~So without further ado….presenting JEN LILIENSTEIN,author of “A Parents Playbook to Learning”~

While many of my studies in college, including my undergraduate thesis, highlighted how differently kids learn and the myriad of ways in which we are each uniquely smart, this knowledge didn’t truly hit home until my eldest daughter was born. Once I got her into enrichment classes and preschool, it became clear very quickly that she responded positively to different types of classes and teaching approaches than I did. As I started to prepare her for Kindergarten, the personality based strategies that I unearthed through lots of  research really started to click for her…and the strategies that worked well for her were very different than the ones that worked well for me or for her Dad.


I started Kidzmet to give parents and teachers the top tips for each learning profile, but the profiles only scratched the surface of how personality type impacts the ways in which we are wired to learn best. I really wanted to put together a resource that parents could put to use when their kids were struggling with soft skills related to school and learning like time management, getting organized, staying motivated, handling successes, group interactions, etc. In times of struggle, it’s so hard to understand why techniques that worked well for you as a kid aren’t clicking for your kids. I’m hoping that A Parent’s Playbook for Learning will help parents not only understand the reasons why their kids are reacting to situations or conversations in a certain way, but give them some practical hints and tips to bring their kids from a place of frustration into a more joyful, inspired, engaged place.


It’s been so great to read the reviews the book has received from both parents and teachers and know that I’m impacting the lives of kids and families all around the world in a very positive way. As for me, I have officially been bitten by the temperament type bug and plan to continue writing books in this vein. I hope that my future books related to type and learning are as helpful and well-received as my first one!

Thank you Jen, for spending time with us and our readers today!


Book Description(Amazon)

November 30, 2012
This is a detailed, practical guide to help parents (and teachers) understand how different personality types learn best, and includes a personality quiz. The techniques parents learn in this book series will teach them specific, research-backed, actionable strategies amassed from nearly 100 reference texts with respect to how to create a learning environment that allows their kids to excel and develop confidence in their abilities, how to support and encourage their kids’ education in ways that are best for him or her, and how to teach kids the strategies that help them each play to their individual learning strengths. The book reveals how each of the eight personality types naturally gets organized, gets motivated, approaches new concepts, Learns in groups, takes notes and files knowledge, tackles homework and test prep, and handles success and failure.



A Parent’s Playbook for Learningby Jen Lilienstein

ISBN: 978-0988475793

 Publisher: Kidzmet

 Date of publish: November 2012

 Pages: 266

 S.R.P.: $14.95




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About the author:

 Jen Lilienstein is the Founder of Kidzmet.com—a web site that analyzes kids’ personality types,multiple intelligence preferences and predominant cognitive style to help parents understand how their kids learn best and help teachers connect better and faster with their students. Ms.Lilienstein’s work has been praised by both Parent Tested Parent Approved and The National Parenting Center. Ms. Lilienstein is also a weekly contributor on the Total Education Network,which is syndicated on 80+ networks and heard by more than a million people in 180 countries around the world.



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