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MBA&M: Hello, Brenda, and thank you for spending time with us and our readers today! Please give our readers some insight into Brenda Sinclair?


BRENDA: I live with my husband and little Bichon Shih Tzu dog, Kelly, in the beautiful city of Calgary, Canada. I’m a wife, mother to two grown sons, and grandmother to three great kids. After retiring from the accounting field several years ago, I now write full-time, always happily-ever-after romance. And I love animals, especially small fluffy dogs best described as dust mops with feet. This is my four-footed friend, Kelly.

MBA&M: What was your inspiration in writing LOVE TO THE RESCUE?


BRENDA: Several of my fellow authors in CaRWA, the Calgary chapter of Romance Writers of America, had teamed up/donated royalties to charitable organizations. Their generosity inspired me to write a story about a woman who adopts a rescue dog and to donate a portion of my royalties to Humane Society shelters. Also, years ago our family adopted a rescue dog that provided us with many years of loving companionship, entertaining antics, and happy memories.

MBA&M: What was your decision in adopting a pet?


BRENDA: Growing up on a farm in southern Manitoba, my brother and I always had pets, dogs and cats. My husband and I believed our sons would benefit from the responsibility of caring for a pet and would enjoy playing with a dog and taking him for walks. Since my husband and I were both allergic, we rescued the perfect non-shedding dog. You’ll find Beau’s picture at the bottom of this post. We had Candy for fourteen years after sadly parting with Beau. With both pets in doggie heaven, my husband insisted we didn’t need another dog since it was so painful parting with them. I lasted seven months until I couldn’t stand it any longer. The house needed a dog. (Well, okay, I needed a dog!) And now we have Kelly. She enriches our lives every day. 

MBA&M: Please give our readers your thoughts on adopting a pet?


BRENDA: Firstly, I strongly believe in spaying and neutering pets. Secondly, I believe children learn responsibility when the care of a pet is placed in their hands. Of course, on days when Junior forgets to feed Fido, Mom’s always there to remind him or to feed the dog herself if Junior is busy at soccer practice.  Also, children have someone to tell their secrets to and share their fears with, knowing Fido isn’t going to ‘tell on them’. Lastly, pets return your love and affection, unconditionally, and there’s no better feeling than listening to a cat purr or watching your dog sleep contentedly when they’re snuggled up beside you on the sofa while you read a book or watch TV. I believe a house is not a home without a pet. And when you come home from an appointment or busy day at work, no one will greet you at the door with more enthusiasm than your dog! And as all dog owners know…whether you’ve been gone ten minutes or ten days, you’ll receive an equally enthusiastic welcome.

MBA&M: We know you are donating proceeds of the sale of your book LOVE TO THE RESCUE to Humane Society shelters. Could you please explain to our readers the need these shelters have for help, so they may better understand the need of adopting a pet?


BRENDA: There is never a shortage of animals being found or turned over to animal shelters. Some of these animals have been abused and removed from horrific situations, while others are selflessly relinquished by their current owners who are no longer able to care for them due to the person’s advanced age or incapacitating illness. Since there’s never a shortage of animals, there’s never a shortage of volunteers needed and supplies required to properly care for these animals while they wait for their furever homes. (That spelling was intentional).


Both financial donations and donations of time are required by every shelter in North America. Shelters post their WISH LIST on their websites. Shelters hold fundraisers to procure these necessary supplies, but people can donate anything any time of the year. Most people think of dog food and cat treats when you say ‘needs’. But there are so many more things required that the average person wouldn’t consider. Some of these items include paper towels, blankets and towels, dish soap, dog and cat toys, kennels in good condition, various sized batteries, gauze, exam gloves, sterile syringes and needles. The lists go on and on. Check the website of your local shelter to discover their wish list.


The greatest need, of course, is responsible, loving people who are willing, able and who qualify as new pet owners. Maybe that loving person is one of you reading this right now.

MBA&M: What is your favorite pet, and how many do you have personally?


BRENDA: Right now, my only pet is my dear little dog, Kelly. Her picture was at the top of this post.  If you look closely at her forehead you will see ‘mischief’ written there. She is so much fun though.


While I’m writing, she sleeps under my desk on a blanket in her own little ‘den’. After three or four hours, she’ll decide I should take a break. She crawls out, stretches, and then paws my hand preventing me from typing any more. Actually, I’m okay with the interruption of the creative juices because my chiropractor would agree that after that length of time I need a break to stretch also.


She snuggles up beside me on my bed every night and if I sleep in (in her opinion) she wakes me up by licking the end of my nose. She’s just adorable and I love her to pieces!

MBA&M: What motivates you to write?


BRENDA: Pure and simple…I love it! Stories pop into my head and I’m just compelled to write them down. I started writing as an empty-nester, and the more I wrote, the more I enjoyed it and the more obsessed (no, that’s not too strong a word) I became with writing.


Plotlines keep me awake at night. I catch myself writing scenes in my head when I’m supposed to be counting sheep and drifting off to dreamland. I’ll encounter an interesting or unusual person in the grocery store or at the next table over while out for dinner with a friend or my husband. I’ll pull out a notepad and record their appearance and voice and mannerisms, knowing they will show up in one of my stories one day. I fully intend to be writing romance novels when I’m eighty!

MBA&M: Brenda, what is your next project? If you can reveal a little to our readers.


BRENDA: Everything I’ve published so far is contemporary romance. But in 2013 I’ll be publishing the first books in my Spirit Creek Series. These western historical romance stories take place in the fictional frontier town of Spirit Creek, Montana beginning in 1889. There is a whole collection of characters inhabiting Spirit Creek and area, and they are just waiting to share their tales.

MBA&M: Last, but not least, Brenda. Please tell our readers how to connect to you and where they may purchase LOVE TO THE RESCUE?


BRENDA: Today is the final day of my blog tour and I’d like to thank you for having me here. It’s been a blast! Anyone leaving a comment will be entered to win one of ten digital copies of When Dreams Collide, the sequel to A Bandit Creek Miracle. Winners will be drawn later today. And check out the special ‘Irish’ blog post on my website on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17th. Rover isn’t the only one who’s Irish!


This is the Amazon link to Love To The Rescue in Ebook and Large Print version http://amzn.to/Si97FR


If anyone has rescued a dog or cat, please email your pet’s story with permission to post it on my website to brendasinclairauthor@gmail.com




Please check out my website to read the rescue story of our family dog, Beau, and other stories at www.brendasinclairauthor.com . You can also find me on Twitter @bsinclairauthor and on Facebook brendasinclairauthor


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Twitter link is https://twitter.com/bsinclairauthor   @bsinclairauthor

Author Central page on Amazon is http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007OXHMES

Thank you Brenda for this amazing interview,for spending time with us and our readers and your work with animals.

**I have a 4 year old almost 5 year old solid black cat,a rescue cat my daughter,WendyK and grandkids,found. His mother and siblings where killed by a dog. They call him “Demon Cat” his name is yes,Sassy,he started out at  female but ended a male.LOL.  Long story. You can not help but love him,even if he is a little mean,his pic is on everything I do**

Thanks again!


For almost two years, Amy MacArthur has mourned her husband’s untimely death, vowing to never love another. Now, after surviving a burglary, Amy welcomes a new man into her life, the handsome police officer who attended the B and E at her home.
Frightened by the intruder’s ugly threats, Amy adopts an abused rescue dog for companionship and protection while hoping to heal the animal’s damaged spirit. In turn, could her new pet help a depressed child recover from a devastating loss?
The new additions to her life are stirring a renewed desire to fulfill her fondest wish: a family of her own.  But Amy is torn between preserving her husband’s memory and pursuing a new love. Is her heart willing to risk the devastating pain of losing a loved one again?
Or is she just one catastrophe away from losing it all?
   Link to where to buy the book…
LOVE TO THE RESCUE – exclusive to Amazon at this time (shortened link below)  ebook and print version through CreateSpace


Brenda Sinclair is a writer of historical American West and contemporary romance, a member of her local chapter of Romance Writers of America, a
healthy lifestyle advocate and past leader of her TOPS weight-loss group, a gardening enthusiast and dog lover.
Brenda was raised on a farm in southern Manitoba and taught school on a semi-remote reservation in northern Manitoba where, during frequent visits to a nearby town, she met her husband, a Treaty Cree member of the local First Nations band. Brenda and her husband have been married for forty years and raised two sons. She is extremely proud of her three wonderful grandchildren.
Brenda worked in the accounting field for over twenty-five years. A few years ago, she retired and traded in numbers for words when she decided to be a writer when she grew up. The latter part of the previous sentence is still up for debate.


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