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MBA&M: Tell us a little about yourself,Shanna?

SHANNA:  I’m a writer, a gamer, and a mom, and not necessarily in that order. I’ve been gaming since Intelevision and the Tandy 1000, but even then I preferred games with a fantasy story, or RPGs. I’d been having fantastical dreams since I was about six so during the summer before grade 7 when I finished off Peirs Anthony’s Xanth series (all 13 at the time), I felt like I had found my niche. I gobbled up books, and started writing my own. At first my writing was purely fantasy, but when I finally found my way to the romance section, it took a turn to the naughty side. I can’t seem to get away from writing sex or at least sexual tension!

 MBA&M:  What if anything made you write Skin Deep”,a paranormal erotic romance set in Bandit Creek?

SHANNA:  I wrote Skin Deep mostly because of the challenge of our Bandit Creek group. With 30 authors coming out with a new book on the first and fifteenth of every month, I wanted to be a part of that. Plus this would be the first time I had a deadline so I knew I could finish this one. As for the premise of it, I’ve always been fascinated with shapeshifters and mystical history, so when I found out about the yee naaldlooshii, the Navaho/Native American version of a shapeshifter, I had to write about it. Also, I didn’t set out to write an erotic romance, I set out for a 3-4 heat level. Some of my critique partners pointed out where I had gone over the edge though, so… J

MBA&M: What are some of the challenges in writing “Skin Deep”?

SHANNA: The biggest challenge for Skin Deep was the deadline. I really pushed myself when it came to that, but at the same time I took a week off my day job just to finish writing this story. Trouble was, I came down with a sinus infection during my week off so did practically no writing. From then on I scrambled. I was late with EVERYTHING from writing “the end,” to getting it out to beta readers, to getting started with a cover artist, to formatting. The only thing that was on time was uploading it to amazon and smashwords. It was an extremely uncomfortable period with all the push I was giving myself, and I don’t recommend anyone doing that in fear of pissing off your writer’s group, but I’m happy with the end result.

MBA&M:  Who,be it animal,character or person is your biggest hero?Why? 

SHANNA: My mom is my biggest hero (Hi Mom!). She is strong, steadfast and always there for me. In a way she is my little voice of reason. I’ve grown up with a very strong sense of right and wrong because of her, but also with the knowledge that if I stick to it, I can do it.

MBA&M: Shanna, tell our readers a few tidbits about Bandit Creek? 

SHANNA: Bandit Creek was an amazing idea formed at a workshop after our local RWA (Romance Writers of America) AGM. It just took one comment during a presentation on e-publishing and the various aspects, and suddenly everyone had shouted out concepts that became Bandit Creek. We had a website domain, general history, and our famous Jack character all within about 1-2 hours. Fifteen people originally signed up to partake in this, but once it got out to more of our membership it went up to 30 authors. Best part is, we all write what we know; whether it’s thriller, mystery, contemporary, historical, YA, or even paranormal erotic romance, which is why Everything Happens in Bandit Creek.

MBA&M:  If you could be anyone or anything, what or who would you want to be at this time in your life?Why?

SHANNA:  If I could be anything, well I’ve been dreaming of being a shapeshifter of some sort since I was 6 so I’d go for that, but with the caveat that I could share the power with a select few. Barring fantastical, I’d love to be a work at home mom where I send the kids off to school and actually make enough money at writing while they’re gone. Maybe in the next 5-10 years…

 MBA&M: Shanna, can you tell our readers a few tidbits on your future project(s)?

SHANNA: Right now I’m taking a breather, a month maximum if the voices in my head allow it. After that I think I’m going to work on my Fey Brothers books. It’s about a Seth, a winged fey, who is helping his adopted brother Aidan find his twin sister. Unfortunately, finding Ashlin brings a whole lot more trouble not only from the demon possessed ex-boyfriend baggage, but from the unexpected electricity between Ashlin and Seth. The three have to deal with everything while keeping it away from prying human eyes, but Seth first needs to learn that some humans can in fact be trusted.

MBA&M: Tell our readers where to find you and where “Skin Deep” is available? 

SHANNA: Skin Deep is available on  or on

MBA&M: Shanna, do you have anything you would like to add?

SHANNA: Only thing to add is thank you so much for having me here! I wouldn’t have even got this far except for the wonderful gals (and token male, TRIP!) that make up the Calgary Association of the RWA. Hope you enjoy the story!  You can catch up with me at

Thank you so much Shanna,for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with My Book Addiction and More and our readers today!!!




Product Description(from amazon)

Kai knows trouble has found him when a fiery pint-sized female shows up at his door, bringing news of gruesome animal sacrifices in the woods around Bandit Creek. She also brings a teasing scent that draws his attention and sends every protective instinct screaming for him to protect his mate. Hazel is determined to stop the monster she’s been following for miles and she won’t let anything distract her from her mission. She teams up with Kai, but vows to keep a firm “no-touch” policy where the handsome Native is concerned. Her resolve doesn’t last long as the two are drawn together like lodestones, their every touch igniting a passion neither has faced before. Only, the trail of ritual sacrifices points to a greater threat than either first realized. They are about to face Kai’s enemy ancestor, a yee naaldlooshii—skinwalker—who will stop at nothing to destroy everything around him.



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