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Catherine’s Biography

Catherine Astolfo

Catherine has always been a writer (she can recall writing fantasy stories for her classmates in Grade Three).  Much later, her short stories and poems were published in a number of small Canadian presses.  The day after her retirement from education became official, she started finishing her books.

The Emily Taylor Mystery series centres around an elementary school principal who becomes a reluctant sleuth through various circumstances.  She has a dark past, the details of which are not revealed until Book Four.

In 2005, Book One, The Bridgeman, was published by Moe Publications, of Sisbro & Co. Inc. (a film production company of which Catherine is a co-owner).  The novel was honoured with a Brampton Arts Award. Books Two to Four followed from 2006 to 2010, to rave reviews.

Don Graves said this about the series and Catherine’s writing: “When I reviewed your novel, Victim (An Emily Taylor mystery) I told my readers that I had discovered an exciting writer with a poignant capacity to tell a story full of energy and passion. Description, dialogue, plotting, all developed with the skill of a seasoned mystery writer. Victim made my top 10 books for 2007. I recently read Legacy. It solidified my feeling that you are a writer in for the long haul and should mature into a mystery author of the top rank in Canada.”

In 2011, Catherine signed a four-book contract with Imajin Books for the ebook versions of the Emily Taylor series (

Catherine is a Past President of Crime Writers of Canada and is a member of Sisters in Crime (Toronto). She is co-owner of Scribes Digest, an ezine for “lovers of the written word” (




MBA:  How hard is it to write a crime fiction?

CATHERINE: It’s actually more difficult than it might appear. Only highly intelligent people can do it. Keeping all the clues straight requires an entire box of cue cards. Or a night’s worth of napkins from the pub. Or an arm’s worth of notes written in washable marker. (That was washable, right?) Not to mention quelling the temptation to reveal too much. Just enough to keep the reader guessing; not so little that they’re completely in the dark. And then there’s the research. Do NOT get me started on that!

MBA: What made you decide to write the Emily Taylor Mysteries? 

CATHERINE: I had a few narratives and ideas that lived inside my computer or appeared in small magazine.  Once I retired, I wanted to work some of them into novels.  At first, Emily Taylor was the “vehicle” that simply drove the plots around, but in the end, Emily became the centre of the story.

MBA:  Why the mystery/crime thriller genre? What drew you to it?

CATHERINE: I love that a mystery has, at its heart, a problem or a puzzle. And the problem is always solved and the puzzle is always completed. I also like the fact that, most of the time, the truly evil people get their just punishments.

MBA:  When you begin to write your books, do you know how it ends or is it decided by the actual process of writing?

CATHERINE: I have experienced both. Sometimes I think I know how it’s going to end, then it takes a turn toward something entirely different.  I guess the sub-conscious takes over at a certain point in the process and you suddenly realize that another direction will work much better.

MBA: What is your favorite thing about writing?

CATHERINE: The rush that comes when you are on a roll and the words just spill out.  Sometimes I sit back and go, wow, that is actually really good and I feel wonderful.

 MBA:  What is your least favorite thing about writing?

        CATHERINE: Well, I don’t know if this is the writing part – it’s really the aftermath. The selling, marketing, tooting my horn, whatever you want to call it. I find that really difficult. I hate bugging people, yet I think they’ll love my books, so it’s a whole yin-yang thing. When somebody buys ones, and raves, I get that rush all over again.

This year, the marketing has been almost fun: I’ve been guided by Cheryl Tardif, of Imajin Books, who awarded me a four-book contract to e-publish my series. Her gift for promotion is unparalleled and I have learned so much my head is about to explode. Check out their website for the deals they are offering for Christmas! If you sign up for their Imajin Books Inner Circle, you’ll get emails announcing all the specials.



Publisher:Imajin Books (October 23, 2011)

ASIN: B005Z5IM28

Product Description(From Amazon)

Some secrets can come back to haunt you…
Principal Emily Taylor feels safe in the friendly little town of Burchill—until she finds a body in her school. The murder of caretaker Nathaniel Ryeburn brings back memories she’d rather forget and plunges Emily into a mystery that involves a secret diary, an illegal puppy mill and a murderer innocently disguised as an ordinary citizen.
As fear rips through the traumatized town, Emily’s investigation inadvertently leads the police to her door, and to her husband Langford, who is hiding a secret of his own. It becomes clear to Emily that many of Burchill’s residents are merely wearing masks. And it’s time for those masks to be ripped away…and for a killer’s identity to be revealed.



Publisher:Imajin Books (November 17, 2011)


Product Description(From Amazon)

Ancient evil comes in many forms…
School principal Emily Taylor is caught up in the inexplicable disappearances of two well-known woman and the violence linked to a disputed land claim.
When the legendary Walking Bear appears, she must also deal with the resurrection of an ancient legend and the terrified and unnerved villagers of the sleepy town of Burchill.
Once again, Emily is drawn into the unknown and must battle her own secret demons and fears. Only then, can she can unravel these mysteries—before there is more bloodshed.
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Melodie Campbell got her start as a comedy writer, so it’s no surprise that editors have called her work ‘wacky’ and ‘laugh out loud funny’.  She has over 200 publications and has received five awards for fiction.  Melodie is the General Manager of Crime Writers of Canada.

Romancing the Villain!

A very strange thing happened while writing Rowena Through the Wall… I appear to have fallen for my villain.

Yes, Thane is the hero, and Rowena is smitten with him, as she should be.  But her literary creator has become more and more enamoured with bad boy Cedric – the villain of the piece.  Cedric is determined to have Rowena to himself, and he will stop at nothing to get her, including selling his soul to Lucifer.  Cedric messes with the black arts.

Cedric can mess with me anytime.

How the heck did this happen?  I set out to write a funny and sexy adventure, with good guys, bad guys and spunky heroines.  Love that Rowena.  She’s everything I would like to be. Clever, beautiful, sexy… a bit daring, but with a strong moral compass.  Thane is a terrific match for her; strong, smart, loyal, handsome, and the King to boot.  Arch enemy of Cedric of course.

I wanted to make the story rich with characters, so I worked hard to make my villain three-dimensional.  He has thoughts, moods, desires just like anyone else.  And maybe even some good traits.  It’s hard not to be moved by a guy who will risk his life for you.  In fact, it is Cedric  – not the hero – who rescues Rowena from a particularly nasty band of medieval brigands…

Something about that Cedric pulls me.  He’s not as good-looking as Thane.  He probably isn’t as smart. His morals are questionable – maybe nonexistent.  But he is cunning.  He is dynamic.  He is never, ever boring.

Cedric is the typical bad boy.

What it is about men who don’t fit the typical hero mode, but ‘bother’ us, somehow? That’s how Rowena puts it.  “I didn’t like his looks – they bothered me.”  I’ll say they did.  Rowena was rocked to the core!  You see, I know that feeling.  I’ve felt it myself…

Cedric has long red-gold hair.  His eyes are green, and they have an eerie glow when he uses magic. He’s tall, broad and thoroughly masculine, with bands of muscles on his arms.  And he draws her like a moth to fire…

Exciting, that’s the word.  The bad boys in our past made us feel like we were alive.  Living on the edge has its attractions.

So Thane may be the ideal man for Rowena, and for many women.  But Cedric will always be there, in the back of her mind, tempting…promising something that will take her beyond the ordinary, something delicious, enticing…

Damn, that’s attractive.  I can’t kill him off.

(Cedric and the gang will appear in the sequel, Rowena and the Dark Lord, out in 2012.)

ROWENA THROUGH THE WALL (No. 2 on bestseller list, Aug 2011! (fantasy,futuristic)

Do you like comic time travel?

Meet Rowena Revel!


“Is that a broadsword on your belt, or are you just glad to see me?”

When Rowena falls through her classroom wall into a medieval world, she doesn’t count on being kidnapped – not once, but twice, dammit. Unwanted husbands keep piling up; not only that, she has eighteen-year-old Kendra to look out for, and a war to prevent.  Good thing she can go back through the wall when she needs to…or can she?

“Hot and Hilarious!”  Midwest Book Review

“Jack Sparrow meets Stephanie Plum”  Former editor, Distant Suns Fantasy Magazine

Warning:  This book is not a sweet romance.  It is a sexy, funny, rollicking adventure with a spunky heroine and the medieval men of her dreams! Continues in Book 2.

Rowena Through the Wall (Imajin Books) is available at,,,, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble.



Follow Melodie’s comic blog at

View trailer and read opening scene at

Short Excerpt:                         Chapter 16

“How did you do that?”  Kendra gasped.

“Do what?”

“I just saw you walk right through that wall!”

“Oh that….” I said, brushing myself off.  “Look sweetie, not to change the subject, but I don’t have a whole lot of time-”

“And who is that?”

Kendra gaped at Logan, who stood at least a foot taller than her.  He, in turn, gazed down at her as if he had just discovered the meaning of life, the universe and everything that might possibly be in it.

“Damn,” I mumbled.  “Kendra – Logan, Logan – Kendra.  Now that we’re all introduced, I really have to hustle.”

Kendra’s eyes widened.  “Is he for real?”

“Yes, yes, he’s real,” I said, lowering my voice. “ Kendra, I have to whip home for my vet bag.  It would be easier without him along.  Can you keep him here? I’ll only be 20 minutes.”

“Sure, but how?”  She could hardly take her eyes off him.

“I don’t know…flirt with him or something.  But don’t let him leave this classroom.  Got it?”

She gulped.  “Okay.”

I ran to the desk and grabbed my car keys.  Just as I reached the exit, I heard Kendra say, “So…is that a broadsword on your belt or are you just glad to see me?”

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