MBA&M: Please tell our readers about yourself Elizabeth?

ELIZABETH: Hello everyone fromSydney,Australia.  It is great to be invited on My Book Addiction and More. Being a Librarian I have a serious book addiction which has overtaken my home – so I may happy to have found a great support group.

I worked as a Reference Librarian mainly in Educational and Public Libraries. I spent most of my time helping people find the information they needed. Secretly I have always wanted to help people on a bigger scale.

MBA&M: What if anything inspired ‘No Problem! how to focus on solution’?

ELIZABETH: Dr Phil was actually the catalysts for the book…. he gave me a massive wake-up call!

Some years ago I ran into some major life problems that hit me one after the other – my life felt like an awful mess.  It was the most difficult and upsetting time I can    ever remember. For example, where I worked management informed us due to the economic downturn 1 in 3 of us would lose our jobs and we won’t know who for some months – talk about torture.

I was so upset, unhappy, stressed, you name it – and not enjoying life. I went home early one day, turned the TV on and caught the Dr Phil show.

Dr Phil asked – if you had a business and the manager was running it into the ground, would          you keep hiring them or fire them?

Dr Phil then said – you are the manager of your life – are you getting the results you want – happiness, success and good health – would you keep hiring yourself or fire yourself?

That was a pivotal moment for me.  I remember thinking – oh, I am so fired!

I realized then… problems were sucking the joy out of my life and I was letting it happen. I was a terrible life manager. So I fired the ‘old me’ and hired the ‘new me’.       I decide to start managing my problems – instead of letting problems control me.

MBA&M: What were the challenges in writing ‘No Problem! how to focus on solution’?

ELIZABETH: Being a librarian – I embarked on what you could call a personal transformation –       I read all the best selling self-help books and any book that would help me deal with problems and still enjoy life.

While I was reading – most of the books were between 300 – 500 pages long – the problem was by the time I got to the end of the book, I had forgotten what I read  at the beginning.  So I began taking notes on every book. I read some 2 or 3 times – essentially studying the book and taking extensive notes.

I collected a lot of information so it was a very big challenge deciding what would    be the best information and putting it in my own words.

I grouped all the wisdom and discoveries under four simple tips – so I could easily recall them when dealing with problems. That is how the No Problem! book was formed.

MBA&M: Why write nonfiction instead of romance, adventure, suspense or such?

ELIZABETH: Before I started on the No Problem! project I wasn’t enjoying life – my life felt like a big mess. I was struggling to get through the day and didn’t feel like reading romance, adventure or suspense novels – let alone actually writing one. Necessity to improve my life was what led to the creating of the No Problem! book.


MBA&M: What do you have planned for your future endeavors?

ELIZABETH: At the moment I am working on my next book – Disagree and Stay in Love – it gives people easy to use and easy to remember ‘tips on fighting fair’ so their relationship will last in the long run. Having good relationships with the people we love, I think                      is one of the most important things in life.

MBA&M: Who would you say influenced your writing career and why?

ELIZABETH: As I mentioned previously – Dr Phil was the catalysts for No Problem! and he gave   me a big wake call about being a better life manager – to give myself the best life. Other authors that I really admire and would love to meet one day are – Stephen Covey, Louise Hay, Susan Jeffers, M Scott Peck and Anthony Robins.

They are all best-selling authors and I have read and studied most of their books – the change in my quality of life is like comparing night to day.  Before I wrote          No Problem! I felt like I was struggling in the dark, now I walk in daylight everyday    and I can’t help but enjoy life. Despite problems – I am enjoying a No Problem life.

MBA&M: What is your life’s passion, if not writing, of course?

ELIZABETH: When working as a Reference Librarian – I really enjoyed meeting and talking to different people and helping them find the information or books that they needed.

I believe that every life is a miracle and very person deserves to be happy – so I think is it a real privilege to be able to help people improve and enjoy their life.

MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where ‘No Problem! how to focus on solution’ is available?

ELIZABETH: No Problem!  how to focus on solutions can be purchased on our website – it is postage free! Also No Problem! is available on

I can be contacted by email –

 and would  love to hear from anyone that has any questions or would just like to contact me.

Thank-you again for having me on My Book Addiction and More. Wishing you all good health, success, happiness and enjoy a No Problem life.

 Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and our readers today!




List $24.95
Trade softcover 208 pages
Livre Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9775872-4-7
Workbook and CD – ROM also available.
For more information visit


Yes! You are in control – Solve your own problems your way

When Elizabeth Hanley talks about problem solving, you can hear, see and feel the passion of her convictions. She shines.

She was faced with a layoff from a dream job, evicted from her rental place and the writing was on the wall with her boyfriend at the same time. She was so down and depressed she took off from work, crawled in bed and hid beneath the covers. She slept till noon and finally switched on the TV and through her tears heard Dr. Phil ask if, ‘if you were the owner of your own business and you had a manager who was running the business into the ground, would you keep hiring them or fire that person?’

Then continued: ‘You are the manager of your life, are you getting the results you want out of life? Are you achieving happiness, health, success or are you miserable, unhealthy and feel like a failure? Would you keep hiring yourself or would you fire yourself?’

“Oh I am so fired!” she realized, and the light bulb went on when he explained ‘you need to require more of yourself’. She realized she needed to fire the old me and get the new me started on better managing her life. Being a librarian, she embarked on a nearly obsessive research effort that would bring about a personal evolution and transformation.

Her new book, No Problem! How to Focus on Solutions captures the wisdom and essence of her most important and helpful discoveries and guidance about how to thrive and not just survive.





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Good morning Anna, and welcome to My Book Addiction and More!


MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about Anna Caltabiano?


ANNA: Though I live in the US and see myself as a typical American teenager, I was born in Hong Kong and Japanese was my first language. I think that colors the way I see the world and use the English language. Maybe I struggle with words more than others, and  end up using words in a way that can be seen as “different,” or “fresh,” depending on your perspective.


MBA&M: What was the inspiration behind writing “All That Is Red”?


ANNA: I wanted to show teenagers around me that it’s okay to feel bad sometimes and that they are not alone in those feelings. Around one out of every ten teenagers self-harm, but we as a society still don’t feel it is acceptable to discuss this. I think it’s important to openly talk about self-harm in a way that promotes learning about and addressing the causes of it, rather than condemning it. Using a story where the main character is a cutter makes it easier to explore self-harm without boring readers by spewing facts and statistics.


Many people have asked me from where the red and white imagery came. When I’m sick, like every other normal teenager, I find that Disney movies always make me feel better. One lazy afternoon when I was watching Disney movies, I thought it was interesting that the “evil” or plain “bad” character was always seen wearing black. I thought it was odd that western cultures depict black as a scary color, often symbolizing death, while in eastern cultures white is typically used in funerals as a symbol for death. To me, the purity of white could mean the absence of feeling and humanity, while red is messy, but human.


MBA&M: What where some to the challenges in writing this engaging story?


ANNA: When beginning to write any story, I always have an ending in mind. From there I create a beginning and work my way through the middle to the end. Of course things didn’t go exactly as I planned for this book, but I’ve found that I can never really stick to a plot outline. It’s challenging to trudge through the middle of the book, but you have to have faith that the middle will write itself.


MBA&M: Who is your favorite character in “All That Is Red” and why?


ANNA: My favorite character would have to be General Gerrard. He was a fun character to write as his words and his personality came out as the story progressed. Gerrard is harsh when he needs to be and has experienced tragedy in his life, but through all this he never lost his humanity. His dialogue seemed to write itself. I still sometimes have Gerrard’s voice in my mind.


MBA&M: Do you have any regrets in your writing career, if so what are they?


ANNA: As a debut author, I am at a point in my life where I am looking forward and am excited by the possibilities of the future. Regrets are what we see when we look back and though I’m sure I will have regrets in the future, as of now, I am totally focused on my next book.


MBA&M: What are some of your writing rituals?


ANNA: Before I begin to start a new story, I love to collect visuals to give myself an idea of the feelings and emotions I want to portray. I find clipart online and stalk people’s Pinterests religiously. I also compile a playlist of songs that fit the mood of certain scenes I know I want to write. I’ll put one song on repeat for days while I write a section of a book.


MBA&M: What are some of your most interesting quirks?


ANNA: I like starting conversations with strangers, and I think they like talking to me, but that makes my dad really nervous.

Like any Italian (or part Italian in my case) I talk with my hands a lot, and frequently knock over things in the process. Stay clear of me at the dinner table if you don’t want your new shoes decorated!

I love watching Gossip Girl. When my parents complain that I shouldn’t be watching too much TV, I tell them that I’m doing research into the psychology of the adolescent mind for a future book.


MBA&M: Do you often get lost in a book when reading, if so which is your absolute favorite book?


ANNA: I frequently find myself getting lost in books, and when I do I am almost always emotionally attached to the characters. Once when I was reading a book on an airplane, I was particularly attached to one of the characters. When I finished the book, I broke down crying and received quite a few stares. I even had a flight attendant ask me what was wrong. Needless to say I recommended the book to her.


My favorite book is A Tale of Two Cities and some of my favorite authors are Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Mark Twain. I’m still waiting for them to come out with something new!


MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where “All That Is Red” is available?


ANNA: I live with my fingers permanently attached to my computer or some sort of technology, so you will find me lurking about my Twitter (@AnnaAuthor), Facebook page, and website ( I try to respond to all the messages I receive. You can buy my book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as many other booksellers. I hope you enjoy it!


Anna, thank you for spending time with us and our readers. What a pleasure to have you with us and our readers today. Do you have anything you would like to add?


ANNA: I’m thrilled to be invited to appear in My Book Addiction and More. I had a lot of fun answering these questions and I hope you even more fun and enjoyment reading my book!



 List of 5 things readers may or may not know about you as an author?


  1. In airports I watch people and they frequently make appearances in my books.
  2. I can never quite stick to writing on one device. I will write parts of chapters on my iPad, iPod, computer, and when none of those things are available I am known to borrow a friend’s phone for a good hour.
  3. I have an odd love of pink heart-shaped post-its. I buy stacks of them at a time and write everything from character sketches to story ideas on them. Currently my desk has exactly forty-seven bright pink heart-shaped post-its stuck to it. I can’t even see the desk underneath!
  4. For my novels I like to outline the plot solely in cartoons that I draw on various pieces of scrap paper.
  5. When I sit down to write, I often dress as I think my character would. I think it allows me inside the head of my characters. Of course if I am writing in a public place, I imagine I must look quite strange dressed in mismatched red castoffs one day and a pure white dress the next.


Lessons learned as an author?


ANNA: Sit down and write! Don’t spend too much time planning. And above all, enjoy the process, because the joy of writing a novel is the actual writing part!

Some insight into the research required in writing and the authenticity into writing for your genre?

ANNA: I swarm instead of being methodical. One article online will lead to another, and before I know it, I will have thirty tabs open on my computer. I think I would be lost without the internet. Though I love libraries, I am thankful that I never had to use a card catalogue!

Visit Anna at:





Paperback:164 pages

Publisher:New Generation Publishing (May 20, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-1908775856

Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: May 20, 2012
If you could choose a world without loneliness, without shame, grief, misery, or feeling of any kind, would you, if it also meant that you lost the simple pleasure of a picnic on a sunny day or the joy of falling in love? Would the allure of a comfortable numbness prove too tempting to resist? Could you choose between feeling pain and not feeling anything, ever again? A girl is caught in a world where this choice is fiercely contested. In the cross-fire between the Red and White empires, the feeling and the unfeeling, each bent on the other’s destruction, the girl must choose between emotion and oblivion, joining the ranks with the Reds as they fight to resist the Whites, but all the while struggling with her own desperate ambivalence. All That Is Red is a story of survival and a journey through the human condition, revealing how the intimate euphoria of pain can sometimes be all we have to remind us that we are alive. Anna Caltabiano is fifteen years old. She was born in British colonial Hong Kong to a Japanese mother and an Italian-American father, before moving to Palo Alto, California; the mecca of futurism. Her writing explores and exposes an adolescent dystopia in which accepted traditions, religions, cultures and communities have been eroded, resulting in a lost generation consumed by social apathy and self-loathing which has found solace through electronic connections. Unsettling, engaging and surprisingly erudite, All That Is Red is a remarkably assured debut from an ascending literary star.
Available at:
Barnes and Nobles:
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June 18th marks what would be the 111th birthday of Her Imperial Highness Anastasia Romanov.

The fate of Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia, the last of four daughters born to the Tsar Nikolas and his wife Alexandra.

After the tragic execution of the Russian Royal family in1918, officials were never able to recover the remains of Anastasia. Tales of her supposed escape from Russia have gripped thousands for decades, fueling speculation that a daughter of Russia’s last sovereign ruler survived the revolution that destroyed her immediate family.


She was an orphan, ushered into the royal palace on the prayers of her majestry. Yet, decades later, her time spent in the embrace of the Romanovs haunts her still. Is she responsible for those murderous events that changed everything?

If only she can find the heir, maybe she can put together the broken pieces of her own past-maybe she can hold on to the love she found. Bursting to life with the rich and glorious marvels of Imperial Russia, The Last Romanov is a magical tale of second chances and royal blood.



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Deirdre Martin is a New York Timesbestselling author of ten romances. She is best known for her Blades series, centering around New York’s hometown hockey team, the Blades.

When not writing, Deirdre likes to bake, hike, and do yoga. She and her husband, Mark, live in Ithaca, NY, with their Newfie, Rocky.

To find out more about her books, visit her website at:

Christie Ridgway is a USA Today bestselling author of more than 35 contemporary romances. A five-time RITA™ finalist, she tells heartwarming and sexy stories that make readers laugh and cry. Christie is a proud native Californian. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, went to college in Santa Barbara, and now lives with her husband and two sons in the southernmost part of the state. When not writing books, she loves reading them in the shade beside her backyard pool. You can learn more about Christie at

Laura Florand was born in Georgia, but the travel bug bit her early. After a Fulbright year in Tahiti, a semester in Spain, and backpacking everywhere from New Zealand to Greece, she ended up living in Paris, where she met and married her own handsome Frenchman. She is now a lecturer at Duke University and very dedicated to her research into French chocolate. Please visit her at

For more information visit


Paperback:320 pages

Publisher:Brava; Original edition (April 24, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-0758272881

Some men have only one thing on their minds—and for three unsuspecting women, it appears to be marriage! Looks like spring wedding fever is about to get hotter…

Early Bird Special by Deirdre Martin

Fashion exec Dana Fine lives a fabulous life of international travel and glamour. But it only takes a few days visiting with her matchmaking grandparents for her to long for something more….Or maybe it’s sexy landscaper Josh Green who’s got her all hot and bothered…

Weddings Ink by Christie Ridgway

Luke Harper is the last man wedding planner Charlotte Bond would ever date again. Then her latest client demands that Charlotte get up-close and personal with the whole bridal party—including best man Luke! Soon business-only meetings turn to sultry nights—and suddenly Charlotte’s “never’ is coming dangerously close to “I do.”

All’s Fair In Love And Chocolate by Laura Florand

Going undercover as a bride-to-be, food blogger Eloise Layne is determined to learn charismatic French chocolatier Simon Casset’s famously guarded secrets. But somehow her man of mystery is succeeding in uncovering her every desire, one smoldering kiss at a time…

Available from:,,,,

or your favorite retailer.



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Good morning, Alexa, and welcome back to My Book Addiction and More!


MBA&M: Please tell our readers, who may not know you, a few tidbits about Alexa Grace?


My journey as an indie author started in March 2011 when the Sr. Director of Training and Development position I’d held for thirteen years was eliminated. A door closed for me but another one opened. I finally had the time to pursue my dream of writing books — my dream since childhood.  My focus is now on writing riveting romantic suspense novels that take my readers on a wild, hot ride.


MBA&M: For those you do not know, DEADLY DECEPTION is Book 2 in the “Deadly” Trilogy, give our readers an introduction into the “Deadly” Trilogy, please?

Although I’ve lived in Florida since 1985, I grew up in Indiana.  I was drawn to the idea of writing about danger and love in one of the unlikeliest of places — Indiana farmland. The trilogy involves horrific crimes committed in the heartland that are investigated by members of a county sheriff police department.  As a reader, I’ve loved to follow the lives of characters in series so I hoped my readers liked to do the same.

MBA&M:  Tell us about your second book of the trilogy, Deadly Deception.


In Deadly Deception, readers enter the disturbing world of illegal adoptions, baby trafficking and murder with new detective Lane Hansen and private investigator Frankie Douglas.

Lane Hansen has a problem.  He needs a woman to portray his wife in an undercover operation and the only females on his team are either very pregnant or built like linebackers.  Then he remembers gorgeous P.I. Frankie Douglas — a woman who could take his breath away by her beauty and take him down in 2.5 seconds.  Unfortunately, she’s the same woman he treated like a one night stand six months before.

Frankie Douglas has a problem. She wants to rid the world of one baby trafficking killer.  The only way to do that is to partner with Lane Hanson, the man who hurt her by disappearing from her life after a night of mind-blowing sex.

Yes, Frankie has a huge problem; she’s found the one man she wants more than life itself.

But can she find it in her heart to forgive him so together they can stop a killer and baby trafficker?


MBA&M:  What is next after Deadly Deception?

In the third book of the trilogy, Deadly Relations, serial killer of young women hides in plain sight in a quiet county in the Midwest.  He hides behind a friendly face that inspires trust, a personality that is charming and persuasive, and a rage to kill.

Detective Jennifer Brennan knows that an abduction is the equivalent of a nuclear blast to a family.  So when three young women go missing and are found murdered on her watch, she vows to find the killer — or die trying.

Detective Blake Stone has been looking for a woman like Jennifer Brennan his entire life.  Now that he’s found her, can he convince her to trust again?

The two detectives race against time to find the killer before he strikes again.  It is the most important case of their careers.  It could be their last.

I am looking forward to giving readers some realistic insights into the mind of a serial killer in this book using research I’ve collected over the years.

MBA&M: What is next after the “Deadly” trilogy?


My next series will involve a young, female FBI profiler who will be introduced in the third book of the series — Deadly Relations.

MBA&M: What is in your “To read” pile? What genre do you read to relax?


I’m an avid reader of romantic suspense.  I love the books written by Christy Reece, Laura Griffin, Karen Robards, Catherine Mann and more.  I just finished Silenced by Allison Brennan and liked it so much I’m going to start with her first book and work my way through this summer.  I want to read some of the earlier novels of James Patterson.  I like the way he spins a story.

MBA&M: Can you tell our readers, what scene out of DEADLY DECECPTION stands out to you and why?


As you know, I grew up in Indiana and have a fascination for and fear of tornadoes.  I tried to make the tornado scene in Deadly Deception as real and terrifying to my readers as what I’d experienced in the past.

MBA&M: If you were not writing, (thanks for writing, by the way) what would you be doing?


I would probably continue working as a corporate training director.

MBA&M: What do you hope your readers will come away with by reading DEADLY DECEPTION?


I want readers to finish the last chapter of Deadly Deception, sit back and think, “Wow, that book was a fun, wild ride with hot romance, thrilling suspense with a dash of humor.”

I want readers to enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

MBA&M: Last but not least, tell our readers where to find you and where DEADLY DECEPTION is available?


Check out my website at

Visit me on Facebook at

Email me at

Follow me at!/AlexaGrace2


Deadly Deception is available as an ebook on Amazon at

By June 27, it will also be available as a paperback on Amazon.  It will be available on Barnes and Noble later this summer.

Alexa, do you have anything else you would like to add today?

I love hearing from readers!  If you read Deadly Deception, please send me your thoughts about the book to my email address listed above.  Please join my Facebook page where I share news about upcoming releases as well as alerts about free books and contests.

      Thank you for visiting with us and our readers today. We look forward to your next visit soon!!

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JULY 2012….


Veil of Pearls

Available July 2012

An Epic Romance of the Old South

It is 1811, and the prosperous port city of Charleston is bustling with immigrants like Adalia. But she has a secret: her light skin belies that she is part black and a runaway slave from Barbados. She lives in terror that her owner will come looking for her. Instead Morgan, the son of a plantation owner, finds her. He is handsome, charming, bored—and enamored of the beautiful Adalia. Soon she is swept into his glamorous world, a world in which the truth about Adalia’s heritage would ruin her—and Morgan. This epic romance reveals the beauty and tragedy of the Old South.

  • A Runaway Slave and a Plantation Owner’s Son Fall in Love.
  • A Romance with Characters Straight from the History Books
  • From an Acclaimed Christy Award Nominee


What will Morgan do when he discovers that the woman he has fallen in love with is a runaway slave?


Purchase Options:

You can purchase this book online at any of the following locations:

You can also purchase this book from any of the stores found at CBA Storefinder.

Finally, you can purchase directly from the publisher by sending a check or money order for the cost of the book* plus $4.00 shipping to:

Barbour Publishing Consumer Direct Division P.O. Box 719 Uhrichsville, OH 44683



Visit the author’s website at:

Watch the book trailer for “Veil of Pearls”


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Good morning, Rebecca and welcome to My Book Addiction and More!
MBA&M: Please tell our readers a few tidbits about Rebecca Bloom?
Thank you for having me! I  excited to share my third novel, Eat, Drink and Be Married with readers as it gives me a chance to take off the mommy hat and put my writer hat back on for a little while.
MBA&M: What was the inspiration behind “Eat,Drink and Be Married”?
I wanted to write a novel that explored the heightened emotions that everyone, not just the bride and groom experience at weddings.  A wedding is a seminal event in many peoples lives and it brings up so many intense things for everyone.
MBA&M: What was the challenges involved in writing this title?
For me the challenge was finishing the final edits as that was when my son was born. Trying to find time where I was free and awake enough to get anything done was tricky.
MBA&M: Who is your favorite character in “Eat,Drink and Be Married”?WHY?
 I can relate to all the women in the novel as I am sure they are all shades of some version of me, but I love Zoe for her ability to speak her mind all the time….and I’ve always wanted a tattoo:)
MBA&M: What relaxes you after a long day of writing and imagining your stories?
 Playing dinosaurs with my son.
MBA&M: Who do you feel inspired you the most in your writing career?
My parents always told me I could be and do and explore anything I wanted and that inspired me creatively.
MBA&M: What is in your TBR pile?and What genre do you enjoyed reading the most?
I want to read all the girl with the tattoo books, as I do like reading books that have a dark side as that is so the opposite of what I write. And part of me wants to read 50 shades of grey to see what all the fuss is about:)
MBA&M: If you could step into a book,which book would it be,and why?
Anything by Jane Austin! All the swooning and manners and costumes! That would be fun. She also for her time wrote such layered I testing female characters.
MBA&M: What is your favorite “comfort” food?
Well, right now I am expecting babe number 2 so bagels and cream cheese is doing wonders! And I never say no to French fries!!
MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where “Eat,Drink and Be Married” is available?
 It is available at in both regular and e book format as well as Barnes and Noble and for the nook. You can also get it at
                    Rebecca,do you have anything else to add today?
I hope that readers enjoy the novel, it makes a great gift for girlfriends, especially bridesmaids and is a fun summer read.
Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and our readers today!


  • Paperback:204 pages
  • Publisher:iUniverse Publishing (August 23, 2011)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:145029507X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1450295079


When college friends Kate, Nina and Zoë take holiday from their busy schedules on opposite coasts to join their former roommate, Hannah, for her wedding in Lake Tahoe, they not only bring suitcases packed with what-not-to-wear bridesmaid dresses, but baggage of a more emotional kind.

Supported by a variety of eclectic characters determined to wreck havoc on their carefully organized lives, each woman is forced to come to terms with her past before she walks down the aisle. Zoë must learn how to reveal a vulnerability beneath her bravado before she can finally open her heart. Kate needs to reclaim her identity before she can regain her strut. Nina must heal her own inner child so she can provide for another. Hannah needs to release a ghost in order to recover her spirit.

A bottle of booze, a host of laughs, a hankie or two worth of tears, and seventy-two hours among those who know and love them the most is the perfect recipe for four women to Eat, Drink, and Be Married.


 Available at:




Barnes and Nobles:


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*Image from the author’s website*

MBA&M: Please tell our readers, who may not know you a few tidbits about M.J. Rose?


Getting published has been an adventure. I self-published Lip Service in 1998 before it was fashionable to self publish.  Several traditional publishers had turned it down. Editors had loved it, but didn’t know how to position it or market it since it didn’t fit into any one genre.

Frustrated, but curious and because of my advertising background (I worked in Mad Men territory for most of my life) I was convinced that there was a readership for my work, I set up a web site where readers could download my book for $9.95 and began to seriously market the novel on the Internet.

After selling over 2500 copies (in both electronic and trade paper format) Lip Service became the first e-book and the first self-published novel chosen by the LiteraryGuild/Doubleday Book Club as well as being the first e-book to go on to be published by a mainstream New York publishing house.

I’ve written 11 novels since then and have been profiled in Time magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, Newsweek and New York Magazine, appeared on The Today Show, Fox News, CNN and The Jim Lehrer NewsHour.

I was left back in 7th grade and am dyslexic.  I was the Creative Director of Rosenfeld Sirowitz and Lawson and have a commercial in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.


MBA&M: What inspired you to write ” The Book of Lost Fragrances”?


About three years ago I was reading a book about Cleopatra (69 BCE to 30BCE), who was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, and found out she was fascinated with and some say obsessed by scent. Marc Anthony built her a fragrance factory where he planted now extinct flora and fauna including groves of balsam trees  (important in the creation of perfume at the time) confiscated from Herod.

In the 1980s a team of Italian and Israeli archaeologists believe they unearthed the factory at the south end of the Dead Sea, 30 km from Ein Gedi. Residues of ancient perfumes along with seats where customers received beauty treatments were found there.

Cleopatra was said to have kept a recipe book for her perfumes, entitled Cleopatra gynaeciarum libri. The book has been described in writings by historians Dioscorides, Homer and Pliny the Elder. No known copy of the book exists today.

When I read about that book, I knew I had the idea for a new novel.


MBA&M: What research and challenges where there in writing this title?


The book takes place in Paris in the present and during the French revolution. Also we travel back to Ancient Egypt during Cleopatra’s time. I love doing research and find it enormously exciting and creatively challenging to write about other those eras. I love getting out of my own head and my own time. But having to do so much research for one title was a bit daunting.



MBA&M: Which character in “The Book Of Lost Fragrances” do you  identify with most?Why?


I’m not sure there’s one I relate to the most – but there’s one I have a soft spot for – Robbie L’Etoile – the main character’s brother.

 The hardest was the main character Jac L’Etoile. I usually find the main character the most difficult. They’re always the most elusive – playing hide and seek with me it seems.


MBA&M: What is something that scares the “heck” out of you and why?


Someone I love being seriously ill… and I guess for pretty obvious reasons.

MBA&M: What is the first book you remember reading and what genre do you enjoy reading?

The Secret Garden and I was enchanted. I like reading historical fiction, historical suspense and historical suspense with a paranormal element.

MBA&M: Do you get lost in a book rather

reading,or writing said book?

Both equally.

MBA&M: How did the characters present themselves to you,all at once,in increments,or as you wrote their story?


Some all at once – some in increments.

MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where “The Book of Lost Fragrances” is available?

You can find out everything at


And yes, I’d like to tell you about the fragrance created for the book.


                           M.J. is there anything else you would like to add today?


And yes, I’d like to tell you about the fragrance created for the book.

While writing THE BOOK OF LOST FRAGRANCES, to keep in the world of scent, I burned candles. When I was finished, I searched out the perfumer who’d created the candles that had inspired me the most, Frederick Bouchardy owner of Joya Studios, and gave him a copy of the manuscript as a thank you.

Bouchardy was instantly intrigued by the book—first, as a reader, he said he was taken with the mystery and romance of the story.  In my tale, scent plays a strong role as it pertains to memory. Bouchardy, who creates using oils and other classic ingredients, said this notion spoke to him as a designer and producer of fragrances, and thus the idea to create this beautiful fragrance was born.

When he told me he was going to create his version of that scent I started to cry. He asked me what I’d like to name it.

The ancient fictional fragrance at the heart of the novel is called Âmes Sœurs, which means “Soul Mates” in French.  That’s what I suggested and indeed what Bouchardy named his version: Âmes Sœurs, The Scent of Soul Mates.

I can’t imagine what it will be like this May when it goes on sale at Henri Bendel in NYC and at– amazing!

What a great pleasure to have you visit with  us and our readers today! Thank you!!




  • Hardcover:384 pages
  • Publisher:Atria Books (March 13, 2012)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1451621302
  • ISBN-13: 978-1451621303

Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: March 13, 2012
A sweeping and suspenseful tale of secrets, intrigue, and lovers separated by time, all connected through the mystical qualities of a perfume created in the days of Cleopatra–and lost for 2,000 years.
    Jac L’Etoile has always been haunted by the past, her memories infused with the exotic scents that she grew up surrounded by as the heir to a storied French perfume company. In order to flee the pain of those remembrances–and of her mother’s suicide–she moved to America. Now, fourteen years later she and her brother have inherited the company along with it’s financial problems. But when Robbie hints at an earth-shattering discovery in the family archives and then suddenly goes missing–leaving a dead body in his wake–Jac is plunged into a world she thought she’d left behind. Back in Paris to investigate her brother’s disappearance, Jac becomes haunted by the legend the House of L’Etoile has been espousing since 1799. Is there a scent that can unlock the mystery of reincarnation – or is it just another dream infused perfume? The Book of Lost Fragrances fuses history, passion, and suspense, moving from Cleopatra’s Egypt and the terrors of revolutionary France to Tibet’s battle with China and the glamour of modern-day Paris. Jac’s quest for the ancient perfume someone is willing to kill for becomes the key to understanding her own troubled past.

Available at:


Barnes & Noble



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*from the author’s website*

the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen novels  written across multiple sub-genres — contemporary, fantasy, historical, futuristic, science fiction, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy — under multiple pen names: three! A wife and mother of two, she is a former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army MilitaryIntelligence.

Sylvia is a lifelong California resident who loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her to Japan, Holland, Germany, France, Mexico, Jamaica, and all over the United States. Born in Los Angeles, she grew up in Orange County (the O.C.), and later lived in Monterey, Oceanside, and the Temecula Valley.

She is a Japanese-American who enjoys the many Japanese cultural events in Southern California as well as frequent family jaunts to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Sea World. Her childhood career aspirations were few — become a dolphin trainer at Sea World or a bestselling novelist. Obviously, the dolphin trainer career took a back seat.

A year after she first sat down at the keyboard, Sylvia sold her  first book to Kensington Brava and three years later — to the day — she sold her 15-17th single title books. In addition to her novels, she’s written numerous novellas and short stories for both print and digital-first release. Sylvia’s work has been called an “exhilarating adventure” by Publishers Weekly and “wickedly entertaining” by Booklist. Her stories have been translated into Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Czech, Italian, French, Greek, and Thai. She’s been honored with the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice award, the EPPIE award, and the National Readers’ Choice Award, as well as multiple nominations for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA® Award of Excellence.

Sylvia travels extensively in conjunction with various speaking engagements. In addition to presenting workshops before writing groups around the country, she is a frequent panelist at events such as the RT Book Lovers Convention, Romance Writers of America’s National  Convention, and Comic-Con.




Reading level:Ages 18 and up

Paperback:352 pages

Publisher:Berkley Trade (June 12, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-0425263907


Book Description(from Amazon)

Publication Date: June 12, 2012 | Series: A Crossfire Novel
“If I were to recommend any book today to readers who enjoyed 50 Shades…this would be the first one I would offer….scorching love scenes.”–Dear Author
Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness…
He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I’d never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily…
Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other’s most private worlds…and desires.
The bonds of his love transformed me, even as I prayed that the torment of our pasts didn’t tear us apart…
 Available in Trade Paperback

Available in digital format

Available in audio format


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MBA&M: Good morning Heather and welcome to My Book Addiction and More!


Good morning! I’m happy to be here and chat with you.


MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about Heather Barbieri?


HEATHER: I was born in the Pacific Northwest, daughter of a judge (who unlike the husband in Cottage, is scandal-free) and a stay-at-home mother who sang opera and loved to read—which she passed on to me. I grew up at a time when children were allowed a great deal of freedom, and opportunity for developing creativity (sometimes too much—as when a friend and I mixed the chemicals in my dad’s workshop together, trying to make rocks; fortunately the house is still standing to this day). After an early stint as a journalist, I married and began raising a family and writing fiction, eventually publishing Snow in July, The Lace Makers of Glenmara, and now The Cottage at Glass Beach.


MBA&M: What made you decide to write “The Cottage at Glass Beach”?


HEATHER: I’d been interested in exploring the selkie (seal wife) myth in a modern context (as it turns out, selkies can be male too), but it wasn’t until the sudden loss of my mother that the book began to take shape, unlocking my subconscious in ways I didn’t expect, and casting new light on the struggles—and unique gifts—such experiences can offer us. During the course of the novel, the main character, Nora, navigates the disintegration of her marriage and the mystery surrounding early disappearance of her mother, and in so doing, learns deep truths about herself.


MBA&M: What where some of the challenges in writing “The Cottage at Glass Beach”?


HEATHER:Going through the grieving process while meeting a deadline—and having three teen/young adult kids home for the summer.


MBA&M: Why did you choose New England for the setting for “The Cottage At Glass Beach”?


HEATHER: The book dictated its setting, a place on the Atlantic seaboard with rich cultural and personal associations. (My paternal ancestors lived in the East before moving to Montana.)


MBA&M: Do you feel this title is more complex than your other titles? If so,why?


HEATHER: I view writing as an apprenticeship—as is life itself—so my hope would be that each book I write demonstrates artistic growth.


MBA&M: Can you tell our readers in a brief statement the story behind “The Cottage At Glass Beach”?


HEATHER: The novel is a story of loss and personal empowerment, in a certain sense (though not literally), mirroring my own journey as a writer and daughter that summer. It poses the question: what does it mean to be a wife, a daughter, a mother, a woman in today’s world?




MBA&M: Where can readers find “The Cottage At Glass Beach” and where can they find you?


HEATHER: The novel is available from various local booksellers, online retailers, and libraries. Readers can get in touch with me through my website,, or visit me on facebook.



MBA&M: Is there anything else you’d like to add?


Just a heartfelt “thank you,” both to readers, and to you!

Thank you for visiting with us and our readers today!


The Cottage at Glass Beach byHeather Barbieri

Hardcover:320 pages

Publisher:Harper (May 15, 2012)



ISBN-13: 978-0062107961

*from the author’s website*

 Married to the youngest attorney general in Massachusetts state history, Nora Cunningham is a picture-perfect political wife and a doting mother. But her carefully constructed life falls to pieces when she, along with the rest of the world, learns of the infidelity of her husband, Malcolm. Humiliated and hounded by the press, Nora packs up her daughters—Annie, seven; and Ella, twelve—and takes refuge on Burke’s Island, a craggy spit of land off the coast of Maine. Settled by Irish immigrants, the island is a place where superstition and magic are carried on the ocean winds, and wishes and dreams wash ashore with the changing tides.


Nora spent her first five years on the island but has not been back to the remote community for decades— not since that long ago summer when her mother disappeared at sea. One night while sitting alone on Glass Beach below the cottage where she spent her childhood, Nora succumbs to grief, her tears flowing into the ocean. Days later she finds an enigmatic fisherman named Owen Kavanagh shipwrecked on the rocks nearby. Is he, as her aunt’s friend Polly suggests, a selkie—a mythical being of island legend—summoned by her heartbreak, or simply someone who, like Nora, is trying to find his way in the wake of his own personal struggles? Just as she begins to regain her balance, her daughters embark on a reckless odyssey of their own—a journey that will force Nora to find the courage to chart her own course and finally face the truth about her marriage, her mother, and her long-buried past.

 Available at:




Barnes and Noble



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