Escape cover_3DWELCOME, DEBORAH!

MBA&M: Good morning, Deb and welcome to MBA&M. Please give our readers who may not know you a few details about yourself?

 DEBORAH:  I live in Northern Minnesota with my husband of almost 32 years. My career for the most part has been in banking, out of necessity, and I say that in a nice way. I would much rather just spend my time indulging my creative self, but the bills must be paid.  Before I began my banking career, I was involved with writing children’s books and tried to make my way as a career in children’s literature. Life took a bit of a turn for me and I needed to find a job to help support our family. And as I did, the corporate world took over and my writing took a back seat. Throughout the years, I would often take time to write, join conferences, and seek out advice from other authors which helped keep my writing in the fore front.  At one time I thought that pursuing my dreams of being a published author were gone. Then one night the gift of a dream came to me. It was one of those dreams where one does not want to ever wake up from. And as hard as I tried to not, I did have to wake up but I kept thinking of that dream for days to come. I knew there had to be a story in there waiting to come out. That’s when my novel came to life and Beyond Escape was born.

MBA&M: What do you feel draws readers to Romance and Crime novels?

DEBORAH: People like to read about love stories because it helps them live vicariously through others. No matter how wonderful one’s own romantic life is, everyone always wants to read about other people’s love affairs. And then when you mix that with some mystery, it only adds to the excitement. If you think about every block buster Hollywood movie, there is almost always a relationship story between the male and female protagonists.



MBA&M: What was your inspiration behind writing “Beyond Escape”?

DEBORAH: After I realized from my dream that there was a story to be told, I reached back to my former life and it wasn’t long before the connection to my dream and my past experiences were formed. The dream consisted of a women seeking out love she so desperately needed. She met a young Latino lover and spent an amazing weekend at his Mexican retreat. What made the dream meaningful was that my own life and my parents were so intertwined into it that it made it all so real.  The relationships that unfold, the people involved, and some of the circumstances are real. Which makes it pleasurable and scary at the same time.

MBA&M: Which scene was the most challenging to write for you?

DEBORAH: Probably the scene where Kim’s dad is in the hospital with complications of cancer was the hardest to write as that was one of the real life situations in my novel.  The relationship Kim has with her father is a mirror of my own relationship with my dad.


MBA&M: Who was your favorite character to write?

DEBORAH: The easiest one was Kim because that character was pretty much based on me and some of my life’s relationships. The one I most enjoyed was Connie. I am still enjoying her character as I write the next novel. Connie is so much different than Kim and ultimately so different than me, which is why she was my favorite to write and I had fun with her character.


MBA&M: Which secondary character may have his or her own storyline next?Tell us a little about them?

DEBORAH: Oh my goodness without a doubt it’s Connie. She brings to the novel a very different perspective to life than the main character, Kim. Kim is the stable; sensible of the two, Connie is the vibrant often risqué character that often disappoints her friends. Readers will soon become interested in who she is.  Readers have told me that in the next book, they want me to explore Connie; they want to know more about her.


MBA&M: How does your creative juices flow, characters first, then the plot, or vice versa?

DEBORAH: I would have to say my characters come first as they are based on real life people. So real that at times it was a little bit daunting to actually write the words and then see the characters come to life.

Tell our readers a little about how that works for you as an author?

DEBORAH: Again, my novel is based on real life characters and they have become so close to me that once I sit down to write, they are right there with me. I just have to focus, let go of the day, and they will come to me. Once I am in that zone, the words just flow; I really don’t have to think about it, my characters take over.


MBA&M: Who is one of your favorite authors to read, do you read crime novels or other genre?

DEBORAH: I have so many different authors in different genres that I enjoy that if I listed them, you would like I was crazy. Meaning that the genre I write is so different than what I read. I belong to a great book club whose members are very much into the classics and historical novels. I am always eager to oblige at what they chose for us to read as it takes me away from my normal course and I am always glad they steered me to a new experience.


MBA&M: In writing “Beyond Escape”, which do you feel gave you the most trouble or where the most challenging to write: the drugs, the secret love affair, or the murder scene?

DEBORAH: To tell you the truth, a lot of the love affairs and the expected drugs were real and to write it and then see it in print made me feel uneasy. In reality my stories could affect real people.  My daughter, to this date, cannot get through the book as it brings her too many memories. Not about the drugs and affairs but because some of the characters, more specifically Jack and Nita, are actually fashioned after her grandparents.  Because some of the novel is based on real life situations and people, it was hard for me to put these scenes into words as there are still family and some untold stories that perhaps some people would like laid to rest.


MBA&M: Please tell our readers where or how they may connect with you and where to purchase “Beyond Escape”?

DEBORAH: They can always connect with me on my webpage at and my Facebook page at Deborah K. Jensen. My book can be purchased off my website but also it’s available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both print and EBook format.

Thank you,Deborah for taking a few moments of your time with us and our readers today!


debjensen2About the Author

Deborah K. Jensen was born and raised in Minnesota. Writing has been a lifelong passion for Deborah although she spent most of her career in the finance world.

Beyond Escape is her debut novel, inspired by real life relationships and circumstances. Deborah currently lives in Northern Minnesota with her husband. They have two grown children.

Visit the author’s website:

Follow at: Twitter: @DeborahKJensen




Escape cover_3D

Publisher Beaver’s Pond Press (October 15, 2012)
Language English
ISBN-10 159298438X
ISBN-13 978-1592984381

After separating from her husband of twenty years, Kim is in desperate need of an escape. Retreating to her parents’ home in Texas for a month, Kim encounters ample distractions, the best being Camilo, an alluring Latino man seventeen years her junior.

However, when returning to Texas unearths memories of a long-ago lover, Kim discovers her unintentional involvement in a series of dangerous escapades, bringing her deeper into her past than she ever cared to venture.

Beyond Escape follows Kim as she pursues a trail of drugs, murder, and secret love affairs that were meant to stay buried.



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Seeking Philbert Woodbead Book Cover2

About the book:

Miss Celine Fairweather’s life was bobbing along like a boat on a tranquil stream when all of a sudden a summons from her beloved sister Penelope Radclyff, the Duchess of Blackthorne, changed it all.

Celine hurtles off to the London to help the duchess run the Blackthorne Mansion and to discover the whereabouts of her lost love Philbert Woodbead. 

Sensible Celine manages to keep things deathly dull and under control for a whole week until she enlists the help of the handsome Lord Elmer—a mischievous rogue, an ex-pirate, and an incorrigible flirt who is wanted dead by all of England’s husbands with attractive wives.

They scurry from one giddy escapade to another seeking Philbert in musty inns and dusty streets, and through it all Celine tries to keep her bonnet straight, her gloves spotless and her heart in tune with her head.

Life has suddenly turned exciting, and love has well and truly bitten her rosy buttocks. Now the only question is … who has done the biting? 



A bit about the author:

Anya Wylde lives in Ireland along with her husband and a fat French poodle (now on a diet). She can cook a mean curry, and her idea of exercise is occasionally stretching her toes. She holds a degree in English literature and adores reading and writing.


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In the latter part of March of the year seventeen hundred and something a  large schooner rested on calm blue waters off the coast of England.

It was mid-afternoon, the water was unruffled and crystal clear, while the sky above had sent its grey clouds to London.

The sun beamed down on the deck where gentlemen with missing toes, feet, teeth or hands lay draped around the schooner attempting to snooze away the day.

Now, this schooner was no ordinary schooner (as you might have guessed from the hint above referring to missing limbs and such) but a piratical schooner, and the gentlemen were not really gentlemen but looters, marauders and plunderers.

Yes, sir, they were murderous, unscrupulous adventurers and stinking water rats.

They were all pirates. Each one of them were pirates. The whole blasted lot of them were pirates. In fact, they couldn’t be more piratical if they tried. And they tried. Oh, how they tried to be more devilish than the devil himself.

And one of them came close to being the devilishest … if that is a word. If it is not, then it should be because it perfectly described the tall, muscular, grey eyed man with his long silver streaked black hair and cruel mouth. This man was so wicked that the mere reference to him caused the afternoon light to dim, the wind to blow more urgently, the men to wake mid snooze, the tea to jump out of the cup … Where were we?

Ah, yes, the captain of the ship, the head pirate, the Black bloody  Rover, whose name was enough to frighten the children of the world into behaving, was the owner of this piratical schooner called The Desperate Lark and the leader of these dim muscled men.

He stormed now onto the middle of the deck sending the seagulls screaming into the air. His appearance caused the men to scatter while his frown had them cowering in the bilge. While they cowered, the Black Rover grabbed the cuff of a one legged man, his most trusted aide, and in low, clipped cultured tones asked, “Who stole it, Tim?”

“George Rodrick Irvin, the future Earl of Devon currently holding the courtesy title of Viscount Elmer,” squeaked Tim. “The one we call Lord Wicked.”

“Kill him.” The Black Rover was a man of few words.

Tim bowed in response.

“And kidnap the cooks,” the Black Rover continued.

Tim dared to frown, “Cooks?”

The Black Rover glowered. “And the chefs. I want every single person who can cook to be kidnapped and tortured until we get it back.”

“Torture?” Tim asked uncomfortably. “Can’t we simply kill them and be done with it? I don’t like torturing. It is a messy job, and I don’t like it when they cry and they all cry.”

The Black Rover smiled harshly. He leaned closer to Tim and whispered in his half bitten ear two words, “Pigeon feathers.”

“Arr.” Tim’s sparsely lashed eyes widened in admiration. He shook his head at his captain’s intelligence. The most learned man, Tim thought proudly, was right here.

Pigeon feathers … The Black Rover was a blooming genius.


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{Fantasy, Futuristic & Ghost}

[Book 2 of the After trilogy]


Stacks Image 40

The end of the world brings chaos, madness, and psychic powers. For Emma and Arthur, separated by an ocean, it brings a love that demands everything. Emma’s beloved daughter is kidnapped by vengeful raiders, and Emma embarks on a soul-crushing journey to rescue her. When Arthur finds Emma, can she trust him? Against impossible odds, Emma draws near the rogue camp, where she also confronts the deepest choice of her heart….

  • BN ID: 2940014654340
  • Publisher: Parvati Press
  • Publication date: 7/2/2012
  • Series: After , #0






Meet the Author

Traci L. Slatton is a graduate of Yale and Columbia. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, sculptor Sabin Howard, whose classical figures and love for Renaissance Italy inspired her historical novel IMMORTAL. THE BOTTICELLI AFFAIR is a tribute to her delight in the Old Masters and rich passions. FALLEN is the first in a romantic trilogy set in end times permeated with love, loss, and strange psychic powers. THE ART OF LIFE, written with Sabin Howard is book about sculpture and the philosophy and history of art; DANCING IN THE TABERNACLE is her first book of poetry. COLD LIGHT furthers the dystopian tale begun in FALLEN.
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A BIT ABOUT: Fallen (After trilogy book 1)

Synopsis: As chaos descends on a crippled Earth, survivors are tormented by strange psychic gifts. In this time of apocalyptic despair, love is put to the test. One woman with mysterious healing power guides seven children to safety. Charismatic Arthur offers her a haven. Slowly Emma falls for him. But at the moment of their sweetest love, his devastating secret is revealed, and they are lost to each other. Will Emma stay with him?
The first in a romantic trilogy set during the end times.



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