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“Canning The Center” By Tara Lain
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Dec. 17, 2014 – Jan. 6, 2015


Canning The Center
(Long Pass Chronicles, #2)
By Tara Lain
Six foot seven inch, 300 pound Jamal Jones loves football, so when he finds out the ultra-conservative owner of his new pro football team fired their current center because he’s gay, bisexual Jamal decides to stay in the closet and hang with the females. Then, at a small drag show, he comes face-to-face with his sexual fantasy in the form of Trixie LaRue, a drag queen so exquisitely convincing she scrambles Jamal’s hormones — and his resolve to nurse his straight side.
Trevor Landry, aka Trixie LaRue, hides more than his genitals. A mathematician so brilliant he can’t be measured, Trevor disguises his astronomical IQ and his quirk for women’s clothes behind his act as a gay activist undergrad at Southern California University.
To Trevor, Jamal is the answer to a dream — a man who can love and accept both his personas. When he discovers Jamal’s future is threatened if he’s seen with a guy, Trevor becomes Trixie to let Jamal pass as straight. But Trevor risks his position every time he puts on a dress. Is there a closet big enough to hold a football pro and a drag queen?
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Trevor stuck out a
hand. “My name’s Trevor. Pleased to meet you.”
Jamal reached out to
take the offered handshake and—whoops! In one gentle pull on Trevor’s arm that
clearly required no effort on Jamal’s part, Trevor was up against that huge
chest. “I’m Jamal. I don’t mean to be presumptuous. Just tell me to stop. But
if I don’t kiss you again soon, I’m a dead man.”
Trevor smiled up
into those dark brown eyes. “I would never want to be accused of murder.”
Such full, full
lips. They moved slowly down, down to Trevor’s. The first touch sent a flash
like lightning through every nerve, and he shivered.
Jamal pulled back.
“Quite the
contrary.” He wrapped his arms tightly around the bunny’s neck.
delivered. Jamal’s mouth closed over Trevor’s. Those lips were just as soft as
they looked, but not as silky as the tongue that slipped into his mouth. Oh my,
a girl could get drunk on this sweetness. Trevor opened and received, allowing
exploration—and sharing it. His poor abused c***, which had spent a couple of
hours locked between his a**cheeks, wanted to stretch in a whole new direction.
Sweet God, he hadn’t throbbed like this in ages. One leg crawled up Jamal’s ass
all by itself—and it was a long way up. Too far to get his bulge anywhere near
its rightful companion. His eyes popped open. “Well, damn. Not much chance of
sexing you up unless we’re lying down.”
Jamal chuckled. “Oh
no, sweet thing, there are advantages to all these muscles.”
He picked Trevor up
under the butt. Yes! Contact.
Trevor looked into
those melted chocolate eyes. “I am estimating your equipment fully matches in
size the other proportions of your body?” He wrapped his legs around Jamal’s
surprisingly narrow waist.
Instead of getting
all peacocky like he had the right to, Jamal kind of blushed. “Yeah. Sorry.”
“Surely you jest.”
He grinned, but he
was breathing hard. “So you don’t mind big all over?”
“Not one little
Jamal rode Trev up
and down against his c***. Oh God, that felt so good. Trevor never had decent
sex because he had this reputation to uphold, and Trixie never had sex at all.
Jesus, that added up to one crappy sex life. But the bunny was like a world in
the middle. With Jamal, for the first time, he got to be both Trevor and Trixie
and that was whole and perfect and hot! “You might want to stop unless you
would enjoy watching me wash these jeans.”
“Better yet, how
about I take you out and we get to know each other before I quit football and
take up f***ing you full time?”
Who could laugh at a
time like this? But he still did. He hugged that big, muscular frame tight and
rubbed his c*** against Jamal’s huge bulge until they were both gasping. “No.
No, I think you better write the resignation letter.”
“Deal. But I could
take us out for root beer floats first.”
Trevor stopped. “I
love root beer.”
Jamal held him
still, their c***s still squashed in bliss. “You’re kidding. No one likes root
beer but me.”
“I do. It’s my
“There’s this

“Okay, f*** sex. I
need a root beer float and a hamburger.”


About the Author
Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 23. Her best­selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft. She lives with her soul­mate husband and her soul­mate dog in Laguna Beach, California, a pretty seaside town where she sets a lot of her books. Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!

You can find Tara at

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The Angel of Death
(Police Snipers and Hostage Negotiators #1)
An Angel Day Novel
To protect and to serve, or to save her own brother?
Angel Day, the lead sniper for the Phoenix Police Department, got her nickname “The Angel of Death” the old-fashioned way: she earned it for her ruthless efficiency at stopping crimes with one well-placed bullet. When a massive call-out down by the Mexican Border reveals a terrorist cell and turns into a standoff, Angel’s youngest brother, the lost soul of her family, texts her that he is inside that barricaded house, and her orders are to shoot anything that moves.
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Angel Day focused the black tunnel of her gun sight and crosshairs on the man holding the shotgun, ready to shoot him.
In the magnified circle of the telescopic sight, under the thin black cross, spring sunlight poured as if from a hot bucket down on the suspect’s head, shining in a white circle on the top of his black hair, which hung loose and past his shoulders. His hair obscured the small sweet-spot where his skull met the rolls of fat on his neck, but she knew right where it was.
Angel pressed the stock of her sniper rifle against her shoulder, raising the crosshairs to touch the suspect’s neck. She was coiled around her gun and ready for the shot, dead calm.
A bullet to the brainstem, where the spinal cord connects to the brain, will drop a man without a twitch or a whimper, which was imperative because that blubbery walrus of a suspect had wrapped a bulbous wad of duct tape around his hand and the stock and trigger of the shotgun, and he had duct-taped the barrel of the gun to the back of a small woman’s neck.
Angel had wedged herself into an improvised sniper hide under a jacked-up pick-up truck. Her thick muscles cushioned her bones from the hot, pebbled asphalt. She felt like a hunting snake down there, perfectly still and ready to stab and kill the suspect.
The suspect yelled something to the police negotiators, who were taking cover behind their cars and trying to negotiate through bullhorns.
Angel could hear the hostage crying and begging, the slow beat of her own heart, and the grating growl of the police vehicles’ diesel engines in the street ringing the target, waiting for the suspect’s next move.
Her field of fire was across three large suburban lawns and a neighborhood street, over two hundred yards. She was lying prone behind a monster-truck tire, aiming around the hot rubber. Her body—her arms, her chest, her shoulder—interlocked around the rifle. The desert sun beat all around her, reflecting off the cement to bake even the undersides of her arms that held the gun. Her helmet was getting hot, and her sweaty hair stuck to her scalp. At least there was shade under the truck, even though the smell of dirty oil stung her nose.
If this were a long shot, like a mile or more, the sun warming the ammunition might make a difference in how fast the propellant in the rounds burned, and she would have to adjust her point of aim accordingly.
Angel waited, just as methodically she had waited during the last four hours of this stand-off. She had been aiming at the affluent house for most of that time, rotating her gun sight over the closed windows and doors until eight minutes ago,when this suspect had exited the McMansion with his hostage. She was always ready to squeeze the trigger and was always relaxed as she didn’t.
Even though the suspect was 209 yards away, through her scope, Angel saw the target as close as if the end of her rifle was resting on his fat neck.
The suspect yanked his shotgun and wheeled his hostage around in front of him like a spaniel on a choke chain. Angel followed him with her gun. The woman’s hands were duct-taped behind her, so she couldn’t catch herself when she tumbled to the sidewalk. Her knees bled through her ripped, pink pants.
Angel inhaled smoothly, then held her breath, and then exhaled smoothly, and held it again, always ready to take the shot. Her finger was taut on the trigger, but not jittery. Her body was trained to not squirt hot adrenaline into her blood.
This standoff was at a stash house, a domicile where human traffickers change the rules of the game. Most illegal immigrants cross the Mexican border into the US with the help of traffickers, called coyotes, who know the better routes. A few, like this woman, end up in the hands of truly evil men, who kidnap them and hold them for ransom, often sending small body parts to their families in Mexico or raping the women and children while their parents listen on the phone to hurry payment.
The evacuated neighbors had been shocked to discover such a travesty in their own neighborhood in North Scottsdale. Sure, this type of atrocity occurred in the Alhambra district, but North Scottsdale was a nice part of town.
Angel hadn’t been surprised. The best neighborhoods harbored the worst crime. There was more money to be made, and the police had to be more circumspect about busts and careful about bystanders. Criminals love that.
The gunman roared something to the encircling police cars and crouching officers. The wind corrupted his voice over the two hundred yards of lawns and asphalt, and Angel could only hear a harsh bellow as his whole body bowed back like he was belting out a high note. The woman cowered, bending forward as far as the shotgun attached to her neck would let her.
Above Angel, flags snapped on another house’s flagpole. The wind had freshened, so she turned the calibration wheel on the turret of her sniper scope. At two hundred yards, a ten mile per hour wind will cause a bullet to drift six and a half inches.
The sniper rifle’s stock was hot against her cheek. “Bravo One to command post,” Angel muttered into her microphone. “I have a bead on the suspect. I can take the shot, cold zero.”
“Hold your fire. Repeat, hold your fire.” Tony’s voice was calm on the radio in her ear. Tony was her cousin and the Phoenix Police Chief. “The rules of engagement are still at compromised authority. The risk is too great for the hostage outside and the hostages still in the house. Let the negotiators do their job.”
Compromised authority rules mean that, if an authority team member is compromised, which means injured, grabbed, or shot at, then everyone—the snipers, the entry team, and the inner perimeter officers—has the authority to take any immediately necessary action to protect the team member, including sniping the bastard.
Angel had to wait until the gunman down there killed the hostage or shot at a police officer.
The hostage negotiators had been doing their job for four hours. When the suspect had been inside the house, he had been allowed to talk to his girlfriend on the negotiator’s phone, and he had told her that he was going to kill a hostage out front where the television cameras would record the splatter. A conservative radio station had interviewed him via another hostage’s cell phone because authorities cannot use cell phone jammers in any situation. Federal laws protect the nationally controlled airwaves. The hostage-taker had told the radio station that he was going to kill a hostage in plain sight and to keep the cameras rolling, evidently not understanding the video limitations of radio.
Since then, the television cameras had arrived and, despite the police’s best efforts, had set up their cameras at the end of the block where their telephoto lenses could capture every shot.
Now, that bastard was going to do it.
Angel’s calloused finger tightened on the trigger to two pounds of pull. At four pounds, the sniper rifle would fire. Angel had fired a thousand rounds a week through her rifle for six years, over three hundred thousand rounds. She knew the feel of her Remington .308 Police DM rifle far better than most people know the feel of their car’s accelerator.
She whispered into her mic, “I can make this shot.”
Through her earpiece, her boss Tony said, “Hold your fire. Rules of engagement are not, repeat not, at shot of opportunity.”
Shot of opportunity rules of engagement are a license to kill the suspect at the first chance, any chance.
“Come on, Tony. I can make this shot with a handgun,” she muttered into her mic.
“Hold your fire.”
The hot wind blew the target’s voice to Angel’s hide under the truck. His voice was tinny and too high. Through her scope, Angel watched the target roar, “Ten!”
Over the radio in her ear, Angel heard police near the scene confirm that the suspect was counting, beginning at ten.
The suspect was counting down. At one, the gunman would fire that shotgun and tear that terrified woman’s head off her neck. He was not negotiating his way out of a bad situation; he was a psychopath performing terror theater.
Angel said, “This is not a hostage situation. This suspect is an active shooter. He will kill her.”
Tony whispered into her ear, “Keep your position. Rules of engagement remain at compromised authority. Hold your fire.”
Angel settled herself and watched the target through her scope.
She breathed in, held it, and out, and held it. Her finger was tensed and strong on the trigger, ready to move it a fraction of an inch more and release the shot.
People think that sniping is sanitary, that the sniper doesn’t feel like a murderer because they’re hundreds of yards away.
Through the scope, Angel could see black hairs waving over the suspect’s neck, as close as if she were sitting on his shoulder with a revolver plugged into his ear, so close that he should be able to feel her breath whispering down his neck like the robe of the Angel of Death was blowing around him.
The gunman grinned, enjoying the spectacle he was making. All those cops were scampering around at his nutcase bidding.
Her own lack of authority to stop this evil act disgusted her. They should shoot him now and end this crime. She could do it. She wanted to.
The target threw back his head and hollered, “Nine!”
From her other radio channel, Jack Jordan’s deep bass voice whispered, “Bravo Three has an unobstructed shot with a stucco wall backstop behind the target. Do we have authorization to take the shot?” Jordan was her side two sniper, meaning he was the third-ranking sniper on her team. As the primary sniper, Angel covered the front of the building. Her number two sniper, Luke Johnson, covered the back.
“Negative,” Angel whispered to Jordan over the radio. “We do not have authorization. Rules of engagement remain at compromised authority. Maintain position.” Jack Jordan was a good sniper who probably wanted to tag this asshole as much as Angel did.
To Tony on her other channel, Angel said, “Bravo three has an unobstructed shot with a stucco wall backstop. If I shoot and have a through-and-through wound, the round will strike the house’s front wall. Other hostages are not in danger. We can take a sync’d shot that will stop him.”
Snipers don’t shoot to kill. Snipers shoot to stop, an important distinction. Police snipers aren’t killers, just highly effective at stopping a crime in progress.
“Negative,” Tony said. “No authorization. Remain at compromised authority.”
Down at street level, the police negotiators squatted behind their cars and held their bullhorns, talking, demanding, and pleading in English and Spanish for the suspect to respond. The long cable of a throw-phone snaked from their van to where the suspect had kicked it away from him.
“Eight!” the target yelled. He jerked the shotgun, and the hostage stumbled aside.
This was the kind of situation Angel had trained for: to save an innocent life by stopping the crime in progress. She thought of herself as a guardian angel for hostages.
She coiled tighter around her rifle, ready to strike. “Bravo One to command post. Bravo Three and One will drop him flat.”
“We can’t risk it,” Tony said.
“Request to elevate the level of engagement to shot of opportunity.” Her sight was dialed in so tight that she squeezed her stock to raise and lower her aim in rhythm with the suspect’s breathing.
“Negative,” Tony said.
Across the clean, green yards, the gunman yelled, “Seven!”
Through her scope, Angel could see the target sweating greasy streaks in the heat. His meaty hands were probably slippery, but the duct-taped one couldn’t slip off the shotgun. No chance of him dropping it.
“Let me put him down, Cuz,” she said to Tony.
Tony whispered through their radio, “There are more people behind him, watching from inside the house. The round might ricochet and hit one of them.”
Angel knew that. She knew it better than her cousin Tony because she was far better trained, but she didn’t wave that red flag in his face.
She also knew she could kill this target and save that woman.
Through her earpiece, another of her snipers, Hunter, said, “This is Bravo Eight, I have an unobstructed line of fire. I can take the shot.”
“Negative,” Angel said. “We are at compromised authority.”
“Goddamn,” Hunter said, and Angel wanted to agree with him but held her aim.
Through the radio, she heard, “Bravo Two, no clear line of fire.” Luke Johnson didn’t have a clear shot from the back of the house.
Angel and Jack could pick this guy off. Four snipers surrounded the house, but only one needed a clear line to stop this guy. They had three with clear lines. That was an heir and two spares.
In the heat of battle, her body didn’t respond with hyped-up adrenaline. She watched the suspect sweat. She might have been meditating, but for her steady stare down the telescopic sight on the rifle.
“Five!” the gunman screamed.
She whispered into the microphone, “Bravo Three has a bead with a stucco wall behind the target. I can make a brainstem shot from here. He won’t twitch. Give us the reins.”
Tony said, “Let the negotiators do their jobs. If you shoot him and that shotgun goes off and she dies, we’re liable.”
“The negotiators aren’t doing shit.”
The suspect screamed, “Four!”
They had been at the siege for over four hours. Angel’s head ached from the sun glaring on the cement and asphalt around her, and her eyes throbbed from peering through the scope. She whispered into her mic, “When are we going to shoot him?”
“We’re not,” Tony said. “Unless he fires at authority personnel, we can’t shoot.”
The bedlam of the negotiators’ voices hollering at the criminal from all sides escalated. Angel kept the crosshairs on the gunman’s neck and steady pressure on the trigger because, after he shot that poor woman, he would doubtlessly open fire on the police officers and then, finally, she could shoot him.
Light glinted off the sidewalk from the overhead sun. “Two!”
The woman hostage wrenched her head to the side, black hair flying in the wind.
The duct tape around her neck tore.
The shotgun blasted, spraying lead shot at the police cars, shattering glass and slamming on steel.
Angel squeezed her trigger the last fraction of an inch, sending the bullet through the rifle and into the gunman’s brainstem.
He dropped straight down as if through a trapdoor and lay in a glutinous heap on the sidewalk in front of the Desert Victorian house.
The woman hostage’s scream wailed high and tinny off the stucco houses and ascended into the clear, blue sky as she ran away. Her hair was a mess of blood, but Angel could see that the shotgun blast had only lightly scalped her. She would be fine.
Other captives, around fifty women and children, ran out of the house and grabbed the woman, crying over her. A small boy clung to her neck and sobbed.
Angel worked the action on the rifle to chamber another round and kept her sights on the gunman, in case the mound of blood and blubber moved.
Angel murmured into her radio, “That counted as firing at authorities, right?”
See The Angel of Death at:
Praise for Blair C. Babylon’s other books:
“This is why [Blair C. Babylon] is an author to watch!” ~ Booklist (starred review)
“I stumbled upon this series a few months ago while searching through e-books for the kindle. Out of all of the books I’ve read, this is by far the best. I have never been the type to read things in installments, but this is the first time I’ve faithfully awaited each new episode release. The story … is great, the characters are believable, and I can never really guess what is going to happen next. What more could you want in a series?” ~Amazon Review
“This series just takes my breath away. Breathless!!!! That’s how this book made me feel from beginning to end. It was one of those books I just couldn’t put down until some of my questions were answered. I was constantly on the edge of my seat anxiously hoping it would turn out the way I hoped. I had this same sense of anxious excitement from the very first book of this series and it has not left me yet. This is not your typical cliched novel, where you can tell practically from the first page what is going to happen. Oh no! This book has you waiting with bated breath to see what happens next. I cannot wait for the next book. Ms. Babylon is a genius, who proves every skeptic who says all novels are alike, wrong!” ~Amazon Review
USA Today Bestselling Author Blair C. Babylon is the nom de plume of an award-winning author who used to publish literary fiction under another name. Because professional reviews of her literary fiction usually included the caveat that there was too much plot, too many interesting twists, and too much sex, she decided to abandon all literary pretensions, let her freak flag fly, and write intense thrillers and naughty romantic suspense.
Provided by:
Blair Babylon


The Angel of Death
(Police Snipers and Hostage Negotiators #1)
An Angel Day Novel
DECEMBER 23, 2014
To protect and to serve, or to save her own brother?
Angel Day, the lead sniper for the Phoenix Police Department, got her nickname “The Angel of Death” the old-fashioned way: she earned it for her ruthless efficiency at stopping crimes with one well-placed bullet. When a massive call-out down by the Mexican Border reveals a terrorist cell and turns into a standoff, Angel’s youngest brother, the lost soul of her family, texts her that he is inside that barricaded house, and her orders are to shoot anything that moves.
See The Angel of Death at:

Praise for Blair C. Babylon’s other books:
“This is why [Blair C. Babylon] is an author to watch!” ~ Booklist (starred review)
“I stumbled upon this series a few months ago while searching through e-books for the kindle. Out of all of the books I’ve read, this is by far the best. I have never been the type to read things in installments, but this is the first time I’ve faithfully awaited each new episode release. The story … is great, the characters are believable, and I can never really guess what is going to happen next. What more could you want in a series?” ~Amazon Review
“This series just takes my breath away. Breathless!!!! That’s how this book made me feel from beginning to end. It was one of those books I just couldn’t put down until some of my questions were answered. I was constantly on the edge of my seat anxiously hoping it would turn out the way I hoped. I had this same sense of anxious excitement from the very first book of this series and it has not left me yet. This is not your typical cliched novel, where you can tell practically from the first page what is going to happen. Oh no! This book has you waiting with bated breath to see what happens next. I cannot wait for the next book. Ms. Babylon is a genius, who proves every skeptic who says all novels are alike, wrong!” ~Amazon Review
USA Today Bestselling Author Blair C. Babylon is the nom de plume of an award-winning author who used to publish literary fiction under another name. Because professional reviews of her literary fiction usually included the caveat that there was too much plot, too many interesting twists, and too much sex, she decided to abandon all literary pretensions, let her freak flag fly, and write intense thrillers and naughty romantic suspense.

EIGHT NIGHTS WITH A HERO~Dee J. Adams, Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey, Carolyn Crane, Misty Evans, Adrienne Giordano, Stacy Green, Katie Reus and Joan Swan~ with Rafflecopter #Giveaway…our spotlight…Adrienne Giordano




About the Book

Title:                Eight Nights with a Hero

Authors:          Dee J. Adams, Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey, Carolyn Crane, Misty Evans, Adrienne Giordano, Stacy Green, Katie Reus and Joan Swan

Publisher:       Éire Publishing, LLC

Release Date: December 16, 2014

Genre:             Romantic Suspense

Website:         http://eightnightswithahero.eirepublishing.com/


Buy Links:


Amazon: http://smarturl.it/8NightsonAmzn Kobo: http://smarturl.it/8NightsonKobo Google Play: http://smarturl.it/8NightsonGooglePlay All Romance: http://smarturl.it/8NightsonARe

Barnes & Noble: http://smarturl.it/8NightsonBandN

Apple: Coming Soon


Book Summary:


Cold Nights, Hot Heroes, and Eight Deadly Secrets…

Snuggle up to 8 riveting Romantic Suspense stories involving 8 Hot Heroes from all walks of life who will do anything to protect those they love.  PLEASE NOTE: This box set will be available only through January 31, 2015!

Dee J. Adams, Award Winning Author

IMMINENT DANGER (Adrenaline Highs Series Book 5) – Bad Timing Can Cost Your Life. “…Between the sweet and steamy romance and the heart-pounding (literally) suspense… It was such a thrill…” 

Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey, Readers’ Favorite Gold Award Winning Authors

COUNTERMEASURE (Countermeasure Series Book 1) – They’ll Have To Trust Each Other In Order To Survive. “Amidst the heartwarming and beautifully written love story was a very cleverly and intelligently constructed suspense and mystery.”

Carolyn Crane, RITA Award Winning Author

OFF THE EDGE (Undercover Associates Series Book 2) – He’s A Spy Who Uses Language To Hunt Criminals. She’s A Poet With Deadly Enemies. “Off the Edge is such a well-crafted romantic suspense story. Full of action and sparkling chemistry between Laney and Peter, this book is so much fun to read.”

Misty Evans, USA Today Bestseller

OPERATION SHEBA (Super Agent Series Book 1) – He’ll Go Under The Deepest Cover Possible to Save Her Life. “Evans takes readers on an edge-of-your-seat thriller into the secretive world of CIA operatives. A love triangle and a mole in the agency make this one story you won’t want to put down.”

Adrienne Giordano, USA Today Bestseller

THE EVASION (Justifiable Cause Series Book 2) – The World Of Knock-Offs Isn’t As Frivolous As It Appears. “Adrienne Giordano delivers everything romantic suspense readers want…” 

Stacy Green, Best Selling Mystery and Thriller Author

TIN GOD (Delta Crossroads Series Book 1) – The Truth Can Be As Deadly As Any Weapon. “Stacy Green has written an emotionally charged, thought-provoking and stunning mystery/suspense that will capture and hold you hostage until the last page is read.”

Katie Reus, New York Times – USA Today Best Seller

MIAMI, MISTLETOE, and MURDER (Red Stone Security Series Book 4) – She’ll Fight To Protect Those She Cares About. He’ll Fight To Protect Her. “Well written and a beautiful addition to an interesting series, Miami, Mistletoe, & Murder is a great read to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.”

Joan Swan, New York Times – USA Today Best Seller

FIRST TEMPTATION (Covert Affairs Series Book 2) – He’ll Have To Go Deep Undercover To Expose Her Darkest, Sexiest Desires. “I love Joan Swan’s writing as even in a novella she manages to capture the heart of her characters.”



Giordano Author PhotoAbout Adrienne Giordano


USA TODAY Bestselling author Adrienne Giordano writes romantic suspense and mystery.  She is a Jersey girl at heart, but now lives in the Midwest with her workaholic husband, sports obsessed son and Buddy the Wheaten Terrorist (Terrier). She is a co-founder of Romance University blog and Lady Jane’s Salon-Naperville, a reading series dedicated to romantic fiction.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter



eight nights coverBlurb for The Evasion (Justifiable Cause, Book 2)


His role on an anti-counterfeiting task force earned NYPD Sergeant Gabe Townsend the catch of a lifetime—tough as nails but sexy as hell Jo Pomeroy. The woman has a body that drives him wild and a way of attracting danger that’s making him crazy. And her relentless pursuit of an elusive criminal has his protective instincts in overdrive.


Jo didn’t get to be a hotshot attorney by giving up easily. Her high-end clients count on her to keep knockoffs of their luxury goods off the streets. Distractions are the last thing she needs.

Especially six-foot-three, hard body calendar-worthy distractions.


She failed once, letting a smuggler slip through her grasp. Next time, he’ll have nowhere to run.

A lead takes Jo and Gabe to a small town where not everything—or anyone—is as innocent as it seems. Making this bust could be the biggest break of her career…but at what risk to her newfound love?



Excerpt from The Evasion


Gabe rolled sideways in the pitch black of Jo’s bedroom and smacked his hand along the nightstand. What the hell time could it be? Still dark out and his damned phone was ringing, which meant he was most likely getting called out rather than once again ushering in a sunrise with Jo—something they’d been doing on a fairly consistent basis and he had no complaints about.

He cleared his throat and snatched the phone before it woke her. “Townsend.”

“Hey. DeFiore here.”

When an undercover vice cop called at—he checked the blaring red numbers on the bedside clock—four-thirty; chances were, something was happening.

Behind him, Jo shifted. Well, she did more than shift. She scooted right up to his back and pressed that amazing rack against him, skin to skin, all warm and sexy. His mind fast-forwarded to the end of the conversation with DeFiore. Hoping for a false alarm, he’d ditch the call, roll Jo onto her back and put a smile on her face. If their most recent history proved right, she wouldn’t mind.

“You there?” DeFiore asked.

“I’m here.”

“Your guy is in some Podunk town near Charleston, South Carolina.”

His guy? Jo snuggled closer, wrapped her body around his, and something in his chest kicked. Every time she touched him, it brought an explosion of shock, then pleasure, then calm, in perfect order. Bam, bam, bam. He didn’t understand it and didn’t really care to.

Gabe scrubbed his hand over his face, snapped his fingers against his forehead to clear the morning cobwebs—and distract himself from his insane erection—and focused on the moonlight squeaking through the curtains. Ignore the hot blonde behind you. “Martinson?”

“What?” This from Jo. She’s awake. Good.

“Yeah,” DeFiore said. “One of my CI’s heard it. I don’t know how solid the intel is, but this guy is usually good.”

For six weeks, with the help of investigators from Jo’s law firm, Gabe had been chasing down leads on the elusive smuggler that Jo was bent on locking up. Until now, nothing had popped.

“You know where he is?”

Behind him, Jo levered up and her bare breast connected with his arm. His little brain—the one between his legs—shot to full-scale alert. Jo did this to him, sent his mind and body to overload. Every time. He could barely be in a room with her without a raging hard-on. Which made life uncomfortable considering she was the pit bull intellectual property attorney on the Clean Sweep task force and he was the ESU sergeant on the same team. Together, they’d cleared the streets of New York of more than two million dollars in knockoff designer handbags. Not to mention the other bullcrap items women—and some men—had to have.

Yeah, that’s it. He’d think about the case and not Jo’s hand sliding over his stomach and coming to rest by his hip.

“You found him?” she asked.

Gabe snapped his fingers at her. What the hell was she thinking? His boss already suspected something might be happening between them. Something they’d been trying to hide. They didn’t need DeFiore telling a bunch of cops Gabe had a woman in bed with him. The guys on his team weren’t stupid. Eventually, they’d figure out who the woman was.

Jo bit his arm. Not hard, but enough to make sure he knew she damned well didn’t like him snapping his fingers at her. Hell, he didn’t like snapping his fingers at her, but what was he supposed to do? Tell her to be quiet?

He sat up, dug out the pen and paper he knew she kept in the bedside table. “Whatcha got? I’ll check it out.”

“Town is called Leeville. Small. As in population two hundred twenty-five. My guy said Martinson’s wife has distant family there and they’re staying with them.”


“Sorry, dude.”

Ach. Well, that sucked. But in a town of two hundred twenty-five people, it wouldn’t take long to narrow down the visitors. “I’m on it. Thanks.”

He dropped the phone and rolled back to Jo, throwing his leg over her so she’d know exactly what his little brain was thinking. “You bit me.”

“You snapped your fingers at me.”

He inched closer, tightened his leg around her and nipped her shoulder. “Because I don’t want some detective spreading word that the woman I’m sleeping with knows Martinson.” He knocked on her head. “Hello. Wouldn’t be hard for my guys to figure out who I’m in bed with.”

“Oh. Right. Didn’t think of that.” She lifted her chin, giving him access to her neck. “Martinson?”

He dotted kisses along her neck and she let out the small moan he’d grown to recognize. The screw-me-now moan. “South Carolina. At least the CI says South Carolina.”

“We can go there.”

“Someone can.”

We can.”

“Sshh. Right now we have other places to go.”



~Giveaway Details~
There will be two tour-wide prizes (two winners, US only):
• First Prize: $40.00 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card
• Second Prize: Box of Swag with contributions from all the authors


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    About the book: Sugar-free no longer equals taste-free! Popular food blogger Brenda Bennett uses natural sweeteners like honey and coconut sugar to create delicious and wholesome recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, such as French Toast Sticks, Crock Pot Pulled Pork, and Chocolate Fudge Tart. You and your family will finally enjoy all the foods you love- without the guilt. SugarFreeMom_blogTour2

Order your copy today!

And other fine retailers!

      About the author:

Brenda Bennett’s passion for cooking began at the age of 5 kneeling on a chair by her grandmother’s side helping roll homemade gnocchi’s on a flour covered butcher block table. Her love affair with cooking was a mere hobby while teaching as a special educator and earning a Masters Degree in Education. After the birth of her second child, she had to give up sugar.  With sear determination and a deep desire to still enjoy chocolate, her love affair with food embarked on a new journey learning to develop recipes free of refined sugars and flours. After discovering peanut ,tree nut and soy allergies in 2 of her 3 children making homemade healthier versions of the treats they loved became a necessity. She transitioned to the position of homeschooling mom of 3, recipe developer, food writer, photographer and blogger. She focuses on wholesome delicious food free of processed flours and sugars to feed her family  and share with friends and fans on www.sugarfreemom.com. She lives in RI with her husband, 3 children and their dog, Ruby. When she isn’t cooking, blogging or writing she can be found at spin class, camping, volunteering  in cub scouts, or in the position of transportation engineer shuttling her children to karate, dance, boy scouts, soccer or softball.

“Sugar-Free Mom” blog tour schedule:

December 15: Little Light Design Collective December 16: The Things I Love Most • A Cedar Spoon • My Whole Food Life My Book Addiction and More December 17: Readalot December 18: Healthy. Delicious. December 19: Thoughts in Progress • Babs Book Bistro December 20: Jen’s Journey December 21: The Realistic Nutrionist • Eat Good 4 Life December 22: Wishful Endings December 23: Vegan in the Freezer • The Author’s Hideaway December 24: Mom Loves 2 Read • Jorie Loves a Story December 25: Team Hoopes December 26: Healthy Seasonal Recipes December 27: December 28: Erin Brighton December 29:

Presented by:

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media




Another delicious cookbook! Filled with naturally sweet recipes the whole family can enjoy. Packed fill of information, pictures, recipes, and so much more. Not just sweets, but main dishes, as well as drinks. From scones, to jams, to sauces, to rice dishes, and so much more. You will be thrilled with this amazing cookbooks. Especially, those with sugar restrictions, such as diabetics. I found the recipes to be easy to follow, delicious, and the ingredients were easy to find at your favorite supermarket. Well done! Enjoyable treat for everyone!

*Received for an honest review from the publisher*

Rating: 5 Heat rating: N/A Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More






Please help us welcome today’s guest and

Meet some of the sexy, smoking hot
Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel.

And her amazing …

{It’s a Wonderful Fireman}

(Contemporary Romance)

It's a Wonderful Fireman

MBA&M: Why fireman as your heroes?

I learned recently that on Family Feud, firefighting came out on top as the sexiest profession. I have to say that I agree! There’s just something so appealing about these men (and women) who accept danger and risk as part of their existence, and yet don’t see themselves as big heroes. They often have a down-to-earth quality about them and a great sense of humor. I also appreciate the brotherhood aspect of fire stations. They depend on each other when out on a call, and hang out together back at the firehouse. That bond can be very strong and very inspiring.

MBA&M: Who was your favorite character to write. Why?

If I say Stan, would you laugh? I’m just kidding. The firehouse dog is great, but I’d have to go with a human character. Vader was a ton of fun to write. He’s the hero of Four Weddings and a Fireman, and a big goofball with a heart of gold. In the current story, IT’S A WONDERFUL FIREMAN, I really enjoyed delving into Mulligan’s past, reliving key scenes in his life with him.  Sometimes they were rough experiences, but they really showed what an innately caring person he is despite his bad boy appearance.

MBA&M: What has been your most important accomplishment, so far in your writing career?

When I made it onto the USA Today bestseller list, the feeling was absolutely incredible. A piece of validation like that really goes a long way. It’s like someone saying, “You’re doing the right thing, taking on this crazy writing business. Just keep at it, and you never know what amazing things will happen.” But truthfully, I’d say that my most important accomplishment is that despite all the ups and downs of the publishing business, my passion for writing hasn’t gone away, in fact, it’s grown. Every email I get from a reader is just as meaningful to me – probably more – as that week I spent on the bestseller list.

MBA&M: Who has been the greatest influence in your life, be it personal or writing career?

Well, this isn’t a “person” – though people are involved — but I’d say my yoga and meditation practice has been a huge influence on me both personally and in my writing career. It’s helped me become more even-keeled, focused, and intuitive. All of those traits are incredibly valuable in my personal life, in my career path, and in my writing itself. I’m not sure any of my books would have gotten written without all that personal work that came before.

MBA&M: What would you love to do in life, you haven’t yet done. Why?

That’s easy! I would love to attend the red carpet premiere of the movie version of one of my books. I’d wear a fantastic dress and make my husband buy a tuxedo. My daughter and I would spend the entire day beforehand at a beauty salon. Why haven’t I done this yet? Yeah, good question, Hollywood! Come on, studio heads! Don’t you know that people love firemen?

MBA&M: Last but not least, what can readers expect from you in the future, any major changes in your life, coming forward?

My big news for next year is the start of a new series, Love Between the Bases, about the Kilby Catfish, a minor league team from Texas. ALL OF ME, the first book, will be released on May 26, 2015, one day before my birthday, which I hope is a good omen. I’m really excited about this series, though I admit it’s sad to say goodbye to the firemen. I’m going to see if there’s a way I can weave a fireman or two into this series.

Thank you so much for having me on the blog!

What a pleasure to have you with us and our readers today! Congratulations on your latest release! Much success in your future endeavors!!




Hard-edged fireman Dean Mulligan has never been a
big fan of Christmas. Twinkly lights and sparkly tinsel can’t brighten the
memories of too many years spent in ramshackle foster homes. Although he’s
established himself as one of the top firefighters at San Gabriel Station 1, he
doesn’t think he’s good enough for someone like gorgeous Lizzie.
Lizzie Breen is used to fighting-from her alpha
male brothers, who try to smother her in the name of safety, to the
life-threatening childhood illness she overcame. She knows what she and
Mulligan feel for each other is a lot more than a fling, but she can’t get him
to see that. The only gift Lizzie wants to give him this season is her love,
but he’s not willing to accept it.
When Mulligan is trapped in the burning wreckage
of a holiday store, a Christmas angel arrives to open his eyes. But is it too
late? This Christmas, it’ll take an angel, a determined woman in love, and the
entire Bachelor Firemen crew to make him believe … it is indeed a wonderful life.


“You shouldn’t be
flirting with the new probie. If Fred was here, he’d tell you.” Mulligan looked
very sure of that fact—arrogant, even. She assessed the bump in his nose, the
way his biceps bulged from the sleeves of his T-shirt, his air of absolute
assurance. Another girl might be intimidated, but Lizzie had grown up with four
brothers who’d become soldiers and a firefighter. She’d outgrown intimidation
by the age of six.
 “Why are you so suspicious of Ace? He’s part
of the brotherhood, isn’t he?”
“Not yet,”
Mulligan said with decisive finality, as if everything had now been settled.
“You stay here, and I’ll tell him to get lost.”
“You will not!”
She grabbed his arm as he brushed past her. It felt like grabbing a log, that’s
how thick and strong his forearm was. “It’s none of your business.”
“It is my
business. Freddie’s my business. We’re tight.”
“If you were that
tight, you’d know that his only involvement with my love life is feeding me ice
cream after a breakup,” she snapped. “Stay out of it, Mulligan. You have some
nerve, you really do. I’ve never even met you before, and you’re trying to tell
me who to sleep with.”
He stopped dead.
She kept her hand on his arm because it felt so good. His tendons tightened
under her touch, and she saw his jaw flex.
A quick flick of
his wrist, and suddenly she was pressed against him, chest to chest, thighs to
thighs. Sensation poured through her; it felt like standing next to a volcano.
“I’m not telling you who to sleep with. I’m telling you who not to sleep with.”
“Oh, really?” she
snapped, furious. “Who should I not
sleep with?”
“Anyone but me.”



About the author:

Bernard is a graduate of Harvard and a former news promo producer. The child of
academics, she confounded her family by preferring romance novels to … well,
any other books. She left big city life for true love in Alaska, where she now
lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She’s no stranger to book success, as
she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name not to be mentioned
at family gatherings.

Visit her on the Web at:

Twitter: jen_bernard


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PALEO MEAL PLANNING ON A BUDGET~ Elizabeth McGaw…Blog tour with review…




  • Paperback: 200 pages
  • Publisher: Cedar Fort (December 29, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1462115063
  • ISBN-13: 978-1462115068


Book Description(COURTESY OF AMAZON)


December 7, 2014
Eat paleo, save money, and cure those meal-planning headaches!

Elizabeth McGraw, bestselling author of Paleo on a Budget, presents a practical guide to planning out paleo lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts. With all the hard work done for you, your only job is to eat, enjoy, and easily shed those pesky pounds.

On top of the meal-planning guide, you’ll find over 30 delicious, new, bonus recipes like:

Strawberry Lemon Muffins
Roasted Garlic Shrimp
Inside-Out Burgers
Enjoy the benefits of a paleo diet so you can tighten up your abs without loosening your purse strings. This unique book offers you all the tools to make paleo work for your lifestyle, your budget, and your busy schedule!

 For more information visit:


What a fantastic book. Filled with delicious recipes, fun facts and how to plan a meal. There is also a section for cooking measurement equivalents and the metric equivalents, as well. A must own cookbook for anyone who enjoys cooking the Paleo (foods your grand-grandparents ate, with meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds) way.   Easy to follow with must of the ingredients easy to find. What an enjoyable cookbook, in so many ways.

*Received for an honest review from the publisher*

Rating: 5
Heat rating: N/A
Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


AT THE BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING by Maya Rodale, Caroline Linden, Miranda Neville, and Katharine Ashe…review and feature





At The Billionaire’s Wedding
by Maya Rodale (Goodreads Author), Miranda Neville (Goodreads Author), Caroline Linden (Goodreads Author), Katharine Ashe (Goodreads Author)


Genre: Contemporary Romance (Anthology)


  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Lady Authors, The (October 30, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0986053910
  • ISBN-13: 978-0986053917


(from Amazon)

“Deliciously sexy… A trip to the contemporary side of romance with historical flare.”
Catherine Bybee, New York Times best selling author of the Weekday Bride Series.

The Bad Boy Billionaire is Getting Married!

A stately home in the English countryside seems the ideal place for a bad boy billionaire and his bride to tie the knot. Until the Internet fails. And the oven breaks. And paparazzi invade. And police crash the bachelorette party. And four unlikely couples discover that passion never waits for perfection, and happily ever after is just an “I do” away.

“The Best Laid Planner” by Miranda Neville
Arwen Kilpatrick gets her big break when she’s hired to organize the wedding of an old friend–to a billionaire. Arwen doesn’t have time for romance, not even with the sexy hotel handyman, Harry Compton. But putting on the wedding of the year means dealing with one surprise after another, including the discovery that Harry is so much more than he seems.

“Will You Be My Wi-Fi?” by Caroline Linden
All Natalie Corcoran wants is peace and quiet while she writes her cookbook. The lavish wedding party at the hotel next door is driving her crazy–especially the sexy lawyer who wants her wi-fi password. But Archer Quinn is swamped with work and will do anything to convince her to take a chance on him… first with her wi-fi, then with her friendship, and then with more. But he only has a week to persuade her they’ll be scrumptious together…

“The Day It Rained Books” by Katharine Ashe
Swept away by a mysterious benefactor to the wedding of the year, librarian Cali Blake is living a fairytale. The only thing missing is Prince Charming. Instead the guests include the last man she wants to see–her archenemy, millionaire playboy Piers Prescott. Piers is determined to conquer Cali’s resistance to him, and he’ll stop at nothing to have her. As long as she can remember it’s just for one week, could he be the perfect wedding fling?

“That Moment When You Fall In Love” by Maya Rodale
Sassy reporter Roxanna Lane might be falling for her date, sexy media mogul Damien Knightly, who just happens to be her boss. But he ruins everything by asking her to report on her best friend’s wedding. Damien Knightly is definitely falling for Roxanna, but thanks to an impulsive wager he must choose between losing the crown jewel of his media empire…or the woman he loves.

The four authors of last year’s bestselling At the Duke’s Wedding bring you a modern twist on the Regency house party.

“A charming, romantic tale that makes you believe in love!” Jennifer Probst, New York Times best selling author of Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Purchase your copy!

Amazon | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo

You may also purchase your copy of AT THE DUKE’S WEDDING, which is now on sale for only $. 99!!

November 6th, 2014

The Lady Authors‘ wildly popular first anthology, At the Duke’s Wedding, is now on sale for 99¢ (from $3.99) from ebook sellers.

Buy it nowiBooks | Kindle | Kobo | Nook | Amazon UK

Source: Received for an honest review from one of the authors


An amazing collection of Contemporary Romances by some awesome Historical Romance authors. Each author brings their own unique style to each story. Each story is captivating, passionate, and romantic. The characters are fresh, engaging and adds their own style to the stories, bringing to the reader an unique modern fairy-tale wedding. What an amazing group of authors. Each author brings the reader closer to their characters in their own special way. A continuity tale of a modern day Fairy tale. You may remember these ladies also wrote another anthology together, AT THE DUKE’S WEDDING last year. Which, by the way was another awesome read.
A sweet, funny romantic tale of the best laid plans, missed internet connections, a bit of rain, and falling in love.Just goes to show you best laid plans can go awry in the most special of ways. A very enjoyable and satisfying read!! Well done, ladies!!


he Best Laid Planner by Miranda Neville
Will you Be My Wi-Fi by Caroline Linden
The Day It Rained Books by Katharine Ashe
The Moment When You Fall in Love by Maya Rodale

*Received for an honest review from one of the authors*

Rating: 4
Heat rating: mild
Reviewed by: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More


A CHRISTMAS CODE~JACKI DELECKI~ Book Blitz tour with Rafflecopter giveaway

A Christmas Code

A Christmas Code Blitz Tour BannerA Christmas Code

Giveaway Info:
• $25 Amazon Gift Card
• 2 eBook copies of A Code of Love

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Author Bio:
Descended from a long line of storytellers, Jacki spins adventures filled with mystery, healing and romance.

Jacki’s love affair with the arts began at a young age and inspired her to train as a jazz singer and dancer. She has performed many acting roles with Seattle Opera Company and Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Her travels to London and Paris ignited a deep-seated passion to write the romantic, regency The Code Breaker Series. Jacki is certain she spent at least one lifetime dancing in the Moulin Rouge.

Jacki has set her Grayce Walters Mystery Series in Seattle, her long-time home. The city’s unique and colorful locations are a backdrop for her romantic mystery.

Although writing now fills much of her day, she continues to volunteer for Seattle’s Ballet and Opera Companies and leads children’s tours of Pike Street Market. Her volunteer work with Seattle’s homeless shelters influenced one of her main characters in An Inner Fire and Women Under Fire.

Jacki’s two Golden Labs, Gus and Talley, were her constant companions. Their years of devotion and intuition inspired her to write both dogs as heroes in each series.

A geek at heart, Jacki loves superhero movies–a hero’s battle against insurmountable odds. But her heroines don’t have to wear a unitard to fight injustice and battle for the underdog.

Look for more heart-pounding adventure, intrigue, and romance in A Code of the Heart—A Regency Novella, next in the Code Breaker Series, to be released on Valentine’s Day, 2015.

To learn more about Jacki and her books and to be the first to hear about giveaways join her newsletter found on her website: http:// www.jackidelecki.com. Follow her on FB—Jacki Delecki; Twitter @jackidelecki.


Site: http:// www.jackidelecki.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jacki Delecki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@jackidelecki
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7394357.Jacki_Delecki


A Christmas Code

Book Blurb:
Lady Gwyneth Beaumont has long awaited the opportunity to show Viscount James Ashworth that she is no longer the impetuous child who dogged his footsteps. Now a much sought-after debutante, she is determined to prove to the hard-headed rake that she is a grown woman and a worthy participant in both the spy game and the game of love.

Ash, recently returned from three years undercover in France in His Majesty’s service, wants nothing more than to complete his final mission and retire to his bucolic country estate. However, what seemed a simple assignment to protect the Prince Regent at a Christmas party turns into a maze of intrigue, desire, and treachery.

Adding to the perilous secret operation is one problem Ash never anticipated: The appearance of the reckless, enticing Gwyneth, who has blossomed into a gorgeous woman and self-appointed spy. When a snooping Gwyneth uncovers a shocking secret, she puts herself in mortal danger.

Can Ash protect Gwyneth and the Prince from French assailants and, at the same time, win the passionate lady’s heart?

Can Ash and Gwyneth both triumph as winners in the game of spies and love?


First book in the Code Breakers series

Purchase Links:


Amazon   Barnes & Noble   Kobo   iTunes


Book #1 in the series

A Code Of Love (Code Breakers, #1)

Presented by:

Coming soon!
My Thoughts, coming soon on our sister site, MyBookAddictionReviews