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MBA: Tell our readers a little about yourself?

      KAREN:You know how you’re in a job interview, and the guy suddenly asks that question and you freeze? What do I tell him? What do I say that makes me sound nice, but humble, and intelligent, but a team player?

I just had a deer in the headlights moment when reading that question. But I’ll try to give you a taste of me.

I’m pretty pragmatic, with a huge, wide streak of sentimentality. I have this weird penchant for crying along with whoever is on TV. I don’t know why I do it, but I do. I believe that people can achieve anything if they want it enough, believe it enough, and are willing to keep it uppermost in their minds. I am an incurable positive thinker. In every ghastly situation, I struggle to find something good in it.

I love being a writer. I even love the parts that challenge me.

But I think the phrase that defines me is this: she never gives up. Maybe I should have that engraved on a plaque.

MBA: I know “A Scottish Love” is dear to your heart you our readers why?

  KAREN: I think it’s because Shona Imrie, the heroine, is stiff with pride. She’s the last of her line and her heritage means the world to her. She has a second chance at happiness, and she just may ruin it unless she unbends. I like writing flawed characters – who among us is perfect?  (I’m not, sigh.) I really like Gordon McDermond, too, because he’s becoming his own man after years of being in the army. Not to mention being under the influence of his general father.

MBA: What made you decide to write Scottish historical romance?

      KAREN:I love the country, but not the scenery as much as the indomitable will of the Scots. Way back in the beginning of my writing career, I wrote books set in England, but my editor was fascinated with the fact I ventured to Scotland quite often. She suggested, and I agreed, to set my future books in Scotland. However much I like the country, however, characters are always more important to me than anything else.

MBA: What challenges did you find writing “A Scottish Love”?

  KAREN: I had to learn a great deal about the battles of the Crimean War, the 93rd Highlanders, and the Indian Rebellion. I don’t include a lot of my research in the book, but I had to know the basics so the premise of the plot would be correct. Also, A Scottish Love has a subplot that runs through the book that was different from anything I’ve done in the past.

MBA: What are some of your writing rituals,your typical writing day,how long it takes from idea to finish copy of a story?

KAREN: I write eight hours per day, minimum.

I write first thing in the morning for two hours, break to walk on the treadmill with Flash (I’m exercising right beside him), then back to writing. At around 11:00, we take an outside break, play a little, and then do lunch. I work on administrative things until 1:00 when we do the treadmill/exercise thing again. Flash crashes and burns while I work on the book. I’ll break again around 5:00, then start work again at 7:00 PM.

I don’t have any rituals, other than charting my progress every day on a spreadsheet. I have formulas built in – if I don’t reach my word count and the cell turns green, I keep working. Annoying, but it’s the only way I stay on track.

It takes four months for me to write a book, start to finish. I once had a deadline of three months and made it, but it’s not something I like to do. 

MBA:  With the holiday fast approaching,what are some of your favorite memories,food, traditions and the most memorable gift?

    KAREN: I’m such a forward looking person. I truly never go back in my past unless I absolutely have to. I choose to believe that the NOW of life is just as precious as any memory. I have been blessed with so many great things to recall, but if I did that, I’d miss out on what’s happening right this moment. 

MBA: Last but not least tell our readers where to locate you and where to purchase your books?

   KAREN: I have oodles of places:

My email:

My website:

My blog:


Twitter: @karen_ranney

My books are available at bookstores and online, as either paperbacks or ebooks. Plus, A Scottish Love is a Featured Alternate at Doubleday, Rhapsody, and BOMC2.

   Karen do you have anything else to add today for our readers?

Thank you!  For reading my books, for emailing me, and for visiting my blog – thank you.

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Publisher:Avon; Original edition (November 29, 2011)


ISBN-13: 978-0062027788

Book Description(From Amazon)

Publication Date: November 29, 2011

Shona Imrie should have agreed to Gordon MacDermond’s proposal of marriage seven years ago—before he went off to war and returned a national hero—but the proud Scottish lass would accept no man’s charity. The dashing soldier would never truly share her love and the passion that left her weak and breathless — or so she believed—so instead she gave herself to another. Now she faces disgrace, poverty, and a life spent alone for her steadfast refusal to follow her heart.

Honored with a baronetcy for his courage under fire, Gordon has everything he could ever want—except for the one thing he most fervently desires: the headstrong beauty he foolishly let slip through his fingers. Conquering Shona’s stubborn pride, however, will prove his most difficult battle—though it is the one for which he is most willing to risk his life, his heart, and his soul.

Excerpt(from author’s website)


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