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rachel hamton

  What made you decide to write BETTER DAYS?

RACHEL: I am not sure if I chose to write the book or if the book chose me? Every song has a story so why not tell it?

   Who would you say influenced your writing and songwriting career?

 RACHEL: I have had so many influences. The influences start with my mom whistling in the kitchen while she was working to Styx, The Eagles, Amy Grant, I can go on for days. I just try to capture every moment and every thought that moves me from my head to my heart.

   Your songs are smoothing and refreshing, do you have more, or are you in the process of writing more songs, if so will there be a book of poetry as a companion?

RACHEL: I am still writing daily. I tell the people around me that there is a song in everything and they all have stories.  So I do intend to do another CD and Book of poetry at some point.  

 How hard is it to incorporate poetry into songs?

RACHEL: It isn’t hard at all. Everything I have ever written has just come to me, music and lyrics. All I need to do is be smart enough to take the time to write and down.

What is next for you?

RACHEL: I have a few projects I am currently working on. I am working on two books, one is a novel    I am writing with my two sisters, loosely based on a family story, the other is a self help book. I am also producing a few shows for the local access station in Colchester, Vermont. One of the shows is pictures my sister and I took on a recent tour of Hawaii with the background music of songs I have written about the Ocean and Hawaii. I also hope to do a relaxation/tai chi/flow motion video by the river. To stay busy I also have a new you tube station with couple of original songs loaded “Children of the Universe.” And “Sweet Dreams” Check it out. I write a blog “rlhgirlwithguitar.blogspot.com”.  I am just doing my best to keep creativity flowing into my life. It just brings me joy. It is very interesting that with all the projects I have going I still go back to the book “BETTER DAYS” pick out a lyric and story to read and it still feels like new. The words still resonate within and I say, ” I wrote that?”

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to talk about my passion.

        You are so welcome and thank you for taking a few moments of your time to spend with us and our readers!

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better daysBETTER DAYS



Genre: Poetry


  • Paperback: 126 pages
  • Publisher: Outskirts Press (February 10, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1432786032
  • ISBN-13: 978-1432786038


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February 10, 2012


Live Life Now! What are you waiting for? A better time? A nicer day? All we really have is this moment, this day. Time keeps moving on, so make the most of life. Live life now! Make each step-each breath-count. Better Days is a beautiful collection of uplifting poetry that reminds us to find beauty and joy in each day. We may be struggling as a nation, but better days are to come. And if we open our eyes and choose to see the good in the world right now, the better days will already be here.
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