Rebecca Ann Collins is the pen name of a lady in Australia who loves Jane Austen’s work so much that she has written a series of 10 sequels to Pride and Prejudice, following Austen’s beloved characters, introducing new ones, and bringing them into a new historical
era.Thoroughly researched and beautifully written, this series has been extremely successful in Australia with over 80,000 books sold.

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MBA: Rebecca, tell our readers a little about yourself?

RAC: Apart from being a writer, I am a reader, a teacher and a librarian, with a lifelong interest in both History and Literature. Like most readers, I have my favourites, but I read and collect an eclectic range of books, which includes the classics, memoirs, history and sociology as well as children’s stories. In the field of Fiction, I have specialised in eighteenth and nineteenth century English literature, from Fielding, Austen and the Brontes to George Elliott, Mrs Gaskell, Charles Dickens, Thackeray and Galsworthy. While I enjoy the work of all these writers, I confess my addiction to Jane Austen started early and continues to this day. My other loves are Music, Art and gardening and I live in Canberra, Australia’s beautiful capital city, which affords me many opportunities to indulge all these passions.


MBA: What if anything made you decide to write “Expectations of Happiness”?

RAC: Having concluded the Pemberley Chronicles Series ( which took  ten years  from 1996 to 2006 and then three more years working with Sourcebooks on the reprints of the series) – I was playing around with an idea I had had for a companion volume to “Sense and Sensibility”, which of all Austen’s novels, is the one that most
leaves the door open to a sequel. As I explain in the introduction to the book,  the original novel ends without a completely satisfactory conclusion in the case of Marianne Dashwood and also leaves open the question of the future of the youngest sister- Margaret. I found this inviting and using the clues to the characters left by Austen herself, decided to work out a credible storyline  for a companion volume. By a happy coincidence, Sense and Sensibility was published in 1811- so it seemed appropriate to have Expectations of Happiness- released
exactly 200 years later. The title is taken from a line in the original novel- “ that sanguine expectation of happiness, that is happiness itself.”

MBA: Were you always a Jane Austen fan?

RAC: Ever since I read “Pride and Prejudice” and “Sense and Sensibility”, which I received on my twelfth birthday, which was a long time ago. Since then I have studied all of Jane Austen’s work, read her letters and early fragments of her writing and collected everything I could lay my hands on about the author, her life and times. I became fascinated with the period before during and after her tragically short life and at University, I made a special study of both the History and Literature of that era. I find that I am quite comfortable with the
values of Miss Austen and feel great empathy for her characters, particularly the strong women, who in that era were mostly denied  the right to participate in  society as fully as we do today, yet despite this, many made remarkable contributions to their communities.

MBA: If you had to describe your writing, who do you think you best write like?

RAC:  This is a difficult question, because I do not think I consciously try to write like any one in particular. As a general rule, I do not think it is wise for new writers to model themselves on other writers – far better to develop one’s own style. I certainly did not set out to imitate the mannered literary style of Jane Austen; that would have been presumptuous indeed!

However, when writing the Pemberley Chronicles Series, I was aware of the need to suit the style to the material, the period and characters I was writing about and I developed a generic nineteenth century narrative style, which flowed naturally, without being contrived or stilted.

MBA: What is on the horizon for you and your writing?

RAC: While a writer always has some creative ideas floating around- I cannot write to order, so I shall take some time out to enjoy what my readers have to say about “Expectations of Happiness” before I get back to working on an interesting project  about which I am not at liberty to say more at this stage.


MBA: Now, Rebecca, tell us where to find you and your books.

RAC: All my books are available through Sourcebooks Inc.  or through amazon.com and other booksellers online and in book stores.

For more information about the books, the author, reviews and readers’ comments please visit our website at www.rebeccaanncollins.com


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Rebecca Ann Collins/ October 2011.

Expectations of Happiness


Pub. Date: October 2011

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated

ISBN-13: 9781402253898

ISBN: 1402253893


Product Description
Acclaimed for historical accuracy and emulation of Jane Austen’s voice as well as the depth of her depictions
of the complex and evolving society of the day, Rebecca Ann Collins imagines three sisters dealing with what happens when a spirited girl grows into a scandal-prone young lady who defies society’s rules and must then pay the consequences.

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