MBA&M: Please give our readers a little insight into Sara Fitzgerald and her world?

Sara has been married for twenty years to her wonderful husband. She has a very creative six-year-old daughter who comes up with all kinds of ways to get her mom counting to ten. She was named 2006 Writer of the Year by the League of Utah Writers. She loves going to the movies, having lunch with friends, watching TV with her husband and exploring Salt Lake City with her daughter.

MBA&M: What lessons have you learned as an author you’d never have learned in other areas of life?

Determination. I have never worked so hard at anything in my life, well maybe raising my very creative six-year-old daughter. Even getting my master degree in social work was easier than writing. I learned that if you want something, you have to give it everything you got. And if you want readers to connect to you, you have to let the real you out. And you got to believe in yourself. Because sometimes no one else will. I also learned that dreams do come true.

MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into the research required to write your stories?

It’s interesting that you asked me. This story was inspired by simply walking down the streets of down town Salt Lake City, It was the mixture of the dirty snow piles, bitter wind, and beautiful Christmas lights and music. I thought about life and death. And how heartbreaking it would be to lose someone you cherish. My husband was with me, so I thought how hard it would be if one of us would die.

MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into how to make your stories as authentic as possible?

When I wrote this book, I thought about my husband, my little girl and my parents.

MBA&M: What is the allure in writing your genre?

I feel that the books Cedar Fort published do make a difference.

MBA&: Please list 5 things readers may find interesting to learn about you?

I kept my daughter elmo from when she was a baby.

I love to watch scary movies during October

I think my daughter is my miracle from God

I love Captain Crunch cereal

New York City is one of my favorite cities


MBA&M: While we understand everyone wants to know about the main characters, let’s take a different approach and discuss your secondary characters. Name a secondary character from your story and tell us a little about them?

Savanna’s grandparents they are both loving and supportive of Savanna and Devan.

MBA&M: What are some of the things that influence you while writing? (ie. Music, scents, images)

Places I go, people I love, and what time of year it is.

MBA&M: What scene from your story stands out the most to you? What scene was hardest to write? What was easiest? Is there a scene you’d love to rewrite now that the book has been published?

The beginning scene, I can picture it so clearly in my mind. Devan’s heart ache in the first scene makes me feel so sad. The closing scene was the easiest to write.

No I wouldn’t rewrite any part of it. I love it exactly the way it is.

MBA&M: Who is your favorite secondary character and why?

The grandparents because they remind me of my parents.

MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to find you and where they can purchase “Saving Savanna?





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Saving Savanna

Saving Savanna

Devan swallowed and then changed the subject. “We only have three days left until Santa comes down our chimney. What do you want him to bring you?”

“There’s only one thing I want from him,” she whispered, leaning toward him.

He forced a smile. “And what’s that?”

“I want Mommy back.”

Devan can’t help but blame God for his wife’s death, so the last thing he wants to do this holiday season is celebrate. But when his daughter, Savanna, makes a special Christmas wish, their little family will never be the same. Filled with faith and tenderness, this heartwarming story is sure to remind you of the real power behind the magic of Christmas.

Product Details
Title: Saving Savanna
Author: Sara Fitzgerald
Format: Booklet
Page Count: 16
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 9781462111008
Vendor: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Imprint: Sweetwater
Release Date: 2012-10-09
Price: $2.99

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About the Author

Sara FitzgeraldSara Fitzgerald was named the 2006 Writer of the Year for the League of Utah Writers. She lives with her husband and daughter in Salt Lake City. She loves the Christmas season.



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