MBA&M: What is your inspiration for writing both suspense,and children’s titles?

LINDA: My inspiration for all of my books is God.  Beaufort Betrayal, my first novel, was a vision which I experienced nightly for a few years.  It reached the point where I could not go to sleep without thinking about it.  In my thoughts, I saw a young woman walking down the street.  It was not me.  She was troubled but not harmed.  I recognized the place as Beaufort, N.C. where I have sailed often.  As she walked down the street, she feverishly hunted for signs that she might recognize for she was suffering from amnesia.  Then, she saw one of the beautiful old homes across the street.  As she searched for familiarity, she saw a young man on the balcony, waving to her.  Her heart was singing because she realized that someone recognized her.  As he ran to greet her, he ushered her inside the home.  What was about to happen to her?  So the story began.  One night, I finally prayed.  Asking God for guidance, I knew that I was suppose to write a book.  My first Mystery/Thriller began and I suddenly found myself in a new role as author.

MBA&M: How hard is it  to write both genres?

 MBA&M: It is not difficult at all.  My problem is that the thoughts occur so rapidly that I find it difficult to keep up.
MBA&M: Who do you credit your love of writing to?

 LINDA: Again, I must say God.  I never even entertained the idea of writing.  Without the vision which launched Beaufort Betrayal, I would never have written.
MBA&M:  What do you think the most  important quality of an author?
LINDA: I think the most important quality of an author is honesty.  To desire to tell a story that will actually benefit someone instead of junk is an honest approach to writing.  That is my desire.  If just one of my books helps someone, then the process was worth any fatigue or discomfort which I may have experienced.
MBA&M:  You seem to enjoy a variety of stories,which is by far your favorite to write?Why?
 LINDA: Beaufort Betrayal was my favorite because it was my first experience of displaying my soul, so to speak. Writing reminds me of an artist with a painting.  So much time goes into creating something that you think is beautiful.  Then the criticism begins.  It can be daunting.
MBA&M:  What is the most exciting part of writing in your opinion?
LINDA: The most exciting part is the final product.  So often, when I go back to read it, it is unfamiliar to me; almost as if I never wrote it.  It is amazing.  Writing produces such happiness for me.  Each book: Beaufort Betrayal,Rosemary Beach, Will He?, and Dusty the Island Dog is a great source of pride and disbelief that with God’s help. I was able to create something that I find beautiful.  I am indeed blessed.

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  • Hardcover: 154 pages
  • Publisher: PublishAmerica (April 3, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1462675247
  • ISBN-13: 978-1462675241

Book Description(Amazon)

April 3, 2012
The mental abuse, which Tory suffers from Jack, is so skillfully carried out that she remains in denial until it escalates to violence. Lies and deceit become so common in her life that she finds it impossible to distinguish the truth. Each day presents challenges to her ability to triumph over the evil web of lies which surround her. At that point, she is able to protect herself by imploring the strength that had always been there to guide her. Her love for sailing surprises her by being the very act that saves her life. The setting of Beaufort, NC is the perfect coastal town for this drama of a woman who is faced with hardships which would break most. To endure betrayal at the hands of the very person whom she should have been able to trust creates a woman of strength and real beauty.
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“One Woman’s unusual Journey to reinvent herself and answer: “What now?”


BC Cover

Welcome Linda!!

Why I Added 41 Illustrations to “Blind Curves”

Have you ever picked up a children’s book, savored its illustrations and felt we adults get shortchanged? As a child I’d furiously read just to get to the next picture to discover how it linked to the story. Often just flipping through a storybook and glancing at its drawings built excitement that made it an immediate must-read book.

A theme of my recently published book—“Blind Curves—One Woman’s Unusual Journey to Reinvent Herself and Answer What Now?”—is about breaking away from non-working traditional convention to create your own footsteps. This real-life story tells how after eighteen months of overachieving at one-size-fits all advice for a 57-year-old widow, I was still miserable. In a moment of rebellion, I traded my corporate suits for motorcycle leathers and committed myself to a 2,500-mile road trip on a Harley without knowing how to ride.

Since a major component of this book is about discoveries that come when we quit following conventional norms, it was only natural for me to model that behavior by incorporating my love of visuals and scattering 41 elaborate, hand-drawn illustrations throughout this book’s 278 pages.

In my initial meetings with my long-time friend and illustrator, Kevin L. Miller, we decided to have fun with the drawings. We chose to portray Linda when she is not on a motorcycle as a “traditional woman.” But since the “motorcycle Linda” is an attempted escape from reality, she’s drawn as a fantasy, super-sexy image that includes long, curly and flowing hair. And similar to most super-heroine figures, she has a body that looks better in tight leather and knee-high boots than I ever could, even if I spent years faithfully dieting and living at the gym, which I won’t.

Of course, since the 10-day road trip starts at Vancouver, Canada, and winds down along the Pacific Coast of Washington, Oregon and California, there are also scenic drawings of redwoods, Crater Lake, the Oregon Coast and the Mendocino wine country.

One thing most authors understand is that not every book decision is going to be appreciated by all readers. If the illustrations speak to you and add to your enjoyment, I’m pleased. But if they fall into the background as you create your own images, I’m equally happy. After all, it’s the quality of the story and the writing that are most important.

So enjoy this funny, irreverent and extraordinarily honest story of how I broke from tradition, made an out-of-character choice and proved that opening doors labeled “not me” is often more effective than remaining stuck in a safe bubble when needing answers to: “What now?”

If you’d like to see some of these illustrations, visit the book on Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/BlindCurves-Amazon to preview a section for the book or you visit the book’s website at www.BlindCurves.com.

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Crill_Portrait_4x4_300dpiAuthor Bio:

Linda Crill is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and thought leader on mastering the new leadership skills: reinvention, resiliency and chaotic creation. She is the author of Blind Curves—One Woman’s Unusual Journey to Reinvent Herself and Answer What Now?A story of reinvention whereCrill trades her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers in a moment of rebellion on a quest to answer “What Now?” For more information visit http://www.BlindCurves.com. This book is available in both softback and eBook versions from all major online booksellers as well as orders placed by your favorite bookseller.

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  Linda Crill: http://www.LindaCrill.com

    Blind Curves—One Woman’s Unusual Journey to Reinvent Herself and Answer What Now?:http://www.BlindCurves.com

   Connect on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/Blind Curves

 Connect on Google+: http://www.LindaCrillGooglePlus.com

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  Book on Amazon.com at: http://tinyurl.com/BlindCurves-Amazon




  • Paperback: 266 pages
  • Publisher: Opus Intl. (March 1, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 098589850X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0985898502
BC CoverSynopsis:
After eighteen months of following one-size-fits-all advice for a 57-year-old widow, Linda Crill was still miserable. In a moment of rebellion, she traded her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers and committed herself to a 2,500-mile road trip on a Harley, without knowing how to ride.
Four short weeks later, Linda joined two men and another woman for a white-knuckled, exhilarating road trip along America’s Pacific Northwest coast from Vancouver, Canada, to the wine country of Mendocino, California. Along the way she encountered washed-out mountain roads, small town hospitality, humming redwoods, and acceptance from gentle souls who happened to have
tattoos and piercings.
Blind Curvesis the extraordinary story of a woman who had tried everything to reinvent herself and recapture excitement for what comes next. Exercising, reading, making endless to-do lists, putting others’ needs first, and pampering herself was not working.
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