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Victoria1What is the allure of historical erotic romance?

VICTORIA:To me, history is incredibly sexy and the allure of erotic historical is three fold: There is a strong fantasy element to historical with the elegant clothes, the formal manners, the rigid social etiquette. Sex outside marriage, (and even within the marriage bed, if performed without the goal of procreation), was forbidden fruit. All of this combines to create a certain mystique and is a wonderful backdrop for a sensual story.


What is the allure of seduction and innocence? This is a theme that I obviously love!

VICTORIA:In the context of a historical romance I think the allure of a premeditated seduction is that it’s like a game of chess with a winner and a loser- especially since the rake must employ a certain strategy to accomplish his ends. This was no easy feat in the 18th and 19th centuries as genteel young ladies were not allowed ever to be alone with a gentleman without a chaperone. Getting the girl alone often required some true scheming on the part of the would-be seducer.


abreachofpromise 200X300In my debut erotic historical romance, A Breach of Promise, Marcus sets out to seduce Lydia  when she decides to break off their betrothal after waiting six years for him to follow through. His first attempt to dissuade her has interesting results which forces him to take more drastic measures:


“A drink, Needham,” Marcus demanded. “Perhaps I should make it an entire bottle. I have great need of something particularly…numbing.” The two men repaired to the library where Marcus dismissed the footman and helped himself to a generous glass of whiskey.

“Sorry, ol’ chap. Though I suspected she would be more immune to your charm than you believed, I’d have never imagined you’d take it so hard.”

Hard? An interesting choice of words,” Marcus said. “I can’t remember such a cock stand since you and I pooled our allowance to hire our first whore.”

Nicholas’ brows shot up. “I am uncertain how to interpret that very enlightening bit of information.”

“It means I want her, Nick. She has the body of Venus and the innate sensuality of Voluptus and I want her so badly my bloody teeth ache.” He emptied his glass in one long draught and refilled it again. He offered the bottle to Nick who demurred.

“But she still won’t have you, eh?”

Marcus regarded Nick with a self-satisfied smirk. “Oh, I think she’ll have me all right. She melted like chocolate and damned well tasted like it too.”

“So progress was made in your, er, negotiations?”

“Yes and no,” Marcus answered with a wry twist of his lips. “She’s responsive as hell, far more than I would have anticipated, but fighting it like the devil too. I think she’s scared of her own passion.”

“An interesting dilemma.”

“A bloody frustrating one.” Marcus took another drink. “I’ve tried reason. I’ve tried charm. She still wishes to call it off. It’s time for more drastic measures.”

Nick gave him an inquiring look.

“I’ll ruin her, Nick, and when I’m done, she’ll be too damned sated to care. All I need is to get her alone.”



In The Devil You Know, book #3 in my DeVere series, Ludovic, Viscount DeVere has tired of his mistress, Caroline, when the unwary Diana enters the picture. Although Diana is a respectable married woman, DeVere is determined to have her. When he employs the full measure of his charm, she is helpless to resist. (I doubt there is a woman breathing who could!)


Mini excerpt:

Annalee prompted Diana forward. “My Lord DeVere, may I present to you my cousin, the Baroness Diana Palmerston-Wriothesley.”

His gaze of cobalt-blue met hers, and Diana’s smile froze on her face, an unfamiliar and unsettling frisson of physical awareness sweeping over her as he took her in from head to toe in a swift, and by his show of strong white teeth, appreciative appraisal. For a woman who took pride in her self-possession, she was strangely discomposed when he raised her fingers to his lips, his thumb skillfully settling on the bare expanse of skin just above her glove, setting her pulse skittering.

“Baroness.” The timbre of his voice, the curve of his lips, was fraught with meaning, sending a jolt of heat to a place low in her belly. He gave a shallow bow that set his gaze on a horizontal plane with her breasts and lingered there much longer than proper, his eyes flickering like a blue flame. Her nipples tightened, contracting against her layers of muslin and silk, sending a tiny tremor rippling over her. Without having uttered a word beyond her name, the portentous weight of an indecent proposition hung between them.


Another snippet -later that evening:

Caroline flicked a scathing look over Diana’s gown. “A daring cut for a woman of your proportions. I shall have a footman fetch you a shawl. One would hate for you to catch a chill.”

“I am perfectly comfortable,” Diana replied.


“You needn’t trouble yourself, Caroline,” DeVere interjected. “As host, my guests’ comfort is my concern.” He turned to Diana with a burning look that made her pulse skitter. “Should you later grow chilly, dear lady, you need only whisper the word, and I shall command every hearth in this monstrosity be lit. I would rather set my entire house aflame than cover such a magnificent…” His gaze raked over Diana’s bosom with an appreciative gleam. “…gown.”


TreacherousTemptation 450X675 

Lastly, in Treacherous Temptations, Hadley sets out to seduce the innocent Mary as a means of revenge as well as to secure her vast fortune:



“Your sigh betrays you, Miss Edwardes.”

“Was it really aloud?” She hadn’t realized she’d given away her thoughts.

“Sweet and sad, it was. I have failed to divert you. Perhaps I should have thought of something else.”

“It’s not that—” she turned to protest but stopped when he brushed the corner of her mouth with his thumb. Her gaze widened as he inspected it with a half-smile.

“A vestige of jam tart, I believe. But alas,” he gave a helpless shrug. “I have no napkin.” Before she realized what he was about, he brushed her lips in a feathery kiss, lingering at the corner of her mouth, where his tongue flicked out to taste her. The unexpectedness of it stunned her. “Lord Hadley! Wh-what are you doing?”

“If you have to ask, I must be losing my touch. Perhaps I should try again?”

Still too dazed to formulate a response, he took advantage to steal another kiss, this one as soft as the sigh that escaped her lungs. He increased the pressure then, slanting his heavenly mouth and lightly nibbling her lower lip. His kiss was warm and soft and wonderful, making her forget she was supposed to protest.

“You are deliciously sweet, Mary, like ripe strawberries, but now I have taken a taste of you, I only want more.”

“Please,” escaped her lips.

Was it a protest or a plea? She wasn’t sure. If the former, it was feeble even to her own ears. How easily… how eagerly… she had capitulated to him…and far worse…how desperately she wanted more.

“Please?” he repeated. “Please stop, or please kiss you again?”

“No.” She averted her head with what he surely knew was a toothless protest. His manner was far too familiar, far too intimate. She knew she shouldn’t permit him any more liberties, but good heavens!

“Come now, Mary.” He turned her bodily back to him, his warm gaze seeking hers, his honeyed voice cajoling. “It’s only a kiss, after all.”

Only a kiss?

Perhaps he had no idea how devastating a kiss could be…or mayhap he knew exactly what it did to her. “Perhaps this is normal for you, my lord, but I am an unsophisticated girl and unaccustomed to casual kisses.”

“No? Then perhaps it’s past time you became accustomed. Shall I really kiss you, sweet Molly? Truly and thoroughly?”

Was this the course of a seduction? Is this what he had planned all along? She searched his face for the answer only to lose herself in his blue eyes. Fear gripped her. Not of him, but of her weakening will. “Don’t,” she whispered.

He muted her protest with his mouth, catching her breath and replacing it with his own. This kiss was different, paradoxically soft and firm, it demanded a response that she was helpless to deny. Mary closed her eyes, responding and melting into him as he nipped, and licked, and suckled her lips. Like a vortex, he pulled her into the kiss, stealing the air from her lungs, along with any remaining will. His warm slick tongue teased, gently urging her to open. When she parted, just a fraction, he took command. He entered her mouth deeply, seeking, exploring with his smooth, wet tongue, the contact of which instantly sent a flood of warm moisture between her thighs.

Only a kiss?

It was staggering.

Her mind was lost to time and place, as if nothing existed beyond his divine mouth. He discarded her bonnet and tangled his fingers in her hair. She whimpered, clutching at his lapels, yet he refused to relent. Mercilessly, he intensified the kiss, pulling her so far in; submerging her in so much sensation that Mary thought she would drown in the pleasure of it.



            Victoria1ABOUT VICTORIA VANE

A lover of history and deeply romantic stories, Victoria Vane combines these elements to craft romantic historical novels and novellas for a mature reading audience. Her writing influences are Georgette Heyer for fabulous witty dialogue and over the top characters, Robin Schone , Sylvia Day, and Charlotte Featherstone for beautifully crafted prose in stories with deep sensuality, and Lila DiPasqua for creative vision in melding history with eroticism.

THE DEVIL DEVERE SERIES- Library Journal Best E-Book Romance 2012
LR Cafe Best Series Nominee 2012

A Wild Night’s Bride 
• Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
• Amazon Top 100 Best seller
The Virgin Huntress 
• Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
The Devil You Know 
• Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
• The Romance Reviews Top Pick
• LR Café Best Historical Romance nominee 2012
The Devil’s Match 
• Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
• The Romance Reviews Top Pick
• LASR Reviews Book of the Month December 2012
• Swept Away by Romance Best Historical Romance of 2012
• LR Café Best Author Nominee 2012
• Swept Away by Romance Favorite Author 2012

A Breach of Promise , December 2011 Ellora’s Cave
• Night Owl Reviews “Top Pick”
• Reading Romances 5 flames and “Pen Award”
• TBR Pile 5stars/Book of the month winner September 2012
• LASR Erotic Reviews 5 STAR/Book of the Month Nominee
• The Romance Studio 5 Sweetheart Nominee
• TRS CAPA Nominee 2012

Web: http://authorvictoriavane.com
Blog: http://victoriavane.wordpress.com
Twitter: @authorvictoriav(less)



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MBA&M: Amy, please tell our readers a little about yourself?


AMY: I am originally from Louisville, Ky, am a huge University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan and have been writing stories since I was five years old. The only thing I love more than writing is going to the movies and my favorite movie last year was Silver Linings Playbook, with a close second being Skyfall.

MBA&M: What was your inspiration behind “SINS OF MY FATHER”?


AMY: I love Daniel Craig’s James Bond and I thought he was perfect casting for the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The idea that perhaps the wounded womanizer could be redeemed and the girl could get the guy was very appealing. That and I wanted the heroine to be totally kick ass while retaining an air of vulnerability as opposed to someone who was bitter and angry was something I wanted to try on.

MBA&M: What made you want to write this genre?


AMY: I love dark fiction with a heart and I’m always down for a good love story.

MBA&M: How hard was it to write this title?


AMY: In some ways it wasn’t hard at all. Certain aspects of this title were easy to conjure, such as the pain Gemini is going through and her desire for comfort and security. The hard part was writing 60K, I’d never written a tale that long before.

MBA&M: What was the hardest scene to write?

AMY:  Her flashbacks to the abuse. Why? It conjured up a lot of old fears and anxieties.

MBA&M: Was this title based on actual facts or purely fiction?

AMY: I never knew a secret agent man and I wouldn’t begin to know how to shoot a gun, but bad stuff similar to what happened in Gemini’s past has happened to me. Not that I was ever involved in a sex slave ring.

MBA&M: What is your favorite genre to read?

AMY: Anything that’s fit to print.

MBA&M: If you could be a character in a book,who would you be,why?


AMY: I’d be Jo March, because she was a determined young writer who got the guy at the end of the story and the publication deal.

MBA&M: If you could dine with anyone,real or fiction,who would it be, where would you go and why?


AMY: It’s a tie. Maurice Benard of General Hospital to a restaurant to talk because he shows what it’s like to thrive with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. And Daniel Craig, anywhere because he inspires the heroes I write and his James Bond helped me reach down deep and do my best work.

MBA&M: Where are some of your favorite places to visit?

AMY: I would love to visit New York or LA specifically, or just travel. But I love the movie theater, the bookstore, and my favorite restaurants.

MBA&M: Amy, thank you for spending time with us and our readers today!  Please tell us where to connect with you and where we may purchase “SINS OF MY FATHER”?

AMY: When Sins of My Father is released, it will be available on KINDLE and all online bookstores and on my website. It is slated to be released on Jan. 1, 2014 by Intrigue Publishing.

Thank you for spending time with us and our readers today. What an interesting Q&A.

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**Amy’s book is not scheduled for release until December**


Amy Leigh McCorkle resides in Shepherdsville, Kentucky and began her writing career because “there was a story dying to be told, and why not let it be told by me.”
Amy McCorkle is an award winning blogger and 2nd place finisher in the 2011 Preditors & Editors Reader’s Choice Poll for Best Romance/Short Story for No Ordinary Love. She also writes as Kate Lynd.
Her books include Another Way to Die; a 2012 Moondance International Film Festival Semi-Finalist, GLADIATOR, Bounty Hunter, Set Fire to the Rain and the upcoming novel Gunpowder & Lead.
Amy attends different venues promoting her works. You may find her at Rom Fest, FandomFest, Creatures, Crimes and Creativity or many others.
To see a listing of all of Amy’s appearances or for more information, please visit her website at







Checkmate My Lord - FINAL-300


Tracey Devlyn_088HighCloseCropMBA&M: Good morning, Tracey, and welcome to My Book  Addiction and More. Now, tell our readers a little about yourself?

TRACEY DEVLYN: Thanks so much for having me on My Book Addiction and More. I look forward to chatting with everyone!

I write historical romantic thrillers and my debut novel, A Lady’s Revenge, released last year. There are two other novels in the Nexus romantic spy series—Checkmate, My Lord hit stores this month and A Lady’s Secret Weapon makes an appearance in October.

As for me, I grew up in a small town in southern Illinois, but have been living in the Chicago area for nearly two decades. I’m married to a wonderful loving and supportive husband and we adopted an annoying, but sweet-hearted, red Dobe two years ago.

MBA&M: What made you decide to write historical romance with a bit of danger?

TRACEY: I’ve been a big fan of historical romance since I picked up The Raven and The Rose by Virgina Henley. Somewhere along the way, I started wanting to mesh the rough, dangerous edge of Medievals with the light, humorous Regencies. After reading several romantic suspense/thrillers, I got the urge to add a dash of death and dismemberment. J

MBA&M: What do you feel the allure of historical romance is to readers today?

TRACEY: Likely pure escapism. The Regency era is similar enough to modern times that readers can identify with the period, but different enough for readers to yearn for a whirl around the ballroom in a slightly aloof, gorgeous, insanely wealthy earl’s arms.

MBA&M: What was the inspiration for “Checkmate, My Lord”?Checkmate My Lord - FINAL-300

TRACEY: Readers met Lord Somerton, Sebastian Danvers, in my debut novel, A Lady’s Revenge. I knew I wanted to move Sebastian’s story to the country and then the idea of his beautiful neighbor spying on him—England’s greatest spymaster—came to mind.

MBA&M:  What was your favorite scene to write?

TRACEY: One of my favorite scenes took place outside the churchyard, near a privy (outhouse). Readers will see Catherine’s motherly instincts kick in, Sebastian’s is in full spymaster mode, and one of the villain’s makes an appearance. It’s a suspenseful and oddly endearing scene.

MBA&M: Who was your favorite secondary character,and will they have a story of their own one day?

TRACEY: My favorite secondary character was seven-year-old Sophie Ashcroft. She’s a horse-mad, castle-building, full-of-life girl who has no concept of personal space. More than likely, she won’t have her own story, but she does make an appearance in A Lady’s Secret Weapon, where she commences torturing Ethan deBeau. You can catch a glimpse of her here. It’s her first love letter to her hero, Teddy.

MBA&M: What do you feel is the most important quality of an author?

TRACEY: Determination. It’s a quality that helped me get published, build professional relationship, and connect with readers. There are SO many more qualities that complement and bolster an author’s determination, though.

MBA&M: With the cyber world today so vast and you being a newer author, do you feel,it is easier for readers to connect to authors or harder than years ago? And, Do authors turn off their inner feelings to connect to so large an audience,with little privacy today?

TRACEY: Great questions. I think it’s TONS easier to connect with readers. By and large, writers are introverts. So, they might be a little shy in person. Social media provides introverts a means of connecting with readers that is comfortable. Plus, social media allows authors to touch readers in other countries. I’ve had Facebook conversations with a reader from Indonesia. Without the Internet, I would be connecting with a much smaller group of readers.

Privacy is a concern for everyone Internet—not just authors. Speaking from personal experience, I’m a fairly private person by nature, so much of my personal life remains behind closed doors. However, when it comes to my books/characters/writing career, or authors I’ve read and love, I’ll chat you up all day long!

MBA&M:  What three words would you chose to describe “Checkmate, My Lord”?

TRACEY: Romantic. Thrilling. Endearing.

Checkmate My Lord - FINAL-300MBA&M: Please tell our readers where to connect to you and where they may find “Checkmate, My Lord”?

TRACEY: Readers can find me lots of places!

Buy Links:

PaperbackAmazon | Barnes and Noble
| B-A-M | Booktopia | Google | IndieBound | Powell’s | Sourcebooks | The Book Depository

eBookAmazon | Apple | All Romance | Barnes and Noble | B-A-M | Sourcebooks


MBA&M: Thank you for spending time with us and our readers today. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Thanks again, My Book Addiction!




What a fascinating and rewarding Q&A! Thanks again!

Tracey Devlyn_088HighCloseCropOnline:

TraceyDevlyn.com  |   Dangerous Darlings Street Team  |  Newsletter

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Checkmate My Lord - FINAL-300

Romancing history one defiant woman at a time




A desperate mother falls in love with the spymaster she’s forced to betray.




Catherine Ashcroft leads a quiet life caring for her precocious seven-year-old daughter, until a visitor delivers a startling ultimatum. She will match wits with the enigmatic Earl of Somerton, and it’s not just her heart that’s in danger.




Spymaster Sebastian Danvers, Earl of Somerton, is famous for his cunning. Few can outwit him and even few dare challenge him–until now. After returning to his country estate, his no-nonsense neighbor turns her seductive wiles on him–but why would a respectable widow like Catherine risk scandal for a few passionate nights in his bed?



Available February 5, 2013

Sourcebooks Casablanca

ISBN-13: 978-1402258251


PaperbackAmazon | Barnes and NobleB-A-M | Booktopia | Google | IndieBound | Powell’s | Sourcebooks | The Book Depository


eBookAmazon | Apple | All Romance | Barnes and Noble | B-A-M | Sourcebooks



“Devlyn’s seamless writing will entice readers and keep them eager for the next installment.”  Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

“Devlyn delivers an emotional, powerful read.” ~ RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

“Devlyn’s edgy and sexy series is gaining momentum, and historical-romantic suspense fans, particularly those who enjoy Brenda Joyce, will delight in this.” ~ Booklist

“Love the characters, lots of mystery, murderers, spies and lots of romance!!!!!!!! CHECKMATE MY LORD is an edge of your seat exciting read!” Fresh Fiction




Tracey Devlyn_088HighCloseCropSHORT BIO:


Tracey Devlyn writes historical romantic thrillers (translation: a slightly more grievous journey Toward the heroine’s happy ending). She’s a co-founder of Romance University, a group blog dedicated to readers and writers of romance, and Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville, Chicagoland’s exciting new reading salon devoted to romantic fiction.


An Illinois native, Tracey spends her evenings harassing her once-in-a-lifetime husband and her weekends torturing her characters. For more information on Tracey, including her Internet haunts, contest updates, and details on her upcoming novels, please visit her website at:  www.TraceyDevlyn.com.




TraceyDevlyn.com  |   Dangerous Darlings Street Team  |  Newsletter

Twitter.com/TraceyDevlyn  |  Facebook.com/AuthorTraceyDevlyn    LadyJanesSalonNaperville.com   |  Goodreads.com/TraceyDevlyn  |  Discover a New Love


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The Orchestra Murders banner

The Orchestra Murders

Rena FruchterAbout the Author:

Rena Fruchter is the author of three books—two critically acclaimed books in the biographical genre—Dudley Moore—An Intimate Portrait, and I’m Chevy Chase…and you’re not.  And now, her exciting and soon to be released book: The Orchestra Murders—A Cynthia Masters Mystery

Ms. Fruchter is a renowned pianist, writer and educator, and director of an arts organization.  Her performances have taken her throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and the Far East in both solo and ensemble appearances.  She made her solo debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the age of six, performing the Haydn Piano Concerto in D Major.  Appearances with other orchestras and on radio and television followed.  At age eleven, she gave her first performance with the Boston Pops under Arthur Fiedler at the Esplanade, later returning to perform the Schumann Piano Concerto with the Boston Pops in Symphony Hall.

For twelve years, Rena Fruchter was a music columnist for the New York Times. She was also a music critic and an arts commentator for New Jersey Public Television, the London Music Correspondent for the Boston Herald and a contributor to many other publications.  Her radio interview series, “Backstage Portraits,” was broadcast throughout the United States.

A graduate of Brandeis University, Rena also holds degrees in both piano performance and pedagogy from the Royal College of Music in London, England, where she studied with Louis Kentner and Lamar Crowson.  She also studied with two distinguished Nadias–Nadia Boulanger in France and Nadia Reisenberg in New York.

Rena is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Music For All Seasons, an organization that presents musical programs for people confined in institutions including hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and special facilities for children. The organization also runs “Voices of Valor,” which provides workshops for veterans to write and record their own songs. The organization was co-founded by Rena and her husband, Brian Dallow.  Dudley Moore was the Founding Advisory Board President of Music For All Seasons, which is now in its 21st year.

Rena is CEO of Martine Avenue Productions, a company co-created with Dudley Moore to bring his musical works to the public.  The company has produced seven CDs, the latest, the two-CD set Dudley Down Under—unabridged, the complete live Dudley Moore Trio concert at Sydney Town Hall (Australia) on May 2, 1978. This CD is produced in honor of Dudley on the tenth anniversary of his death.

The company donates a portion of its proceeds to two charities designated by Dudley—the international research fund of the US-based “Cure PSP” and “Music For All Seasons, Inc.”

With long-time friend and colleague Dudley Moore, Rena toured the United States and Australia, New Zealand, and the Far East in two-piano performances.

Rena Fruchter is the author of the critically acclaimed book Dudley Moore—An Intimate Portrait, published in 2004 by Ebury/Random House/UK and subsequently published in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Her popular book I’m Chevy Chase…And You’re Not, an innovative biography presenting the American comedy icon in a fascinating and revealing look at his life and work, was published in the UK and US.  The only authorized biography of Chevy Chase, it provides a comprehensive view of the brilliant and complex actor, comedian and writer.

Her new book has just been published and is called The Orchestra Murders—A Cynthia Masters Mystery.

Rena is married to Brian Dallow, and they are the parents of four adult children, including a set of triplets. They live in New Jersey.



The Orchestra MurdersAbout the Book:

Superstar conductor Sir Gregory Langhorne and his globe-trotting, violin-soloist son Jonathan Langhorne are the best of friends—until a brutal murder shatters their lives and Jonathan becomes the prime suspect.

Six years later, Sir Gregory is now the music director of the world famous Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra and has finally reconciled with his son Jonathan, just as members of the orchestra are being killed off one by one.

The challenge for brilliant young hotshot Philadelphia Detective Cynthia Masters is to solve not only the orchestra murders, but the question of why murder seems to follow the Langhornes. Has Masters finally met her match—a case that cannot be solved? Set in London and Philadelphia, this dramatic story of murder, infidelity, and the abuse of money and power establishes Cynthia Masters as a world-class detective in this thrilling and unusual mystery.



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**Proceeds from each sale of Finding Emma will be donated to the
Missing Children’s Society of Canada**


Steena HolmesBiography

Growing up as a small town Canadian girl, there wasn’t much to do but ride your bike, hang out with friends on the beach and daydream. I always wanted to write but never dreamed it was something I could do as a career. I love to travel and fell in love with the sheep covered hillside, old castles and romantic history of Scotland and England. I dream about waking up in Tuscany and touring small town shops in the south of France with my husband, of placing my toes in the ocean and experiencing history first hand. As a mother with three daughters, I’m learning that teaching them to pursue their dreams is a lasting legacy. I love to wake up to the Rocky Mountains, will forever enjoy the taste of coffee and chocolate and can’t imagine the day when a story doesn’t unfold in my heart. Living a life with passion and pursuing dreams is a life well lived.

For more information visit Steena at: http://www.steenaholmes.com/finding-emma/

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Missing Children’s Society of Canada.

Let’s bring some children home!

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Finding Emma-Final 2013

  • Paperback: 276 pages
  • Publisher: Amazon Publishing (February 26, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1477800115
  • ISBN-13: 978-1477800119

Book Description(from Amazon)

Release date: February 26, 2013

Megan is the harried but happy stay-at-home mother of three little girls living in a small town. Her life implodes when her youngest daughter, Emma, disappears on her third birthday.

Two years later, Megan is preparing to commemorate Emma’s birthday and the anniversary of her kidnapping, compelled to keep her name alive in the minds of her community and her family. Her commitment to Emma, however, borderlines on obsession as she follows the families of little girls who look like the daughter she lost.

Her obsession with finding Emma has distanced Megan from both friends and family. Her two older daughters are resentful of her relentless and fruitless search for their sister, and her husband pleads with her to accept that Emma is gone so that the family can move on with their lives.

Meanwhile, in the same small town, Jack is beginning to question his wife’s secrecy about their adored granddaughter, Emmie. As Dottie slips into dementia and becomes increasingly protective over Emmie, he can’t help but wonder if there could be a dark secret that Dottie is keeping from him.

Jack and Megan’s worlds finally intersect at the town carnival, when Megan snaps a photograph of a little girl on her grandfather’s shoulder.

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Missing Children’s Society of Canada


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Why Qualified People




As the economy changes, we see the role of the company and its leaders change to reflect a new vision.  The result is a revolving door where the number of employees who exit is greater than those allowed re-entry.

Who can ignore the local and world news about the increasing unemployment rates everywhere?  News on the radio and online continually remind us of the state of the economy; how many jobs were lost each week, each month versus how many new jobs were created during the same time period.

People who have been working for years at the same company, or may have just changed jobs are now a local and national statistic of the unemployment rate­­–perhaps through no fault of their own but a result of unfavorable decisions made by long trusted decision makers and industry leaders.

It was reported that many of the recent layoffs consisted of highly qualified workers who were having a difficult time finding new employment.  Some people may be taking the much needed break and started looking for new employment only when their unemployment compensation was close to running out.  This may account for the length of time they remained unemployed.

Admitting that times have changed is no cliché.  Most of us can recall our experiences going through the motions from getting laid-off and the process of looking for new employment.  We remember what it was like each time starting as a new employee and observing the differences in leadership styles across the various industries.

We observed the manner in which the managers and supervisors interacted with the employees, the amount of attention they gave, when the leaders interacted and under what circumstances.  We then make the connection as to why so many qualified applicants are not getting hired.   After all, they have what employers need and are looking for now.  Why are they not getting hired?

Unemployed workers are reading self-help and how-to books, and following the step-by-step instructions to prepare them for their next work opportunity.  They are attending workshops and joining support groups to network.  They go to job fairs, meet with hiring managers and leave resumes with companies looking to hire.  Still, they remain unemployed.

Why do some careers have a higher turnover rate than others?  How do companies determine who stays and who gets the pink slip?   Is there a hint of inequality that goes into the decision making?

Does this same inequality determine who gets the job, how much they are paid and the amount of visibility they get within the company?

This   book  is   meant  to  change  our  internal dialogue

when we become unemployed, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.  Included are some insights for the unemployed and underemployed who are actively looking to get back into the work force or looking for a new challenge.   Know there are no short cuts, quick fixes or easy streets to get back to being employed.

There are some things we have no control over.  We need to recognize what we can change and proceed accordingly.  Take the initiative to manage your own career.  Utilize the free resources available to get started.  Connect with your network of friends and find the motivation you need.  Take a break before jumping back into another position.

Remind yourself that getting laid-off from one position is not always a negative.   It can be a humbling experience the first time around or if you’ve been unemployed for an extended period of time.   Use the time off to re-group and take inventory of your current job skills and experiences.   This is your opportunity to decide whether you want to continue in the same career or choose another path.  Once you’ve made your decision, act on it.


Then and Now



The online Wikipedia Dictionary defines employment as ‘A contract between two parties, one being the employer and the other being the employee.’  The online Meridian Dictionary gives an additional meaning as ‘Being an activity or the like that occupies a person’s time.’

In this book, qualified people are also referred to as talented and high performers.  They include  anyone who has worked in the same position long enough where they can leave and work with another company in the same or similar industry,  utilize their skills, knowledge and education to do the same or similar type of work with little or no supervision.

So many of us invested a lot of time and money in our education in hopes of getting that one job where we can put  all  that  knowledge and  skills to good use.  So is there

any wonder that we want to be selective in our choices of employment and employer?

We look for jobs within a certain geographical radius and perhaps a more specific location closer to home, the downtown area or a shopping area.  We may choose an area close to a school or university, or closer to our kid’s school.

In other words, the location has to be convenient.   We put the same thought process into choosing the places to work, the size of the company, the various departments and the type of products or services that make up their core competency.

Well, that was a very long time ago when we had options.  We would target the company within our primary area of study and apply there.  We would submit the job application along with our resume and a cover letter via air mail or fax, and then wait.  Here we were taught that if we did not hear back within a reasonable time after applying, we should follow up with the Human Resources Department and inquire as to the status of our job application.   Sometimes the response would be promising.

Back then, we were able to have a conversation with the person doing the hiring and discuss our qualifications over the phone.  We received insights as to whether we possessed the skills and knowledge that matched what they were looking for.  Here, we could also find out whether the position was still open, whether there were additional positions opened or if they had anything where we could be a good fit.  It may not be the ideal position, but it got us in the door to learn those skills for which we were lacking.

The other practice that employers did was to hold on to our resumes for future needs.  Back then, one could count the number of applicants applying for the same position.

There were times when companies would have to extend the advertising period until they had enough qualified applicants from which to select for an interview.

It was not uncommon to be notified by mail if the position was closed, if we were not selected for an interview or for the position for which we interviewed.

Fast forward to today.   We submit our resumes online and we wait, and wait, and very rarely do we bother to call to check on the status.  Why?  There are so many more applicants just like us applying for the same position and we apply to so many places, some unknown.

We would hear employers say today that they would get as much as 400 applicants for one position.  That would be 399 “Dear John” letters sent, or 399 email replies.    All we can do is keep applying until we get a call, any call.

We are putting in a lot more mileage to go to the new job.  We are working in jobs we’ve never done, and that are not even related to our hard earned college degree.    Why do we do this?  We do this because our choices have become limited.  There are fewer jobs available for the number of qualified applicants actively going after the same positions.

So now, we have to be willing to be flexible and to compromise in some areas.   Sometimes,  we even  have to

make sacrifices.    We have to be willing to take the pay cut, drive the distance and work the unfavorable shifts if needs be.   It’s a matter of extreme necessity that we become open to make these life adjustments.   Consider the consequences when we decide the job is too far out or the pay is not quite enough for us to maintain the lifestyle we had come to enjoy.

Have you checked the news recently?  Do you know how many qualified people you are now competing with for that job you are still on the fence wondering if you should take or not?  Do you know how many people would not hesitate for a second to say “Yes, I accept the offer”?   Do you know how long some of these qualified people have been waiting in line for a call back or even a job interview?

Many people have had their unemployment compensation run out or close to it.  People can’t afford to be as selective anymore to turn down any offer that finally came their way.

If you were lucky enough to hit the jackpot and get a job interview, it would mean your resume passed the appearance and content test.    Every job hunter must have that all important resume.  It should be clean, well-organized, easy to read and brief.

When companies receive hundreds of resumes to filter through, you want yours to be eye-catching for the right reasons.   Is the person doing the screening able to scan your resume in under a minute and determine whether it’s worthy of a second opinion and for consideration?

When preparing your resume, consider what you want them to know about what you’ve accomplished over the years, and your potential.  It may not always be what you wrote on paper, but how it’s written.  Are you familiar with the saying, ‘it’s not what you said, it’s how you said it’?

Many people would write what they think the employer want them to write.  There is nothing wrong with that if you can show support for it.

It’s not uncommon to have several versions of your resume. In fact, it’s recommended  that you design your resume to the position for which you are applying.  Chances are you may be a Jack or Jill of all trades.  However, you do not want to show them all off at the same time unless you are writing your autobiography, and that will be after you get hired.

Focus on the skills the position requires.  Highlight your skills which closely match the qualifications, especially if your experiences span across several business types.   If however, you held several positions in the same field of manufacturing, food service, health care, real estate or in whatever industry, highlight them.  Be brief in your descriptions and be specific.  Use bullet points if necessary.  Your experiences should show consistency, longevity and expanded knowledge of the industry.

There was a time when interviewers wanted to know the short-term goals (within the first year) and the long-term goals (5 to 10 years) of the prospective employees.  These goals showed that we were interested in staying with the company for a long time. Then, it was easier to collaborate with the immediate supervisor to meet some of those goals.

Today it’s difficult to say where we would like to be in the next 5 to 10 years since no company is immune to closures or downsizing.

The interview questions today look for competencies and skills set to determine experience and expertise.  Companies want to know how engaged you are in the company.  The more engaged you are, the greater the likelihood you will stay with the company.   This may or may not always work in the favor of the potential employer or employee.

There are so many variables now that job hunters need to be aware of when trying to find a job in almost the same way as the employers who are looking to hire.    Today we have to look at how liquid the company is and how long they’ve been in business.  After all, we don’t want to get hired by Company X today only to be laid off tomorrow.  Or, get hired and not be able to receive equitable compensation and benefits due to cut backs.

We can never hear too much or too often how important it is to be prepared, both physically and mentally.  Know what you are looking for and be prepared to present yourself first and foremost.  That is the first thing you are judged on by the interviewers and the person at the front desk.  Their opinions count in deciding whether or not you get hired to join their team.  You lose points for being late so make sure that ‘Be on-time’ is on your to-do list for the job interview.

We see a lot of interstate and intrastate migration of qualified professionals and sub-professionals across state and county lines searching for any job they can get.   Some immigrants return to their home country or travel north to try their fortune in Canada.  These folks are in touch with the reality of the job market and know that companies are moving jobs to where it’s more economical to operate.  Therefore, if you need one of those jobs, you have to be willing to travel to where they are located.

The current economy has left the unemployed facing such financial hardship that some may be more willing than others to take a cut in pay.    Prospective employers know that this willingness does not always translate to accepting the low pay.  The ones who do accept are more likely to continue looking for higher compensation and will leave as soon as they do.



About the Author:

This is the first book for Molita Powell.  Her career has taken her from San Diego, California to Dallas, Texas.  She has worked in small, medium and large companies across several industries and witnessed the growth, re-organization and demise of some of those companies.  Others are struggling to keep up with competition and with the changing tides of the economy.



Why Qualified PeopleAbout the Book:

Why do you think the younger folks get hired over someone with experience?   They are more eager to learn and adapt to a career change, and come cheaper.

It’s good to have transferrable skills, but do not put yourself in a financial bind where you regress in your career.  Too often we see career-focused, qualified individuals in new careers and work in jobs that are out of character for them.  These are the same ones who were always sharply dressed in the latest trends, and the proud owners of the newest electronic toys.

The problem is, while they were busy working, they were not managing their own finances.  When the regular paychecks stopped, they found themselves scrambling to pay for even their basic expenses.  In order to not lose the things they’ve accumulated, they were forced to accept the first job they were offered.  This is a job and pay they would not have otherwise taken.

This is yet another reason why we see companies not hiring qualified individuals who carry a large amount of debt.  They may also not hire young people for high salary positions.   Companies are looking for qualified and financially responsible workers who they can trust, train and promote to leadership positions to make financial decisions on their behalf.

Financial responsibility is an actual requirement for church members wanting to become Deacons.  Financial institutions use this to fill positions that involve the handling of money.

If individuals are not able to manage their own personal finances, would you want them to handle yours?  Glenn Shepard said it best, ‘Don’t take financial advice from people who are broke.


Why Qualified People Don’t Get Hired Tour Page: Follow the link to follow the tour:




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Heart of Ice


Meet P.J.

*All images and information from the author’s website*

P.J. ParrishP.J. Parrish is the New York Times bestselling author of ten Louis Kincaid and Joe Frye thrillers. The author is actually two sisters, Kristy Montee and Kelly Nichols. Their books have appeared on both the New York Times and USA Today best seller lists. The series has garnered 11 major crime-fiction awards, and an Edgar® nomination. Parrish has won two Shamus awards, one Anthony and one International Thriller competition. Her books have been published throughout Europe and Asia.

Parrish’s short stories have also appeared in many anthologies, including two published by Mystery Writers of America, edited by Harlan Coben and the late Stuart Kaminsky. Their stories have also appeared in Akashic Books acclaimed Detroit Noir, and in Ellery Queen Magazine. Most recently, they contributed an essay to a special edition of Edgar Allan Poe’s works edited by Michael Connelly.

Before turning to writing full time, Kristy Montee was a newspaper editor and dance critic for the Sun-Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale. Nichols previously was a blackjack dealer and then a human resources specialist in the casino industry. Montee lives in Fort Lauderdale and Nichols resides in Houghton Lake, Michigan.

The sisters were writers as kids, albeit with different styles: Kelly’s first attempt at fiction at age 11 was titled The Kill. Kristy’s at 13 was The Cat Who Understood. Not much has changed: Kelly now tends to handle the gory stuff and Kristy the character development. But the collaboration is a smooth one, thanks to lots of ego suppression, good wine, and marathon phone calls via Skype.

The first ten books in the series, in order, are: Dark of the Moon, Dead of Winter, Paint it Black, Thicker than Water, Island of Bones, A Killing Rain, An Unquiet Grave, A Thousand Bones, South of Hell and The Little Death.

Visit their website for more information: http://www.pjparrish.com/

Heart of Ice

  • Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Pocket Books (February 26, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1439189374
  • ISBN-13: 978-1439189375

*From the author’s website*

Florida PI Louis Kincaid wants to wear a badge again. But before he can, he must return home to Michigan—and some unfinished business. He wants to bond with 10-year-old Lily, the daughter he recently learned existed, and reunited with his lover Joe Frye. But new clues to an unsolved murder put his plans on ice. A trip with Lily to enchanting Mackinac Island turns grim when the child falls on a pile of old bones. The dangerous discovery reopens the cold case of Julie Chapman, a teenager from one of the wealthy summer families, who vanished two decades ago. And when Louis is forced to cooperate with a tough state investigator who once worked with Joe, tensions skyrocket. Now, what was supposed to be a time of building lasting ties, splinters into disturbing fragments, personally and professionally, as Louis pursues a mystery entangled in dark family secrets and twists even he can’t predict.

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 I Will Never Forget: A Daughter's Story of Her Mother's Arduous and Humorous Journey through Dementia

Book Description(From Amazon)

Publication Date: May 3, 2012

Finalist in the Best New Non-Fiction category of the 2012 USA Book Award; USABookNews.com

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It is extremely difficult to watch a loved one decline as dementia ravages his or her mind, robbing him or her of memory, thinking abilities, and judgment. In her touching memoir, I Will Never Forget, Elaine C. Pereira shares the sometimes heartbreaking and occasionally humorous story of her mother’s journey through dementia, as seen through the eyes of her little girl.

Pereira begins by offering entertaining glimpses into her own childhood and feisty teenage years. Through it all, Pereira shares how her mom’s unconditional love and creative parenting style helped mold an opinionated young woman into a resourceful adult who eventually would move mountains on her mother’s behalf. As Betty Ward slowly begins to wander down the dark and narrow corridors of Alzheimer’s, Pereira details her mother’s amazing ability to mask the truth until something as innocuous as a drapery rod suddenly launches a waterfall of events. As their roles shift and a new paradigm forms, Pereira transforms into a caregiver who blindly navigates dementia’s unpredictable haze while her mother orchestrates Houdini-like disappearances and surprisingly rallies to take charge of her own destiny.

I Will Never Forget shares a powerful, emotional story that can help people affected by dementia take comfort in knowing that they are not alone.


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Meet The Letters

  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: FriesenPress (August 27, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1460200470
  • ISBN-13: 978-1460200476

Book Description(From Amazon)

Publication Date: August 27, 2012
Alphabet Anatomy’s innovative rhyming verses and unique illustrations instruct on letter sound, recognition, AND how to write the letter, thus its anatomy. Thoroughly entertaining, each letter’s heartwarming personality and characteristics will engage and delight children as they discover what the letters do behind the scenes when they’re not busy making words. The letters know that the journey to reading is inherently complex, and mastery of these essential skills is absolutely vital for future success. In Alphabet Anatomy, the letters love to share their lives, and their highest aspiration is that each child who meets them will embrace this wondrous journey, and develop a life-long love for not only reading but writing as well. Alphabet Anatomy teaches full understanding of the alphabet, that is, the four inter-connected components: 1. Letter shape knowledge or recognition; 2. Letter name knowledge; 3. Letter sound knowledge; 4. Letter writing ability. In addition, Alphabet Anatomy utilizes the four core elements which extensive research has proven effectively teach reading and provide a solid and effective foundation for proficient reading in later years: 1. Phonological awareness; 2. Letter identification; 3. Vocabulary development; 4. Recall and retell sentences and stories. Soon to come: Meet The Lower Case Letters

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Coloring Book – Print & Enjoy
Teaching With Letters
FREE Audio Book


*Images and information from the author’s website*

About the Author

Linda was born in Albany, New York, moved to Arizona after high school graduation, and 3 years later met a handsome firefighter; together they have 4 very talented sons now ages 17 to 27. She began writing poetry in 1994, much of which was published and sold in the scrapbooking market, with popular titles such as “Forever My Little Boy,” “Forever My Little Girl,” and “Miracle of Love.” Alphabet Anatomy is her first published children’s book series.  Linda’s favorite days are when all the boys are back home together, including the 2 family dogs, Zorro and Rocco, who joyfully add to the noise and chaos. She knows these words to be true: “Time sneaks up and ticks away the precious moments of each day. Before we know it, years have passed; my child will grow up way too fast…”


About the Illustrator

Branson Jones is the very artistically talented son of the author who brought Alphabet Anatomy’s capital letters to life with his original  illustrations.  Branson began demonstrating his artistic ability at age 4 when he drew Huey, Dewey, and Louie (Donald Duck’s nephews) on a napkin at the kitchen table.  Now 17, Branson still loves drawing — almost as much as he loves skateboarding.

Special thanks also to the very talented Toby Mikle for designing the book cover and enhancing the illustrations for publishing format.



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“Erotic romance  that rocks*






Olivia CunningOlivia Cunning

 *Image from the author’s website*

Raised on hard rock music, award-winning author Olivia Cunning has been known to travel over a thousand miles to see a favorite band in concert. She lives in Galveston, Texas where she enjoys sitting on the beach with her feet in the surf and penning naughty books about rock stars.

Visit Olivia at: olivia@oliviacunning.com

 *From the author’s website*

Olivia Cunning Quick Facts
Despite the encouragement of her English teachers to pursue writing, she majored in biology in college.

Olivia earned a master’s degree in Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine. After her beloved grandfather died of a heart attack, she aspired to find the cure for atherosclerosis, but found biomedical research tedious and frustrating, so switched to teaching.

Olivia loves to attend metal concerts. She regularly embarrasses her college-aged son by headbanging in public and gets accused of not “looking like” a metal head.

Olivia finished writing her first contemporary series romance novel at age 19. It remains unpublished.

Olivia has always had a vivid imagination. At age three, she had seven imaginary friends and still remembers the stories she made up about them. One, named Splinter, was a giant talking skunk.

Olivia is an army brat. She has lived all over the United States and in Germany. She tends to move every three to five years. Her most recent move to Galveston, Texas will hopefully be her last.


Sinners on Tour, Book 4  -  Hot TicketFourth in Olivia Cunning’s hard-rockin’ erotic romance series, Hot Ticket delves into the oh-so-skilled sensuality of Sinners’ enigmatic bass guitarist, Jace Seymore.

When Jace walked through the doors of Aggie’s dungeon, the last thing he expected was to find self-forgiveness and the love of a remarkable woman. But when a terrible accident sidelines Jace during the band’s tour, the burdensome chains of his past wrap ferociously around his heart. Determined to crack through Jace’s armored shell, Aggie must go beyond her usual methods to mend his heart to love again.

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (February 5, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1402245831
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402245831


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