A New App from Avon……The Avon Social Reader


Thought I’d share this. I just copied it from an email so please take note this is straight from Avon. Thoughts?

The Avon Social Reader

New App integrates with Facebook to allow advance excerpts, sharing, and DRM-free purchasing


New York, NY – October 16, 2012 –Around the world, women are reading in new ways, often online or on a device, and sharing what they read via social media outlets. In many cases, Facebook has become a key part of the equation. Consumers are spending hours each day browsing the latest headlines while interacting with their friends, families and acquaintances through the platform.  Now, leading romance publisher Avon Books is piloting a free Facebook app, AvonSocialReader.com, which will give readers the chance to read excerpts from Avon’s latest books, share their favorites with friends, and discover new content based on what their friends are reading.  Up to 20 percent of each book will be available to read, and once a book is browsed in the app, a person can choose to have that book show up in their News Feed or timeline for friends to see. There will also be clickable buy links to DRM-free editions of the selected Avon books from allromanceebooks.com.  Consumers can also choose to purchase DRM-enabled versions of the books at other online retailers.

A recent online consumer survey indicated that romance readers are highly active in the digital arena, purchasing e-books and sharing information via social channels.  Many of the respondents pointed to Facebook as being the center point of their social/digital sharing world.  “Many are using apps to share the news stories that they are reading online instantly with their friends,” says Liate Stehlik, Senior Vice President and Publisher of William Morrow and Avon Books.  “The recent word-of-mouth phenomenon surrounding Fifty Shades of Gray confirms that women are talking about the books they are reading in equal measure.  Thus, Avon worked to create a simple way for friends to connect on Facebook over the books they are most passionate about.”


She continues, “The Avon Social Reader is a fun, user-friendly way for readers to sample an interesting mix of excerpts posted to this Facebook app every month, and then virally spread the news about what they are reading via social media.”


Partnering with allromanceebooks.com allows Avon, for the first time, to offer a DRM-free option to their authors and readers, “a publishing capability many of them had asked us to pursue,” Stehlik says.  The files can be delivered as secure Adobe ePub -book editions.  Bestselling author Tessa Dare expresses her excitement, saying, “I know that DRM can be a frustration for honest, paying readers who just want to purchase and read books on their preferred devices.  Avon’s experiment will help me reach a new segment of the digital readership.”  New York Times bestseller Cathy Maxwell says, “I’m excited that readers will now have a new way to get the inside scoop on our books – and what a great, easy way to share with all of their friends on Facebook!”

The Avon Social Reader is intuitive and easy to use.  Fully integrated within Facebook Platform, the app enables readers to flip from status updates to a book excerpt that a friend is reading with one quick click. The more they use the app and interact, the better it gets!

The Avon Social Reader will be launched out via Facebook today, with excerpts and buy links for the following titles:



·        A Blood Seduction: A Vamp City Novel  by Pamela Palmer

·        A Lady by Midnight by Tessa Dare

·        A Night Like This by Julia Quinn

·        A Scandalous Scot by Karen Ranney

·        A Warrior’s Promise by Donna Fletcher

·        A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare

·        After the Abduction by Sabrina Jeffries

·        Chosen: A Dark Breed Novel by Sable Grace

·        Confessions from an Arranged Marriage by Miranda Neville

·        Darkness Becomes Her by Jaime Rush

·        Dark Desire by Christine Feehan

·        How to Be a Proper Lady: A Falcon Club Novel by Katharine Ashe

·        Lady Alexandra’s Excellent Adventure: A Summersby Tale by Sophie Barnes

·        Last Vamp Standing by Kristin Miller

·        Lyon’s Bride: The Chattan Curse by Cathy Maxwell

·        Mating Season: A Cabin Fever Novella by Alice Gaines

·        Nine Lives of an Urban Panther by Amanda Arista

·        Once Burned: A Night Prince Novel by Jeaniene Frost

·        Perilous Pleasures by Jenny Brown

·        Sins of a Virgin by Anna Randol

·        Skies of Fire: The Ether Chronicles by Zoe Archer

·        Tarnished: The St. Croix Chronicles by Karina Cooper

·        The Art of Duke Hunting by Sophia Nash

·        The Way to a Duke’s Heart: The Truth About the Duke by Caroline Linden

·        Under a Vampire Moon: An Argeneau Novel by Lynsay Sands

·        Wanted: Undead or Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks

·        When Dreams Come True by Cathy Maxwell

·        Wicked Road to Hell: A League of Guardians Novel by Juliana Stone

·        Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth


Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.


More information about The Avon Social Reader is available online at Avon’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/avonromance or via the direct link, www.AvonSocialReader.com.


About HarperCollins Publishers HarperCollins, one of the largest English-language publishers in the world, is a subsidiary of News Corporation (NYSE: NWS, NWS.A; ASX: NWS, NWSLV). Headquartered in New York, HarperCollins has publishing groups around the world including the HarperCollins General Books Group, HarperCollins Children’s Books Group, Zondervan, HarperCollins UK, HarperCollins Canada, HarperCollins Australia/New Zealand and HarperCollins India. HarperCollins is a broad-based publisher with strengths in literary and commercial fiction, business books, children’s books, cookbooks, mystery, romance, reference, religious and spiritual books. With nearly 200 years of history HarperCollins has published some of the world’s foremost authors and has won numerous awards including the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, the Newbery Medal and the Caldecott. Consistently at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement, HarperCollins is the first publisher to digitize its content and create a global digital warehouse to protect the rights of its authors, meet consumer demand and generate additional business opportunities. You can visit HarperCollins Publishers on the Internet at http://www.harpercollins.com.




A visit and #Giveaway with author Christa McHugh

Today we at MBA are honored and proud to welcome author Christa McHugh. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy. Giveaway at the end.


MBA: Tell our readers a little about you? Your likes and dislikes?

Christa: I’m doctor during the day, a mom of two young kids, and a writer who can’t keep the characters out of my mind. Likes include football, rainy afternoons, and indulgent chocolate. Dislikes include beets, hot humid days, and TSTL characters in books.

MBA:  What made you decide to write the genre you write? Why?

Christa: I’ve always been fascinated with magic and the idea of “what if”. I also love the epic scope of larger than life heroes, strange lands and creatures, and the ultimate battle between good and evil.

MBA:  In your own words tell our readers a little about “your current release”?

Christa: Tangled Web is a story about an assassin who gets too close to her target and begins to question her assignment. It’s a bit of Stargate meets Ancient Rome meets Game of Thrones (with a touch of 50 Shades thrown in)

MBA: Where did you get the idea for this story?

Christa: I was flipping the channel from Stargate to a documentary on the emperors of Rome and thought that would be a cool twist to replace the Ancient Egyptian world with Ancient Rome.

MBA: What was or is the greatest roadblock in writing and how did you overcome it?

Christa: I always dread the middle of a book. I know how I want to start, and I know how I want to finish, but it’s the journey from point A to point B that’s always a challenge. I want to show how the characters change and move the story along without leaving readers bored or confused.

MBA: What is on the horizon for you?

Christa: I’ll be writing the last book in my Soulbearer Trilogy next. After that, I have a few plot bunnies I’ve been dying to tackle.

MBA: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Christa: Hopefully, doing the same thing, but perhaps to the point where I’ll be able to write full time (although I still love taking care of my patients)

MBA: Can you give our readers a few tidbits about your next project?

Christa: My next release is A Soul For Chaos in December. It’s the second book in the Soulbearer Trilogy and continues where A Soul For Trouble left off.

MBA: Do you feel any deep connections to your characters? Why?

Christa: I tend to write about characters who are outsiders and feel like they don’t fit in. Isolation can either tear someone down or make them stronger with a better sense of themselves. But ultimately, they have to come in contact with the rest of the world, and that challenges them to grow even more as well as shows the world that one person – no matter how “odd” – can make a huge difference.

MBA: What advice do you have for those who’d like to write but don’t know where to start?

Christa: Read everything you can get your hands on. Then, start to analyze what you liked or didn’t like. Once you have an idea of what makes or breaks a story, then you have a better idea of how to apply that to the plot bunny you’ve been dying to write.

MBA:  Back to your current release, who was your favorite character to write in this story? Why?

Christa: I loved writing Azurha. She’s strong, slightly cynical, and has these moments of wry humor that always took me by surprise.

MBA: Who was your least favorite or hardest character to write? Why?

Christa: Titus. I tend to write “beta” heroes, and I had to work on making him strong when he is a man of thought rather than action. Finding the balance was tough.

MBA: If you could change one thing in your writing career what would it be?

Christa: That I wouldn’t have waited so long to self-publish my fantasy stuff that didn’t fit nicely into a neat niche.

MBA: Where can our readers find you?

Christa: My webpage (www.cristamchugh.com) has links to my current books, upcoming projects, excerpts, free reads, and more, as well as links to my Twitter and Facebook pages.



Christa McHugh

Available in print at Barnes and Noble, Chapters/Indigo, Books-A-Million, Book Depository, IndieBound, and Amazon

Ebook Version available October 16, 2012

From the Back Cover

The deadliest assassin in the empire just got too close to her target…

Azurha, a former slave turned deadliest assassin in the empire, has just been offered the ultimate challenge—seduce, then murder the new Emperor. But Titus is not the tyrant his forefathers were, and his radical ideas might be the glimmer of hope the empire needs.

Titus Sergius Flavus has yet to master the powerful magic of his ancestors—magic he must wield if he’s to protect his people—but his father’s death has left him no choice. Rule the Deizian Empire and attempt to right his ancestors’ wrongs, or watch her fall to his greedy kin.

More than just Titus’ ideas hold Azurha captive. Night after night, he awakens desires she thought lost, and uncovers the magic of her hidden lineage. As her deadline approaches, Azurha is forced to make an impossible decision—complete her job and kill the man she loves, or fail and forfeit both their lives.

About the Author

Growing up in small town Alabama, Crista McHugh relied on storytelling as a natural way for her to pass the time and keep her two younger sisters entertained. Of course, that also means she’s inclined to suffer some of the same maladies that plague many southern writers like overuse of simile and metaphor, exaggeration, melodramatic writing style, and the ever-popular long-winded sentence.

She currently lives in the Audi-filled suburbs of Seattle with her husband and daughter, maintaining her alter ego of mild-mannered physician by day while she continues to pursue writing on nights and weekends.

Just for laughs, here are some of the jobs she’s had in the past to pay the bills: barista, bartender, sommelier, stagehand, actress, morgue attendant, and autopsy assistant.

And she’s also a recovering LARPer. (She blames it on her crazy college days)


*Giveaway Alert*

We are honored to offer a copy of Christa McHugh’s TANGLED WEB in ebook format to one lucky commenter. Just tell us what you think is most appealing, the cover or the blurb?

Good Luck. Giveaway is open to those who can receive a gift copy via Amazon. Givaway runs from today Oct 15th until Oct 19th, 2012.

Good Luck!


An interview with Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar and a #giveaway

Please enjoy this interview with Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar, author of the heart-breaking multicultural romance, Love Comes Later. Then read on to learn how you can win huge prizes as part of this blog tour, including a Kindle Fire, $550 in Amazon gift cards, 5 autographed copies of Love Comes Later, and 5 copies of its companion, From Dunes to Dior.


1. Love Comes Later tells the story of Abdulla’s arranged marriage to his cousin Hind. Neither is excited about the prospect—Abdulla because he is still recovering from the untimely death of his former wife and unborn child; Hind because she is a thoroughly modern girl who does not appreciate the prospect of being anyone’s second option. How did the inspiration for this story surface, particularly for the characters of Abdulla and Hind?

In conversations with people in Qatar, expat or Qatari, the subject of love inevitably came up. For women, the main issue involved the small pool of people they felt they had to choose from. My surprise and revelation came, however, when my male friends expressed similar sentiments. We often think men have all the power in male-dominated societies but from these discussions I began to realize how society limits both male and female aspirations with universal social expectations like marriage. The story began to form there: what would make a man unlikely to marry? And why? What would he do in order to keep his freedom?

2. You met your husband in Qatar although you are both American-raised and come from Asian heritage (you South Indian, and your husband of Laotian descent). How did the two of you meet? This sounds like such a magical love story!

We met at work, believe it or not, and at first the entire possibility of forging a lasting bond with someone I’d just met seemed as foreign to me as the desert landscape outside. I had my mind set on my career and wasn’t looking for a relationship; people were throwing dire warnings my way not to take anything starting overseas very seriously. But over time, I was impressed by the strength of my husband’s character and realized, despite the naysayers, I had never met anyone else like him. The desert is a great place to find out what someone is really about because you can’t rely on the busyness of life at home–work, family, friends–to hide behind. It’s just you, in a foreign setting, and that can be like a pressure cooker for most expats. What’s inside eventually comes out. Lucky for me, I listened to my gut, and six years of marriage later, I’m more and more grateful.

3. In Love Comes Later, how do the characters of Hind, Fatima, and Luluwa embody the modern Qatari (or Arab) woman?

They’re each their own personalities and have characteristics of different parts of Qatari society. Each of them occupies a space that demonstrates the changes in society as increasingly Qatar become open to the rest of the world. While Fatima was live, she was probably the most conservative of the three, which makes sense because she is also the oldest. She wanted to get married, and though she had a job outside the home, was much more excited about the birth of her first child. Hind has been allowed to study abroad without a family member, and during the story that causes her to become increasingly liberal-minded. Luluwa is very young at the time of this story, and she represents those in the next generation, who have even more choices facing them about tradition and society.

The Arabian Gulf is different from the Middle East, partly because of the oil revenues that drive the economy, but also because of the gender segregation that is very visible and preserved by the local community. While the female characters may have a lot in common with other Muslim women from the Arab world in terms of personal aspirations, their circumstances and context are unique to Qatar.

4. Based on your experiences, what is the one thing you believe Westerners would be the most surprised to learn about the city of Doha?

You can make relationships here that will last for a lifetime a lot more easily than you can at home. Part of the reason is that we are all in the same boat–expats and locals alike–everyone is searching for ways to make contribute to the rapid growth and development of the nation so that means you are engaged in meaningful work. Most people here are interested in cultural exchange and open about the world in general around them. This, plus the fact that the country is such a melting pot means that you and your children (if you have any) are more likely to have friends of different faiths and nationalities than many other places in the world.

5. What made you decide to relocate to Doha in particular, and what has motivated you to stay for so long (7 years)? Do you plan to move back to the U.S. one day, or might you set-up your permanent homestead in Qatar?

I don’t know of anywhere else that is investing as much in education as the Arabian Gulf at the present moment in time. I came to work at an American university, took some time to consult at the national university, and then worked for a newly established publishing company. They were all fairly big name organizations in their own right and the ability to contribute significantly on the programmatic level as I’ve done at a fairly young age would be difficult to replicate anywhere else.

Sorry, my academic side took over for a second! I am a scholar and this is a wonderful place to have the resources–perhaps most importantly time–to work on research and writing. And because I am a writer, I can’t remember another place I’ve lived that has so inspired me with subject matter–unless it was inside my own head as a teenage immigrant.

We agree in our house that we’ll stay as long as we’re having fun. And that doesn’t seem likely to change any time soon.

6. In your memoir From Dunes to Dior, you note that your American upbringing combined with your South Indian heritage, doctoral education, and femininity mean you’re a rather unique mixture of social identities in Qatar. How hard is it for you to reconcile all these sides of yourself while trying to fit in to this new society and take pride in all that makes you you?

Depends on the context; when I’m in traffic, it’s not unusual for me to return stares from men elbowing each other to have a look at me driving while they’re sitting in buses going back to their accommodation. In the classroom some students are taken aback for the first few sessions but eventually I grow on them. In instances where I have one on one interaction–or people hear my Western accent–I don’t have that much difficulty. It’s when I’m in places where judgments are made by skin color–the mall or first time meetings–that I have slightly more difficulty but in general these smooth out over time.

7. You’ve published six ebooks within the space of a year. How on earth do you manage to be so productive? Do you plan to keep this pace up, or are you just sprinting to get started?

I had the luxury of a backlist of manuscripts that had been politely declined by a number of agents over the years. Each time I stalled, I would go on and write another. I decided to give all of them a home on e-readers as a way of reaching readers. I have two more to go as part of the original list of 8. And of course there are ideas for new stories that keep coming up–even the possibilities of two more books with characters from Love Comes Later–but I think I’ll take a more relaxed approach after December!

8. You chose to pursue indie publishing even though your PhD in English Literature would make you a prime candidate for the traditional publishing model? Why indie, and if given the choice to do it all over again, would you still choose this path?

I came to indie publishing because I put a lot of time and effort into my academic books and no one–not even my mother–ever read them. That’s a long time for them to just waste away in the library. I kept hearing the indie drumbeat at conferences I attended and decided these manuscripts that weren’t being picked up didn’t need to be rejected 60 times in order to make it into the hands of readers. I don’t regret going indie. I wish I had done it sooner in the sense that it would have been fun to work on a single book, release it, and then start another book, instead of this wild and creative space I’m in right now where I’m revising one book, researching for another, and promoting others.

9. As a writer, what is the message you are trying to get out to the world? Who are you trying to reach, and what do you want to tell them? Are your books more entertainment/ informational driven, or is there a deeper resonance you are trying to achieve?

I want to take readers to places they’d like to go but can’t physically get to because of time or financial considerations. A book is the oldest form of technology we have, and though we’ve put them on tablets and found ways to make them enticing through video or graphics, we haven’t actually changed what a book does which is transport us to worlds other than our own. I want my stories to capture the essence and wonder of storytelling for the reader who will enter a world unfamiliar and yet see something of him/herself in the characters, dilemmas, and settings.

10. What can readers expect next from MohaDoha?

I am working on other titles… the very next one is a coming of age story, set in the U.S., told from the perspective of a young female protagonist, Sita, who we’ll root for to grow up into an empowered woman despite those who have other plans for her life.

I love interacting with readers. The more feedback I get, the better content I feel that I create. So the door is open–tell me what you loved or what was confusing–and I’ll keep you posted on the release date for An Unlikely Goddess!


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To win the prizes:

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About Love Comes Later:  What if pursuing your happiness also meant your best friend’s disgrace? In Love Comes Later Sangita, Abdulla and Hind must chose between loyalty and love, traditional values and a future they each long to explore. Get it on Amazon.

About From Dunes to Dior I moved East, back towards my roots, only to discover how much of the West I brought with me. From Dunes to Dior is the story of my life as an expat South Asian woman in the heart of the Middle East. Get it on Amazon.

About the Author: Six eBooks ago, Mohana joined the e-book revolution and now she dreams in plot lines. Visit Mohana on her websiteTwitterFacebook, or GoodReads.





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Linking up the Past and a #Giveaway with author Marguerite Kaye

Today we are honored to welcome author Marguerite Kaye.

Linking up the Past and a Giveaway

Thank you so much for inviting me onto My Book Addiction, it’s great to be here. There are many things I love about writing historical romances, but I wanted to discuss making connections with the past. In this case, my own past. I love to incorporate real places into my stories, to establish a connection between my characters and me.  I sometimes share this with readers, for example when I have my characters stay in a stately home I know well (Inverary Castle, just an hour away from my home, is the setting for my current Christmas release, An Invitation to Pleasure). But sometimes it’s a secret, a little bit of insider information just to make me, or someone who knows me really well, smile.

One of my favourite ploys is to give my heroes titles from local place names. I live in Argyll in Scotland, which is known as the gateway to the Highlands, and if you look at a map, you’d quickly realise that I’ve borrowed scores of names from the area. I also like a little joke, so one character in my novella Spellbound and Seduced, is called Lachlan McSween, after a well-known Scottish brand of haggis! I’ve named lochs after my sisters, witches after my aunts and a fey wife after my cousin. The Gaelic name of the hero’s fishing boat in The Highlander’s Redemption came from the boat built by a Highland cousin of my mother’s, and the description in another story, The Highlander and the Sea Siren, of the boatshed, with its evocative smell of tar and wood shavings, came straight from my mother’s childhood memories.

More subversively, I confess to using (adulterated) names of personal bête noire for my baddies. I know, it’s a terrible thing to admit, but let me tell you, it feels good when you have the alter ego of the boss who gave you a terrible appraisal die in a coach accident, the guy who once told you that your jeans were too tight fatally wounded in a sword fight, or the teacher who told you not to talk so much spurned at an Almack’s ball. It’s like that trick, when you write the name of your enemy down on a bit of paper and lock it away, only much more effective.

My current release, The Lady Who Broke the Rules, is part of the Castonbury Park series of eight linked books written by eight different Harlequin Historical authors. It’s a Regency ‘upstairs/downstairs’ (or Downton Abbey, to use a more topical example), with each of the stories featuring one of the aristocratic Montague family members, and all of them telling a very scandalous tale of love between the classes. In my story, the heroine is Lady Katherine Montague, the daughter of the house, and the hero is Virgil Jackson, a freed African slave. As you can imagine, such an outrageous combination makes sure that the path of true love is a very rocky one indeed.

There are lots of personal connections embedded in The Lady Who Broke the Rules. Virgil visits the city of Glasgow, where I attended university and lived for many years. The descriptions of the Merchant City, of Robert Adam’s fabulous Trade’s House, and the atmospheric Merchant’s Graveyard are all gleaned from my own first-hand experience. Virgil meets Kate at a party hosted by Josiah Wedgwood, the abolitionist son of the Josiah Wedgwood who founded the Etruria pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, and cast the famous anti-slavery medallion (Am I not a Man, and a Brother?). I visited Stoke-on-Trent regularly for work, and first came across a copy of the medallion in the hotel I stayed in. The description of Kate and Virgil’s drive across Derbyshire reflects the many journeys I made across the beautiful Peak District back then. And most personally of all, there’s the series bad guy. He features in several of the books, but I named him for my Nemesis in primary school, a red-haired pesky boy who made my break-times miserable. His crimes were so heinous I regret to say I can’t actually recall them, though I suspect they included pushing me out of the way in the dinner queue. Dr Johnson knew what he was talking about when he said that revenge was a dish best served cold!

I hope sharing some of my in-jokes has made you smile. And just to whet your appetite for Castonbury Park, I have a print copy of The Lady Who Broke the Rules to give away to one commentator. Just tell me which character from your past would you happily see meet a gruesome fictional fate.

Thank you for having me, it’s been a pleasure to visit.

Links and Info

You can find out more about me and my books on my website, www.margueritekaye.com, or join me for a chat on Facebook (www.facebook.com/margueritekayepage) or Twitter (@margueritekaye)

The Lady Who Broke the Rules is out now, print and digital in the UK, digital only in US and Canada, though it will be released in print as a duo in December.

‘Your rebellion has not gone unnoticed…’ Anticipating her wedding vows and then breaking off the engagement has left Kate Montague’s social status in tatters. She hides her hurt at her family’s disapproval behind a resolutely optimistic facade, but one thing really grates…For a fallen woman, she knows shockingly little about passion! Could Virgil Jackson be the man to teach her? A freed slave turned successful businessman, his striking good looks and lethally restrained power throw normally composed Kate into a tailspin! She’s already scandalised society, but succumbing to her craving for Virgil would be the most outrageous thing Kate’s done by far…

Buy the Book

The Lady Who Broke the Rules

Mills&Boon  Harlequin  Amazon (UK)  Amazon (.com)  Barnes+Noble  The Book Depository

An Invitation to Pleasure, my seasonal Scottish short story, is also out now on digital, from Harlequin Historical Undone!

December 1818, Scottish Highlands. Susanna Hunter once ignored Captain Fergus Lamont’s warnings not marry a fortune hunter –a decision she lived to regret. Three years later and since widowed, she’s surprised by his unexpected invitation to spend Christmas with him in the Highlands. But even more shocking is Fergus’s new proposition: that she pretend to be his fiancée, with all the accompanying pleasures….


Buy the Book

  Harlequin  Amazon (.com)  Barnes+Noble


Thank you to Marguerite for visiting with us today. It’s been fun! Don’t forget to answer Marguerite’s question for your chance to win!






An interview with author Nina Croft and Giveaway

Today we are honored to welcome author Nina Croft to My Book Addiction and More!

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy!




MBA: Tell our readers a little about you? Your likes and dislikes?


Nina: I’m Nina Croft, I’m English though I now live in Spain. Once, in a long ago life, I was an accountant, now I’m a writer and loving it. I like the sun, and my husband, and animals and reading and writing and red wine (and lots of other things!) I dislike the cold, and flying, and injustice.


MBA: What made you decide to write the genre you write? Why?


NC: Actually, I write in a whole load of genres, paranormal, sci-fi, contemporary, but I guess they are all romance of some kind. And I think I probably headed to romance writing because I love a “happily ever after” ending.


MBA: In your own words tell our readers a little about “your current release”(we’ll add the title and a link to the book)?


NC: Break Out is book one in my Blood Hunter Series. It’s a combination of sci-fi and paranormal romance. The series follows the adventures, romantic and otherwise, of the crew of the space cruiser, El Cazador de la Sangre (or The Blood Hunter). Book one is the story of Ricardo Sanchez the pilot of El Cazador. He just also happens to be a vampire. Rico loves two things in life, beautiful women, and impossible jobs. He gets both these things in the shape of Skylar Rossario, who employs the crew to break her brother out of a maximum security prison. But Skylar is more than just a beautiful woman…



MBA: Where did you get the idea for this story?


NC: Actually, I’d been watching the TV series Firefly (which I love) and decided I wanted to write a space opera. But I also love all things paranormal and so when the pilot turned out to be a vampire, I thought why not. Because really, if vampires exist now (and of course they do) and they are immortal (which they are), it stands to reason that they will exist in the future. The more I thought about it, the more I loved the combination.


MBA: What was or is the greatest roadblock in writing and how did you overcome it?


NC: I actually started writing when I worked as a volunteer in Africa in my twenties. We were living in a remote village on the edge of Lake Kariba, with no TV, no internet, and a very restricted supply of books. I started writing as a means of entertaining myself. But when I got back to “real” life, I found it was hard to fit in with everything else going on (and I am still wildly impressed by writers who manage a home and a family and a full time job and still write) and writing got put aside. But I wanted to write, and in the end, we made the decision to have a total life change. We gave up our jobs and bought a small almond farm in the mountains in Spain where I now read, write, and even pick the occasional almond. I have very little money but loads of time to write – and I’m happy!


MBA: What is on the horizon for you?


NC: Lots of things. I have a number of books coming out in 2013 with my fabulous publisher Entangled. Including books 2 and 3 in the Blood Hunter series. Also a thriller, a contemporary romance, and a couple of paranormal romances. It’s going to be a busy year.


MBA: Can you give our readers a few tidbits about your next project?


NC: I’m just finishing edits on my second contemporary romance. After that I will be working on the third book in a paranormal romance series (Book one, Bittersweet Blood, comes out in December this year). I can’t tell you anymore because I haven’t decided just which of the characters out of book 2 I’m going to write about next.


MBA: What advice do you have for those who’d like to write but don’t know where to start?


NC: Just write. Write the sort of things you love to read. Once you’ve proved you can get the words down, then start learning your craft. Do some courses, read some ‘how to write’ books, join a writing club. But most of all—just write.


MBA: Back to your current release, who was your favorite character to write in this story? Why?


NC: Rico – space pirate and vampire. Rico was one of those characters who turned up fully formed and just about took over the writing. I never struggle to get the words down when Rico is in a scene.


MBA: If you could look into the future and see things what would you hope would be the biggest change in our world?


NC: Aliens. Proof that there is other life in the universe and we are not alone.


MBA: What’s your favorite movie? Why?


NC: Terminator or Dirty Dancing. Terminator because I just love the whole time travel plot. Dirty dancing because I love the music, and the dancing and I can (and do) watch it over and over again.


MBA: What does a day in your life look like?


NC: Well, usually I get up when the sun rises, because that’s when everyone else wakes up and starts suggesting that it’s time for a walk (the dogs) or it’s time for breakfast (the pig). So I feed the pig and the cat and I take the dogs for a walk. Then I’ll have a cup of tea and check emails. Then I’ll go feed the horse and the goats and the chickens, maybe go for a ride (did I mention I like animals!) Then I write… obviously interspersed with more walking and feeding…


MBA: If you could change one thing in your writing career what would it be?


NC: I’d sell more!


MBA: Where can our readers find you?







Break Out – Blurb

The year is 3048, Earth is no longer habitable, and man has fled to the stars where they’ve discovered the secret of immortality—Meridian. Unfortunately, the radioactive mineral is exorbitantly expensive and only available to a select few. A new class comprised of the super rich and immortal soon evolves. The Collective, as they’re called, rule the universe.
Two-thousand-year-old Ricardo Sanchez, vampire and rogue pilot of the space cruiser, El Cazador, can’t resist two things: gorgeous women and impossible jobs. When beautiful Skylar Rossaria approaches him to break a prisoner out of the Collective’s maximum security prison on Trakis One, Rico jumps at the chance. Being hunted by the Collective has never been so dangerous–or so fun!

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Barnes and Noble


Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as a volunteer in Zambia, which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of 9-5 work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.

Nina writes all types of romance often mixed with elements of the paranormal and science fiction.

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A visit with author Deborah Heal, giveaway (Win $10 from MBA)

How I Became a Writer

by Deborah Heal


I’ve wanted to be a writer for a long time. I remember when I was very young taking the scribblings I had made to my mom and asking her “is it writing yet?” But I don’t believe I could have become a writer if I wasn’t also an avid reader. Reading and writing are two sides of the same coin, which is why when people ask, I say, if you want to be a writer—be a reader.

I didn’t grow up in a Ward and June Cleaver sort of family. My mom didn’t wear pearls to do housework, and my dad never wore a cardigan in his life. He worked at the Chevy factory, and there wasn’t much money. I lived with my brothers and sister in Woodburn, Illinois, a tiny unincorporated village, really only a bump in the road.


I was raised in a working class family, but one on the rise. Our success has come about because of the family’s love of learning and books—lots of books. When a salesman came by one summer, my mom insisted on investing in a set of World Book Encyclopedias, we could little afford. And we all loved studying them. My dad would sit at the kitchen table, lost in thought as he thumbed through them with his rough hands, often forgetting what he had originally planned to look up. That love of learning was a powerful example.

 My love for fiction came from my mom. She didn’t have to say a word. Just watching her glued to the pages of whatever book she was reading, I knew reading was fun. Mom made sure there were books in the house when we were growing up, even though there was little money for frills. And when I was in second or third grade, sye signed me up for the Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club through our school. Libraries are great, I know. And today, having a Kindle is nice for conveniently storing lots of books. But there’s nothing like handling a physical book, especially one that belongs to you. I still remember the excitement and happiness I felt when the book club books arrived and my teacher distributed them to those who had ordered them. The only thing better is the feeling you get when you first hold in your hands the book you yourself wrote.

I still have several of the books from the Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club. Parcifal Rides the Time Wave was the first time-travel story I ever read and I still love it. Another favorite was My Father’s Dragon, a mystical, mysterious, adventure story. Later, there were Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy books for birthdays and Christmases. I moved on to other books, hundreds of other books—from Agatha Christy mysteries to the great classics in college. And each of those books has become a part of who I am as a writer.

Reading, and I’m not just talking about great literature, (although the better the quality of reading material, the better) can teach you a million things. (Just so you know, I don’t sit home evenings reading Shakespeare.) Effortlessly, and enjoyably, you pick up a breadth of general knowledge, a large working vocabulary, and an understanding of English syntax (the way words should go together to make sentences). And most importantly to the writer, extensive reading gives you a sense of the way a story should be told—the characters, the plot, the conflict, and the suspense.

I am so grateful my parents modeled curiosity, a love of learning, and the joy of reading. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that.

By the way, I have a couple of great books I’d like to suggest…













About Time and Again: Charlotte of Miles Station

The History behind Miles Station


About Unclaimed Legacy, the second book in the series

The History behind Unclaimed Legacy



About the Author

Website: http://www.deborahheal.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/DeborahHeal



Deborah Heal is the author of the young adult novel Time and Again. She lives in Waterloo, Illinois, where she enjoys reading, gardening, and learning about southern Illinois history. She is married and has three grown children, three grandchildren, and a canine buddy named Scout (a.k.a. Dr. Bob). Currently, she is working on book three in the Time and Again trilogy.

You may learn more about the author by visiting her website: www.deborahheal.com, her  Facebook Fan Page, and Goodreads. Her books may be purchased on Amazon.com.


Where to buy the books


Barnes & Noble


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Win a copy of Time and Again, the first book in the trilogy, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­just comment here. For additional chances to win, see Deborah Heal’s official website and LIKE her Facebook Fan Page.


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Excerpt (from Time and Again)

“No…There’s no way that would work. I mean no one could invent a software program that could do that. No way.”

“What are you talking about?” Merrideth said, staring at her.

Abby didn’t answer, but taking the mouse from Merrideth, she placed the cursor on the View icon on the menu bar and clicked. “This is so similar to my brother’s architecture program,” she began, “that maybe we’ll be able to …”

When she clicked on Flip, both girls simultaneously gasped. “…do this,” Abby said with satisfaction.

The screen view had rotated on its vertical axis and now they were seeing the back side of Colonel Miles’ house. White sheets on a clothesline snapped in the wind. A young woman in a long blue dress and bonnet was stooping to pull a wet sheet from the wicker basket at her feet. A gray cat came out of the barn and, stepping delicately through the wet grass, cautiously bypassed the flapping sheets to lay in the sun on the back step.

After a moment of stunned silence, Merrideth said, “It’s her! It’s Charlotte.”


Excerpt (from Unclaimed Legacy)

Merri leaned forward and studied the monitor and then, laughing, said, “It’s them.”

Frowning, John looked closely at the monitor. “That’s crazy. This is just a computer program. It can’t be them.”

“See the resemblance? Just project forward fifty to sixty years,” Abby said. “That’s definitely Beulah and Eulah.”

“Boo and Yoo,” Merri said. “Get it?”+

“That’s insane! No one could make a program that could—”

“We don’t know what this is or where it came from. All I know is that it’s awesome,” Abby said. “And we really are seeing Beulah and Eulah back in the forties—you got the bit about food rationing, didn’t you? And if you think that’s wild, just wait until you see what happens when we lock onto one of them and go virtual mode.”

“Virtual mode? Show me.”

Abby smiled smugly and turned back to the controls. “Okay, John. Hold onto to your hat.”

First, there was a confusing blur of color and whirring sounds and then…




Book Blurb for Time and Again

Abby expected to spend the summer in the dilapidated old house in Nowhereville getting to know her student Merrideth.

She didn’t expect to get to know Charlotte Miles, the girl who had lived there 160 years before.

She planned to tutor Merrideth in math and English–not history. But that’s before the freaky program on her new computer started waking her with its invitation to “take a virtual tour.”

It turns out a lot of stuff happened in that old house. . .and most of it never made it into the history books.

Time and Again is a story told in the past and in the future.  A story of three girls and their journey of self-discovery and faith. It is available on Amazon.com.



Book Blurb for Unclaimed Legacy

“I call it time-surfing,” Abby said. “It’s like being there,

 except no one can see or hear us.”


“Whatever you call it,” John said, “that was crazy—what we just did.

 Beyond realistic. I mean, I was in that guy’s head

and knew everything he was thinking.”


Abby’s weird computer program is working again. And it comes in handy when they agree to help the Old Dears next door with their family tree. Except Abby and John learn more about one of the ladies’ ancestors than they ever wanted to know. Convicted in 1871 of murder and arson, Reuben Buchanan is a blight on the family’s reputation. But was he really guilty? Abby and John get inside the mind of a murderer to find out. But while they’re rummaging around in the Old Dears’ family history, they discover the truth of God’s promise to bless a thousand generations …

… and a legacy waiting to be reclaimed.


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A visit and #Giveaway with author Roxanne Snopek


Three River Ranch

by Roxanne Snopek

Entangled Publishing – August 2012




Needing a fresh start from her two-timing fiancé, Aurora McAllister answers a realtor’s ad for a guesthouse on the beautiful, serene Three River Ranch. She shows up at Three River tired, heartbroken, and with no one but her trusty Labradoodle as a companion.


Cowboy Carson Granger has enough trouble in his life without adding a woman and her dog to the mix. There’s the untamed mustang he’s prepping to release into the wild, not to mention his father’s crazy will, which stipulates that if Carson wants to fully inherit Three River, he’ll need to find a bride. Carson wants nothing to do with love and especially not a marriage of convenience. But he soon realizes Rory, and everything she represents, might just be exactly what he needs.


Sometimes love arrives on your doorstep when you least expect it…




Title: Three River Ranch

Author: Roxanne Snopek

Genre: Category – Contemporary

Length: 293 pages

ISBN: 978-1-62266-970-7

Release Date: August 2012

Imprint: Bliss


Purchase from Amazon:

Purchase from Barnes & Noble:



Author Information


Roxanne Willems Snopek is an award-winning freelance writer of everything from corporate newsletters to personal essays. Author of the Amazing Stories series of true life animal adventures, she now focuses on fiction. Snopek grew up in Saskatchewan and now lives in British Columbia.


Author Website:  http://www.roxannesnopek.ca/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoxanneSnopek

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2962276.Roxanne_Snopek

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoxanneSnopekAuthor




Today we are thrilled to welcome author Roxanne Snopek to My Book Addiction and More! Please sit back, read on and enjoy. Don’t forget to look for Roxanne’s new release THREE RIVER RANCH!

MBA: First welcome to our site, please tell our readers a little about who you are.


Roxanne: A little bit about me… I’ll skip the usual stuff and share a few Little Known Facts instead. Fact: I grew up Mennonite. This one fact leads to a whole lot of other Little Known Facts, ie: I can bake bread from scratch. I can sing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. I have an extensive collection of used plastic containers that I just KNOW I’ll need one day.

MBA:   Your newest release is very exciting can you tell our readers in your own words what your book is about?


Roxanne: Three River Ranch is the story of a man who wants to create a wild horse preserve on the ranch his estranged father left to him. Unfortunately, he has to get married in order to inherit and he refuses to disrespect any woman – or the institution of marriage – in such a way. Then he meets a woman who insists on helping him, out of the goodness of her heart. A woman who’s scared of horses. And has an unusual dog. And is pregnant!

MBA: How did you come up with the idea for this book?


RS: The idea for this book emerged when I was working on a non-fiction project about wild horses. I’ve always been a horse lover, so I enjoyed the research. But then I started wondering: why not try writing a romance with wild horses in it? Then Carson Granger, the hot cowboy, emerged in my brain… whoa baby. Things just took off after that.


MBA: When you started writing this story did  you have your characters’ images already in mind or did you find they evolved as you wrote?

Roxanne: Actually, I’d been thinking about the heroine for awhile, but didn’t know quite what to do with her. I knew Rory was a therapist who worked with autistic kids and had a Labradoodle service dog… then the idea of Rory intersected with the idea of Carson…

MBA: What was the biggest surprise you had while writing?

Roxanne: The biggest surprise I had with this book was that it zoomed to the Top Ten list on Barnes & Noble a month after its release!! Seriously, I haven’t slept properly since then!! The world is chock-a-block with so many incredibly talented story-tellers, and I’ve been writing for so long, with so little positive feedback. So when Entangled Publishing called to say the “loved” my book, I thought, “yeah, right, whatever.” I didn’t even bother getting excited. I’ve been there before. But they actually did love my manuscript, enough to turn it into a stellar book, far and away better than anything else I’ve ever written. The passionate team at Entangled is the biggest and best surprise of my writing life, I think.


MBA: What’s next for you?

Roxanne: On that note, the next thing up for me is the sequel to Three River Ranch, called The Reluctant Rancher, and featuring two characters introduced in the first book.


MBA:  If you were not a writer what would you most wish to do?

Roxanne: If I couldn’t write, I’d most wish to be a Japanese pearl diver. Imagine being skinny, swimming for a living and having an extremely healthy blood-fat profile. In reality, I snorkel once a year in Maui, I spend my day storing up carbs like a bear before winter, and I have the cholesterol of a 60-year old smoker. Sad but true.


MBA:  What has been the greatest piece of advice you’ve received about writing/publishing?

Roxanne: The best advice I’ve heard is “keep writing.” It’s the hardest to listen to, though. I know, because I came close to quitting. 2012 was my do-or-die year. I told myself that if I didn’t sell a book, any book, somewhere, anywhere, I’d give it up. Go back to school. Get a paper route. Become a Wal-Mart greeter. So thank you, Universe, Entangled and you, dear readers, for giving me a shot in the arm, when I needed it most.


MBA: What has been the funniest thing to happen during your time writing this story?

Roxanne: The funniest thing to happen recently is that, in the months before this book came out, I was writing dialogue for an interactive video game company. Some of this writing involved love scenes. Which I then had to read out loud to the rest of the team. Think about it: exactly what kind of dialogue is happening during a love scene? At some point the talking sort of… stops. Doesn’t it? Well, apparently some characters just don’t shut up!


MBA: What do you hope readers feel when they turn the last page of your story?

Roxanne: I hope, when readers finish Three River Ranch, they have that heart-clutch of satisfaction at the reminder that people can overcome the past and that love is worth the risk. Then I hope they feel an overwhelming urge to run to their computers and post glowing, gushing 5-star reviews everywhere!


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