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crash unto me



Excerpt from Crash Into Me:



“Can I ask a question and have you answer with more than one word or one


sentence that really says nothing?”


He stopped the car at a stop sign and turned to face me with a devastatingly sexy


grin on his face. “Yes.”


I couldn’t help roll my eyes. He was either the most insufferable person I’d ever met


or one of the funniest. I couldn’t decide which. “Where are we going and can you


promise me you’re not going to do anything awful to me?”


“That’s two questions, Nina.”


The car began to roll again, and I let out a heavy sigh, hoping his dry humor was an


indication that I wasn’t going to be killed anytime soon. “Okay, can I ask you two


questions and get straight answers?”


“Of course. You can ask whatever you want and I’ll answer.”


“I’d like straight answers.”


His mouth hitched up at the corners into a sly smile. “As straight as you want.”


“Where are we going?”


“To see a house I’m planning to buy.”




He turned his head to look at me. “Do you want that to count as your second




And after being scared shitless and almost killed, then confused and finally


frustrated by his vague answers, I had to laugh. “No.”


“Then what’s your second question?”


“Are you going to do something awful to me out here in the middle of nowhere?”


Without a word, he stopped the car and put it into park. Then he leaned over, nearly


touching my cheek with his lips, and pointed out my window. “That’s the house, and


I have no plans to do anything you wouldn’t like or even love. What do you think of




He was so close and smelled so delicious that I couldn’t think clearly. I turned my


head slightly and his lips brushed my skin, sending a jolt of electricity straight to


between my legs. Pressing my thighs together, I turned toward the window and


pretended to look up at the house on the hill.


“It’s nice.”


“It’s twelve million dollars.”


Holy shit! In my mind, I counted the number of zeroes on a check for twelve million


dollars. Then I imagined what I could buy for twelve million dollars. And even all that


probably wouldn’t fill the house I was looking at.


His breath drifted over my neck, and I leaned back slightly, wanting so much for him


to kiss me or touch me with his hand. He did neither, though, even as he remained


there so close.


In my ear, he whispered in a voice that hit me somewhere deep inside, “See?


Nothing bad.”


Crash Into Me Blurb:


Tristan Stone was powerful, commanding, sex incarnate. I had no choice but


surrender to everything he was. His power. His decadence. His passion. He was all I


never knew I needed.


He wanted to possess me, and I wanted to be his everything. All I had to do was


accept what he offered. But everything has a price.


The world he gave me fulfilled my wildest dreams, but would that be enough when



the past crashed into the present?








{Emma of Aurora complete collection of Change and Cherish Trilogy}



The Complete Change and Cherish Trilogy

A Clearing in the Wild, A Tendering in the Storm, A Mending at the Edge~

Emma of Aurora: The Complete Change and Cherish Trilogy: A Clearing in the Wild, A Tendering in the Storm, A Mending at the Edge


{Based on the true story of Emma Wagner Giesy}



Emma of Aurora: The completeChange and Cherish” Trilolgy…..
Emma of Aurora: The Complete Change and Cherish Trilogy: A Clearing in the Wild, A Tendering in the Storm, A Mending at the Edge*From the publisher*
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. —Emma of Aurora (Waterbrook Press, November 5, 2013) by award-winning author Jane Kirkpatrick, based on the true story of Emma Wagner Giesy, offers readers the complete Change and Cherish trilogy in one volume. A trilogy, which compassionately explores the timeless struggles every woman faces, when seeking hope amid the disappointments of life.


In A Clearing in the Wild, Emma’s outspoken ways and growing skepticism leads to conflict with the 1850s Bethel, Missouri colony’s beloved leader. But as she heads West in pursuit of her dreams of independence and her deepest self, Emma discovers something she never expected: a yearning for the warm embrace of community.


A Tendering in the Storm finds Emma suddenly alone, pregnant with her third child, and determined to raise her children on her own terms. Struggling to keep her family secure in the Washington Territory forest, despair threatens to consume Emma and lead her into dangerous relationships. At a life turning-point, she must decide whether to continue on in her failing strength or to accept help from the people she eagerly left behind.


And in A Mending at the Edge, the third and final book in the trilogy, as a mother, daughter, sister, and estranged wife, Emma struggles to find her place inside—and outside—the confines of her religious community. By blending her unique talents with service to others on the fringe, she creates renewed hope as she weaves together the threads of family, friends, and faith.


  • Paperback: 1168 pages
  • Publisher: WaterBrook Press (November 5, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0307732150
  • ISBN-13: 978-0307732156

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Image of Jane KirkpatrickABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jane Kirkpatrickhas authored over 20 books, including The Daughter’s Walk and One Glorious Ambition. A lively speaker, Kirkpatrick is a frequent keynote presenter for conferences, women’s retreats, fund-raisers and workshops. Kirkpatrick believes that our lives are the stories that others read first and encourages groups to discover the power of their own stories to divinely heal and transform. She and husband, Jerry, reside in Central Oregon.





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[Animals/Animal Communicator/Pets]

A Medium and Animal Communicator

~HOW TO TALK TO YOUR PETS: Animal Communication for Dogs, Cats, & Other Critters~


How to Talk to Your Pets: Animal Communication for Dogs, Cats, & Other Critters”


Gail Thackray


MBA&M: Please give our readers a bit of insight into the life of Gail Thackray?

GAIL: I was completely normal until I reached forty and then I suddenly woke up and was able to do weird freaky stuff. LOL. Some people go through a mid-life crisis, I discovered I was a medium and able to speak with people’s loved ones on the other side. It was a while after that I realized I could talk to animals too. Animals in spirit and it works the same way for ones that are still alive. It took me a few years though to really believe it but my life changed forever. I am originally from England and I live in California with my many lovely critters.

MBA&M: What was your inspiration behind writing “How to Talk to Your Pets: Animal Communication for Dogs, Cats, & Other Critters”?

GAIL: I knew that we could all do this. I thought if I could do it, anyone can. This was something I desperately wanted to share with the world. Teaching others, to me was the largest impact I could have on helping animals. If we all learned how to communicate with animals the world would be a much better place. I believe many animals helped me to write this book and are helping me to get the word out.

MBA&M: We understand you are a pet communicator, where did you get your training,how hard is it really to communicate to your Pets?

GAIL: We all have this inherent ability to communicate telepathically and we naturally do it with our animals. Its not about learning how to do this, its about learning to remove the blocks that tell you that you can’t. In my book we do a lot of exercises to trick you into getting out of your mind and starting to communicate without trying so hard. Most people are able to do this just after reading my book.

MBA&M: Can you share some of your tips with our readers, to help us communicate with our Pets? 

GAIL: It is always easier to try with someone else’s animal first. That way you can get feedback to see if you are correct. We know our animals too well and so at first we will think we are just making things up. Starting by using a photo of an animal is a great way.

n  Get quiet. You must take the time to quiet your mind in a place where you won’t be disturbed and we do mediation exercises in my book.

n  We communicate with love. Through breathing and meditation we need to get into a place of pure love and a connection with your animal.

n  Just talk to your animal like they understand you. They do, they hear everything, we just have a hard time hearing them back.

n  Take the first thing that passes into your mind. Don’t think “That’s silly” or double guess yourself. The messages come very quickly.

n  Start with easy questions such as “What’s our favorite treat?” Don’t jump right in to “Why are you peeing on the bedroom floor?”

n  Be careful what you think. Animals pick up on our thoughts and emotions which may be different from what you are actually saying.

n  We have different senses, some of us feel more, some visualize more and some hear messages. You will find over time you are stronger in one area than another.


MBA&M: What are some behavioral problems with our pets, that may be easily corrected and how can we correct them? 

GAIL: If your animal is doing something they would not normally do, ask first what have you changed in yourself or your environment. Often they are trying to get our attention about something we are doing. Sometimes when we just understand the issue, it resolves. Sometimes we can offer a bribe of something they like; their favorite treat or to spend more one on one time with them.

MBA&M: Do you own many pets,do you have rescue Pets,and do you recommend rescue pets as a good choice of pet? If not can you tell our readers why?

GAIL: I have a lot of pets and mine are almost always rescues. I am lucky enough to have a ranch where I can have many lovely critters with me. Right now I have 7 dogs, 2 cats, 5 horses, chickens and more. They usually find me. I don’t go looking for them. I love rescues and I wish I could take them all. They are just so grateful and loving and they come into our life to help us in so many ways but more than anything to teach us love.

MBA&M: What do you feel is the most challenging thing to change or correct with a pet?


GAIL: Some behaviors are instinctual, such as barking. Even if they want to try to stop it’s a habit and it “comes over” them in the moment. But even then, they will usually agree to try their best to stop and it makes a big difference. But many behaviors, anxiety, peeing on the carpet, digging, biting can be resolved simply by understanding them. Nine times out of ten, it is something we need to change to resolve the matter. It is almost always our “behavioral problem” not theirs!

MBA&M: What is your next project?

GAIL: I was firstly a medium and a healer and I believe that when you open up to the spirit world it is all encompassing it is not just one talent or another. I do many workshops and lectures and I love to work with other’s finding that thing that makes them click. Turning on that light bulb that makes them open up spiritually. Right now, I am shooting a travel series Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys going to different spiritual places to experience the energy and see what insights we can gain from them;

MBA&M: Please tell our readers how to connect with you and where they may purchase your title?

GAIL: My books are on   and you can find out about my lectures, workshops and live events at

Gail, do you  have anything you would wish to add today??

GAIL: Animals are our partners in life. Much more than we know. They share our energy and are our healers, our guides and our best friends. They would love you to learn more.

Free Giveaway  – free healing/blessing for you and your pet

Email to  Send me your name, birthdate and city (or who ever the pet is closest to) and the name of your pet. Include your request for healing or what you would like resolved.

I will place your request on my distance healing the night I receive your email.

Thank you, Gail, for your insightful inspiration regarding our beloved pets!



A bit about the author….

Gail Thackray was raised in Yorkshire, England and prides herself on having kept her English down-to-earth sensibility. Her life changed at age forty when she discovered she was a medium and able to talk to spirits on the other side. Helping others connect to Source and to develop their own natural psychic abilities is her passion. Gail lectures at events worldwide, doing live appearances as a healer, medium, and educator. When at home in Los Angeles, she writes, lectures, and teaches about mediumship, healing, animal communication, manifesting, and other aspects of spirituality.




Twitter: @GailThackray

You may also visit her on YouTube:


  • Paperback: 212 pages
  • Publisher: Indian Springs Publishing (August 23, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 098484404X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984844043

August 23, 2012

Animal communicator Gail Thackray believes that everyone can learn to talk to their pets. Gail leads you through specific exercises to develop this skill and guides you step-by-step to connect and communicate. You’ll learn the most voiced “pet peeves,” solutions to common behavioral issues, and how to know what your animal wants. Gail teaches you how to perform energy healings, do body scans for health, and how to connect to lost pets. With Gail’s down-to-earth style and hilariously funny stories, you’ll get a firsthand look at how animal communication works and just how cute these critters really are.

A simple, step by step guide to connect you with your pet 

  • Understand your animal partner.
  • Figure out your pet’s health issues.
  • Give your pet natural energy healing.
  • Cure that annoying habit or behavior.
  • Connect to your pets in spirit.
  • Understand their likes and dislikes.
  • Discover your pet’s past lives.
  • Track and find lost animals.
  • Work with your animal partner.
  • Talk to wild animals and exotic pets.

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