MBA: Tell our readers a little about yourself?

   GG: I’m one of those lucky people who can live wherever she wants, love who she wants, hate
who she wants, and always learns things about herself she never knew.  I am a writer.  Since I was small and lived in a dysfunctional family with a lot of shouting and abuse going on, I have dissociated and lived in alternate realities.  I made up new ones almost every night as I lay in bed waiting for sleep.  I also used newsprint-paper scrapbooks to draw and eventually write my stories.

When I was a grown up I went to live in Austria with my university group from Stanford.  I learned things that most people don’t know about that amazing country that used to be the cultural, scientific, and artistic center of the Western world. Never thinking it might be too ambitious a project, I began a novel when I was 27.  I’m very, very aware of my weaknesses, and so I kept rewriting and rewriting, and finally published it 40 years later in 2009.  The Last Waltz, a novel of Love and War won the Whitney Award for best historical fiction for that year.

While I was fermenting that book, I wrote a light mystery series about two wacky genealogists–The Alex and Briggie series, beginning with Cankered Roots.  The sixth volume of that series is slated to come out early next year: Renaissance Roots, set in my favorite place in the world–Florence, Italy.  Which brings me to my latest release, The Only Way to Paradise, a women’s fiction/romance that I wrote over a three year period with three trips to Florence.  That book taught me one of the great lessons of life that I learned from the Italian people–agape or selfless love.  For my four heroines, agape is the balm that eases their troubles, helping them to find the road in life that they should be traveling in order to find Paradise.

    GG: PERSONAL DETAILS:  I am a wife of 39 years, a mother of three children, and a grandmother
of two delightful little boys who are my sunshine.  I worked in finance for 5 years before I was
married and while I was putting my husband through law school.  I have sporadically taught college.  I am a self-professed veteran of mental illness, having arrived at a healing plateau after 25 years of bi-polar
disorder and 54 years of PTSD. I write and speak about mental health issues. I have lived in So. Cal., No. Cal, Boston, D.C., Chicago, The Missouri Ozarks, Oakwood, Ohio, and now Provo, Utah on the bench of the Wasatch mountains, 17 minutes from Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort.

MBA: When you are not writing what is your favorite thing to do or place to go?

     GG: My favorite place to go is Florence. I always learn something new from the Renaissance artists, but mostly I love to go because of the Florentines. I have a “family” there that I miss terribly.

My favorite thing to do is to play with my grandchildren Jack 5, Micah 1.  I am looking forward to bonding more with Micah (they live in CA), but Jack and I are best friends and have many traditions such as an entire tent protocol, a bedtime protocol, games we’ve played since he was a baby, and new craft projects every time we’re together (I send a box ahead of me).  For reasons unknown, Jack wanted to give his mother a statue of Abraham Lincoln for Mother’s Day. We are gearing up to do Skype, and I anticipate daily visits.

MBA: Tell our readers a few tidbits on your upcoming project(s)?

GG: Writing Paradise took me through an emotional wringer, so I am writing something I never have before–a Regency Romance.  It will certainly be a change.  I love the wit and romance of Jane Austen, and while I can never hope to meet her standard, I find it delightful to try.  The book(Misunderstood) is actually based on my life–the obligatory Rogue being played by my husband, and the complications provided by three ex-fiances–one dead, one crazy, and one intractable.  After that will come my new Alex and Briggie mystery Renaissance Roots.  I have several books I want to write afterwards, but my travel schedule (and funds) will determine which comes first–there are three sequels due for Paradise–the first one being a time-travel back to the Florence of the Medici, the second will unfold on a Cruise through the Med.  The third?  Then there are the
much demanded two sequels to Waltz for which I must make research trips to Provence and Poland.

MBA:  Now,with the holidays quickly approaching,what is your favorite holiday(Halloween,Thanksgiving or Christmas) and why?

GG: Since the kids have grown and left, Halloween has lost its glamour and hardly anyone comes to our mountain home for trick or treat.  My unmarried sons have finally admitted they don’t like turkey, so we
enjoy steak on Thanksgiving!  But Christmas still maintains an evolving set of traditions that bind our family
and bring us joy. Now, Jack is thrilled with his Joseph costume, and of course, pending any future arrival of a granddaughter, I serve as Mary, and Micah is a somewhat reluctant Baby Jesus. In addition to our pageant, we have an international buffet on Christmas Eve, as well, and put together the latest puzzle that I have bought in Italy–this year the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel.

MBA:  How do you relax after a long day of deadlines,family and overall daily life?

GG: Ever since installing our Home Theater two years ago, I have started watching TV.  I get up at 5 am so I am usually too tired for more than one show, but thank heavens for Tivo, there is always something to watch.  My choices will probably surprise you: 1.) Bones, 2.) Blue Bloods, 3.) The Mentalist, 4.) NCIS, 5.) Persons of Interest.  My favorite all-time movie is the BBC series North and South starring Richard Armitage (it
gives me goosebumps just to recall the final scene).  I enjoy reading the classics, clean romance, cozy mysteries, and women’s fiction, but normally only get a few pages read per night before I fall asleep at about 9:00 from sheer exhaustion. It is very important for me to start every day by reading a chapter of scripture.

MBA: Tell our readers where to find you and where your book are available?

GG: All my books are online at Amazon.  Some of the newer ones are still in bookstores, but you can always find all my works on Amazon and some on B &  The ones on Amazon are available for Kindle and in trade paperback.  We are in the process of changing all 12 books to our own imprint, so Waltz, Cankered, Arthurian Omen (Suspense), and Paradise (the ones on this tour) all have newly designed covers as well as much lower prices.  Be certain to compare prices, because we share non-exclusive rights with my publisher, who charges more.

Of Deadly Descent, the 2nd Alex and Briggie should be up soon, and Tangled Roots is awaiting its new cover.  Poisoned Pedigree is currently being scanned, and after that will be Hidden Branch. That  will conclude the conversion of all Alex and Briggie books to our version and price.  We hope to offer a nice discount
during December to those who choose to buy all five for Christmas.  During the tour, there will be a premium
gift: a signed bookplate for each book you buy, as well as your choice of our professional photos of Florence and Tuscany in a 5 x7 print. (See

We are also planning to have a store on Zazzle that will have Alex and Briggie memorabilia: aprons (I’m a genealogist not a chef), mugs and tee-shirts (I have to take risks! I’m a genealogist, not an accountant.) available for purchase for the genealogist in your family.

That leaves Voices In Your Blood: Discovering Identity Through Family History which is being updated by my co-author, Michael Young, and will appear on line next year. First editions are always available used on Amazon or Alibris. Deliverance from Depression is available on Amazon, along with my two other newest fiction books, still under publisher’s contract: Pieces of Paris, and Foggy,With a Chance of Murder.

Thank you so much for featuring my work on your blog!


“GG Vandagriff” Gala Tour: The Only Way to Paradise, The Last Waltz: A Novel of Love and War, The Arthurian Omen & Cankered Roots – NURTURE Book Tour Schedule:

The Only Way to Paradise by GG Vandagriff

In The Only Way to Paradise, four women in a therapy group fall under the influence of  the movie “Enchanted April” and ask, “ If Italy is so wonderful and therapeutic, what are we doing in Ohio?” They take off for Florence, packing their worries with them.  Their Italian adventures are not at all what they expect.  As keepers of more than artistic treasures, the Italians possess the unique gift of agape (selfless love). While pursuing the 500 year old mystery of a murdered princess, as well as becoming embroiled in a porcelain heist, each woman discovers the ultimate mystery resides inside of her. Agape is the balm that, when applied gently to their souls, causes these heroines to transform, embracing this virtue themselves.  Some discover romance, but all discover healing that puts them on the road to recovery, “The Only Way to Paradise.”

The Only Way to Paradise by GG Vandagriff | Genre: Woman’s Fiction/Romance | Published by: Orson Whitney Press (June 6, 2011) | Format(s): eBook & Trade Paperback | ISBN13: 978-0983623212 | # of pages: 204

The Last Waltz: A Novel of Love and War by GG Vandagriff

A romantic historical epic, the award-winning The Last Waltz: A Novel of Love and War begins with the glittering life of Amalia Faulhaber, socialite, nurse, and finally baroness.  Amalia is immersed in four phases of Austrian history:  the restless energy that proves to be the last days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1914. She survives its destruction and dissolution. Through her husband she is deeply involved in its attempt at democracy and eventual descent into fascism. A brilliant heroine, Amalia is a light in the lives of the men who love her—a Prussian officer, a Polish doctor and patriot, and the solid, influential Baron von Schoenenburg.  Politically inclined herself, her vastly differing romances follow the fate of her suitors and the part they are destined to play in history.

The Last Waltz: A Novel of Love and War (New Edition) by GG Vandagriff | Genre: Fiction – Historical Romance | Published by: Orson Whitney Press (October 5, 2011) | Format(s): eBook & Trade Paperback | ISBN13: 978-0983953661 | # of pages: 480

Cankered Roots by GG Vandagriff

Combine a rifle-toting widowed grandmother with a angst-driven young widow struggling to find what went wrong in her family’s past, and you come up with Cankered Roots, the first volume in a series of five about the adventures of genealogists Briggie and Alex, aka RootSearch, Inc.  Who knew genealogy could be such a dangerous hobby?  No sooner has Alex confronted the father who sent her packing as soon as she graduated  from high school, than he is murdered.  What is the dangerous secret that has destroyed her family?  The truth lies in the unexpected, secret-laden genealogy of Alex’s father’s family, that the brilliant sleuths uncover amidst comedy and danger.

Cankered Roots (New Edition) by GG Vandagriff | Genre: Fiction – Mystery | Published by: Orson Whitney Press (September 22, 2011) | Format(s): eBook & Trade Paperback | ISBN13: 978-0983953609 | # of pages: 212

The Authurian Omen by GG Vandagriff

In The Arthurian Omen, a Celtic scholar is brutally murdered when she discovers a clue to a fifteenth century manuscript that could prove the identity of King Arthur.  Determined to find the ancient relic and avenge her sister’s death, Maren Southcott begins a quest that immediately puts her own life in danger.  Her search weaves through the ruined castles and monasteries of ancient Wales, while she is unwittingly stalked by a psychopath who desires the relic to incite an “Arthurian revolution,” killing the royal family, making way for the return of the “Once and Future King.”  Carrying her investigation on despite personal crises, Maren can depend on no one, and is determined to locate the relic before the murderer can strike again.

The Authurian Omen (New Edition) by GG Vandagriff | Genre: Fiction – Suspense | Published by: Orson Whitney Press (October 24, 2011) | Format(s): eBook & Trade Paperback | ISBN13: 978-0983953654 | # of pages: 260

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