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Entangled, Book Three, Soul Mates: The Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice

Five Things I Learned Writing Pirates I can Relate to my Own Life

Pirates were cool dudes. They were free spirits. Maybe even they were the original hippies. They floated about the seas on borrowed vessels, from island to island, coastal town to coastal town, nary a care in the world. They often partied all night and slept until they woke up. They loved their lifestyle, although not everyone else understood it.

I have that same free spirit mentality flowing in my blood. I love to sleep until I wake up, although I don’t party all night. Usually I’m up writing or working on a project. (wild woman here) People think it’s cool to be a writer, even though they don’t understand how it can be your full time job. So, pirates taught me to be cool with being cool, just the way I am.

Pirates charted their own course. Although it was not so cool to chart your own course in life at the pain and suffering of others, nevertheless, pirates went “indie” early on, didn’t work for “the man” and reported only to themselves. The raping and pillaging notwithstanding, pirates were ahead of the game.

It took me a while to chart my own course in life. Even though I am a product of the 60s and 70s free spirit generation, I grew up in a conservative little town, within a conservative little family. Things were expected. High school, college graduation, a strong work ethic, get a job, pay your bills. I did what was expected for a lot of years, but the wayward pirate inside of me constantly whispered “you need to write” “you need to be in control of your life” “you need to quit your day job.”

Oops. I quit my day job. I’m now a rogue pirate writer not working for the man. I am charting my own course, and I am still working hard and paying my bills. Happily.

Pirates had many names. I can relate. Pirates often didn’t want their bad reputation going back on their families, so they changed their names. This is why Edward Teach, or Edward Thatch, (even if those were his real names) changed his name to Blackbeard. And this is why I have pen names. Not that I think I’ll ruin my family’s reputation, but in many cases, it’s just to keep my writing and personal lives separate. And oh, please don’t tell my mother about my erotica pen name….

Pirates loved the ocean. They lived the “salt life.” What is the salt life? (Maybe see #1 above?) I’ve seen the bumper and window stickers, the t-shirts and ball caps. I think I know what it means but to be sure, I had to look it up. Here is what it means to live the salt life. According to the website at the previous link, “Salt Life is an authentic, aspirational and lifestyle brand that embraces those who love the ocean and everything associated with living the “Salt Life”.” Cool. Oh, so very cool. The Urban Dictionary also defines as “a surfer, bodyboarder, or general beach bum whose life centered around the ocean or related beach going activities.” See, pirates were so ahead of their times, again!

It was probably the early 90s when I was lured by the ocean and sand and surf. Once there, I could feel the pull, and it lures me back year after year….

Pirates liked pretty things. Like baubles, and gold, and jewels, and buried treasure. I’m a woman, so I like these things too. In fact, in my book, Brazen, my heroine, Tory, was drawn to a silver-plated, bejeweled skull in a pirate gift shop on Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. See?


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Entangled is Book 3 of a 5 book series that combines romance, paranormal and spiritual elements – within historical and contemporary worlds.

Can souls touch through dreams and find their way home again? 

Jackson Porter seeks to fulfill his mother, Claire Porter’s, dying request, and answers about the imaginary lover who haunts his nights. His future, he learns, is in a place called Ohio, miles and centuries away from his barrier island home in 1745. The land, his mother says with her last breaths, is his legacy and belongs to him. She urges him to claim it. 

In the year 2032, Kari Upton is driven to fight federal sanctions to save her land and her valuable poppy crops. Her upcoming marriage is one of convenience. Marrying Tye Gentry will save her Ohio farmland. There is no other way to gain power than to marry him and ride on his father’s political coattails to the state legislature. 

And all would be perfect if it weren’t for those erotic dreams of man with long dark hair who haunts her day and night….

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For an excerpt, visit: **18+ only, Mature content**


The Soul Mates Series

Maddie James


Soul Mates, Book One



Can souls touch through time and hold on, when all odds are against them?

Claire Winslow vacations on an East Coast barrier island, content with her life and her potential future—until the illusion of a man walking the misty shore haunts her. Then one kiss—a beautiful, soulful, stolen kiss in the night—and her life changes forever.

Nearly 300 years past, Jack Porter is in hot pursuit of his kidnapped wife. Not an easy feat considering the year is 1718 and the kidnapper is the notorious pirate Blackbeard aka Edward Teach. Determined to rescue his wife and take the pirate’s head in the process, Jack steals aboard the pirate’s ship to save her.

Entranced sends Jack and Claire on a wild search through time, not only for the resolution to a powerful attraction between them, but also for a historical artifact that holds the key to their future happiness—the coveted silver-plated chalice made from Blackbeard’s skull.

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Soul Mates, Book Two


Can lost souls reunite across time when all hope at love has been abandoned, and demons of the past refuse to go away?

Pitched from a ship during a violent storm in the year 1746, Victoria Porter washes ashore, soon to be rescued by a man on a strange mechanical beast who whisks her into a world beyond anything she could have imagined.

In 2014, Colton MacKenzie fears he has written his last bestselling horror novel until he discovers two things—The Cult of Teach, and a tantalizing nymph wandering the Ocracoke Island seashore. Fascinated by the history that surrounds the Legend of Blackbeard’s Chalice, he seeks to learn more about these modern-day pirates, and hopefully write a bestseller using the premise. He’d planned on riding this ride solo until the strange waif on the back of his Harley touches him in ways his demons hadn’t let anyone touch him in a long, long time….




An abridged excerpt from Brazen, Book Two, Soul Mates Series:

Colt led her another aisle away and as they were about to turn the corner, a sparkling object in a darkened corner of the room caught her eye. It made her halt outright, dragging Colt back to her side.
Sitting on a black velvet covered table, with a small light shining down and illuminating its silver brilliance, sat the chalice.
Blackbeard’s Chalice.
“Ah, I see you’ve found me pretty.” The strong island voice was behind her now. Close. Too close. So close she could inhale the stench of him.
“What?” She whirled to face him.
“My pretty cup. What do ya think? Made from Blackbeard’s skull, itself. Or so they say. Have ya seen anything so pretty in your life, lass?”
Tory glanced at Colt, whose gaze was pinned to the thing.
“Is it real?” he asked. “The real one?”
A bellow of laughter split the stale air in the room. Both she and Colt tore their gazes away to look at the man’s face.
“Ah, but I could wish. One more quest in me search to find the bastard’s treasure. To possess the chalice would be a blessing. But sadly, this is only a fine-honed replica.” Then he winked, leaning closer to Tory. “At least that’s what I tell the people.”
“The jewels are different,” she muttered.
The man stepped closer. Tory avoided his gaze. “What say ya, missy? The jewels are different? And how would a young miss as yerself know such a thing?”
“Different than she thought they would be.” Colt put himself between her and the man. “Fascinating story, chap. I would love to speak with you more about that sometime. I’m a writer, you see, and I’m writing a book on pirate folklore in the area. A fictional account, however, and perhaps I’ll come back and chat with you another day.”
And with that, he ushered her quickly toward the front of the store, his grip tight on her elbow and his stride so long it was difficult for her shorter legs to keep up with him.
“Shut up, Tory,” he hissed under his breath.
When the door slammed behind them and she heard the tinkle of the bell cease, she kept up with six of his long strides down the street, and then stopped abruptly and jerked her arm away.
“There are no rubies in Blackbeard’s Chalice. Only emeralds and diamonds and one lone sapphire. No rubies.” She exhaled deeply as she said the words.
He moved closer and spoke again, his voice barely above a whisper. “And how do you know this?”
She knew she might as well give him everything. “Because I possess the real Blackbeard’s Chalice, Colt. It belongs to me. My family.”





Soul Mates, Book Four

Coming soon….


Can wandering souls collide and tame their wanderlust long enough to fall in love?

Katie MacKenzie is a wanderer. With her mother dead, her father in prison, and her siblings scattered hither and yon, she refuses to risk the connectedness of a family again. Family means drama and emotions, good and bad. But when you are on your own, you have only your own drama to deal with. Family is the one thing she does not want.

But she’s pregnant. Alone. And for the first time in her life, more than a little frightened of her future. Her wandering days may soon be over, but that gut-wrenching search for… something, still nags at her. Calls her. And leaves her yearning for peace.

A peace that is difficult to come by. She is willing and prepared to go it alone. And all goes well, until a needy, homeless, and somewhat unworldly stranger enters her life….





Soul Mates, Book Five

Coming soon …

Can the bonds of parted spirit mates reconnect through the heart, when the mind and soul have forgotten they have ever loved?

Spirits often have purposes and Claire Porter’s is no different. She possesses a healing soul. God feels her spirit is needed on earth and delivers her a particular task—to seek out and heal a lost family; to reunite the siblings and bring them peace. What God doesn’t tell her is that this family is her own—those of her children. Jackson, Victoria, and Jeremiah, are scattered about in contemporary times, and know nothing of each other’s lives.

But the task comes with conditions. God erases any memory of her children, or of their father, and sends her to earth in a new body, a new name, new life. Trust your spirit and let it guide you, he tells her.

Just as he could not bear to watch his wife die, Jack Porter’s spirit cannot fathom that he will be separated once more from his beloved Claire. He begs mercy with the Heavenly Father only to be told that he should trust and be patient. Jack Porter is not a patient man. His restless soul aches for his lost love and he continues to test God’s resolve. So God gives him an ultimatum—he will send Jack back to earth but only under the same conditions as Claire. Jack agrees and God challenges him to the same quest, to find his spirit mate and reunite his family—with no knowledge of their existence.

Entwined brings The Soul Mates Series to a close as Claire and Jack again seek out their spirit mates, while reuniting their entire family in the same century.



About Maddie James


Whether writing traditional contemporary romance or building paranormal worlds, bestselling romance author, Maddie James, pens stories that frequently cross a variety of romantic sub-genres. Sweet or spicy, suspense or comedy, western or time-travel, her heroes and heroines always chase one thing—the happily-ever-after—whether they realize it or not!

Maddie has over 40 titles in ebook and trade paperback print published worldwide, with foreign editions in French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, and more. Her books have received numerous 5 Star and Top Pick reviews and have landed on various retailer top-selling lists. She has been listed as a Top 100 Most Popular Contemporary Romance Author at Amazon.




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