A visit with Collen Coble and giveaway *Cancer Week cont.*

Today it is with great honor I welcome an author I have loved for years, she is a dear friend, a great author, and a woman I admire. So please join me in welcoming Colleen Coble to My Book Addiction.

Smitten Cover

Friendship is something we often take for granted. But we shouldn’t. It’s a rare gift from God Himself that needs to be treasured and nurtured.

One of the “girls” from our Girls Write Out blog, Diann Hunt, has been fighting ovarian cancer. She’s one of those friends we should all be so lucky to have. Di prays for me at the slightest problem, even though the battle she’s facing is so arduous. She is working on Secretly Smitten between bouts of nausea. Now that’s dedication! The book is a collaboration and she doesn’t want to let us down. When my Dave was diagnosed with prostrate cancer about the same time she found out she was facing another round of chemo, she cried for me, not for herself. And she’s the funniest person I’ve ever met. Just talking to her on the phone lifts my spirits and has me laughing. She has the funniest things happen to her. She is as close as the closest sister and our hearts are knit together in a very mystical way I don’t even fully understand. Only God can bring friends like that into our lives. J

She’s on a mission (and us with her!) to inform women about the need to early detection of ovarian cancer. Get a CA-125 as a baseline the next time you get a pap test. Monitor it yearly. Pay attention to any bloating you might get or pain. The symptoms can be vague. http://www.ovariancancer.org/about-ovarian-cancer/symptoms/ So I’ve made sure my girls are getting theirs checked. You do the same and make me and Di happy! J

Smitten Cover

Di has been doing just a bit better. I called her today to suggest we all get together and sing a Smitten song in honor of the new book coming soon from the four of us: Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, Denise Hunter and me. Isn’t this the best cover ever? It’s like you’re about to step into a Disney movie. And I think you’re going to love reading it. We all wrote our own personalities into our characters, and our own friendship is closely interwoven into the book. Let us know what you think! It ships in December.

So get out there and get your CA-125 checked! And pray for our Di.

Colleen pub photo 2011smallColleen Coble, author of Lonestar Angel, shipping to stores right now.

You can find Colleen at her website, on twitter, and on facebook.

*Thank you Colleen for being our guest today, and we certainly will keep praying for Di, I’m so glad she’s doing better. She is a remarkable woman, as are you. Now readers because this post is part of my “cancer week” if you comment you will get a chance to win a “goodie bag”, again this bag will have a book, maybe 2(depends on what I have), some bath and body products, a tote that reads “fight like a girl”, a notepad (very cute with a pig on it) as well an ebook copy of ENTANGLED. Now because this is Colleen, I am also going to throw in a copy of SMITTEN as soon as it’s available(December or there abouts). So be sure to comment, and as Colleen says please please know the warning signs and be sure to follow Di’s advice get a CA-125! As before this giveaway is open to everyone. Good Luck!*


14 Replies to “A visit with Collen Coble and giveaway *Cancer Week cont.*”

  1. Wow! Both Diann and Colleen sound like very inspirational women! I am constantly reminding people to get a well-woman exam with a pap and mammogram. We've been blessed that no one in the immediate family has any cancer but I'll have to make sure and stay on top of my younger half-sisters since on their dad's side there has been some cancer. Great "anti-cancer" week!

  2. Hi Colleen,

    What a wonderful post and thank you for the information on testing. I, for one, never heard of it, I will definitely look into it.
    My prayers for Di, she sounds like a beautiful friend, you are lucky.

    You are a new to me author, I will be adding you to my list of 'must-reads'.

    Another great post on CANCER WEEK ladies!! 🙂

  3. Great post and some wonderful info. I did not know about this test and have never heard of it. I do get mamograms and pap test every year but this test has never been mentioned to me before. I will ask about it though.

  4. Hi, Colleen. First let me say, thanks for visiting with us today and inspiring us to get tested. I enjoy your books,and Di’s. She is in my prayers. Now everyone,go get tested….

  5. Great post. you are both an inspiration. Its good to be positive in these times and keep fighting.
    All the authors listed are new to me.I'll have to check out their sites.

  6. I had to comment on this post. Besides the wonderful looking book & the story about Di, my family calls me Di too and that's my google id. Once again I am bummed that Entangled is only in eBook. I'm getting closer & closer to giving in & getting an eBook. So far I am holding out for certain books to go from e to paper – I'm sooo much more comfortavle with paper!

  7. Thanks for this post today. Glad to see all of the attention being given to cancer. I love Colleen's books

  8. I have been blessed with a friend like Di and I love her to pieces. Thank you for telling us about her so we can add her in our prayers.
    Smitten sounds like a fun read – it's been added to the TBR list.
    Thank you for the info on ovarian cancer, I'll be sure to follow through.

  9. Wow, I didn't know you needed a base line for paps, we've had women's cancer in our family. I think my mom was about 35 or so when they found pre canerous cells and she went in and had a full hysterectomy. My paryers with be with your husband and Di and thanks for the info. BTW the cover does look so inviting, like you want to run and join in the town.

  10. I had never heard of this baseline test either. Considering that my mother had cervical cancer, this is def something I will be checking into. And your friend Di sounds great!

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