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Greetings! Thanks for visiting My Book Addiction and More! I figured I would take the time to tell you about my books, in the event that you’ve never heard of me—Marliss Melton—or you’ve read just a few of my books and you’d like to know more.

Most folks know me for my 7-book SEAL Team Twelve Series. (Make that 7 books, a novella, and a short story.) Picture a platoon full of hard-charging, hard-bodied, tender-hearted men with an array of capabilities and flaws that make them so realistic, you’ll feel like they’re real people, real friends. Readers LOVE this series, as attested by the fact that it keeps selling and selling years after the books were released.


Forget Me NotIn the DarkTime to RunNext to DieDon't Let GoToo Far GoneShow No FearLong Gone


 Reclaimed Cover

If you’ve read the SEAL Team Twelve Series (they may even be on your keeper shelf), then it’s time for you to devour my Taskforce Series, which follows the struggles and victories of three remarkable men—a former Navy SEAL, an FBI special agent, and an ATF special agent. What do they all have in common? They work for an inter-agency counterterrorist taskforce that combats homegrown terrorism near the nation’s capital. If you like political suspense with a good dose of romance, then the Taskforce Series is a must-read for you. (Look for a boxed set, coming soon, that offers you a discounted pricing on all three).

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The Protector CoverThe Guardian book coverThe Enforcer book cover

What’s next for Marliss Melton fans? I’m turning my focus back to the SEALs with DANGER CLOSE, a novel that bridges together my SEAL Team Twelve series with a new series I think I’ll call Echo Platoon.  Everyone loves a man in uniform, especially when his testosterone-driven lifestyle calls out for the gentling hand of a strong, devoted woman. Visit my website today and sign up for a newsletter so you can stay informed:

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Thanks Marliss,for taking time our of your busy schedule to spend time with us and our readers today. Just so everyone will know I love your stories!!


A bit about the author….

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Marliss in redMy greatest blessing was to grow up overseas without any television time. Sure, I missed out on The Waltons and Saturday morning cartoons, but how many kids get to ride on the back of an elephant, eat candied ants, visit every museum and chateaux in Paris, or track tigers in northern Thailand? As the youngest of four daughters, I had the example of my brilliant sisters, who read voraciously, and I bypassed Nancy Drew to read every book in the Hardy Boys series. (That was the first indication of my fascination for male heroes). By the sixth grade, I’d discovered Victoria Holt and moved back to the United States . I wrote my first book—a wretched historical novel—when I was thirteen. Two teenage years in Houston, Texas, saw me reading Harlequin romances and writing several more books.

I’ve always been an over-achiever, with so many interests it was frustrating to have to choose just one career. I could have been an opera singer—but no. I excelled in language and for many years taught high school English, Spanish, and then Linguistics at the College of William and Mary, my alma mater.

But my first love, writing romance, remained a dream for decades. I wrote throughout my twenties and early thirties, completing more manuscripts, getting really serious with agents and publishers, etc. Danger’s Promise, a medieval romance, was finally published in 2002, becoming a RITA finalist for Best First Book. Since then, I’ve discovered that military romance is my best fit. I’ve been the wife of an Army officer, who died young, and my husband now is retired Navy.

My personal life is frankly hectic. We have six children between us, ranging in age from 8 years to 24 years old. Most of “the olders” still have one foot in the nest. But I always find time for my loyal readers, so feel free to introduce yourself to me, as I have to you.

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Marliss Melton titles are available on, B&,,,and ITunes/ in both digital and print formats.

So run don’t walk to purchase one or all of this amazing authors stories. You will not regret your choice!! What a thrill ride she takes the reader on in each and every story.

Like sexy,hunky,military style heroes,and their feisty,strong willed ladies, than don’t miss out one one of her titles, of course, this is my own opinion!!



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