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[Historical Romance]



An Untamed Heart by Lauraine Snelling



An Untamed Heart by Lauraine SnellingIn An Untamed Heart, the latest novel by bestselling author Lauraine Snelling, twenty-year-old Ingeborg Strand is certain she is destined to be an old maid.

When tragedy strikes, and the future looks bleaker than ever, Ingeborg considers leaving Norway to start afresh in America. But how will she accomplish that with little money and no one to accompany her?

Then she meets Roald Bjorklund, a widower who plans to go to America with his young son. He’s a good man, a hard-working man–and his son desperately needs a mother. But is he the answer to her prayers? Could love grow between two people whose hearts are filled with grief?  And can Ingeborg leave her treasured Norway for such an uncertain future?

To celebrate the novel, author Lauraine Snelling and Bethany House Publishers are pleased to present the TREASURES OF NORWAY Sweepstakes, and your chance to win one of three spectacular prizes, all closely connected to the story.


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This giveaway starts October 5, 2013 and ends October 24, 2013 @ 11:59 pm (PST). Entry is open to US residents only, age 18 and over. Winners will be selected Friday, October 25, 2013, and announced at

Treasures of Norway Grand Prize



In An Untamed Heart, young Ingeborg Strand is tasked with cleaning her Onkel Frode’s house, an ominous task indeed! But Ingeborg never backs down from tough tasks, and the result is a house so clean, any woman in Norway would be proud to call it home.

We might not have the luxury of a housecleaning visit from Ingeborg, but our Grand Prize winner will win the next best thing: a $200 housecleaning gift card to, plus a handmade Tokheim Fjordhorse Mug and a bag of Ingebretsen’s Viking Coffee so you can brew a cuppa, sit back, and relax while your house is transformed.

Treasures of Norway Second Prize



Ingeborg and her cousin Gunlaug are some of the best cooks in the in the mountain village of Valdres, Norway. Cookies, cheeses, flatbreads, jams…their cooking and baking is a culinary-lover’s dream!

Our Second Prize winner will have Gunlaug’s and Ingeborg’s favorite Norwegian foods delivered right to their door with this $120 Norwegian gourmet prize pack.

This package includes fresh Norwegian lefse, cheeses, flatbread, Nordic butter, jelly, Romme Grot cream porridge, Gjende shortbread, Uff Da chips, Fattigman cookies, and Norwegian chocolate.

Treasures of Norway Third Prize



Ingeborg and the Strand family prepare for Christmas with music and handmade decorations, while secretly weaving and carving special gifts to give each other in celebration of Gott Jul.

Our Third Prize winner will have the chance to bring Gott Jul to their home this holiday season, with this $100 Christmas In Norway prize pack.

This prize includes a Norwegian Christmas CD, a set of 2 Norwegian wood spool candle holders, and a woven, 14″ wide x 43″ long, Åttebladrose Christmas table runner, perfect for dressing your dining table in the warm colors of Norway.

How to Enter:

Go to and complete the entry box, anytime between October 5 and October 24.

About the Book

Book Title: An Untamed Heart – by Lauraine Snelling



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[Regency Noir]



MBA&M: Please give our readers some insight into the life and times of Gail Ranstrom?

               GAIL:  Apart from the bio?  On my website and FB Author pages I try to keep my personal and private lives separate, but here I will tell you that I have three wonderful children, two girls and a boy, whom I love deeply, five grandchildren and a 15 year old Cairn Terrier. (My kids married young…yeah, that’s it.)  I built the house I’m living in and I’d recommend the experience to anyone who’s thinking about doing that.  (I don’t mean I pounded the nails, etc., but I chose the lot, redesigned a house plan, chose all the finishes, colors, materials, etc. with the help of a great builder.)  I have an interest in the metaphysical.  And I make bookmarks from Swarovski crystals as a hobby.  

MBA&M: What was your inspiration for “Sweet Treason”?

                GAIL: I rarely see romantic fiction in this era, perhaps because it was so dominated by politics and war when placed on American soil.  But when I decided to explore the time period, I decided to place it on British soil.  No armies or battles were fought there, but the battle for ideals, rights and human dignity was just as strong.  As an American spy, Ryan Sutton navigates this political and social landscape with delicacy and tact while secretly forwarding the American cause.  Emily Nevins is loyal to her country and recognizes Ryan as her enemy, yet she is as guilty of treason as he, but for an entirely different reason. 

MBA&M: What was your inspiration for an American Revolutionary War spy in England?

                GAIL: The most basic question What would you fight and die for?—has always intrigued me.  I was fascinated by the possibilities.  And the ambiguity.  The British called Americans ‘traitors’ but we thought of ourselves as ‘patriots.’    Taxes and duties were levied on Americans that were not levied anywhere else, so when is enough, enough?  Where do you draw the line? 

MBA&M: Inquiring minds what to know or me anyway….how much research was involved in writing this story and where did you find all your details? 

                GAIL: There was a fair amount of research on the period.  I had my background in American History, but I’d never looked at the Revolutionary War from the British perspective before.  God bless the internet!  I love Wikipedia, but every source needs to be double and triple checked.  I have a fairly respectable library of resource books in my office books I’ve picked up over the years and added to on a regular basis.  And when all else fails, I tap into the wealth of knowledge of my writing colleagues.  If they don’t have the information I need, they know where to send me to find it.

MBA&M: In “Sweet Treason”, the hero is a American spy, the heroine, a British Lady, with secrets of her own, how hard was it for you to bring them together, as their secrets were about to be exposed?

               GAIL:  Obviously, something had to change.  Their core values were similar, but their perspectives were vastly different.  Her land and her family were the only important things to Emily, while Ryan’s objectives were more universal and could destroy hers.  Both had to examine that core question, What would you fight and die for?  What do you believe in?

MBA&M: What was the hardest or most difficult scene for you to write and why?

               GAIL:  Usually I’d answer that it’s the love scenesall of them, but this time there is one scene that includes violence that made me very uncomfortable.  If you’ve read any of my other books, you’ll know that some amount of danger and violence is part of Regency Noir .  The scene wasn’t fun to write, and I tried to think of a way around it, but I just couldn’t.   It was needed for motivation and conflict. 

MBA&M: Who was your favorite character? Why?

                GAIL: That’s a difficult choice, but I think I’m going to go with Ryan.  He is complex, knows the irony and consequences of what he is doing and the tragedy of war.  He wants peace, and to go home, but he knows the importance of his cause and that men of conviction must be willing to pay the price.  And despite all that, he’s fallen in love with a woman who can only complicate his life and his mission in England.

GAIL: Connect with me here:                



Twitter:  Handle:  @gailranstrom



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Thank you so much for having me, April.  This was fun.  I hope your readers will come by and sign up to win prizes!  I’m giving away a book and a Swarovski Crystal bookmark that I made myself.

Thank you Gail, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and our readers today! What an exciting time for you and your career!

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by Gail Ranstrom
Entangled Publishing September 2013

Title: Sweet Treason
Author: Gail Ranstrom
Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 2013
Imprint: Ignite

Sweet Treason BCC:
Passion and deadly secrets…
On the run from British troops, American Revolutionary War spy Ryan Straughn forces Emily Nevins to hide him on her English farm. But Emily already keeps secrets that could mean her demise if discovered. Nevertheless as the long night wears on, attraction sizzles and they give in to unexpected passion, sure they’ll never see each other again…

Deception and desire…
A chance encounter in London society stirs heated memories of their sensual night together. They begin a heady dance of suspicion and desire. Though sympathetic to the struggling Colonists, Emily cannot trust a traitorous spy who may expose her dangerous intrigues. And Ryan risks his very life by trusting a woman privy to his true loyalties. But they are unable to deny their need for one another, even as Emily’s secrets are about to be exposed, and the noose around Ryan’s neck grows tighter. Betrayal and love…
And now someone has discovered both their secrets. The price of silence? Betrayal. Of their causes, their love, their futures. In the end, lives will be lost and sacrifices made. Their choice is impossible. Which will they surrender—their lives…or their hearts?
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GAIL RAINSTROMGail Ranstrom Bio:

Gail has been a seamstress making waitress uniforms for a German Beer Garden, Inventory Clerk at the UofM, an Advertising Account Coordinator and PR writer in a crazy high pressure office, and a Commercial Property Manager in the Los Angeles area. In between, she’s partnered in an Antique business—don’t ask her about Antique Auctions.
Finally, she was tempted by a vocation where she was in control of the next crisis, and could solve it, too—writing. She is the author of ten novels, three novellas and a brand new release, SWEET TREASON, from Entangled Publishing. You can find her at,, and her Twitter handle is @GailRanstrom

Twitter: @gailranstrom


Spotlight Tour Prizes
(1 Winner at end of Tour)
1 Book (Courtesan’s Courtship)
1 Swarovski Crystal Bookmark (Made by Gail)


From Ignite Books: $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card
From Annie Seaton author of Dangerous Desire: 1 sailboat necklace
From Caridad Pineiro author of For Love or Vengeance: 1 “Reborn’ t-shirt and a signed copy of her book Kissed by a Vampire
From Naima Simone author of Secrets and Sins: Malachim 1 $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card
From Gail Ranstrom author of Sweet Treason: 1 signed copy of Courtesan’s Courtship and 1 Swarovski Crystal Bookmark (made by Gail)

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