A Kind of Magic

ISBN-13: 978-0985371326

Ebook Only

The Shields #2

March 22, 2012 Rerelease

Greetings Dear Reader,

I was born an immortal prince on the realm of Thales. I lived the life of grandeur, revered and respected, but my one true love was fighting. I was given a special gift in my battle abilities and soon became known as Thales’ finest warrior. But all that changed the day my brother died and an evil descended upon my realm. With Thales on the verge of ruin, I bound myself to The Shields to protect the realms from the evil that ravages them. But I have a dark secret that I must atone for. Then and only then can I return to Thales and face my family. My special battle skills and my immortality help to keep my goals in front of me. They have always been clear…

Until Elle.

Elle makes me long for things I cannot have. Her innate goodness makes me want to grasp what she offers with both hands, but I know that we can never have what she seeks. Elle bears a mark that signals her one of a chosen few who were sent to Earth as infants. She and the others who bear the mark must be found and kept hidden from the ancient evil that seeks them, for they hold the key to the evil’s ruination.

The only way to keep Elle safe is to keep her by my side, but can I resist the temptation to take her love?

Roderick of Thales


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What an honor and pleasure to have you with My Book Addiction and More today!!

Good morning Sue-Ellen!!

MBA&M: Please tell those readers who may not know you, a little about Sue-Ellen Welfonder?


SE:  Thank you so much for inviting me.  I’m delighted to be here.

For readers who don’t know me, here’s a mini-bio that sums me up pretty well.

Former flight attendant, Sue-Ellen Welfonder, has three grand passions: Scotland, the paranormal, and dogs.  All can be found in her romances, Scottish medievals and Scottish-set paranormals written as Allie Mackay.  Of Scottish descent, she lived in Europe for fifteen years and still makes frequent visits to Scotland.

I’ll add that I love all animals, not just dogs.  I hate shopping, rarely watch TV, and enjoy living quietly.


MBA&M: What is the allure of writing Scottish medieval romances?

SE:  Writing Scottish medieval romance is a natural extension of who I am.  I’m of Scottish descent, so was raised to love Scotland and appreciate the culture and tradition.  My passion for Scotland has always been there.  Likewise my interest in medieval history.  These passions were there long before I even considered writing and they will continue to be a part of life when I no longer write.

 Sue-Ellen’s  favorite place!

(from Sue-Ellen)

In general, I believe Scottish medieval romance appeals because of the beauty of the land, the deep and poignant history, and the proud, brave men and women who define Highland Scotland.  Few places offer so much to love, admire, and fire the blood.  All that combines to make Scottish romance popular with readers and the many authors who write it.  Even other genres, such as urban fantasy, often have a hero connected to the Highlands.  Everyone loves Highlanders.  I don’t need to mention the accent, the kilts, the pipes, the castles and mist, the heather and moors, etc, etc.  What’s not to love?


MBA&M: You also write as an alter ego, Allie Mackay, what are the challenges in writing with an alter ego?


SE:  The writing itself is a pleasure.  I love my Allie Mackay titles and have so much fun working on them.  The challenges are in the logistics.  It can be trying to juggle dual deadlines.  For example, it never fails that when I am in the worst deadline heat for one publisher, the other will send work that also needs doing yesterday.  Deadline looming on one book?  Be assured, major revisions for the other title will arrive and have the same due date as the other book’s deadline.  Or a deadline will fall on the release date of the other title, causing all kinds of fun with deadline work, plus release date promo work.


MBA&M: The third in the “Highland Warriors series” will soon be released, what is the release date,and what made you decide to write this series of three proud Highlanders and the three strong lasses that win their hearts?


SE:  Alasdair’s book, Seduction of a Highland Warrior, will be out later this year, available in Dec.  I decided to write my Highland Warriors trilogy because I’d written books for all the characters in my MacKenzie series and had no desire to write stories for Duncan and Sir M’s grandchildren.  I did not want to show either of these well-loved heroes as grandfathers, as would then have been necessary.  So I needed a new series.

Proud Highlanders and their deep love of the land always inspire me, so it wasn’t hard to come up with the trilogy.  And (my readers surely know this) I really love strong heroines.  I can’t abide weepy, sobbing women in real life and certainly don’t want to write them.  Readers can always expect to find heroines with backbone and spirit in my books.  I enjoy writing them that way and watching them come to life on the page as they stand tall and go after their dreams.

MBA&M: If you could step into one of your books which one would it be and why?

SE:  My Allie Mackay title, Some Like It Kilted.  It remains my personal favorite under both names.  The American heroine is the only heroine I’ve ever written who didn’t start out loving Scotland.  Changing her mind about a place she was determined to dislike was lots of fun.  Scotland won her heart big time (obviously), as did the hero, Bran.  He’s another reason I love this book so much.  He’s probably my favorite of all my heroes.  He’s big, gruff, and rough around the edges, has a heart of gold, the sexiest burr, and he loves dogs.  He also has a sense of humor and gives great neck nuzzles.  My kind of man.

Also, the book’s setting, Barra in the Hebrides, is one of my favorite places in Scotland.  So I would not mind slipping into the pages of Some Like It Kilted and ending up there for good, like the heroine, Mindy.



MBA&M: If you can, tell our readers about your next project(s)?


SE:  I am superstitious about talking about upcoming projects until close to the release date.  I will say that I am working on a new four-book series (Scottish medieval) that is a spin-off on my Highland Warriors trilogy.  These four books have the most roguish ‘bad boy’ heroes I have ever written.  They are handfuls and so much fun.  Likewise, I am just starting a new Allie Mackay series (Scottish-set paranormals) that blends old and new characters.  I really love these books.

Ardvreck Getting Closer Still!

(from Sue-Ellen)

MBA&M: We at My Book Addiction and More know you enjoy Scotland,when will you be going back?

SE:  Good question.  For years, I visited Scotland each autumn.  I’d love to fly over in mid-Oct.  But my little dog is now 13 ½ and he has a few health issues.  He’s also become needy in age.  I am no longer comfortable leaving him.  I didn’t travel during his first year as he needed me then, too.  Now, much as I love Scotland, I love my dog more.  So we’ll see.  I might pop over for a brief visit, but it all depends on how Em is doing at the time.


 Kilt Rock Skye!

(from Sue-Ellen)

MBA&M: Who would you say your hero/heroine is,be it person,animal,or character from one of your books? Why?


SE:  My greatest hero is Robert Bruce.  I’ve loved and admired him as far back as I can remember.  The reasons are obvious as he was Scotland’s greatest hero king.  Yet when you research him in depth, you discover the amazing man he was as well.  He truly was one of those larger-than-life people who stand heads and shoulders over the rest of us.  Men and women alike loved him, his enemies respected him, and his passion and devotion to Scotland still shines brightly today, many centuries later.  Some of my most memorable trips to Scotland have been those dedicated to visiting sites tied to his life and career.


MBA&M: Sue-Ellen, please tell our readers where to find you and where they can find your wonderful books?


SE:  Readers can visit my website: www.welfonder.com to stay updated on releases, find a printable book list, check series order, and find excerpts and buying links.  They can also join my mailing list: http://welfonder.com/mailing-list/ (I do special giveaways for these readers.)

Readers who enjoy chatting regularly with authors, can find me daily at my blog, Tartan Ink: http://tartaninkblog.wordpress.com/

And I’m also on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SE_Welfonder  or  @SE_Welfonder

Sue-Ellen do you have anything else to add?


SE:  Just many thanks to My Book Addiction and More for inviting me to be here today. 

I’ll give away a copy of my most recent release, Haunted Warrior, an Allie Mackay title.  International readers are welcome in the drawing. (See Below)

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Reading level:Ages 18 and up

Mass Market Paperback:352 pages

Publisher:Signet; Original edition (January 3, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-0451235480

Kendra Chase is exhausted from her work as a ghost whisperer, so she’s been looking forward to her vacation in Edinburgh. But work awaits her as the tiny fishing village is being excavated, and supernatural uprisings have been reported.

Graeme MacGrath knows the source of the psychic trouble. The excavation is disrupting the protective veil between this world and darker, more ancient ones. He hates to admit it but he will need the fetching Kendra and her paranormal abilities to save the town he loves from unspeakable evil.



AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Haunted-Warrior-Signet-Eclipse-Mackay/dp/0451235487/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1332783341&sr=8-2

BARNES&NOBLE: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/haunted-warrior-allie-mackay/1101076008?ean=9780451235480&itm=1&usri=haunted+warrior



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Good morning Larry, and welcome to My Book Addiction and More..
MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about Larry Johnson?


LARRY: I was born and raised on a tobacco farm with seven siblings. I was mostly a loner and spent my growing up years experimenting with electrical and electronic ideas, photography, and going on adventures in the wilds of the mountains. My imagination never stopped. Fear has never been a weakness of mine. Our community was steeped in superstitions and in my younger years, I slept in haunted houses and graveyards to prove that ghosts do not exist.


In my working careers, I have been a corporate executive, business owner, engineer, pastor, philanthropist and adventurer. After I retired, I began writing as a means of expressing my life’s experiences. I am currently engaged to the love of my life and soul mate and spend my time traveling, writing and remodeling my country home in North Carolina. 

I have carried out excursions in Guatemala, South Africa, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, and many island countries. I have  lived most all my life in North Carolina, but had short stays in Northern Europe, on the Mediterranean and California.

My writings are the inspirations from my life experiences, my imagination, and the actual incidents that have occurred in my lifetime.

Photography has always been my hobby, with writing a close second.  In my computer storage, I have approximately 5,000 documents and over 80,000 photographs.

MBA&M: What made you decide to write “Love Undercover”?
LARRY: Love Undercover is a ‘looking back’ at my life’s experiences with a bit of embellishment at times. I had just retired (a little early) and was reflecting on my past and anticipating my future. Also, I had just emerged from a divorce due to my partner’s infidelity and emotions were in quite a stir. Writing the book over a period of time helped to get me back to a state of normalcy. It was quite a trip and very enjoyable I might add. All is well now.
MBA&M: What are some of the challenges in writing a romantic suspense?
LARRY: A real challenge for me was the story line and keeping it interesting.
Mixing adventure, personalities and romance was a real task for me also.
I have had a lot of experience in adventure, but not so much in romance.  It took a lot of work to be  realistic and yet keep the reader turning the pages. Hopefully I will get better at this.
MBA&M: Which character in “Love Undercover”do you identify with  and why?
LARRY: I identify with the protagonist, Nicholas Watson,  as his personality and character are based on my life and  experiences. But he is much better than I really am… the kind of guy I would like to have been…
MBA&M: Where did your idea for “Love Undercover” come from?
LARRY: I wrote a short story entitled “Went to Lunch Early” and it was so touching as people read it, I felt I should develop the reason for the emotional strength of that short story. It became the last three chapters of the book. So the ending of the book was written first, then the beginning, and over a period of time, all in between…
MB&&M: Where can our readers find you and where is “Love Undercover” available?
I am on Facebook as Larry Johnson
email there is lingosouth@hotmail.com
And on Facebook as Love Undercover
The book, Love Undercover is available direct from the publisher at
And most online bookstores such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, etc.
Other bookstores as they choose to carry it. You can always ask.
Signed copies are available from me direct.
Video Trailer
                   Larry, do you have anything else to add?
I would say this to any beginning or aspiring writer. Get an understanding of how your brain works. Your logic thinking is
in your left brain…unknowns here produce fear.
It looks at the past, tries to project the future, and worries in the present…intellect rules.
Your creativity is in your right brain and is always in the moment.
The amazing thing about the right brain is that when you get it in gear, it produces without you thinking…I use music (not singing) (that I don’t know, such as Russian, etc) to open my right brain and then it plays out like a movie. I get excited for I never know how it will turn out until I get there…quite enjoyable to write as it comes down the line…
Of course, you then always revert to your left brain for re-writes…but that is the work part of writing…
             Thank you for visiting with us today!!

Love Undercover

 A Novel by Larry Johnson

Publisher:Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc 2011-11-01 (2011)





Nicholas Watson craves a little mystery and excitement in his life. After all, he is an undercover agent working for a US counterterrorism unit—which is not exactly the kind of lifestyle that one should have when searching for someone to settle down with. He yearns for love and intimacy but feels that he will never find it, especially since he has already experienced one failed marriage. His life goes into a tizzy when Kalyna, a beautiful and mysterious European, walks into his life. Nick discovers she also works for her respective government’s counterterrorism unit. When Nick and Kalyna are thrown together in a work-related encounter, they fall deeply in love—which is not part of their assignment. Because of their line of work, they can never make their relationship known. They continue to be placed together in professional situations, only to be separated again when the work is done.

Miraculous happenings against unexpected complications that bring conflict to their newfound love simply fuel the fire of their journey. Dangerous circumstances and life itself rises against the possibility of such a relationship between them. Yet the drive for fulfillment of this personal desire in their lives continues to keep the pages of hope turning for the faint possibility of them finally being together freely.

Can love truly conquer all? Can Nick and Kalyna overcome their secret lives in order to be together openly, or will they have to forever keep their Love Undercover?




Our “Thoughts” on “LOVE UNDERCOVER” by Larry Johnson


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Introducting Sara Curran-Ross from her website www.saracurranross.com

Sara lives in the UK, in leafy suburbia with her husband, daughter and dog.
She was training to be a Legal Executive once upon a time until she saw sense and went to university.  She graduated in 2002 with a History BA (Hons) degree after giving birth to a daughter in 1999 in the middle of it all.  Ever a glutton for punishment, Sara returned to university at the end of 2007 and in 2008 graduated again with a History MA.
Sara has been writing since her teenage years and has now made it her full time focus.  Her latest project is the Swords series, a dark victorian vampire romance saga inspired by the Tarot.  The first book, Knight Of Swords is now available from Hellfire Publishing and the second, Ace Of Swords will be available later in 2011.
Other books include The Organ Grinder and The Devil You Know. Preview chapters are available are available on the Books page above.
The Organ Grinder is a fast paced thriller.  It explores the relationship between the media and the military in Afghanistan and the sensitive subject of selling stolen human organs for transplant in the face of a worldwide shortage.
The Devil You Know is a sexy thriller set in Paris and not for the faint hearted!
You can let Sara know what you think of the books via the Contact page, email her at sara@saracurranross.com, or follow her blog at saracurranross.blogspot.com.

Happy reading!





Query Blurb For Ace of Swords

Nathan travels to Scotland to procure a cure for Juliet from lycan leader, Marcus Duart.  Whilst there he is held captive by a powerful witch who steals Juliet’s power and forces Nathan into her bed.  Nathan is fed poisonous blood that asserts his demonic vampire nature and subdues the human inside him.

The witch sets him to kill Juliet but does not count on the strong bond between the two lovers and her plan is eventually thwarted.  Free from the witch’s hold Nathan remains a demon.  He assists Juliet in reclaiming her throne and fighting the dangerous amorous advances of a magician as well as foiling Gabriel’s kidnap plot.

Nathan resolves to remain a demon believing he can do a better job of protecting Juliet than the human.  Juliet finds his action unacceptable and takes shelter with the lycans until he comes to his senses.  Nathan vows that he will hunt her down and not give up until he has taken her back.  She is his alone.



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(image from the author’s website)

Kymber lives in the shadow of the Canadian Rockies and was raised on stories steeped in Celtic lore surrounding her own ancestral link to mythology – The Faery Flag, a gift to the Clan Macleod from a Princess of the Fae to the Cheifton she fell in love with.

As a writer and fan of fantasy and paranormal romance herself, Kymber loves nothing better than taking her imagination out for a spin, often asking, among other things, what if the myths and legends we grew up on were real?

Thirty-three Little Indies – One Amazing Success Story!

Thank you for inviting me to be a guest on MBA&M today. It’s great to be here.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited to announce the release of my new book ‘Shafted’, but rather than focus solely on it, I’d like to do something a little different today and tell you about how it come to be in the first place.

In order to do so however, I first have to ask you a question:  What do you think happens (besides the obvious LOL) when a group of writers get together over drinks and end up in an impromptu brainstorming session?

In this case, after runaway train of creative inspiration, the birth of an incredibly unique project I’m not only fortunate, but proud to be a part of. A project which started life as an Indie experiment, and became a model emulated by some of the better known traditional publishers out there, in less than six months.


Welcome to Bandit Creek Books, the brainchild of Carla Roma and her multiple collaborators. The town of Bandit Creek is nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Here you’ll meet fascinating residents, learn about the buried town at the bottom of nearby Lost Lake and discover a world of intrigue and excitement.

The difference between this series and any other is, although the stories are always set in the town of Bandit Creek, each is written by one of thirty-three different authors in their own chosen style, genre and heat level. Can you imagine? From mystery and suspense to paranormal and fantasy, to historical romance, horror and erotica and more – Everything happens in Bandit Creek!

For instance, in my story, ‘Shafted’, you’ll meet Callie Jamison, a modern day woman who inherits her grandmother’s cabin in the woods – along with a family curse that guarantees a lifetime of heartache – just in time for Eros’s ill tempered, poker-playing, twin brother to get his divine butt tossed to earth after being struck by one of his brother’s arrows.

Now mix in his interfering family, an egocentric demon with a pirate complex, a Valentine’s dance no one wants to go to and a couple of Bandit Creek’s more colorful inhabitants and all kinds of sparks ensue – and I do mean all kinds. (Insert evil grin here).


I hope you’ll drop by and join the fun at www.banditcreekbooks.com and www.kymbermorgan.com.

You can follow me on twitter @kymbermorgan or check out my author page www.facebook.com/KymberMorganAuthor, where, with friends like these guys, you just never know who may drop by.


 I’d also like to invite you to check out a special treat we have for you over on the Bandit Creek Books web-site.



Thank  you Kymber for a wonderful insight into your world and the world of Bandit Creek Books!!


Is her love real or just a myth?



ISBN 978-0-9879178-1-2


Returning to her summertime home of Bandit Creek, Callie Jamison discovers there’s a lot more involved to her grandmother’s legacy than a few cabins and some land, including a curse. The last thing she needs now is to fall in love.


Anteros, dark twin of Eros, is responsible for avenging unrequited love, a job that’s been a lot harder since his brother succumbed to ambro-fever and has been running amok shooting all the wrong people – including Anteros.


The clock is ticking, not only on his immortality and Callie’s free will, but their hearts as well. Soon they’ll each have to decide if the overwhelming attraction they feel is the real deal or if they’ve simply been ‘Shafted’ and it’s all a cruel illusion.


Available on





*Warning,excerpt may not be suitable for all readers*

Excerpt from:(from the atuhor)


A Bandit Creek Paranormal Tale


Kymber Morgan


An obnoxious sound polluted the air, loud enough to make Anteros wince. It took to the count of three to realize the annoyingly repetitive groan was coming from him.

That couldn’t be good.

Had he gotten drunk with Charon again? His brain cells were sluggish coming back online, but didn’t miss the cold cramp of muscles and aching bones currently housing him. Shit, he was probably on the crap end of another of his friend’s oh-so-hilarious practical jokes.

The last one entailed a term of servitude to the Furies before he was able to buy his way out of their lair. Given the nature of his indenture, time with them wasn’t all bad, but that wasn’t the point. No one wanted to piss off a woman created to rip a man’s soul from his still breathing body, let alone three of them, so wiggling his way out of that one had been tricky.

Was he on the banks of the Styxx this time? Why else would he be so cold? It wasn’t like the Underworld had an air conditioning problem or anything. Or worse, had the bastard dumped him on the shores of Acheron, theRiverofWoe?

A shard of dread lodged in his heart. In either case being a god himself didn’t mean there wouldn’t be Hades to pay – literally – and Anteros already owed his uncle too much after that last ill fated poker game. Contemplating the consequences made his head spin even worse.

A nudge in his ribs interrupted his conjecture, shooting a spike of warning up his spine. It really didn’t matter which of the Underworld Rivers he was languishing beside, anything corporeal enough to touch him was bad news. Here, only the damned, stuck without coin for the Ferryman, had substance. To them anything that might pay their way to the other side, especially some other poor sap’s soul, was fair game.

“Hey? Are you…”

Knowing surprise was his best shot, Anteros snaked his arm out and grabbed the prodding limb before it could drag him into the river. Charon had been his friend longer than either could remember, but there was no way he’d give a soul back, even Anteros’s, if he ever got hold of it.

With a hard yank and a yelp from the thing, he pulled his assailant down and flipped his body. Scissoring his long legs he trapped the other and pinned it beneath his superior mass. A wave of corresponding vertigo hit before his besotted brain caught up to the lighting fast movement.

Keeping his stomach in check wasn’t easy, but he’d be damned if some soul-sucking vagrant was going to drag his ass into in that disgusting water, especially hung over.

It took as much determination to open his eyes as it did to beat back the lingering nausea, but he clenched his teeth tighter and forced himself to blink away the blurriness. He needed to see what he was up against before the thing regained its equilibrium.

As his vision cleared, shock drove the remaining miasma away. The thing was hideous! Its upper body was bloated and lumpy, and there were stiff mangled strands where its face should be. Though much smaller than him and vaguely human in shape, it had enormous rubbery feet and red blobs instead of hands. Had they been cut off before the thing died?

Worse yet, it was making a pitiful noise, as though screaming with its mouth sewn shut. It was actually kind of pathetic. Deciding the thing wasn’t such a huge threat after all, Anteros began to lift his weight, planning to simply roll it back into the river where it belonged and be done with it.

Before he could get a good hold, the thing jerked violently under him and suddenly every molecule of air in his body evacuated in response to the worst explosion of pain he’d ever experienced in his life. Fireworks shot off, blinding him beneath his puckered eyelids and his breath burst painfully from his insta-paralyzed lungs. His beleaguered stomach filled with acid and his limbs gave out all at once, dropping him to the ground like a stone. Not in all his eons had he felt pain like this. Apparently he wasn’t the only one who could use the element of surprise.

The bastard had canned him!

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Are you crazy? God I thought you were hurt. I just wanted make sure you were okay and you freaking attack me!”

With the bells of Hades ringing in his ears, it took a minute for Anteros to realize it wasn’t ‘Dead Soul Speak’ wailing at him, but what sounded suspiciously like the annoying screech of a mortal female.

What was a mortal doing here? He must still be drunk. That was it. He’d heard enough Ambrosia could make you think things were real, which must be true because he could swear the apparition fidgeting a few feet away was really there.

“I’m so sorry. Are you going to be okay? I didn’t mean to hurt you, but you caught me off guard when you grabbed me. Scared me, you know?”

Anteros braved another glimpse, cracking one eye open; yup, an ugly one to be sure, but a mortal female nonetheless. She hadn’t come any closer probably to stay out of range should he retaliate. Smart girl, but he could hear the genuine regret and concern in her voice.

“Mister? Hey really, are you going to be okay? Should I call for help? A doctor or something?”

His tongue might as well have been coated in cement for all the good it did him. “In fin, unky dorky. Kint you till? Jus gim me a sick to gatch my bret.”

“Excuse me I didn’t quite get that.”

He flopped over onto his back, hoping his lungs would remember what to do with the first full breath of air they’d gotten in what seemed like an eternity, and cleared his throat to try again. “I’m fine, hunky dory. Can’t you tell? Just give me a second to catch my….”

The last word formed on his lips, but as his eyes focused, he lost track of what he was saying. He was snared by a pair of green eyes fringed in enough frost to stick their edges together, giving them a disturbing mismatched shape. They were peering at him out of a blotchy pink face, complete with a hint of chapped lips, a runny nose and a mess of icicle spiked hair sticking out in every direction like some frozen parody of Medusa.

She was beautiful.

Huh? Where the Hades had that come from? What in the Nine Hells was wrong with him?

As though struck by a God-bolt, his memory came crashing back and with it the truth of how he ended up here.

He hadn’t been drinking with Charon at all. No, he’d been coming in after a particularly painful fix of another of his brother’s careless mistakes…. Suddenly the last piece of the puzzle clicked into place, filling him with an overwhelming sense of dread and anger.

The miserable little shit shafted him! HIS OWN BROTHER!

He’d barely entered his temple home onOlympuswhen something behind one of the marble columns had caught his eye. He lived alone, and rarely did any care to visit, so he immediately recognized the movement for the threat it was.

He remembered reaching behind his shoulder with one hand and bringing his black titanium bow to bear with the other, but not fast enough. Flickering torchlight caught a golden flash flying straight at – no, through – him. Anger turned to bitterness as the memory played across his mind.

As darkness pulled him under, Eros had emerged from the shadows, still holding his own glistening bow, a triumphant grin on his handsome face. Not a moment later their mother had materialized directly behind him, her face void of emotion, but her words had said it all.

“Perfect shot, my son, you’ve done well.”

He’d been shafted all right. The love of Psyche, Eros’s wife, had proven too much for his brother, causing his fall to ambro-fever, an irreversible condition many gods developed after an overload of what they personified. The result in Eros’s case was him periodically running amok, so drunk on love he couldn’t see, let alone shoot straight, willy-nilly nailing any poor sucker who got in his path.

It had fallen to Anteros as the God of Requited Love to run damage control by canceling out his brother’s diamond-tipped silver arrows with his opposing obsidian-tipped lead ones. Instead of being the final reckoning for those who deliberately preyed on the hearts of others, it became his job to save mortals suddenly in love against their will with people who would never love them in return. Anteros was the only one able to free Eros’s shooting-spree victims but it meant absorbing their heartache as his own to do it.

And what thanks did he get for spending the last several centuries drawing in and carrying the pain of all those hearts? His beloved brother, the one at fault in the first place, shot him – and on their mother’s orders no less! And not with just any arrow either. No, it had to be one of his thrice cursed golden ones. His fate was sealed.

Within twenty-four Olympian hours, roughly one week on earth, his heart would be hopelessly lost to the first creature to cross his path. Anteros’s eyes were involuntarily drawn back to the lumpy-limbed figure in front of him. He could feel the pull starting already. Hades Balls! He’d imprinted on the hideous creature with the rubbery feet and runny nose. A mortal! A groan escaped his pursed lips. Why a mortal and why’d it have to be so damn ugly?

Anteros’ heart bashed up against his chest wall and the last of his fog cleared. Zeus’s beard, they might as well have condemned him to eternal torture in the lowest levels of Tartarus as this.

He was doomed. With the use of a golden arrow, not only was his heart forfeit, his soul would soon be irrevocably tied to hers. When she died, she’d take him with her.

Not only had they ruined his life, they’d killed him by robbing him of his immortality!

Anteros couldn’t decide which was worse, the burning in his heart from the arrow’s path, the hole in it from the enormity of his family’s betrayal, or the fact he would never know a moment’s freedom from the monstrous ice encased mortal currently hoping from one foot to the other screeching like a banshee as she hovered over him.

“Hey Mister? I’m sorry, really. Oh gosh, what can I do? Can I help you up maybe? Do you need a doctor? Or is there someone else I can call?”

The concern in her eyes pulled on his heart strings and, to his horror, other things as well. Stupid arrow was working all right.

“Who are you? Can you tell me your name?”

Uh, tell her his name? Come to think of it, probably not. Hmm, let’s see, how did one explain such things to a mortal?

Hello, I’m a pissed off god who’s been shot with the equivalent of a super love potion slash aphrodisiac by ‘Stupid Cupid’ and you, you lucky thing, are now the target of my every superhuman desire. Something, by the way, that will build in potency to a point I’ll no longer be able to resist and will very likely jump all over you. Which really isn’t working for me because the second I do, the arrow’s magic will pierce you too – lovely little golden bugger that it is – and you’ll fall for me against your will. In turn, my immortality goes up in smoke and I’ll die the second you do.

Oh and since you asked, my name is Anteros, God of Love Returned, Dread Avenger of Unrequited Love, brother of Eros and son of Aphrodite and Ares. Let’s have sex right now. How do you like me so far?

Oh, yeah, that should go over real well.


We hope you enjoyed the excerpt of “SHAFTED” by Kymber Morgan! Pick up your copy at Amazon.com or Smashwords.com!!



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(from author)

                        Please welcome USA Today and New York Times Best-selling author Jodi Thomas!!   


Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today best-selling author of 31 novels and 9 short story collections. As of July 2006, she was the 11th woman to be inducted in to RWA Hall of Fame. She is also currently serving as the Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. 

Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today best-selling author of 31 novels and 9 short story collections. As of July 2006, she was the 11th woman to be inducted in to RWA Hall of Fame. She is also currently serving as the Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas.





I’ve been waiting for JUST DOWN THE ROAD to hit the stands for months.  When I was writing it, the story flew.  Harmony, Texas, is a town I’ve lived in for a while but this time the characters new and old danced off the pages as fast as I could type.  I love that the readers go on this adventure with me and this time I promise to keep them up.
My story opens with a rancher named Tinch Turner who is grieving the loss of his wife and best friend the only way he knows how, but working too hard and fighting just as hard.  He’s lost the light in his world and sees himself as just waiting to take his last breath.  Only problem is, he runs into is a doctor who sees her job as fighting to keep people alive, even him.
Doctor Addison Spencer moves in just down the road from him and before either realize it they both become involved in the same cause.  One little boy pulls them together and makes them both forget their own problems because his needs are so great.
I’d like to welcome you to step into my town, Harmony, Texas, and get to know the people.  The streets of Harmony, the ranches and farms around, the vast open land that molds a special kind of people, all form together in my head as real as a road map.  My characters, spurs and all, step into my imagination, “have a set” and tell me their stories.  They are as real to me as family and friends and they’ll come alive to you also.
Who knows, when you finish the book, you might just feel like you have another home town.
Remember, always be kind to one another, and enjoy my newest story,
Jodi Thomas




JODI, we always enjoy your visits with us at My Book Addiction and More. Thank you for visiting with us and our readers today!


View The JUST DOWN THE ROAD Book Video



JUST DOWN THE ROAD Coming April 3, 2012

Reading level:Ages 18 and up

Mass Market Paperback:336 pages

Publisher:Berkley; Original edition (April 3, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-0425246924

(From the author’s website)


@ Amazon or @ Barnes and Noble

When   Tinch Turner lost his   wife, he gave up on living. Now he spends his   nights brooding, boozing   and brawl-ing. When one of his escapades lands   him in the ER, he   finds himself staring up at the beautiful new doctor   in town. For the   first time in years, he feels a spark, but Addison   Spencer wants   nothing to do with the unruly rancher—or any man for that   matter.   She’s only in Harmony four months, long enough for the trouble   she   left behind to be over. But then a vulnerable little boy barrels   into   both of their lives, forcing them out of the past —and into a   future   where love is just down the road…



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NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Jodi Thomas is pleased to present JUST DOWN THE ROAD, the fourth novel in her award-winning Harmony series.
When Tinch Turner lost his wife, he gave up on living. Now he spends his nights brooding, boozing and brawl-ing. When one of his escapades lands him in the ER, he finds himself staring up at the beautiful new doctor in town. For the first time in years, he feels a spark, but Addison Spencer wants nothing to do with the unruly rancher—or any man for that matter. She’s only in Harmony four months, long enough for the trouble she left behind to be over. But then a vulnerable little boy barrels into both of their lives, forcing them out of the past —and into a future where love is just down the road…
“Extremely powerful and gripping writing…full of passionate moments, hidden secrets, and likable characters.
~ Roundtable Reviews
“ Even for readers new to the series, the intricate relationships between these affable men and ec-centric women are easy to follow and even easier to love. “
~Publishers Weekly
Sell date: April 3, 2012
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 978-0425246924
Retail price: USA $ 7.99
Jodi Thomas is the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of 34 novels and 11 short story col-lections. In June 2011, WELCOME TO HARMONY won a RITA, the highest award for women’s fic-tion. Jodi currently serves as the Writer in Residence at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas.
www.facebook.com/ JodiThomasAuthor
Jodi Thomas, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author






Tell our readers a few tidbits about yourself?

I think most of the readers know I’m a Louisiana native now living in Minnesota with my wife. Like most Cajun men, I’m considered a darn good cook, and I’ll put my gumbo and jambalaya against anybody’s. Few things bug me more that Bad Cajun Food prepared in a restaurant. Two clues for you, my dear readers. One—there is no such thing as jambalaya OVER rice. Jambalaya is made WITH rice. Two—pepper jack cheese is NOT Cajun; it’s TexMex. If you are in a pub or restaurant and see those two things on the menu, do yourself a favor and DON’T order them.


Give us a few insights into the research required in writing historical novels, and the authenticity of the language, characters, and situation as pertains to “THE THREE COLONELS”?

Writing historical romances is a hard business. The fans know their stuff, and any mistake will be pounced on. The author must do their homework. But there also has to be something more. To fully engage the reader’s interest, the author must bring some new insight to the story.

In my first novel, PEMBERLEY RANCH, I talked about Reconstruction in Texas after the Civil War. In THE THREE COLONELS, I wanted to illustrate the disconnect between Regency society and the wars on the European continent.

Bernard Cornwell, Georgette Heyer, and I seized upon the same bizarre incident of members of London society journeying to Belgium to entertain themselves in a war zone as if it was some grand performance. The same thing happened during the Civil War at the First Battle of Bull Run (or First Manassas) in 1861.


Why do you think the characters Colonels Sir John Buford, Richard Fitzwilliam, and Christopher Brandon, and their lady loves, lend themselves so well to both writers and readers?

Brandon is the true romantic lead in Sense & Sensibility, while Fitzwilliam is the most popular minor character in all of Austen’s canon. I believe many female readers have a sort of kinship with Marianne. Anne de Bourgh is a blank canvas, just dying to be filled.

Caroline Bingley is more challenging. She’s become the lady woman love to hate, the stereotypical Regency “mean girl.” I think she gets a bit of a bad rap. True, she’s a selfish social-climber, but I don’t see her as evil. I enjoy stories where she gets her comeuppance, takes her humiliation to heart, and redeems herself.

As for my original character, Colonel Sir John Buford, what reader doesn’t love a reformed rake?


What is on the horizon for you and your writing career?

I’m currently working on a sequel to THE THREE COLONELS, entitled ROSINGS PARK. I have several other ideas I’d like to follow up on—perhaps a sequel to PEMBERLEY RANCH. I also have other manuscripts I’d like to see published.


Who is the hero/heroine in your life?

I owe a lot to my parents, and I love my kids to death. But the greatest influence in my life is my dear lover, editor, and muse—my wife, Barbara. I thank God for her every day.


MBA&M: What are some of your favorite things to do when relaxing?

JACK: When not writing, I enjoy golf and cooking. Barbara and I are also avid travelers, and we wish we could do far more of it. My wife got me to watch Dancing with the Stars; I, in revenge, turned her on to NASCAR. So we’re even.


MBA&M: Tell us where to find you and where to find “THE THREE COLONELS.”

JACK: THE THREE COLONELS is available in print and e-book format from your favorite bookseller.


Jack, do you have anything to add?

Published authors do want to sell books. But darn few of us can make a living at it. It means the world to us to have people who have enjoyed our work write and tell us. It makes our day to see a positive review, even if it is something as small as, “I liked it.”

I’m not begging for me, you understand, but for all us authors out there. If you really like a book you’ve read, please post something at Amazon or B&N. The author will love you for it.


Thank you for visiting with us and our readers today!


About the Author – Jack Caldwell is an author, amateur historian, professional economic developer, playwright, and like many Cajuns, a darn good cook. Born and raised in the the Bayou County of Louisiana, Jack and his wife, Barbara, are Hurricane Katrina victims who now make the upper Midwest their home.

His nickname—The Cajun Cheesehead—came from his devotion to his two favorite NFL teams: the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers. (Every now and then, Jack has to play the DVD again to make sure the Saints really won in 2010.)

Always a history buff, Jack found and fell in love with Jane Austen in his twenties, struck by her innate understanding of the human condition. Jack uses his work to share his knowledge of history. Through his characters, he hopes the reader gains a better understanding of what went on before, developing an appreciation for our ancestors’ trials and tribulations.

When not writing or traveling with Barbara, Jack attempts to play golf. A devout convert to Roman Catholicism, Jack is married with three grown sons.

Jack’s blog postings—The Cajun Cheesehead Chronicles—appear regularly at Austen Authors.

Web site – Ramblings of a Cajun in Exile – http://webpages.charter.net/jvcla25/

Blog – Austen Authors – http://austenauthors.net/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jack-Caldwell-author/132047236805555





Paperback:384 pages

Publisher:Sourcebooks Landmark (March 1, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1402259739

Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: March 1, 2012
Love reigns supreme for our three brave colonels at the start of this epic tale. Colonels Fitzwilliam, Buford, and Brandon are enjoying their courtships and their early married lives with three beloved Jane Austen heroines. The couples lead tranquil lives – until Napoleon escapes from exile. While the military men set out to meet their destiny on the fields of Waterloo, Anne, Caroline, and Marianne defend their hearts against the fear of losing their loved ones.
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MBA&M: Tell our readers a few tidbits about R.C. Ryan?


R.C.: It would be fun to say that I live in a seaside villa in the Mediterranean with my much-younger lover.  But it would be a lie.


R. C. Ryan married her childhood sweetheart (we met in first grade).  We’re the parents of five, and we live beside a pond in Michigan amid rolling hills that were once an apple orchard, where coyotes and deer and foxes roam.  (but no buffalo)

MBA&M: What do you think the appeal of Western Romance is to readers?


R.C.: It’s that tough Alpha male.  We all yearn for the rugged individual who struggles against the land, the forces of nature, and the wild yearning of his heart, before he meets his one true love.


MBA&M: What kind of research went into writing “Quinn”?


R.C.: Research on Wyoming, on wolves in Wyoming, on modern ranching, calving season in springtime.  Thank heaven for the Internet.  Instead of spending days at the library, I’m able to call it all up on my computer screen in minutes.

MBA&M:  How many books will be in this series?


R.C.: QUINN is Book 1 of a 3-Book series.  JOSH is book 2 due in October and JAKE in March, 2013.

MBA&M:  If you could be a character in “Quinn” which character would you be?Why?


R.C.: All of them.  While I’m writing my books, I become every character.  I have to love the good guys and get inside the mind of the bad guys. 


But if I had to choose one, I guess I’d have to be Quinn.  I love the romance of tracking my own wolf pack, sleeping under the stars, experiencing with them the life-cycle of birth, death, the hunt.  I’m sure it’s much more romantic to think about it than it would be to live it, but it just touches a chord in me.



Facebook, www.facebook.com/R-C-Ryan-and-Ruth-Ryan-Langan
Twitter, @RuthRyanLangan


 R.C. Ryan’s QUINN

Mass Market Paperback:352 pages

Publisher:Forever; Original edition (March 1, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1455502455

A WYOMING SKY NOVEL The Truth Can Be an Irresistible Temptation . . . As a young boy, Quinn Conway was shattered by his mother’s mysterious disappearance. Today, as the oldest of the Conway brothers, his only concern is protecting his family and their ranch. One look at beautiful, strong-willed Cheyenne O’Brien tells him she’s also no stranger to tragedy. A series of increasingly dangerous “accidents” are plaguing her and her land, and Quinn can’t stand idly by while a woman is in danger. Fiercely independent, Cheyenne isn’t one to lean on others, yet she can’t deny her attraction to the rugged rancher offering help. … more



MBA&M:  Please give our readers a few tidbits about Katie Lane? 

 KATIE: I am addicted to cheeseburgers.  I sleep with ear plugs because Hubba snores like a saw mill.  You can catch me singing at the top of my lungs when sitting at a stoplight.

MBA&M: What if anything made you decide to write Western Romance? 

KATIE: I’ve always thought cowboys were sexy.  I think it’s the hat.  Or maybe the wranglers.  Or maybe the boots.   Or maybe the cocky swagger.  Or maybe . . .

MBA&M: What where the challenges in writing CATCH ME A COWBOY? 

KATIE: Making sure that Billy “Bubba” Wilkes wasn’t too much of a good ol’ boy.  He can come up with some pretty obnoxious pick up lines.  “Sure you don’t want a little Bubba lovin’?  How about a tour of Wilkesville?”

MBA&M: Who is your favorite character in CATCH ME A COWBOY?Why? 

 KATIE:I have to choose?  I love both my heroine and hero.  Shirlene is this charismatic, fun woman I would love to have as a friend.  Billy has this country charm that’s addictive.   

MBA&M: When writing how do you determine who will be your hero/heroine/villian. Do they make themselves known from the beginning or as you write? 

 KATIE: I always have an idea of who my heroine and hero will be, but they become more vivid as I write.  Sometimes I’m surprised at how their personalities develop. 



Twitter @ktlane3



Mass Market Paperback:384 pages

Publisher:Forever; Original edition (March 27, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1455508150

Shirlene Dalton has it all: a dream marriage to a man who spoils her rotten and the most outrageous mansion Bramble, Texas, has ever seen. But when her husband unexpectedly dies, Shirlene finds herself right back where she started-in a rundown trailer on the wrong side of the tracks. Never the type to let a little bad luck and a whole heap of heartache get her down, Shirlene is ready to prove to the local gossips she can make it on her own . . . until she ends up living next door to the most tempting cowboy in town. … more



*Sponsored by the publisher*

We are offering 3 lucky commenters (1 set of each book per winner),print copies of “QUINN” by R.C.RYAN and “CATCH ME A COWBOY” by Katie Lane. ***Only  residents of the U.S. are eligible to win*** -No P.O. Boxes, please. *Giveaway copies will be sent directly to winners*

Giveaway will run from today March 24 until March 31,2012.



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(from the author’s website)

I was born and raised in a small farming town in Idaho and I’m a dirt between the toes, irrigation boot-wearing, ponytail flipping in the wind as I drive the 4-wheeler FARM girl all the way! I’m married to my incredible husband, Steve, and we have four wonderful kids–two girls and two boys. I graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor’s in Psychology and a minor in music. Go Aggies! I love USU–that’s where I met my husband! I enjoy so much of life–there’s so much to learn and experience. I love reading almost any genre/age group and usually read over 50 books a year from a variety of different authors. I love running, gardening, making cards with rubber stamps, crocheting, playing volleyball, singing, playing the piano, telling felt stories, and cooking. I’ve enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. As a child, I loved to make up poems and write short stories.

I loved daydreaming and writing stories in my head–alway carrying on some narrative with a character when I was working in the fields. I used to wish that I could be a cat and sleep in the sun so I wouldn’t have to weed the garden. Still sounds kind of nice sometimes!

A few interesting tidbits:

I started a cleaning business after I graduated from college and with my crew, we’d clean 80 college apartments from top to the grimy bottom in 9 days. I finished my first novel–a middle-grade reader in 2001. I learned a lot from writing that book (which is tucked safely in a drawer) and it set me on a path to gain all the knowledge I could to be a successful writer. I enjoy singing and playing the piano and have composed several original songs. I co-produced a children’s CD about American Tall Tales for Story Time Felts in 2008 with 7 original songs. They’re so much fun!









Paperback:272 pages

Publisher:Cedar Fort, Inc. (March 13, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1599559902

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8ZjvmatwGo&feature=email

When twenty-three-year-old Courtney Beckham, the privileged daughter of a highly successful land developer, is abducted in the mountains near her home, FBI Agent Jason Edwards investigates the ten-million-dollar ransom and turns up more than just a kidnapping crime.

And when Courtney catches a glimpse of the caller ID in her kidnapper’s home, what she sees sends ice through her veins. Even if she escapes her captors, something much more dangerous lies ahead.

From the author who brought you Wrong Number comes another story featuring Agent Jason Edwards that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


***Book Launch Celebration!***

*Sponsored by the publisher and author*

To celebrate the release of CALLER ID, Rachelle is hosting a contest for a new Ultra Flip Video Camcorder (4GB memory, Records 120 minutes Value $149.99) and other great prizes. You can enter to win between now and April 14, 2012. Winners will be announced and notified April 16, 2012.
For how to enter, click here.
Join the Book Bomb effort taking place Thursday, March 22nd. Click here for details.”

 A book bomb is when a large group of people order a certain book on a specific day on Amazon. This pushes the book’s popularity up the Amazon ranks, which in turn gives the book more visibility to Amazon shoppers. To join the book bomb, you can simply click on this link to Amazon and order. *

Caller ID

Rachelle J. Christ…

Best Price $10.41 or Buy New $10.87



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AUTHOR OF Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania based on a true story!!

What was your creative process like when you began writing Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania?

Rosa: Initially, when I started writing Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania ten years ago, I wrote the story as a movie script. Writing out what happened helped me deal with the time Alan (pseudonym) and I were separated from Julie and Peter, our two children. Several people who tried to help us during this difficult time used to say: “Rosa I hope one day to see your story in a movie.” Even though I did not know anything about script writing when I started this version of my story, I knew I had to learn.

I purchased five books instructing “How to write a script” and started writing Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania in Hungarian. A good friend who taught English then helped me to translate the Hungarian version into English. When I showed this version of my story to a film producer, he appeared somewhat interested, but suggested I first write my story as a book.

After I wrote my story in book format in Hungarian, I then translated it into English. I did not like the English translation; however, as it did not flow or show the love and emotion I wanted my story to share.

At that point, I started searching for a co-writer. I choose shELAH from 156 writers who expressed interest in helping me rewrite my story. Because she had experienced a similar childhood living with an abusive alcoholic father, shELAH understood how and what I want to share. She related to the heart of my story. We both consider our working together as well as our ensuring friendship as gifts from God.

How did you decide you were ready to write the book?

Rosa: Growing up in an enormous poverty, I often thought that if I could be rich, I would be happier. I decided I would whatever it took to make a lot of money. As I tried to reach that goal, I worked 12-14 hours every day. In time, I became a successful business woman. Working to become rich, however, did not matter when I got sick. I had to slow down. At that time, I again realized that having money would not make me happy.

When I quit working so many hours and had free time, I started writing Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania; hoping that sharing what I learned from my experiences would help others.

Was there anything you found particularly challenging in the writing of your book?

Rosa: The thought of writing a novel as a first time author challenged me. I am thankful that several people pushed me to write my book. Some people, however, thought I should write a memoir. For personal reasons, I chose to write my story as a novel. From writing my book, I learned that with hard work anything is possible. I have also learned that the best feeling in the world comes from hearing those who read my book say things like: “Rosa your story is a blessing. It gave me hope to never give up.”

How much of your book is realistic?

Rosa: Approximately 85% of Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania is true. For personal reasons, I fictionalized and/or augmented the rest

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your book?

Rosa: Even though I am aware that some readers may have liked to have read a bit more history in my book, I preferred not to focus on the political parts. Many authors have written historical accounts about the Ceausescu Regime in Transylvania, however, not many have shared their personal stories. I may have added a bit more humor in some parts to take some of the edge off the sadness I relate in the book, but basically I like the way my story turned out.

Where can our readers find out more about you and Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania?

Rosa: I welcome readers to check out my website: www.rosaalexander.com

 as well as my Facebook page, Rosa Alexander

Readers can also purchase Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania at Tatepublishing.com or from Amazon.com; Barns&Noble.com.

What is next for Rosa Alexander and do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Rosa: If Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania proves to be successful, I plan to write the second book: While there is still time . . . My primary goal, however, is to help and encourage people.

My primary four messages to my readers:

* I believe that the more we learn from people whose lives differ from ours, the more we see the face of God.

* In this rich beautiful America, people need to stick together and help each other more.

* Even though thorns in life will always exist, when one gets past the prick of the thorn, a beautiful, fragrant rose awaits.

* All we need to do is love one another.

Thank you for visiting with us and our readers today!!



A novel based on a true story


Perfect Paperback:356 pages

Publisher:Tate Publishing (November 1, 2011)



ISBN-13: 978-1617776137

‘I do not want to hear another word about your crazy American Dream!’

Words such as these from Rosa Alexander’s father during his frequent drunken rants often drove young Rosa to seek solace beneath her weeping willow tree. One day, however, her aunt Klara visits from America, giving Rosa hope for a brighter future. Rosa held on to her dream for years, waiting for the chance to leave her beloved homeland and find a home across the ocean. The time never comes, however, and eventually Rosa marries and starts a family, believing that perhaps America is not part of her plan anymore.

As life becomes increasingly harder, in 1985, Rosa and Alan finally make plans to escape the cruel eye of the Romanian government and find freedom in America. They are forced, however, to leave their children—Julia, 8; and Peter, 4—behind. When Peter and Julia are not able to join them as hoped, Rosa struggles through enormous sorrow as she begins an almost four-year battle to reunite her family.

Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania, based on the emotional true story of Rosa Alexander’s American Dream, relates how Rosa’s dream eventually becomes a grown-up search for peace and a yearning for her family to be together. As Rosa begins to trust God, she not only hears His voice but also finds her own. Her story reminds readers that with faith, dreams can come true.

The book can be purchased online by clicking here

Follow Here To Purchase Where the Willow Grows in Transylvania




*Sponsored by the authors*

We are offering 1 lucky commenter a print copy of ‘WHERE THE WILLOW GROWS IN TRANSYLVANIA” by Rosa Alexander with shELAH. Giveaway will run from today March 22 until March 29,2012.



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