So without further ado, welcome Maggie!

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Welcome Maggie!!
MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into Maggie Tideswell?
I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with my husband, Gareth. When I started writing, my children were in junior school. They didn’t know what I was doing, always scribbling and hogging the only pc we had in those days. Now my three kids are grown and there are two grandchildren in the Tideswell family. The cat is of course the most important person in the house. His name was Phoenix when I inherited him, but as a cat that name just didn’t seem right, and I changed it to Felix. But mostly he is just Cat to us. He doesn’t seem to mind.
MBA&M: What is the appeal of Ghosts, and paranormal romance in today’s readers?
People love to be scared, and what is scarier than things that can’t be explained and that doesn’t seem ‘real’? Everybody has a story to tell about things that just happened, be that mysterious or doors opening and closing by themselves. The space around is is filled with ‘things’ and some people are just better equipped to ‘see’ them. Those who can’t love to hear about it in books and movies. Everybody loves things that go bump in the night.   
MBA&M: What was your inspiration for “Moragh,Holly’s Ghost”?
Romantic love and my favorite theme of ‘nothing is as it seems’ inspired Moragh, Holly’s Ghost. I started writing it in my ‘soppy love story’ phase and at first it was titled An Absolute Bargain – I mean, that says it all! But the ghost kept intruding and the story developed over time around her.
MBA&M: Which scene was the biggest challenging to write? Why?
The ending. There were so many threads to resolve and I had to be careful not to confuse the reader instead of trying the novel together in a cohesive whole. But I think the ending is always the biggest challenge for any author.
MBA&M: Which was your favorite character to write in “Moragh,Holly’s Ghost” and why?
Nicole, because she was such a spoilt brat, yet one could sympathize with her too because of the wobbly start she had in life.
MBA&M: If you where a character in a novel, which genre would you be in, what type of character (male,female,real or fiction) and which author would you have write your story?
I would be a female paranormal investigator. I love creep and trying to prove that there are logical explanations for most of the things that scare us. It is the things that can’t be explained that is truly scary.
MBA&M: How hard is it to get published in the United States?
Getting a debut novel published is pretty hard. Getting a publisher to take a chance on an unknown writer is next to impossible. But if it is your dream to be a published author and you have a good story to tell, there is a publisher out there for you. All you need to do is to develop a thik skin and refuse to let a ‘no’ get you down.
MBA&M: Give us three words you would use to describe your novel?
Haunting, romance and deceit

MBA&M: Thank you for spending your time with us and our readers today! Last but not least what is your next project?
My 3rd paranormal romance, Roxanne’s Ghost is nearly finished. This is a very complicated story about family betrayal and love, misplaced and real, and it sometimes confuses even me. But I hope to have it finished before the end of the year. There will also be a sequel to Moragh, Holly’s Ghost. I have the outline and first few chapters done. The working title is Poppet Nicole and it might change, but so far I think it is cute.


Thank you,Maggie for spending time with us and our readers today! What an intriguing and interesting story “Moragh Holly’s Ghost” was!

Thank you for sharing it, I look forward to the sequel.


maggie tideswellA bit about the author: Maggie Tideswell

South African born and bred, Maggie loves all things paranormal. She is married with 3 grown-up kids and 2 grandchildren. Maggie’s first book, Dark Moon, was published by All Things That Matter Press in 2011 and the second, Moragh, Holly’s Ghost will be published later this year. Her stories reflect her interest of things unexplained. Maggie loves books (the smell of paper), tea, wine, and her cat Felix is her constant companion.

Website: http://maggietideswell.weebly.com/

Twitter: @lunamags

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoraghHollysGhost


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moragh, holly's ghostFINAL_FINAL_COVERA bit about the book: Moragh, Holly’s Ghost

A marriage of convenience, helpful fey friends, a custody battle that cannot be won and a haunting – could love blossom?

Set in the beautiful winelands of the southern Cape in South Africa, strange things start happening from the moment Holly accepted Joshua’s offer of marriage. Holly and Joshua met for the first time on the steps of the chapel in which they were getting married. Back at Joshua’s estate, she suspects that the ghost was somehow linked to Joshua.


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