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Salime smiles and inclines her head. Thank you so very much, Khanum, for having us.

MBA&M: Simon, How did you meet Salime, and what was your first impression of her?

“It was following a six year imprisonment in America. Upon returning to England my best friend DeVere took me to his decadent Bloomsbury House, ostensibly to convalesce, but apparently my meddlesome friend had other designs. I awoke to find a woman who had stepped straight out of my wildest fantasies. DeVere had hired Salime to be my companion.

MBA&M: Salime, we understand your desire to help your friend, Ludovic, but, what was your first impression of his friend, Simon?

 “He was very peculiar, reminding me much of a wounded animal. I wondered if he was perhaps touched in the head.”

MBA&M: Salime, if you could have chosen your life differently, what you have chosen as your life’s goal? Instead of a brothel, of course. 

“As I was raised from the age of ten in the Imperial harem, I knew very little of the outside world. My sole desire upon coming into the bloom of womanhood was to secure a place of comfort and security as a concubine. Had I my choice of any vocation, however, I would have been a poetess like Mihri Khatun who has been called the Turkish Sappho.”


MBA&M: Simon, we understand you where captured and held prisoner for six years. How do you feel your life would have been different had you not chosen to go to the America’s?

“Going to America was never my choice. To me the army was a penalty worse than death, but it was my punishment for embarrassing my family. Had I not gone, I like to think that my poetic works might eventually have found favor. My joint endeavor with Jack Harris certainly had!  At last report Harris’ Book of Covent Garden Ladies was selling over 8,000 copies per year.”


MBA&M: How hard was it for two tortured souls to come to grips with fate, fear, passion and love? 

“Salime captured my heart almost at once, but I feared I would never gain hers in return. It was only in conquering my own fears that I was finally able to earn her trust.”


Salime replies, “ I thought I knew all there was to know of men…until Simon. He was the only man who ever cared of anything beyond his own pleasure…the only man who ever touched my heart.”

MBA&M: Simon, what is your favorite thing or your most cherished moment with Salime?

“The first time she danced for me I knew she was the realization of my every fantasy, but when she told me her stories I knew she was what I had sought all my life.”

MBA&M: Salime what is your most cherished memory of Simon?

“The first time we spent an entire night together without even touching. He was the first man who’d ever desired anything from me besides physical pleasure.”


MBA&M: What do you feel Simon is the best at: fighting or loving? or both?

Salime smiles at Simon, the light of love shining in her eyes.  “Simon is most definitely a lover, but proved that he will fight fiercely for what he loves. He had to overcome a great deal before we could ever have a future together.”

We wish you both the best of luck, love and happiness! Thank you for spending time with us and our readers today!

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JOTE 1563X2500Here is the official blurb:


JEWEL OF THE EAST by Victoria Vane (The Devil DeVere #5)

Having once lived his life only for larks, laughter, and ladies of easy virtue, Captain Simon Singleton has returned from the war with the colonies a shambles of a man. Now free from six years of captivity, he’s still fettered by irrational fears that confine him to a life of seclusion.   

Once the crowning jewel of the most lavish brothel in London, the exotic Salime finds her reputation and livelihood destroyed by a bitter rival. With a closely guarded secret stripped away, Salime fears no man will ever desire her again. Seeking aid from one who once saved her life, Salime accepts a proposition to repay her debt by becoming a companion to his war-scarred friend. Circumstance brings these two damaged souls together; but fate ignites a love story worthy of the Arabian Nights.

*While this book is most definitely part of my DeVere series, I have written it to easily read as a standalone for those who have not read the other books.*

Coming soon to a retailer near you!


victoria vaneA bit about the author…

Victoria Vane is an award-winning author of smart and sexy romance. Her collective works of fiction range from historical to contemporary settings and include everything from wild comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance. Her biggest writing influences are Georgette Heyer, Robin Schone, and Sylvia Day. Victoria is the founder of Goodreads Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers and the Romantic Historical Lovers book review blog. Look for her sexy new contemporary cowboy series coming from Sourcebooks in 2014.


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