One to Protect (One to Hold #3)
Tia Louise
Date: April 21, 2014
Contemporary Romance


Readers are saying…
“If you’re looking for a fun, intriguing,
and HOT story…this is it!! 5 STARS!” –Aleatha Romig, NYT and USA Today
bestselling author of the Consequences series
“Derek is hot! Patrick is equally hot! Put
these two hot men together and what do you get?!? Panty Dropping holy mother of
god hotness! The gang is back and I couldn’t be happier!” —Karrie,
Panty-Dropping Book Blog
“Each scene flowed into the next effortlessly…
drama, suspense and then a scene that will have your pulse racing and your eyes
dilating.”—Daphnie, Bound by Books blog
“5 of 5 breathtaking stars.” –Lisa, Goodreads
“The sex scenes are hot, and the story is
great! The love Derek has for Melissa just pulls you in and you know he would
do anything in his power to make sure she is safe, which makes him a new
addition to my book boyfriend list!” —Chrissy, Reading Past My Bedtime blog




One scar.

One betrayal.

No escape.When Sloan Reynolds beats criminal charges,
Melissa Jones stops believing her wealthy, connected ex-husband will ever pay
for what he did to her. 

Derek Alexander can’t accept that—a tiny silver
scar won’t let him forget, and as a leader in the security business, he is
determined to get the man who hurt his fiancée.

Then the body of a former call girl turns up
dead. She’s the breakthrough Derek’s been waiting for, the link to Sloan’s
sordid past he needs. But as usual, legal paths to justice have been covered up
or erased.

Derek’s ready to do whatever it takes to protect
his family when his partner Patrick Knight devises a plan that changes

It’s a plan that involves coloring outside the
lines and taking a walk on the dark side. It goes against everything on which
Alexander-Knight, LLC, is based.

And it’s a plan Derek’s more than ready to

Standalone, M/F, HEA.


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Nikki continued talking, but I wasn’t listening. Cold
realization flashed in my brain like lightening striking a tree.
Jessica Black. It was the name on the email Melissa had put in
front of me that day she visited our offices. The day she dropped a nuke on all
my dreams of a life with her, when she revealed my former “mentor,” her
ex-husband Sloan Reynolds’s secret double-life. He had high-end escorts all
over the country, and Jessica Black was his first careless slip. Melissa had
found it.
Nikki was still reminiscing as I spun around in my chair,
shaking my computer awake. Fingers flying over the keys, I pulled up all the
information I could find on the dead girl.
She’d been living in Baltimore for a year. I wondered if she
followed him from wherever they’d hooked up the first time. Why would she do
that? Was it possible she was in love with him? Was it for the money? Had he
promised her anything?
It didn’t matter. She’d disappeared off the police blotter from
the time she arrived there until now, when she’d turned up dead.
Reasons scrolled across my brain of all the possible causes of
death, but looking at her beaten face, all I could see was the photo Melissa
had put in front of me all those months ago.
My instincts were on high alert. Sloan was getting antsy, and I
knew what he wanted. Jessica Black might look like the real thing, but she
wasn’t it.
Substitutes would never fill the possession he felt. I’d followed
enough of these twisted fucks to know. He was coming for Melissa, and it was
just a matter of when.
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The Author:
Tia Louise is a former journalist, world-traveler, and collector
of beautiful men (who inspire all of her stories… *wink*)–turned wife,
mommy, and novelist.
She lives in the center of the U.S.A. with her lovely family and
one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and
sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations…It’s possible
she has a slight truffle addiction.
Books by Tia Louise:


ONE TO HOLD (Derek & Melissa), 2013

ONE TO KEEP (Patrick & Elaine), 2014


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{Historical Romance}



What a gorgeous cover, don’t you think??

Never Entice An Earl_cover image

NEVER ENTICE AN EARL (book II in the One Scandalous Season series)
A Deception Most Reckless
Lady Daphne Bevington would do anything for her maid Kate-including masquerading as Kate and sneaking around the wrong side of London to settle the poor girl’s debt. Yet her innocent ruse takes a scandalous turn when “Kate” runs into a handsome gentleman on a secret quest of his own. A moment of passion could cost Daphne her reputation, but how can she ignore the stranger’s searing kiss?

An Arrangement Most Wicked
Lord Cormack Northmore is determined to find the immoral peer who ruined his sister. So when he learns that the irresistible woman he knows as “Kate” is the Season’s most sought-after debutante, Cormack plans to use her connections to help him set a trap. Now, the closer Cormack gets to uncovering the villain who haunts the ton‘s ballrooms, the more he realizes that the lovely lady is in danger herself. Will he abandon his quest for revenge-or risk losing his one chance at love?

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An exciting Carriage excerpt, from NEVER ENTICE AN EARL:

*May content mature content*

The heat in his gaze intensified. He leaned toward her, his handsome face commanding her full attention. “So tell me, Kate, in addition to being a dancer to pay off this debt, and not a very talented one at that, did you also entertain patrons?”
“Entertain?” She blinked, flustered by his proximity, and his overwhelming maleness. Had he truly said she was not a good dancer? And wait… he had said patrons. She frowned. “I beg your pardon?”
Certainly he did not believe…well, she supposed he might, given the sordid circumstances in which he’d found her.
One dark eyebrow lifted. “The Blue Swan is a brothel.”
“Never,” she blurted, heat rising to scald her cheeks. “This was my first night ever to go to that place, and it was not at all what I’d expected.” She spoke the truth now. Not all her words were lies. “All I had was the address on a scrap of paper, and instructions that I would be a model in the tableaux.”
A sudden fear came over her, a dreadful worry that in her naivety she’d misjudged the stranger beside, that he wasn’t a gentleman, but instead just like the others who had crowded against the stage, mindless with lust. He could easily overpower her, and satisfy whatever male urges he wished.
But he did not. He instead eased back into the seat until shadows obscured his countenance, all but his sensual lips, which pursed and frowned. She sighed with relief
“Good.” He nodded. Below his breath, he muttered, “Yes, good…I suppose.”
He conveyed a mixed message, one of approval but also disappointment. What if she’d answered yes? Would he have sought to make use of her services? All the wicked things Sophia had described came to her in a vivid rush. Her mind entertained a fleeting fantasy, one of tangled sheets, muscled limbs and bare skin.
The very idea of being intimate with a stranger, with this stranger—
She exhaled, bemused.
–was not as appalling as it ought to be.
Perhaps it was the graveness in his eyes, above lips that she suspected always carried some semblance of a smile that made her heart contract and her blood run hot.
He really was nonpareil. No man in her social circle compared, but that was because he obviously wasn’t a nobleman. No nobleman would travel about London in a shabby, half-destroyed carriage nor converse on such familiar terms with their driver.
“Who are you, Cormack?” she asked.
“Just…a man.”
“Are you a newspaperman? A store owner, or a sea captain? Please tell me, I want to know.”
“I…er, a merchant actually. Saltpeter.”
That answered her question. After tonight, she most certainly would never see him again. A merchant would never be allowed into the ballrooms of the haute ton. Even if he was deliriously rich, which he obviously wasn’t, given the condition of his equipage, the upper echelon of the beau monde, to which she had been born, simply did not intermingle with men of trade.
Her adventurous nature awakened. No, she didn’t intend to ever marry, but…what would be wrong with kissing a handsome, intriguing stranger she’d never see again?
Everything inside her soared and spiraled and exploded into sparkly stars at wondering. Again, her gaze settled on his mouth, which slowly, as if it read her mind, turned up at the corners, making her catch her breath.
At that moment, the carriage made a sudden turn and tilted steeply. Daphne toppled, the whole of her weight crushing into Cormack. His arms came round her, seizing her in place against his chest. The carriage bounced down again, and continued on, to the sound of Jackson cursing at another driver, but Cormack didn’t release her. How she wished she wasn’t wearing the coat, which smelled of damp wool. He, on the other hand, smelled delicious, like rainwater and soap.
“How unexpected,” he murmured, his mouth so close his breath feathered across her lips. “But not unwelcome.”
“No,” she whispered. “Not…unwelcome.”

Lily Dalton Author ImageAbout Lily Dalton

Lily Dalton grew up as an Army brat, moving from place to place. Her first stop after relocating was always the local library, where she could hang out with familiar friends: Books! Lily has an English degree from Texas A & M University and after graduation worked as a legal assistant in the fields of accident reconstruction and litigation. She now lives in Houston, Texas, with her family. When she isn’t at work on her next manuscript, she spends her time trying out new recipes, cheering on her favorite Texas football teams and collecting old dishes, vintage linens and other fine “junque” from thrift stores and flea markets.

Lily’s social media:

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FALLING FOR OWEN~Jennifer Ryan Coming, April 15, 2014….excerpt

Coming Soon!

April 15, 2014!!

Be sure to read the excerpt! I wanted to stop in a moment to say I LOVED FALLING FOR OWEN. Actually I’ve loved this whole series but Owen, OMG he’s hot and wonderful and watching him fall in love………well let’s just say this is a book you shouldn’t miss!!! If you’ve read it let me know what you thought, if you’ve read others by Jennifer Ryan tell me about those! Now read on to find the excerpt and more…




{Book 2 in The McBrides series}


  • Series: McBrides
  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Avon Impulse (April 22, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0062306103
  • ISBN-13: 978-0062306104



April 15, 2014

The McBrides of Fallbrook return with reformed bad boy Owen. He’ll do whatever he must to protect the woman who’s captured his heart.

Attorney by day, rancher by night Owen McBride conquered his dark past and made it his mission to help the innocent—even at the expense of a personal life. But when a client’s abusive ex-husband targets Owen and his gorgeous neighbor Claire gets caught in the crossfire, his feelings turn anything but professional. The mysterious beauty awakens something in him, and he’ll move heaven and earth to keep her safe.

Coffee shop owner Claire Walsh learned the hard way that handsome men aren’t to be trusted. Owen may be sexy as hell and determined to take care of her, but she’s reluctant to put her heart on the line. His presence in her life puts a target on her back, yet the more time she spends with him, the more she finds she can’t help falling for Owen.

Read the Excerpt!

With her gaze cast down on the pots, she didn’t see the man step out from the other side of the patio until his shadow fell over her. His eyes went as wide as hers.

“You’re not him,” he said, stumbling back, knocking over a larger potted pink miniature rose bush and falling on his ass, breaking the pot and the bush with his legs. She hoped he got stuck a dozen times, but the tiny thorns probably wouldn’t go through his dirt-smudged jeans.

In a rage, she opened the door, but held tight to the handle so she could close it again if he came too close. She yelled, “What the hell are you doing?”

“I’ll get him for this and for sleeping with my wife,” the guy slurred. Drunk and ranting, he gained his feet but stumbled again. “Where is he?” The man turned every which way, looking past her and into her dark house.


“Your lying, cheating, no-good husband.”

“How the hell should I know. I haven’t seen or heard from him in six months.”

“Liar. I saw him drive this way tonight after he fucked my wife at his office and filled her head with more bullshit lies.”

“Listen, I’m sorry if my ex is messing with your wife. I left him almost two years ago for cheating on me. Believe me, I know how you feel, but he doesn’t live here.”

“You’re lying. He drove his truck this way and stopped just outside.”

“He doesn’t drive a truck.”

“Stop lying, bitch.”

“I’m not. You have the wrong person.”

“You tell that no-good McBride he better stop seeing my wife. If he thinks a bunch of papers will ever set her free of me, he don’t know what I’m capable of, what we have. He’ll be one sorry son of a bitch. She’s mine. I keep what’s mine.”

“You don’t understand.”

“No. You don’t understand,” he said almost like a whining child. “You tell him, or I’ll make him pay with what’s his.” He pointed an ominous finger at her. “You tell him if he doesn’t leave my wife alone and let her come back to me like she wants, I’m going to hurt you before I go after him.”

Pissed off he’d just threatened her life for no good reason, she fumed. “Listen mister, I don’t know the man you’re talking about. He doesn’t live here.”

“Bullshit. Don’t lie to me, bitch.” He grabbed one of her patio chairs and threw it at the sliding glass door. She dashed sideways along the patio and the house wall, narrowly avoiding getting hit. The glass door shattered into a million tiny bits of glass beside her.

“That’s it. I’m calling the cops.” She dialed 911.

He ran to her and knocked the phone out of her hand into a pile of dirt and torn marigold roots.

“Help me!” She hoped the call went through and someone heard her.

The man pushed past her, knocking her down. She cut her bare foot on a broken shard of pottery. The man disappeared around the corner of the house. A car engine started out front. She ran the other way, down the shorter side to cut him off and, hopefully, get his license plate number to give to the cops. She ran for the driveway, but he pulled out of the trees to her left. The engine revved, and he clipped her on the side, sending her crashing to the pavement, scraping her knee and elbow before she twisted and cracked the back of her head on the driveway. Stars burst on the inside of her eyelids. She lifted her head and opened her eyes, only to see his red haloed taillights fade and disappear around the corner and onto the main road.

Bleary eyed and dizzy, she tried to plant her hands on the ground and raise herself up. She fell flat again. The world spun and shadows swam, making her close her eyes, only to open them and see nothing but blurry shapes.

Her eyes closed, her face hit the cement, and everything went black.

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About the author…..

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Hunted Series. Jennifer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three children.

When she isn’t writing a book, she’s reading one. Her obsession for both is often revealed in the state of her home, and how late dinner is to the table. When she finally leaves those fictional worlds, you’ll find her in the garden, playing in the dirt, and daydreaming about people who live only in her head, until she puts them on paper.

For more information about Jennifer and her upcoming releases, visit