barnes & Noble      Books-a-Million      Indie Bound

Haunting Beauty 2009 writing as Erin Grady

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Dawn Nelson prides herself in being a true working cowgirl. She was born and raised on a cattle ranch in North-Eastern Washington state. Married to a cattle rancher she now calls Creston, Washington her home.

Dawn, along with her husband and their daughter, own and operate a cattle ranch in central Washington. She enjoys showing her registered cattle, riding horses, hunting, camping, writing and just about anything that involves the outdoors.

She is the winner of The Academy of Western Artist, 2010 Buck Ramsey Book of the Year Award. She was a finalist for the 2010 Storytelling Award given out by the Western Music Association. Named
first runner-up in the New York Book Festival, bronze award winner for the 2011 best non-fiction writer in Spokane and is currently a finalist for the 2011 Western Music Associations Outstanding Storytelling Award.

Dawn Nelson currently has five books out, plus a CD and a cookbook.

Award winning author Dawn Nelson, wife, mother, rancher and genuine, hard working cowgirl.

For more information on Dawn, go to


Thanks,Dawn, for visiting with us today.You have such an exciting and exhausting life with your family,ranch and writing….


MBA:  Tell our readers about yourself, Dawn, I see you where born, raised and how life on a ranch?

DN: I was born and raised in Danville, Washington on my families cattle ranch. I learned to ride at a very early age and spend most my life behind a cow on the back of a horse. My Dad raised me to be one of the boys, I could ride, rope, shoot, hunt and do anything they did. I learned from an early age that I had to speak my mind or it would be spoke for me.


MBA:  What do you enjoy most about ranch life?

   DN:  Everything!!! I love my life but my favorite time of year is roundup and calving season.

Roundup, I get to spend two weeks solid on my horse in the mountains chasing cattle. The leaves are changing to bright colors and the air is crisp, there is just nothing more relaxing.

Calving season, it is cold and snowy and the cattle are all in close to the home place and calving. I love seeing the new babies, helping bring some into the world and the quiet evenings spent in the barn with a calving cow while she calves. I use these such evenings as a chance to get some writing done.

MBA:  I see your stories are western based, and biographical, what’s next on your horizon?

DN: I am currently working on a couple books along my usual lines but along with those I am working on a few thrillers that are out the norm for me. I am enjoying writing them but at this point am not sure what I will do with them.

I hate to plan too far into the horizon for the moment I plan something around here the cows get out and ruin all my plans. I take things day by day.


MBA:  With the holidays fast approaching, what is your favorite holiday? Why?

DN:  I love Christmas! Growing up my family was never wealthy but my parents always made sure to make Christmas special.


MBA: Tell our readers where to find you and where your books are available?

DN: My books are available at my website www.authordawnnelson.comat my publishers website , Amazon, Barnes and Nobles,  Hastings or you can order them anywhere books are sold. They are available for bookstores and other book sellers through Ingrams, Partners West or through Gray Dog Press.


Some links that you may be interested in follows:

Good Reads

 Author Dawn Nelson website:

The Rancher series:

#1 ” Cowgirl Justice”

#2 ” The Colt”

And coming in 2012: “Wanted Dead or Alive”





Pub. Date: June 2011

Publisher: Gray Dog Press


ISBN-13: 978-1936178483

SOURCE: Received for review from the publisher

Product Description

When Laura Dawson’s husband left her for a wealthier woman, she took full custody of their two children and swore off love for good. She’s a tough and resourceful rancher who could go it alone, but the money her ex offered to stay out of his new life was too much to turn down. She’s putting that payoff to use on a new stallion from South Dakota, where self-proclaimed bachelor Kyle Wilson owns and operates a 2,000-cow spread with
no time for settling down. For Kyle, life is nothing but calves and quotas until one eventful evening of Laura’s visit finds both of them considering a change of heart. Their growing attraction is at odds with Kyle’s individuality and Laura’s new independence, not to mention the two states that separate their respective ranches. Neither is ready to leave home behind for good. But for Laura and Kyle, emotions are stirring. So is trouble. Someone wants revenge on the Rafter R Ranch, and collateral damage is not going to stop them. A friend is terribly ill, the past is roaring back, guns are being loaded—and Laura and Kyle are about to find out just how deep their new love is, and how much it can bear before it breaks.
THE RANCHER by Dawn Nelson is an interesting Western novel set on a ranch. It #3 in “The Rancher” series, but can be read as a stand alone. It is the story of Laura Dawson,a lady rancher whose husband left her for another women,she has two children,she’s tough, resourceful, and sworn off of love. Enter, Kyle Wilson,whose life is calves,quotas,owner of a 2,000-cow spread in South Dakota and has no time or intention of settling down. Until he meets Laura. Their attraction is strong,emotions are high, but two states,trouble,
revenge,the past,and collateral could separate them.This story is full of love,romance,past actions,revenge,
ranch life and the power of love. A fast paced, story that will having you turning pages and holding your breath.
A great read for any Western,romance,action,suspense,and intrigue readers. Received for review from the publisher. Details can be found at Gray Dog Press and My Book Addiction and More.
**Coming in 2012: “Wanted Dead or Alive”***
REVIEWED BY: April Renn 





Good morning,Roger! What a pleasure to have you with us today……


MBA: Roger tell our readers a little about yourself?

Roger Stokes: I’m a war baby, (born 1944), starting life in a world of free milk,free orange juice and free cod liver oil; maybe the reason why us baby – boomers enjoy good health now. Educated at St. Nicholas Grammar School for Boys, where I enjoyed english, history and sport but did not enjoy maths and
science. Represented the school at rugby and cricket. I started working life as an insurance underwriter but swiftly moved into the world of advertising. I progressed from copywriter to account director and worked in a number of small, large and multi-national agencies in the UK and New Zealand over the next
30 years. On leaving advertising I decided more fresh air was needed so began my own gardening business.
I have been married twice and have two beautiful daughters and too many grandchildren – six to date and seventh on the way! Now retired with partner Bridget and living by the sea in Devon,southwest england, where I write, play golf and support the Exeter Chiefs rugby team.

MBA: Tell our readers why you chose this setting and this issue,please?
RS:  I think the setting and the issue probably chose me.When I retired I wanted to try writing a story but didn’t have a good idea. On a trip with friends to the Languedoc I was intrigued by the story of the Cathars and tried to find out more about this little known episode in French history. It wasn’t until I returned
home that the idea came to me – I could see how I could make the myth of the Cathar treasure into a human drama.

MBA: Roger, how hard is it to get published in the U.S today and what was some of the problems you incurred?
RS:  This is my first book but I imagine it is just as difficult to get published in the USA as it is in the UK. It seems to me that writing a book is far less difficult than getting one published. I tried all the usual channels – writing to over 50 literary agents and publishers, but with the usual ‘thanks but no thanks’ reply. Unless you’re a celebrity with a book to sell it seems publishers are only interested if you are already published,  kind of Catch-22 situation for new authors.

My most useful tool was the Writers’ and Artists’ Year Book. It contains a huge amount of information, including a chapter on Self Publishing. I decided this was the way to go, as I really believed in my story. The people at Matador were very friendly and professional and offered me all kinds of useful advice, including
editing and marketing. It was exciting being part of the process and I was really pleased when I chose the image to be used on the cover. It seems to me that in this age of MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and websites like My Book Addiction there are so many opportunities for people to get exposure for their work and reach their potential audience.

MBA: In “The Good Man’s Daughter” ,you write about the violence of the Crusades,what made you decide,if anything that this was a story that should be told?
RS:  As mentioned above, the story of the Cathars had been lost to history until Rene Nelli wrote about it in his book La Vie Quotidenne des Cathares in the 19th century. Because the Cathars left no books or records they remained an enigma, including the myth of their treasure. The events of the Crusade against the Cathars at the beginning of the 13th century, the only religious crusade on European soil, has been well documented (I include a reading list at the end of my book). It was bloody and violent with thousands of believers killed, leaving a handful of survivors to retreat to the foothills of the Pyrenees.I tried to imagine what life would have been like a generation after the crusade and how my main character, Elouise, would face the choices she had to make between love and faith.

MBA: If you could go back in time,where would you return,why,and what would you

      RS:  Gosh, a really difficult question. Having visited the 1st World War cemeteries in northern France I
think I would have liked to have changed that chapter in our history. To see such massive loss of life, young people sacrificed on the bungling tactics of the armies of both sides, is a humbling and shocking experience.

MBA: Roger, give our readers a few tidbits about future project(s)?

     RS:  At the moment I am enjoying seeing my book published and dealing with questions like yours. It’s giving me a huge amount of pleasure to get a positive feedback from readers. But, my mind is ticking over and I do have an idea for another novel. This time it will be a much more modern story, following a group of people between the 1960’s and the present day. A baby boomer story you might say!

MBA: Now,Roger, tell our readers how to find you and where to find your books
RS:  My book is published by Matador, an imprint of Troubador, and is available in the USA. You can also find it at Amazon. For more information visit my website –

Thanks,Roger,for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us today….



Pub. Date: September 2011

Publisher: Troubador Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781848766662

ISBN: 1848766661

SOURCE: Received from Authoright PR for review

Product Description

1244. Why would two hundred men and women walk joyfully towards the flames that will consume them? And what was the treasure they left behind..?

Set in medieval France after the bloody persecution of the Cathars by the Catholic church, The Good Man’s Daughter is the story of Elouise and her love for the three men in her life; her father, Jean, a Cathar preacher; Michel, a shepherd and life long friend; and Guillaume, the young knight who becomes her lover.

The story unfolds a generation after the destroying army has left the region and the few remaining Cathars are living in peace amongst the hills and valleys of the Languedoc. But their lives change when an corrupt priest begins a new campaign of persecution against the heretics. Jean is captured and imprisoned and Elouise must seek sanctuary at the Chateau Roc. Torn between her faith and her feelings she must decide whether survival is reason enough for living. As events lead to a dramatic climax at the Chateau the secret of the Cathar treasure is revealed.

This debut novel by Roger Stokes is a masterful blend of authentic history and human drama, and will appeal to fans of historical fiction, who enjoy a great human story set against a background of dramatic and accurate historical events.


Thanks to the author we are offering 1 lucky commenter a signed print copy of “THE GOOD MAN’S DAUGHTER” by Roger Stokes. This giveaway is opened to US, Canada, or any other English speaking country resident. No P.O. Boxes,please. Giveaway is will run from today October 24 until November 1, 2011.



 THE GOOD MAN’S DAUGHTER by Roger Stokes  is an interesting historical fiction set in 1244 Languedoc at the Chateau Roc. It is a compelling story of the the bloody persecution of the Cathar religion. It is the story of Elouise,her father,Jean,(a Cathar preacher),Michel,(a sheperd)and Elouise’s long time friend,and Guillaume,the young Knight who loved Elouise and became her lover. It is the story of corruption,a new crusade against the Cathar,the families of those who practiced the Cathar faith,their sacrifice,their survival,their horrors,the sacrifice,fear, loss and Elouise’s battle between her faith and her heart. This is a compelling story that is heartfelt,but not for the faint at heart. While, Elouise, Michel,and Guillaume battle not only the persecution,and corruption of a priest,Elouise and Guillaume battle their attraction for each other. Elouise must choose between her faith,her heart and her life. A must read for any historical,romance,the Crusades,the Cathars and Religious readers. A great read. Received for review from the author and Authoright. Details can be found at Metador an imprint of Troubador Publishing Ltd. and My Book Addiction and More.

**From THE GOOD MAN’S DAUGHTER,page 283″
“Whilst my story is fiction it has been based on fact.”” In March 1244 the 400 occupants of the chateau were burnt.”






THE COMFORTS OF HOME will be hitting the stands on Nov. 1, 2011 and I’m very excited to see my people of Harmony, Texas come alive.  In my mind they already are and sometimes I feel like they’re so real that I could pack my bag and go down for a visit any time I liked.With writing it’s always been that way for me.  I don’t really feel like I create characters, I feel like I just meet people and get to know them.  If I’m lucky they tell me
their story.  When I meet people who read and love my books I always like to hug them.  After all, we have friends in common.
In THE COMFORTS OF HOME  I wrote about people who probably live all around us but we never take the time to know.  One was Ronelle Logan.  She’d lived and worked at the post office without anyone noticing her.  She solved the funeral home’s crossword puzzles before she handed over the magazines, but no one complained.  Tyler Wright, the funeral director, just brought her a huge crossword puzzle book.  He was a kind man who tried to help everyone he came across.  In the lives of these people now and then, wonder happens, brightening the world around.
Comforts of Home is about the people in a small town who come together to celebrate life.  They care about one another.  Many nights when I sat down in my study to write I felt as if I was stepping into a world, a place that was as real to me as my life.  I never think of my people as characters in a story, but always as people.   They walk though my life and make it a richer place and I hope they’ll do the same for you as you read THE COMFORTS OF HOME.
Jodi Thomas
  ***Readers you can pre-order your copy of ” The Comforts of Home” books on
Thank you,Jodi,for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us today…. 
Thanks, to Jodi, we are offering 1 lucky commenter a print copy of “THE COMFORTS OF HOME”. In order to win you MUST comment on what you learned from our author’s post.This giveaway is will run from  today October 24 until  November 1,2011. Open to U.S. and Canada residents. No P.O. Box pleases.

Pub. Date: November 2011

Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)

ISBN-13: 9780425244487

ISBN: 0425244482

SOURCE:Received for review from the author/publisher

Product Description

In Harmony, Texas, twenty-year-old Reagan Truman has found her place, and found her family. But with her uncle taken ill and her friend Noah lost and disheartened with his life, Reagan is afraid of ending up alone again, and she’s not the only one. When a terrible storms threatens the town, the residents of Harmony are forced to think about what they really want. Because making the connections they so desperately desire means putting their hearts at risk…


THE COMFORTS OF HOME by Jodi Thomas is an  interesting contemporary romance set in Harmony,Texas. This is #3 in the “A Harmony Novel”. See “Welcome To Harmony”,and “Somewhere Along The Way”. Come meet the characters of Harmony,Texas you will not regret the visit. This is a compelling,heartfelt,powerful,gripping story of love,romance,family,community,with secrets,danger and finding home. The characters will tug at your heart strings as they each find their way,and learn the meeting of love,peace and happiness. Harmony, Texas is a town with likable townspeople,who are human in everyway,and jump off the pages. An emotional story,that will keep your turning pages. A must read for any romance readers and any reader who enjoys a heartwarming story. I can hardly wait for the next installment. Received from the author and publisher for review. Details can be found at The Berkley Publishing Group,published by Penguin Group and My Book Addiction and More.

***Coming soon “JUST DOWN THE ROAD” from The Berkley Publising Group***




A visit with Cynthia Eden, giveaway *cancer week finale*


Hi, everyone! Hope you are having a great day! I wanted to start this post by saying…Wendy and April are awesome. I am so glad that they are taking the time to focus on cancer awareness. Thank you, ladies!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I’ve got some friends  who are sporting pink hair as they show their support for the awareness push. Pink is most definitely in this month—from hair to clothes, to buttons. And each time that I see that bright color, I think…that could be one more person that is saved. Because awareness really is so important. Early detection. Early treatment. Better chance to live a longer life.

I hate that cancer is hurting so many people. Hate it. And cancer sure doesn’t discriminate—it attacks young and old, taking too many that we all love.

So this month (heck, always!), think about the ones that you love who’ve been hurt. Who’ve been impacted. And think about yourself. If you’re a woman, have you been doing breast self-exams? Do you check in with your doctor like you should? Life is so precious, and it should be enjoyed and lived to the very fullest. I don’t want cancer stealing days from anyone, anytime.

Some lovely ladies invited me to be a part of a special anthology, ENTANGLED. ENTANGLED is a paranormal romance anthology, full of stories designed to get you in the mood for Halloween. All of the proceeds from this anthology are going to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. So the stories are designed to amuse, and the book is designed to (hopefully) help fight this vicious battle.


Today, I’d like to pay for 2 copies of Entangled (Kindle version because they let me buy the ebooks and send them as gifts) to give to 2 commenters. Want to win? Then just leave me a comment. Tell me…have you seen the pink in your area? Are you sporting some pink yourself?

Thanks for checking out my post—and have a great day.

Cynthia Eden

ANGEL OF DARKNESS—Available 11/29/11 from Kensington Brava

When an angel falls, all hell breaks loose…

Thank you so much Cynthia for being our guest and our final post of our official cancer week. Readers keep in mind, Cynthia is giving away 2 copies of ENTANGLED, we are giving away a copy of ENTANGLED as well as a goodie bag, “fight like a girl” with a notepad, some other goodies. So this means 3 winners and all you have to do is comment her to win. Thanks again to Cynthia and all the most generous ladies who have posted, visited,commented and hopefully learned a little something along the way. My hope is that somewhere along the way this week has helped at least one person to change their life, maybe to save it, maybe to just be more aware of what they need to do. Giveaway from MBA is open to everyone. Good Luck! And thanks for being with us this week. Please share this post and the ones from the last week.



Goodie Bag

Okay  so I kept thinking I need to show you all the tote I’m using for the goodie bag.So here it is. It’s too cute. Yep each bag has a different “piggy” notepad…………….


So what do you think? Good?


A visit with Caridad Pineiro and giveaway *part of “Cancer” Week*

Today it is with great pleasure we welcome author, Caridad Pinerio to My Book Addiction. I hope you will join us in welcoming Caridad here and be sure to check out her great stories!

It’s October and you’re probably seeing a lot of pink around since it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I can’t impress on you enough how important it is that you do your self-checks and go in for regular mammograms.  Like that old saying says, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It’s an adage that we all need to think about when we discuss cancer in general.  Being overweight, lack of exercise, stress and smoking are all things which we can control in order to reduce our risk of getting cancer.

I know, I know.  I’m sounding preachy, but once your life has been touched by cancer, you get a new perspective on things.

I was 22 when my mom died of cancer.  My sister was only 20 and in her last year of college.  One of my mom’s greatest dreams and something she had worked so hard to achieve for “her girls” was to see us graduate college.  She only got to see part of her dream come true and watching my sister graduate without my mom there was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

But that wasn’t the only thing my mom missed.

My mom didn’t see us get married.  She didn’t see me graduate law school, something my mom had planned on us doing together before she got sick.  She didn’t see all the lovely grandkids we’ve had or see those grandkids graduate college.

She would have been so proud of that because my mom valued education.  She knew it was the one way that we would accomplish the American Dream.

She never read any of my books.  I think she might have been proud of that as well since my mom was an avid reader. (Although I might have been a little embarrassed to know mom was reading one of “those scenes”.)

My mom missed all of those wonderful things because she was a smoker and couldn’t quit.  She also ignored the little warning signs that should have said to her to go get a physical.  Maybe if we had caught it sooner, things might have been different.

So during this month filled with pinkness and hope, do something for yourself as well as for others.  Ask yourself what you can do to make , yourself healthier.  Lose some weight, get more active, relax  or quit smoking.  Do it for yourself.  Do it for your loved ones who will miss you every day of your(their) life once you are gone too soon.


Thank you Caridad for your inspiring tale, hard as it is to read, it does inspire. As Caridad says take care of yourself, not just this month but all year. Now because Caridad is the awesome woman she is, she’s offered up a copy of SINS OF THE FLESH, as well as a Lost Polo Shirt! Thank you so much Caridad. Now this is part of our “cancer” week so yes once again there is a “goodie bag”, same as before with bath and body product, a notepad that is too cute, a book or two(these will vary with the bags and are in print),swag, and of course the tote itself that says “fight like a girl” plus an ebook copy of ENTANGLED.

So as with the other days we will have 2 winners. Giveaway for the “goodie bag” is open to everyone. Goodluck.

If you would like more information on types of cancers, signs, things you can do to help fight/prevent cancer, and things to help you fight this monster be sure to visit :

You can find Caridad at her website ,facebook,twitter



A visit with Donna Grant and giveaway *part of “cancer” week*

Today our guest is author Donna Grant, I’m so thrilled that Donna agreed to be one of our guests for this special ‘week’. Please join us in welcoming Donna to My Book Addiction.


I love that Wendy and April have dedicated this week on their blog to cancer. I hate that it seems the disease touches nearly everyone in some way.

My father-in-law had prostrate cancer. He found out about it a month before our wedding. The Monday after the wedding he began his treatments, and luckily beat it after an operation and chemo treatments.

For almost 14 years he beat cancer, but toward the end the doctor’s grew concerned that the cancer was coming back. We never learned if it did because he died after following a heart condition and then a stroke while in the hospital.

I’d like to say that was the only way cancer has affected my life, but it isn’t. I remember vividly being pregnant with my oldest when we drove the five hours to visit my brother. He’d suffered through years of having kidney stones that formed too hard to be broken up as most people’s had. He’d gone through so many surgeries that the doctors couldn’t chance doing more.

So, I thought the family was just going for a visit. Imagine everyone’s despair when he announced he’d been diagnosed with leukemia.

There was talk of doing a bone marrow transplant, but my husband wasn’t a match, and I was pregnant. My parents, the doctors said, were too old to be considered, and my other brother had health problems of his own that prevented him from being considered.

My brother lived for another six years before he was taken from us. I came a bit late in my parent’s life as my brothers’ were 9 and 12 years older than me, so at times he was more of a father than brother.

I pray for the day they find a cure for the many forms of cancer. Until then I hold out hope the medicines they’re developing will help everyone.

ForeverMine_300x190I’ll be giving away a copy of my Scottish Medieval novella FOREVER MINE to one lucky commenter! J

Here’s a blurb:

A Highlander bent on revenge…
Braden MacAlister only has vengeance on his mind. It has consumed him since the murder of his family. His every thought, every action is in bringing down the man responsible. Until he lays eyes on Jean.
A lass who dared to challenge her heart…
Jean MacKay’s entire existence is turned upside down when her clan is invaded by Niall MacDougall and he takes her prisoner. Yet, everything changes when Niall and his men are surrounded by The Ghost.
A union of two hearts…
Whispers of Braden MacAlister run rampant through the Highlands, but it isn’t until Jean sees the imposing warrior for herself that she realizes he is the answer to all their prayers. Jean defies everything to stand next to Braden and the love developing between them. But will it be enough to put an end to Niall once and for all?

Thank you again Donna for being our special guest today. And thank you for offering a copy of your great ebook FOREVER MINE as a giveaway. Readers keep in mind today one commenter will also win a “goodie bag” with some bath and body products, a note pad, a few surprises, and a tote that says “fight like a girl”, as well as an ebook copy of ENTANGLED (the anthology where all proceeds go to cancer research). So be sure to comment. And who knows there maybe a few extra books thrown in the goodie bag just because.

Also remember the purpose of this week to remind people to get tested, to talk to your family about cancer in all it’s many forms, please remember to hug your family today, let them know you love them and tell them to talk to their doctor about anything, to ask questions! There are sites where you can get a list of questions to ask. Thank  you again Donna for being our guest and sharing your story with us. You are an inspiration to us all!

*as a note this means there will be 1 winner of FOREVER MINE by Donna Grant and 1 winner of the goodie bag and ebook copy of ENTANGLED, so 2 winners*