Legends of the Fenian Warriors, Book 2
by Mary Morgan

Genre: Scottish Historical Fantasy Romance
Book blurb:


“You met them in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their legends!”

Fenian Warrior, Rory MacGregor’s love conquests are legendary, but he has never spoken of the one mortal female who captured his heart. After his dark secret is finally revealed, he is ordered to return and seal the wounds left open by her death. Yet, he finds the timeline altered and swears an oath to rewrite fate, even if it brings about his own death.
Erina MacIntyre is known for her healing herbs and love charms. Determined to aid others, she refuses to listen to the whispers that call her a witch. When a Highlander steps forth into her path, he ignites a thread of strange familiarity and sparks a flame of desire she is unable to control.
Can the destiny of two lovers find love once more among the ashes of death and betrayal? Or will history repeat itself, leaving a scorching path of destruction for both mortals and Fae alike?
“Erina, mo ghrá,” he groaned, taking her mouth with savage intensity. She tasted of honey and spices, filling him completely and easing the torment that continually plagued him.
Breaking free, he placed his hands on either side of the door. Giving her all of him required something more from Erina. Without the assurance of accepting him for what he was, Rory would be a lost man.
Are ye certain ye want to ken all of me? I want ye as sure as the sun rises and sets over the land each day, but ken this, Erina—there is more to me than a simple bedding. There are things about me that might frighten ye. What I’m about to share with ye may cause ye to question my existence, or worse, my sanity.”
Her laugh was seductive and soothing as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “From the moment ye stepped through those trees that first day, I realized ye were not like any man I had encountered. It was as if the trees parted and ye came forth from inside them.” She brushed her fingers along his brow. “For one, ye have the most mesmerizing eyes and they shift colors.”
“And the second?”
Her face turned a rosy glow, yet, she held his gaze. “I thought your body chiseled from the old Gods, especially with all the markings on your back and arms.”
His gaze swept over hers. “I am nae God, Erina, though some would call me a demon.”
She traced a finger down along his arm and shook her head. “Ye are not a monster, but I am nae fool. Ye are not like other men, Rory. I have seen the markings on your body elsewhere.” Her finger curved around his shoulder and he trembled. “They are similar to the ones on the standing stones carved by the ancients.”
Rory fought the tide of emotions sweeping through him. She had come to the conclusion all on her own. “And ye would not flee if I told ye I was one of those ancients? One where the bards wove tales of giants who lived thousands of years ago among your own people? Others would call the story incredulous and filled with heathen words.” He held his breath, fearing her reply.
The smile she gave him speared straight to his soul. “Nae. I would not flee.”

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About the author
Award-winning Celtic paranormal romance author, Mary Morgan, resides in Northern California, with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return.
Mary’s passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. She spent far too much time daydreaming and was told quite often to remove her head from the clouds. It wasn’t until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling–writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories.
If you enjoy history, tortured heroes, and a wee bit of magic, then time-travel within the pages of her books.



My Thoughts

Oath of a Oath of a Warrior by Mary Morgan is #2 in her amazing Scottish Historical Fantasy Romance, “Legends of the Fenian Warriors”. I feel it can be read as a stand alone. Well crafted with great world building. The characters are engaging and charming,  they will capture your heart. The storyline is unpredictable, intriguing and captivating.  I loved Rory MacGregor’s, a Fenian warrior, who has traveled the earth for thousands of years. He guards the realm between mortal and Fae. One mistake forces him on a journey to fix a broken time-line. Erina MacIntyre is a mortal known for her healing herbs, she is also called a “witch” by many, and who may just bring this legendary warrior to his knees. Ms. Morgan manages to weave a bit of magic,  secrets, sacrifices,  history, fate,  tortured heroes, and time-travel into a mesmerizing Scottish Fantasy romance. A page turner from the first chapter to the last and lingers long into the night.  Highly recommended for fans of historical Scottish Romance, fantasy,  magic, fate, wonderful characters and a strong storyline.  I look forward to book 3 in this amazing series. “I voluntarily received a complimentary copy, however,  these are my honest opinions. I was in no way required nor compensated to write a review.”


Rating: 4.5

Heat rating: mild

Reviewer: AprilR


Welcome author Chris Beakey……a giveaway

Would you break the law for someone you love?


How do you write a character who’s forced to make a legally and morally dangerous choice in a desperate effort to rescue his daughter? And what happens when readers find themselves rooting for him – seeing him as a good man shouldn’t be prosecuted for doing a very bad thing?

CB: That’s the question at the heart of Fatal Option, which compels readers to question how their own values hold up when bad decisions feel like the only decisions. Crafted by the Lambda Literary Award finalist behind the hit 2007 thriller Double Abduction, Fatal Option [Post Hill Press/Simon & Schuster, February 21, 2017] is heralded by bestseller

Peter Swanson (The Kind Worth Killing) as “a wintery tale of violence and redemption, artfully balanced by the portrayal of a family in crisis.” It has also earned praise from Washington Post staff writer Neely Tucker, author of Only the Hunted Run, Norb Vonnegut, author of Top Producer and The Trust, and other thriller writers at the top oftheir game.

In Fatal Option, it’s the coldest night of the year and Beakey’s protagonist – a suburban dad named Stephen Porter – has just capped off a night of lonely binge drinking by himself when he gets a desperate call from his teenage daughter, begging him to come rescue her in the blizzard. Stephen knows it’s dangerously irresponsible to get behind the wheel…but, unwilling to abandon his own child to the cold, heads out onto the winding, icy roads of Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains to bring his daughter home. Relentlessly suspenseful and intensely thought-provoking, Beakey’s captivating narrative has readers rooting for Stephen – whose condemnable actions aren’t at all easy to condemn – and questioning their own ethical boundaries, were they to find themselves in a similarly desperate situation.

“In real life, I would never drink and drive, and am glad society has evolved to consider drunk driving a morally terrible thing,” says Beakey. “But after hitting a patch of black ice on an empty road a few years ago, I couldn’t help but imagine, in an instant, something worse than my own death. That’s where this began, as a story about a man who does a very bad thing for very good reasons. It took many, many more drives down that dark and winding road to get the story right. Now that the journey’s over, I welcome conversation with readers who want to share their feelings, observations, and perhaps even a moral slap on the hand if the notion strikes them.”

Clever, engaging, and one to watch in the American thriller landscape, Chris Beakey has availability for interviews to promote the February 2017 release of Fatal Option. Among the topics he can discuss include:

▪ How stories about good people doing bad things in desperate situations opens up an important dialogue about morality and snap judgments

▪ Is it a bad thing when the people we love have secrets? How can grappling with this in fiction inform one’s own moral journey?

▪ What extreme lengths would you go to — what crimes would you commit — to save your children?

▪ How does a writer get into the mind of a character who surprises even his creator?

▪ What he’s learned from working alongside law enforcement professionals about criminal behavior and justice

▪ His experiences as a long-time mentor to at-risk youth, and the perspective and realism it’s brought to Fatal Option’s teenaged characters

Chris Beakey tells stories of good people caught in bad places. He writes fiction

from his homes in Washington, D.C. and Lewes, Delaware, as well as nonfiction as a ghostwriter for an organization that promotes bipartisan policies that strengthen the nation through smart investments in youth. His first, novel, Double Abduction, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award.

Connect with Chris Beakey on Facebook, Goodreads and at

Fatal Option [Post Hill Press] will be released February 21, 2017, and is currently available for pre-order via Indiebound, Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.











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Tasty Book Tours: TURN UP THE HEAT by Serena Bell

Tasty Book Tours

Turn up the Heat
Second Chances # 1
By: Serena Bell
Releasing July 14, 2015


For readers of Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallery, USA Today bestselling author Serena Bell teases all five senses in this poignant, tantalizing novel of fantasies long hidden . . . and finally indulged.

Aspiring chef Lily McKee noticed Kincaid Graves the first time he walked into the dingy diner where she waits tables. With his ice-blue eyes and primal tattoos, his presence puts Lily on edge—and reminds her of all the unfulfilled longings she isn’t pursuing while she’s stuck in this dead-end job. Without a doubt, the man is dangerous to her long-term plans of leaving town and hiring on at a real kitchen—and yet, she hungers for him, if even for just a taste.

Kincaid didn’t come back to his coastal Oregon hometown looking for a good time or a good meal. The ex-con has a score to settle, old wrongs to set right. But Lily, equal parts innocence and insight, brings out an impulsive side of him he thought he’d left behind in the past. And it only takes one intense moment of weakness between them to make him consider the possibility of an entirely new future—and the promise of passion beyond either of their wildest dreams.

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SERENAAuthor Info
USA Today bestselling author Serena Bell writes stories about how sex messes with your head, why smart people sometimes do stupid things, and how love can make it all better. She wrote her first steamy romance before she was old enough to understand what all the words meant and has been perfecting the art of hiding pages and screens from curious eyes ever since—a skill that’s particularly useful now that she’s the mother of two school-aged children.

Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads
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Ebook copies of:
• CLAIMED by Stacey Kennedy
• MY OBSESSION by Cassie Ryan
• DEEP AUTUMN HEAT by Elisabeth Barrett
• TAKE THE FALL by Marquita Valentine
• YOUR TO KEEP by Serena Bell
• SWEET THE SIN by Claire Kent

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Excerpt 1
“Tonight’s special is turkey dinner,” Lily told her table.
The turkey dinner was safe enough: sliced deli turkey, a small scoop of powdered mashed potatoes, canned cranberries, and gravy made from cream of chicken soup, all served on white bread. Nothing much to go wrong there, if nothing to celebrate, either.
If the diner had been hers, turkey dinner would have been fresh-roasted turkey, homemade gravy, a warm, freshly buttered biscuit, apple-and-bacon stuffing, local cranberry preserves, and a heap of hot, creamy garlic mashed potatoes. Her mouth watered at the thought. Her hands felt itchy with her desire to overhaul Markos’s dad’s Thanksgiving feast. And pretty much everything else about the diner, too—it was a shame that a diner in a seaside town hadn’t nodded at a beach theme, or at least gone after a sunshiny feel. Markos’s diner was cozy at night, but cavelike and stifling when the sun was up.
But the diner wasn’t hers, and she had to keep her eyes on the prize. If she kept saving at her current rate, she’d have enough money to move back to Chicago, where most of her culinary school friends now lived. She’d get a job in a real restaurant, actually cooking. And eventually, someday, she’d have the know-how and the name recognition to start her own place. It would happen, despite her mistakes.
“And the meatloaf?”
“If you liked the meatloaf, you’ll love our spaghetti and meatballs tonight.” There were only so many ways to warn people away from a meal without turning them off a restaurant completely, and Lily was mastering all of them.
“I want that,” said the freckled, redheaded children simultaneously.
“Two turkey dinners and two spaghetti and meatballs,” the mom said, smiling at Lily.
“Easy enough! Thanks, guys!”
Lily turned toward the counter, a wood and stone monstrosity built to look like a hunting lodge’s fireplace, just in time to see the diner’s front door open. She had only a general impression of the figure pushing through it, but that was enough.
Him. Her mystery man.
Her body woke up. Pulse, breath, that surge of adrenaline in her veins. Maybe, if she were willing to admit it, other body parts were taking notice, too.
A strange push-pull. Half of her wished he’d find some other place to hang out, while the other half constantly monitored that back booth, noting his absence or celebrating his presence. When he wasn’t there, she wished he were, and when he was, she wished he’d leave and take the distraction with him. So she could just do this job, do it well, and get on with things.
But she couldn’t deny that he cut through the twitchy boredom of waiting tables, like a wire through wet clay.
She forced herself to focus on the tasks at hand, hanging the order for the kitchen and delivering the drinks for Booth 12, though she knew from past experience that she couldn’t pretend he wasn’t there. Even when she couldn’t see him, she registered him—how much space he took up in the diner, how he moved through the restaurant to his seat, his walk as assured as a swagger but so much more self-contained. Unhurried. Unapologetic.
His expression was grim—no smile for the hostess, only his cool pale-blue eyes absorbing everything, wary and watchful. In his jaw, she saw the knot of muscle that told her he never let his guard down.
At first she’d guessed he was a cop, maybe, or ex-army. He had that look.
He sat, as always, in the corner, his back angled so there were two walls behind him. He drew the blind—another habit of his—even though the sun was weak. He almost always sat alone, though once he’d had dinner with a man Lily knew, a grizzled, bearded grandfatherly man who was one of her brother-in-law’s fishing friends. That was a small town for you—if you didn’t know someone, you at least knew someone who knew him.
She’d been trying not to let herself wonder about him, about what it would be like to be with him, whether he could—and would—give her what she wanted and needed, because she was supposed to have shut down that whole line of thinking. But it wasn’t working so well. Her mind kept going there, even as she delivered the drinks to Booth 12 and took their orders. They made it easy for her—turkey dinners and burgers all around.
When she had a moment to peek again, he was drinking coffee, which was all he ever drank, and reading an impressively large book. And still, his thickly corded arms, the span of his shoulders, dwarfed the book and, somehow, the whole booth. Her gaze slipped over the tattoos that peeked out of the neck of his T-shirt. Black and flesh, geometric, triangles and diamonds—almost tribal-looking. His arms were tattooed, too—she’d seen enough to know that one arm was densely and elaborately drawn with evergreen forest.
He glanced up and caught her eye, quickly looked away.
Her heart pounded, as it always did when she caught him looking. A little thrill of speculation chased its tail in the pit of her gut.
I bet he’d be rough . . .



Jessica Wilde Banner

Author Spotlight
Jessica Wilde
May 6 – 8


Our Time

Our Time Cover



Jocelyn White’s only priority in life is her daughter, Olivia. As a single mother, with no family and the only friends she had now hours away, life isn’t easy. But the last several years taught her what is truly important and she plans on spending the time she has loving her little girl and keeping her safe and happy. She doesn’t plan on her new gorgeous, blue eyed neighbor turning out to be the one thing her and Olivia have been missing.

Andrew Carter has been waiting his whole life for a woman like Jocelyn. After his parents died years before, leaving him to care for his little sister, Madison, he spent years patiently waiting for a family of his own. When Jocelyn and Olivia completely steal his heart, he knows his patience has finally paid off and it’s time for his life to finally start.

What he doesn’t know is that Jocelyn is keeping something from him. Something she learned a few years ago.

Life is short and sometimes, time isn’t on your side.


Our Time Teaser

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Every One of Me


Every One of Me Cover


Five years ago, Tessa Marshall turned her back on everything she once knew. She left behind her friends and family hoping they would be better off without her in the way. Now, after being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and determined to set her life straight, she is going back. She doesn’t expect her best friend growing up, and the only man she has ever loved, to be waiting for her.

Charlie Mackenzie never knew the real reasons why Tessa left, but because of the promises he swore to keep, he feels responsible. He has spent the last five years staying distracted, and trying not to chase after her and drag her back to him. Now that she is finally back, he won’t allow her to push him away without knowing how he has felt about her all along. The only problem? He’s not just dealing with Tessa anymore.

The two of them must decide if their love is worth fighting for and Tess has to learn to just let go, because Charlie won’t let her go. He won’t let any one of her go


Every One of Me Teaser

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Leverage (The Brannock Siblings #1)


Leverage Cover


Adventure. That’s all Aislinn ‘Ash’ Brannock wanted in her life. Her dad and two brothers – all cops – got to see it all, but their over-protectiveness made her feel like she had been locked away in a tower with three fire breathing dragons watching her every move. Yes, it was that bad. The only silver lining? Lucas Shade. Her brothers’ best friend growing up, and apparently the only man she will ever love because let’s face it, none of the others even come close. After an unfortunate mistake lands her back in her father’s home, her world is turned upside down and Lucas is there in a tightly wrapped package of serious with a big red bow on top. Life just got interesting, but it comes with a price, one she never wanted to pay.

Detective Lucas Shade never had a real family, but the Brannocks took him in as one of their own and he never took it for granted. Ash was a big reason for why he stuck around, but in order to save himself the beating of a lifetime from her two older brothers, he kept his feelings for her hidden. When the case he has been working on for months takes a turn, Ash could become the leverage the bad guys have been waiting for, but keeping her invisible may destroy everything Lucas has worked so hard for. Good thing Ash is the only person he would give up everything to protect.


Leverage Teaser

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Conned (The Brannock Siblings #2)


Conned Cover


Conall Brannock takes his job seriously. He doesn’t get attached, he doesn’t ask questions, and he protects his family at all costs. Nothing will change that. Not even the sweet, green eyed witness that just burst into his life and shifted his world. He has one job to do; protect Emily until she can testify. He can’t let his interest in her get in the way, but the more he finds out about her, the more he can’t help but wonder how the beautiful broken girl got into this mess in the first place. And the longer he takes to learn the truth, the deeper he falls for her.

Emily Dawson has a job to do. Stay off the grid, testify, and hopefully get her brother back. He’s all she has left of the family she struggled so hard to hold together and she would do anything to keep him safe. Even if it means she has put herself in harm’s way or that she has conned everyone into believing she saw something she didn’t. She knows where her loyalties lie, but her stoic yet gentle protector and his crazy family makes her question everything she once knew.

Loyalty can be one sided.

Family isn’t always blood.

And honesty can destroy everything she has come to love.


Conned Teaser

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MISSING (The Brannock Siblings #3)


Missing Cover


There are two things in this life that Gus Brannock truly loves; his family and his job. His family is growing and he wants what his brother and sister have before the job he’s worked so hard for takes its toll. The woman he’s got his eye on, however, isn’t interested in being with a man who risks his life every day. When the unexpected friendship with the sassy red head he used to hate turns into something Gus just doesn’t want to live without, he will do whatever it takes to have her. The hazards of his job as a detective for missing children may end up proving to be too much, but there’s a reason Aiden was brought into his life and nothing will stand in his way to keep her there.

Aiden Murphy used to hate the handsome jerk next door until a surprising discovery spun her world in another direction. Her life of devotion to her sister and niece has been her biggest strength with the exception of her art. That is, until Gus turns out to be the one thing that has been missing from that life all along. Aiden must decide if the unknown is worth the risk of loving the dedicated detective or if being pulled into his world is more than she can handle. When Gus becomes the only way for her to keep the people she loves most safe, will she understand why he treasures her untried strength or will she let her fear of the unknown decide for her?


Missing Teaser

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Ricochet (Rise & Fall #1)


Ricochet Cover



It’s the last thing I remembered.

I was afraid.

Afraid to fight, afraid to run… afraid to breathe.

Then, everything had gone dark. As if life was finally hearing my pleas, my cries to end the torment. To end the fear.

But even in the dark, I still felt it.

I always felt it.

My life had been a ricochet of one event leading to the next. Bouncing back and forth from good to bad. Happiness to despair. Hope to fear.

My name is Arianna West. I’m stronger now. Steady. Alive.

I can find a way to survive on my own. I can see what is coming for me. I can channel my fear into strength.

Except… I didn’t see Jack.

And Jack changed everything.


Ricochet Teaser

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About The Author

I live in Morgan Utah with my husband, daughter, and dog, Kolo. I write as often as my active daughter will let me and my husband has the patience of a saint. I find inspiration from dreams, people I meet, and life experiences. When I write, I usually end up drinking one too many cans of Peace Tea, eating three too many Fruit by the Foot fruit snacks, and accidently kicking my pup and best buddy, Kolo, too many times since he loves to sleep under my desk at my feet.
I started writing as a teen, but my fear of the unknown won out every time and I threw everything out. After becoming a mother and deciding to stay at home to raise my beautiful little girl, I tried again when I couldn’t stop thinking of ideas. I loved every minute, every hour of sleep lost, and every character that came to life in my mind.
It’s strange, but my favorite moments are when I have writer’s block because I can turn to my husband and find inspiration through him by just doing what we do best together. Talking, laughing, and just being in love. He doesn’t like to read, but he never stops encouraging me to keep going.
Writing has become an important part of my life and every book has a special place in my heart.

Follow The Author

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Always Behind A Book





Amy Evans is a wife, mother, ocean lover and storyteller. She’s created multi-platform mobile apps, social media games, and interactive story worlds for HIPnTASTY, a company she co-founded in 2001. She serves an Advisor to Immersedition and a host of the NAlitchat on Twitter. She loves dolphins, aliens and pugs, and sometimes writes for so long they all look like the same thing. Clicks is her debut novel.




Jellybean Kisses









[The Seductors series,Vol. 2]

{Erotica Romance}



When Jade walked out on Oliver six months ago, she left her heart behind. Little did she know her mission was far from over. Given a new mission—to secure a secret nuclear power core—she’s thrown back into his world and has to earn his trust once more. The only problem is that she’s competing directly with another Seductor that she despises, who has already been on the mission for two months. Oliver was devastated when he discovered Jade had left him, so he closed himself off to the world, focusing solely on his job. Everything is thrown into chaos when she resurfaces, working for an old friend of his. Will Jade be able to win Oliver back while fighting her jealously that another Seductor might steal the mission from her? Consumed with love, controlled by a hunger she has never known, can she protect her heart a second time around if Oliver takes her back?

  • Series: The Seductors Series
  • Paperback: 306 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 2, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1499501005
  • ISBN-13: 978-1499501001

{Mature content, 18+ only, please}






the Author


B.L. Wilde

Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love
stories. Fully supported by her husband, she can often be found at her desk
working on her next project.

journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories
over three years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since.




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Book 1


We are so excited to have with us today, Marie Harte and her TROUBLEMAKER NEXT DOOR series! So set back and enjoy your visit with our guest!

Drumroll, please…..

The Troublemaker Next Door by Marie Harte

MBA&M: Why write a tale of four bachelor men and the women who love them?

MH: I’m a sucker for hot, sexy brothers. A tight-knit family adds an element of loving strength that only makes the heroes that much more endearing. And girlfriends living next door to big brother Mike? LOVE that close connection.

MBA&M:  A little background on the McCauley family?

MH: Beth and James are the matriarch and patriarch of the tight-knit clan. And they’re not without their own foibles. Then, from first book to last, there’s:

Flynn—The dark haired lothario, middle brother and wise-ass. He’s a sexy plumber with a head for business and a heart—and body—the ladies love. He knows how to treat a woman, but he’s holding out for that special someone, to capture in a relationship what his parents have.

Brody Singer—The blond McCauley, Flynn’s “twin” and business partner. Unofficially adopted at a young age, he’s spent his life as part of the family. He’s sexy and charming, but he’s got some issues stemming from trauma in his past. Sometimes scars run deep that don’t show, and he’s got a bellyful.
Cameron—The white-collared youngest in a manly, blue-collar family. Cam’s a financial genius who likes the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to be in touch with his emotions. He’s the lone head of reason in a family of knuckle-dragging bozos, or so he likes to think. He loves his brothers, but they’re always on his case. And then there’s his father… Talk about a headache.

Mike—The oldest of the four, mature, rational, and built like a pro-wrestler who eats giants for breakfast. He works with his father in their construction business. He loved and lost and has the kid to prove it. His life is good. He has his family, his adorable son, and if he’s a little lonely, so what? McCauleys love only once, and he lost his soul mate long ago. He’s never getting married again. Now if he could just convince his scamming kid and nosy family of that fact…

MBA&M:  A list of five things readers may not know about Marie Harte?

1. I have big feet. Size 10, and I love them.

2. Nothing embarrasses me…except for that one time a few weeks ago when I blushed trying to find my son an athletic cup at Dick’s—of all places. (Irony, no?) The guy trying to help me out was so friggin’ good looking. I write erotic romance, for heaven’s sake! Yet my face was on fire. I’m still baffled…

3. I drink close to a pot of coffee daily.

4. I have read the dictionary for fun. (And sometimes still do.)

5. I know how to commit the perfect murder. Muhuhahaha

MBA&M:  Lessons learned as an author?

MH: I never give up. Ever. No matter how many times I’ve been told no, I just keep writing. Because I know that sometime, somehow, someone’s gotta say yes.

Thanks for having me!


You are so welcome! Thank you, Marie, for spending time with us and our readers!! And never, ever give up 🙂

June 3, 2014 *From the author’s website*

The Troublemaker Next Door


Book 1 in series


Format: ,

Book 1When Flynn McCauley meets Maddie Gardner, sparks fly. She hates men. He’s not into relationships. She lost her job. He fixed her sink—but that’s not all he wants to fix. When a ride home turns into a lot more, Maddie and Flynn decide to keep things strictly casual. Strictly sexual. They won’t date. And they end up not dating…a lot. But soon Flynn wants more from the wary redhead. If he can just keep her distracted long enough to burrow under her skin, Flynn might convince Maddie they have a shot at real happiness. That’s if Maddie can overcome her past to take a chance on the future.
Product Warnings

When a woman wronged tangles with a sexy plumber, his three hot brothers, and his conniving nephew, shenanigans ensue. Not to mention the man clearly has no concept of the what the word “casual” means.

  • Series: The McCauley Brothers (Book 1)
  • Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (June 3, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1402287348
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402287343

About the author…

USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte writes erotic romance and has over ninety titles in print and digital format. A caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, Marie is a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. She served in the U.S. Marine Corps and worked for Fortune 500 companies before becoming a full time writer. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, she’s constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. She lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest. Visit and fall in love.




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Amy Evans is a wife, mother, ocean lover and storyteller. She’s created multi-platform mobile apps, social media games, and interactive story worlds for HIPnTASTY, a company she co-founded in 2001. She serves an Advisor to Immersedition and a host of the NAlitchat on Twitter. She loves dolphins, aliens and pugs, and sometimes writes for so long they all look like the same thing. Clicks is her debut novel.



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