MBA&M: Give our readers a little background about yourself?

MARY LU: I grew up in South Florida where I fell in love with the tropics and tall ships and dreamt of swashbuckling pirates, but I now live on the opposite side of the country in California. How I ended up out here is a long story. LOL.  I have a degree in Math/Computer Science and worked as a geeky programmer for 15 years at IBM. Yes, it’s true. Weird, but true.  I’ve been writing full time for six years, been married for 20, and I have six kids and 3 cats.

MBA&M: What are some lessons learned as an author?

MARY LU: Don’t ever make this career about you. Make it about helping others, about entertaining them and encouraging them and helping them see life from a different perspective. For me, it’s about making people see how much God loves them. When it becomes about me, I get worried, anxious, jealous, demanding. When it’s about others, I just work hard, and let God handle the rest.

Also, write the story God puts on your heart and don’t write the stories you think will sell or the stories that are hot in the market. When I wrote my pirate series, there were no Christian pirate stories out there and nobody wanted historical novels.

MBA&M:  List three things readers may or may not know about you and your writing career?

MARY LU: The very first book that I submitted for publication got accepted. (Please don’t hate me)

I have 10 books published and 4 more contracted.

My very first book, The Redemption, was nominated for the prestigious Christy award!

MBA&M:  What do you feel about self-publishing and will you be self-publishing any of your future titles?

MARY LU: Recent changes in the publishing industry are very exciting!  Many authors who’ve never had a chance to become published through a traditional publisher, can now publish their own work with minimal effort and money. I think it’s great!  It not only opens up doors for so many authors, but it gives us more freedom to choose what stories we will write. Of course that means there will be a ton of badly written books put on the market, but I’d rather have the readers be the gate keepers than some small group of publishers.

Yes, I’m planning on writing a mermaid story that’s been burning on my heart and putting that out as an e-book. This is a book that would never get accepted by traditional publishers, but I believe there’s a real market out there for it and it’s a story that must be told.

MBA&M: MaryLu, with today’s market and the publishing industry seeming to pull awry from certain topics, how hard is it to write stories involving Pirates, especially if it is something you enjoy? And do you feel there is a vast market for the “Pirate” invasion?

MARY LU: Back in 2005 when I was shopping around my pirate series, I came across a lot of opposition in the Christian market. In fact I got rejected by every single Christian Publisher except one. Pirates are notorious thieves and let’s face it, most people don’t think Christianity and thieves mix very well!  At least not at first glance. But I’m of the opposite opinion. I think Christianity and thieves and prostitutes and murderers and liars and all other forms of debauchery mix quite well. Jesus himself hung out with sinners all the time. Why would I want to only read about righteous people? What better way to express the awesome power and love of God then by taking a dead-beat wicked pirate and showing how God can change him, transform him and give him life!

MBA&M: Is there a market for the pirate invasion?

MARY LU: I sure hope so!! I have many more tales I’d love to write! But time will tell.

 MBA&M: What do you feel the allure of “Pirates” are to readers today?

MARY LU: I can only tell you why I love pirates. I don’t look at them as thieves and murderers, though some surely were quite evil. I look at them as misfits, rejects, and outcasts from society who took to the seas in search of freedom and a chance to make a fortune. Many of them were poor sailors who’d lost their jobs in the navy when the wars ended. Others were political prisoners escaping tyranny, others were escaped indentured servants, others x-slaves, some just didn’t fit into society’s mold and couldn’t make a living.  Many of them were actually forced into piracy when their merchant ships were captured.  Let’s face it, there’s a little bit of misfit in us all, a part of each of us who feels we don’t fit in. And maybe a part of us who just wants to get away from all of society’s restrictions and requirements and live free again. I think that’s the true allure of pirates. Besides, swashbuckling adventures aboard a ship are really cool!

MBA&M: As a Christian author, how hard do you feel it is to get readers outside of the Christan/Inspirational reader to read this genre?

MARY LU: Next to impossible. And when they do, I often get blasted with criticism about my books being too preachy.  When in fact, they really aren’t. My spiritual themes flow nicely with the story just like wizardry flows nicely with the Harry Potter stories, or vampires flow nicely with the Twilight series. All are supernatural stories. All have miracles and events that go beyond our human understanding. Yet it’s always the books that mention Jesus or God that get criticized.  Go figure. I think if some non-Christians would give Inspirational books a try, they might really enjoy them and find the spiritual aspect of them quite encouraging.  




Even Pirates need Love!

Legacy of the King’s Pirates trilogy by M.L. Tyndall

A unique blend of blood-thirsty pirates, romance, suspense, miracles, and God.  Take a journey back to 17th century Caribbean during the golden age of piracy and follow the adventures of Captain Edmund Merrick, a pirate turned privateer who, along with his rag-tag crew, scour the seas in search of Spanish conquests as well as conquests for God!

Each book title in the series is not only the name of the book, but the name of the ship in the story and the theme of the story:

In The Redemption , when Lady Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage in search of a father she never knew , she is shipwrecked on an island and rescued by a band of pirates, captained by Edmund Merrick who soon discovers the man Charlisse is searching for is the same man Merrick hopes to capture and hang.

Book trailer: http://youtu.be/SS9jHzAbDsM

Links to buy The Redemption

In The Reliance, the happily married Charlisse and Merrick soon find their joy severed when an explosion causes Merrick to believe Charlisse is dead, but instead she is kidnapped by their nemesis out for revenge. While Merrick reverts to his evil pirate ways, Charlisse escapes, takes over his old pirate ship and encounters many harrowing trials as she attempts to make her way back to a man she believes has forsaken her.

In The Restitution, after Isabel Ashton bears the illegitimate child, a product of a forced encounter with the pirate Kent Carlton, her baby is kidnapped by one of Kent’s enemies. In love with Isabel and wanting to change his pirating ways, Kent finds her and together they search for their child, encountering battles, deception, jealousy, and danger along the way.


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