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MBA&M: Can you start by telling us what motivated you most in writing this book?

JSO: The greatest impact for me has to be those many bedtimes and naptimes years ago when my mother read to me. I didn’t realize how important those moments were until I had children – I have three girls – and found myself reading to them from the same books of children’s poetry and nursery  rhymes that my mother read to me when I was a child.

MBA&M: So you kept the same books. They must have been pretty old!

JSO: We won’t say how old! But yes, the very same books, like Now We Are Six and The World of Christopher Robin. I was just amazed by the beauty, innocence and magic those old rhymes and stories held for me. So, when I was ready to start writing my book, the road before me was clear: To try to recapture the same gentle rhythms and loving sweetness of those old, long-ago children’s stories.

MBA&M: But there’s more to a book than just the style of writing. What about the contents, the story itself?

JSO: Well…we know children’s stories do not lack for imagination, or for vivid characters or unexpected twists and turns. The story in When Once I Lived is similar. I imagined a man who, coming to the end of his days and looking out upon his Eternity, embarks upon a spiritual Meditation that takes him far and wide in his Afterlife. His goal is not merely to satisfy his curiosity but to achieve his one unfulfilled wish – to find a way to “undo” that one, most hurtful error which he committed during his life. His shame and guilt drive him on and will not let him rest until he has found the answer he seeks.

MBA&M: When you talk about the afterlife, I have to ask, how religious is the book? Is it only for Christians?

JSO: By no means. The primary character is a Christian, so naturally he tends to see certain things from that standpoint, but I would say the book approaches spirituality on a more general level – simply recognizing and acknowledging the generosity and loving-kindness of our Maker. Beyond that, there is no religious “agenda” at work here – other than, I suppose, some good-natured mockery of Atheists.

MBA&M: Any reaction from atheists yet?

JSO: You know, it’s really too bad, but a good friend of mine – a friend for many years – who I sent a copy of the book, asked me first “Which are the chapters about atheists – about what happens to them in the Afterlife?” So I told him what they were, and he read those chapters, and then he practically stopped speaking to me! I am so sad, now, that he seems to have taken those chapters personally, but I hope in time we will be good friends again.

Website:     www.WhenOnceILived.com


More information:  info@WhenOnceILived.com

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Title:     When Once I Lived

Author:    John S. Oney

ISBN-13:   9780981809014

Page count:   274

Trim size:   7” x 10” Trade paperback

Available at:    Amazon.com

SRP:    $17.95


BISAC:     Religion/Inspirational

                  Fiction – Visionary & Metaphysical

Website:     www.WhenOnceILived.com

More information:  info@WhenOnceILived.com


When Once I Lived


                   “Our God is a great God …

                       Let me tell you how I know.”

So begins this emotionally powerful Meditation upon our future in the Afterlife.


The Story:   A life-long Christian, now reaching his retirement, embarks upon an uplifting, deeply-spiritual odyssey in which he seeks to “undo” that one, most hurtful error which he committed during his life. Commencing his search – and guided, always, by words and promises given to us in the Bible – he travels widely in the Afterlife, discovering astonishing and unanticipated secrets that deepen his faith.

At last, having reached that most lofty vantage point from which he is permitted to survey the whole of human history, he falls into an inescapable vortex of folly, confusion and mistake. But … holding fast to this faith, he is reunited with his wife, achieves forgiveness, and sees that greater plan which our Maker has for us in our eternity.

Open your heart to this testament of imperishable spiritual truths – told in words of utmost poetic beauty – and you will learn:

  • The truth behind Percy Bysshe Shelley’s immortal poem Ozymandias
  • The secret location of the long-lost Archives of Atlantis
  • The surprising fate of Atheists in the afterlife – and see Atheism, itself, subjected to devastating and hilarious mockery!
  • How – in some far-distant day – a future “Queen Elizabeth” will save her kingdom from ruin
  • How capital punishment might finally be abolished – to the satisfaction of even the family of the victim
  • The very first “King” ever crowned in human history – and who it was who placed the crown upon his head

The hiding place of the fabled Storehouse of Golden Treasureof the Inca Empire

Available at: www.amazon.com



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