A Secret Turns Deadly in Lisa Harris’s Gripping New Novel


“Satisfying any reader looking for a twisty romantic suspense novel.” —RT Book

Reviews on Vanishing Point Ada, Mich.—”With her signature pulse-pounding style, award-winning author Lisa Harris takes readers deep into the heart of fear in A Secret to Die For.”


Psychologist Grace Callahan has no idea that she has a secret—one that could ultimately lead to her death. But when she finds out one of her clients has been murdered, she quickly realizes that the computer security specialist wasn’t simply suffering from paranoia. Detective Nate Quinn has just been cleared for active duty after suffering from PTSD. His first case back on the job involves the murder of Stephen Shaw, and his only lead turns out to be an old friend, Grace Callahan. Someone believes Shaw gave his psychologist information before he died. Information they are willing to kill for. Callahan and Quinn are locked in a race against the clock to uncover the secret and to stop the threat to the nation’s power grid.


About the author

Lisa Harris is a bestselling author, a Christy Award winner, and the winner of the Best Inspirational Suspense Novel from Romantic Times for her novels Blood Covenant and Vendetta. The author of more than thirty books, including Vendetta, Missing, Pursued, Vanishing Point, and the SOUTHERN CRIMES series, Harris and her family have spent almost fifteen years living as missionaries in southern Africa. Learn more at http://www.lisaharriswrites.com.

A Secret to Die For by Lisa Harris ISBN: 9780800729158 | Ebook ISBN: 9781493415144 | 320 pages, paperback | $14.99 | September 2018



Interview Questions A Secret to Die For by Lisa Harris

What was your inspiration for A Secret to Die For?

As with a lot of my stories, my inspiration started off with a random idea for a heroine, who quickly became Grace Callahan. She was a psychologist, but more than that, she had her own personal giants that she was facing in her life. After I began to flesh out her character, I brought in the hero who was also dealing with loss, and the ideas for the plot line started to come together—both for them personally and for the greater danger they were facing.

What type of research was required for writing your new book?

I ended up having to do a lot of research, particularly on the nation’s power grid, survivalists and preppers, and hackers. Next to romantic suspense, my favorite genre is apocalyptic-type stories where someone has to save the world. So while there is no monstrous tidal waves, falling meteors, and definitely no zombies, the research was a lot of fun. In fact, I tend to get a bit too caught up in my research sometimes.  Detective Nate Quinn strugles with PTSD.


How did his disorder come in to play in A Secret to Die For?

At the beginning of the story, Nate has just gone back to work after an explosion took the lives of his partner and several co-workers. And while he wants to be back on the job—even needs to be back—he’s not a hundred percent sure he’s ready. He encounters a number of triggers and begins to realize how his life has changed. He also has to deal with the guilt of being a survivor, which is something very real for those who have gone through trauma and lost people they care about. Grace becomes the perfect person to help him heal, which I love watching play out in the book. Was there any part of this book that really surprised you once you began writing it? As with a lot of the stories I write, I’m usually not sure who the villain is until the end of the book, and that was definitely true for this story. On the positive side, I’ve decided that if I’m not sure until the end who did it, then hopefully the reader won’t figure it out either!

You have written more than thirty books, including Vendetta, Missing, Pursued, and Vanishing Point. Have you always written in the suspense genre or do you also write other genres?

I started out writing romance novels, but they always had a string of mystery in them. I just couldn’t get away from that thread in my stories. So it’s safe to say that I really love writing suspense and can’t imagine writing anything else!

For more information, visit www.RevellBooks.com.

What do you hope readers gain from reading your book?

While I definitely want my readers to be entertained—and maybe a bit (okay, a lot) scared—while reading my books, I also want them to discover how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things for him. People like you and me have the chance to allow God to use us in spite of all our fears and insecurities. I see the spiritual thread in my stories as a part of my characters’ reactions to life. How they react and deal with things on a spiritual level is crucial. Just like in my own life, I don’t want my faith to be simply tacked on but an intricate part of who I am.

What’s next on your writing to-do list?

Next up is another stand-alone novel for Revell that I’m super excited about as it takes my hero on a treacherous path I’ve never taken them on before. (Sorry, no spoilers!)

How can readers connect with you?

I’d love to hear from you!

Website: http://www.lisaharriswrites.com

Blog: http://myblogintheheartofafrica.blogspot.com



Twitter: @heartofafrica




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***My Thoughts**
A Secret to Die For by Lisa Harris is an exciting, heart-pounding, twisting Romantic Suspense.  Readers will definitely be sitting on the edge of their seat. Detective Nate Quinn, has just been released back to active duty after suffering from PTSD. Psychologist Grace Callahan, doesn’t know she knows a secret.  Filled with danger, thrilling action, PTSD, grief, survival guilt, abandonment issues, good vs evil, cyber crimes and more. Ms. Harris is a talented author who pulls readers into her stories and holds them spellbound.  Action, Romance and suspense tops off an amazing story. Fans of Romantic Suspense are sure to enjoy A SECRET TO DIE FOR.
“I voluntarily received a complimentary copy, however,  these are my honest opinions. I was in no way required nor compensated to write a review.”
Rating: 4.5
Heat rating: Sweet
Reviewer: AprilR 




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Happy release day, Cecelia Mecca to My Book Addiction and More, today!!

All of us at MBA&M, wish you a very successful adventure!

Without further ado, meet, Dubut author,  Cecelia Mecca!!

The Border Series is set along the Anglo-Scottish border in the 13th century. Why that time and place?


I’ve always known I wanted to write an English medieval romance. Although I personally read and love Highlander romances, my primary interest has always been in England; I am an unapologetic Anglophile. I thought it might be fun to use the tumultuous border region with divided loyalties between the English and Scottish as a backdrop for the series. As for the time period, I wanted to pre-date the Scottish Wars of Independence since so much has already been written during that time period.


 MBA&M: Where do you get your story ideas?

I begin with the history. One detail from a real-life event or person often sparks an entire story.


And the characters?

Again, real-life inspiration is essential. Rather than flush out every aspect of a character, I usually begin with a person I know in mind. From there I conduct a character interview and am continually asking myself what motives the character? What are his/her external and internal goals? How does every action in the book reflect the desire to achieve those goals? I keep a chart of every scene and “fact check” myself against it after each writing session.


How many books will the Border Series include?

This has been the number one question I’ve received thus far. The prequel novella is out now and book one, The Thief’s Countess, has just been released. I’m currently editing book two and have already begun to plot book three, both of which are expected to release in 2017. In addition, there are at least five or six characters already mentioned whose stories I can’t wait to tell. So I don’t see an end to the Border Series any time soon, although I do not currently have a set number of books in mind.


What has been your favorite part of the process so far?

That’s an easy one. Interacting with readers. It’s been so much fun to talk about the characters I’ve lived with for so many years with others. The feedback and support has been almost overwhelming. I began a weekly live video chat on my Facebook page, #MedievalMonday Q&A Giveaway to answer some of the questions I’ve been receiving and reward my amazing readers with goodies along the way. My readers rock!



Get a Free Novella

Join the CM Insiders to receive a free prequel novella or purchase on Amazon for .99. Although it can be read as a stand alone, The Ward’s Bride gives a bit of background to Border Series Book One, The Thief’s Countes.




A thief turned reluctant protector… A countess who resents but can’t resist him…

The Reiver

Sir Geoffrey has dedicated his life to exacting revenge on the men who killed his parents and stole his birthright. The son of a baron, he has been reduced to stealing the resources he needs to reclaim his family legacy. Just when he’s on the verge of success, his uncle asks him to put his plans on hold to help protect a wealthy countess. It’s a distraction Geoffrey resents, even more so when he meets Lady Sara. The gorgeous, complicated and alluring lady is everything he’d want in a woman—and everything he can’t have.


The Countess

With her betrothed coming to claim her hand in marriage and a distant cousin intent on usurping her earldom, Lady Sara Caiser feels beset by controlling, unwanted men. As if that weren’t enough, her father’s deathbed request was for two lawless border reivers to serve as her protectors. Despite her misgivings, an undeniable attraction pulls her into Sir Geoffrey’s arms. The man she thought nothing more than a thief is more dangerous than she believed, for he’s noble, caring and sinfully attractive. As the threats against her continue to mount, Sara must decide what’s more important—her duty or her heart.


You can purchase The Thiefs Countess on Amazon for $2.99. A limited-time special edition includes chapter upgrades, similar to “DVD extras. The upgrades will expires in two weeks.



Author Biography

A former English teacher, Cecelia combines two of her passions, romance novels and the middle ages, in debut novel The Thief’s Countess. Combining alpha male types and strong female heroines, Cecelia transports readers to an admittedly romanticized time of knights and castles. She lives in Northeast, Pennsylvania with her husband and two young children where she can be found either planning a Disney trip, watching period dramas or convincing her children to watch Star Wars. She is firmly House Stark and Gryffindor.


Connect with Cecelia: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads




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Author, Cecelia Mecca

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BLOG TOUR with an Interview with S. P. ARUNA~ GIRL WITHIN GIRL~ S.P. ARUNA~**Mature Content, 18+only**



We’re thrilled to be hosting S.P. Aruna and her GIRL WITHIN GIRL Virtual Book Tour today! Please leave a comment to let her know you stopped by!


Girl Within Girl: An Erotic Thriller (Book 1: Unraveling)
Author: S.P. Aruna
Publisher: BookBaby
Pages: 170
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Katrina is never alone. She is bound to others inside her,
tighter than any Siamese twins could ever be: Cherry, the freewheeling
photojournalist, Anisa, the covert spy-assassin, and others as yet unknown, all
sharing her body and mind as she goes about her work in a psychiatric hospital.
But she is starting to unravel, and her sole hope is the handsome Dr. Sean
Paisley, the only one who can make her whole again.
Girl Within Girl is a dark erotic thriller that wanders
through a sensual maze of mind control and torture.

For More

  • Girl Within Girl is
    available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB
    Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

INTERVIEW with A.P. Aruna….

MBA&M: Nice to meet you,  Ms. Aruna, welcome to My Book Addiction and More.  Can you please tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I’m a Cambodian woman of mixed blood, married to an aspiring author, and of course he had something to do with my idea to write entertaining fiction. We live in a little green house in the countryside in southern Cambodia. No kids yet, but we’re working on it.

MBA&M: What was your inspiration for writing a Dark Erotic Thriller, set in a psychiatric hospital?

I read a book, The CIA’s Control of Candy Jones, by Donald Bain, and I thought this would make a good novel. Candy was a famous model in the 1940’s, a popular pinup girl second only to Betty Grable. She later ran a modeling agency and married a radio talk show host who soon began to notice that at times she seemed to be a totally different person. Through many sessions of hypnosis it was discovered that she had been a hypno-programmed spy who went on missions under an alter-ego called Arlene Grant. In other words she was a real life Manchurian Candidate.

MBA&M: How much research was entailed in writing a story about a “sensual maze of mind control and torture”?

Quite a bit, and I’m still not finished. The first book I read was by John Marks, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA & Mind Control and I was becoming more convinced that all this stuff was real, I learned that these mind control experiments were being done in reputable hospitals by doctors and psychiatrists who were getting money from the CIA. Then I read Journey into Madness by Gordon Thomas which contained graphic descriptions of what they did to these poor souls. That’s where I got the idea of patients wearing helmets 24/7 with a tape playing the same message over and over again – it was actually true! Also, there are a lot of books out there by people who claim to have been victims of these experiments. Hallucinatory drugs, electroshock, and prolonged isolation in a dark room – these were some of the methods the hospitals used.

MBA&M: Who was your favorite character and why?

I got the most enjoyment writing Anisa, a real kick-ass b***h, a cold, calculating, and dangerous woman who outsmarts her adversaries and who is able to deal with any situation.

MBA&M: How did you decide the different personalities?

The CIA was looking for a perfect spy, one who would not reveal sensitive information, and who could perform nefarious tasks without remembering what they did, and that was the role assigned to Anisa. Cherry Cummins was the sex bait, a Mata Hari type who could be used to access Anisa’s targets, or trap powerful men into compromising situations for purposes of blackmail. Katrina, the main personality, is shy and introverted, almost boring; someone who could never be expected to behave out of the ordinary. And while she’s totally unaware she is leading alternate lives, these other characters are aspects of her own personality, although of course over-inflated. I think that most women (and men) have urges, from time to time, of doing something wild and exciting, something outside of the humdrum of daily living. So, one could describe Katrina as a female Walter Mitty.

MBA&M: When not writing, what do you do to relax?

We live on a large patch of land where we planted many trees and flowers, and I love tending to them, watering, weeding, and giving them food (mostly bat shit!). It’s quite meditative for me.

MBA&M: What are your immediate plans for the future, in terms of writing?

I’m working on Book 2, Healing, which will not be as light as Book 1, since I want to communicate something of the horrors of what really happened to those unfortunate victims who suffered from the mind control experiments. Yet, the story will bring some closure in a positive way and have a happy ending.


Thank you, S.P. Aruna, for stopping by today! We wish you the very best!


About the Author
French, half Khmer (Cambodian), I’m a woman whose head is filled with fantasies
and intriguing stories, and who wants to share them with others.
Aruna’s latest book is the erotic thriller, Girl
Within Girl: An Erotic Thriller: Book 1: Unraveling.
the author on Facebook.

A Visit with Lauren Layne……and #giveaway


Today we are honored to welcome author Lauren Layne to MyBookAddictionandmore.com. Please join us in welcoming Lauren!


Layne_Cuff Me_MM[1]

MBA: What do you hope readers will gain from reading this story/series?

Lauren Layne: It may be simplistic, but my goal when I write any book is to give my readers ALL THE FEELS. Either the LOL moment, or my personal favorite: the tummy-flip moment!  

MBA: What is the best advice have you given or gotten?

LL: To not care what other people thing. Too often I think people assume that advice is best left for adolescent teens who are trying to “find themselves,” but it’s equally true in adulthood. Resting any portion of your self-worth on someone else’s opinion, whether it be a family member, friend, reader, or colleague, and they’ll always maintain some sense of control over your happiness. DO NOT WANT!   

MBA: Where there any surprises for you while writing this story?

LL:Nah. I’m an outliner, I rarely get surprised by my stories 😉 I’m the boss!

MBA: If you had to live on Mars for a year, what 5 things would you take with you?

LL:My laptop

My charger (there better be a power source up there!)

My Kindle

My iPhone (to take pictures!)

All The Wine

MBA: You are in a room with 4 other people, dead or alive, who are they and why them?

LL: JK Rowling | one word: obsessed

Henry Cavill | I want to see if he’s as beautiful up close, no shame.

Socrates | I’m a philosophy buff. So many questions.

Ellen Degeneres | She just makes me smile. Good people, right there.

MBA: What is the hardest thing about writing?

LL:The actual writing. Putting new words on a page day after day is harder than people think!

MBA: What is the easiest thing about writing?

LL:That moment after you’ve come up with the seed of a new story and you get to brainstorm all the directions it could take. The stage between conception and typing Chapter One is my favorite, and the easiest stage of the writing process.

MBA: What is your all time favorite book, from childhood or adulthood?

LL:Oh gosh. I think I have to go with Harry Potter. If you’ll allow it, I’d love to count the whole series as one, but if you make me choose just ONE HP book, I’d go with the first. I’ve read it probably 50 times.

*yes we’ll take the whole series as one, some series just can’t be taken as separate books you MUST read the whole series to truly understand them*

MBA: What does the future hold for you?

LL: Ha, big question?! I’ll limit it to my writing career so I don’t go on forever ☺ 2016 is a big year for me, book-wise. I have seven books out, plus a novella, so I’ve been busy! Next up after CUFF ME, is Good Girl, in May, about a country singer, then it’s on to Wedding Belles series in the summer, back-to-back releases about Manhattan Wedding Planners, and last, but never ever least, it’s Someone Like You, the third in my Oxford trilogy.

Thank you Lauren for taking the time to answer our questions! And such great answers!

Teaser 4[3][2]

Layne_Cuff Me_MM[1]

Book: Cuff Me

Release Date: March 29, 2016

Author: Lauren Layne

Read an Excerpt






Vincent Moretti is one of the NYPD’s top homicide detectives-and one of the most eligible bachelors in town. His family, however, thinks he should date his longtime partner, Jill-a sassy, sexy, smart-mouthed blonde who drives him absolutely crazy.

Behind the quiet authority, tough-guy demeanor, and dark aviator glasses lies a man with a big soul-and a hard body that can soften any girl’s heart. After years as his coworker, Jill Henley has given up hope that anything could happen between her and Vin. Besides, loving him would break all the rules. But seeing Jill with someone else triggers feelings in Vincent he never knew he had. Now he’ll have to stop playing good cop/bad cop-and find a way to convince her to be his partner for life. . .

Buy the Book:
Layne_Cuff Me_MM[1]About Lauren Layne
A long-time romance reader, Lauren Layne thinks the only thing better than reading about happy endings is writing them. She now pursues a full-time career in Happily Ever After, a job she’s naturally suited for after marrying her high school sweetheart. A bit of a nomad, Lauren‘s lived everywhere from Orange County to Manhattan. Her hobbies include coffee by day, wine by night, and lots of writing in between. She’s also a total website nerd and insists you check out LaurenLayne.com!
Teaser 1[6][2]
Review to come soon!

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Q&A with author, Jillian David ~RELENTLESS FLAME~ JILLIAN DAVID

MBA&M: Please tell our readers a little about yourself? 
I double majored in English and premed because I wasn’t 100% certain which direction I’d go. Now, years later, I’m a family doctor who writes books! Since the beginning of forever, I’ve been a science fiction and fantasy geek. So, writing paranormal romance fits perfectly. Also kind of funny, people who know how happy I am in my “real life” are often horrified by the darkness/evil themes in my writing. Apparently, some hidden piece of my soul enjoys things that go bump in the night….
MBA&M: Please give our readers a bit of background about  the “Hell to Pay” Trilogy?Relentless Flame
Hell to Pay started out with a question of “What if I could tell which of my patients would survive and which would die?” Morbid, huh? I also wanted to heal folks just by touching them. Boom. First two heroine powers were born.
Then, at the same time, I started playing with the idea of making a deal with the devil. What would happen if it were literally true?
Mix in some romance, terror, brimstone, and adventure and that’s the Hell to Pay series.
MBA&M: Who was your most challenging character to write?
In my 3rd book, I have Ruth, a stoic, tormented Indebted with secret powers of her own. Writing her character was hard because she’s super-strong like the other Indebted, but has her own vulnerabilities. The challenge was hitting the right tone between tough and caring. Then, I had to create the >perfect< love interest for her who matched her strength and helped her grow. And of course, he had to be super sexy!
MBA&M: What or who was your inspiration in writing a Paranormal Romance?
I love asking “what if” for everything! Writing paranormal romance means the story is not tied to reality. Things can happen in paranormal romances that wouldn’t happen in a standard romance.
MBA&M: Three words to describe the “Hell to Pay” Trilogy? AND Three words to describe “Immortal Flame”? Immortal Flame
Hell to Pay: Earth-shattering, redemption, nonstop action (okay, that’s more than 3 words…)
Immortal Flame: tormented, sexy, death
MBA&M: What’s next for you and your career?
So glad you asked! Book #3 of my series, Flame Unleashed, will be released early this fall, so I want to make sure folks know about it! 
Beyond that, I’ve got another 4-book series outlined. The first book has been written already. It’s a suspense/light paranormal blend that relates to Ruth in Hell to Pay. In this series, we meet the Taggart family, a Wyoming family who have to release their hidden powers to protect their ranch…and those who they love.
MBA&M: What would you say is the most remarkable thing about writing a book/story?
If I get stuck with a plot roadblock or character issue, I’ve learned to go to sleep! As long as I don’t get called in to deliver a baby at 2am, my brain apparently stays active enough to work out the problems. In the morning, more often than not, I wake up with the solution! Oooh — maybe that’s >my< secret power!
MBA&: Do you have anything else you wish to add?
Sure do. Big thanks to My Book Addiction and More to featuring my books on your site! I so appreciate when folks take a chance on a newbie author.
Info for new release: Flame Unleashed. Will be out early fall by Crimson Romance.
(At the time of your post, I will not have the cover…yet…but soon. More information will be available on my website.)
 Thank you for stopping by today! We wish you the very best in your writing career!
Meet Jillian David…
Jillian David
Paranormal romance author Jillian David lives at the end of the Earth, where she writes, daydreams, and duct tapes people back together. – See more at: http://www.crimsonromance.com/tag/romance-novels-by-jillian-david/#sthash.rH38kMym.dpuf

Paranormal romance, adventure and suspense. Just what the doctor ordered…

Hell to Pay trilogy: Book #1 Immortal Flame and Book #2 Relentless Flame available now. Book #3 Flame Unleashed coming soon from Crimson Romance!
 For a free sample of her work, please click on: http://jilliandavid.net/sample-pages.html
Follow Jillian David on Good Reads link: https://www.goodreads.com/Jillian_David
Sign up for release news from Amazon:  Visit Amazon’s Jillian David Page
Immortal. Colossal. Suave. Indebted killer Dante Blackstone has the world at his feet. Every vice, any desire, is his for the asking—until he finds the one person he cannot have: one sweet, diminutive woman who could bring about Dante’s destruction. 

Despite her supernatural ability to heal others, a devastating act of evil has left Hannah Miller broken in body and spirit. As she rebuilds her life while on the lam, a not-so-chance meeting with Dante chips away at the walls surrounding her fragile heart. But before their fledgling love can take flight, Dante’s boss sends an evil minion with one mandate: Eliminate Dante’s new reason to break his eternal contract.

As they fight to survive, Hannah’s amazing gift gives Dante one chance to save them both from the vicious minion. How can any love survive eternal hell and annihilation? 

The answer lies in Dante’s inferno.
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for “My Thoughts”, on this title!!


black scorpion hi-rez cover
A Q&A with Jon Land, author of
Black Scorpion: The Tyrant Reborn
1. Can you tell us a bit about
Black Scorpion: The Tyrant Reborn?
I think it’s the most ambitious
book I’ve ever done in terms of character, emotion and
story. I say that not only because of its epic-
like structure, but mostly because I’ve never written a
book before that challenges its characters in so
many ways. It challenges them with truth and the rea
lity of their own natures contrasted against their
fates, testing especially Michael Tiranno’s capacity to
exceed his own limitations. He has become a
classical, almost mythic hero in terms of the losses he
suffers and stunning revelations about his own
fate he must accept. All the while confronting a vill
ain just as powerful as he is with whom he
unknowingly shares an indelible bond. Great villains, they say, make great heroes and that’s truly the
case here as Michael confronts an all-powerful crimina
l organization with a plot to do incredible harm
to the country and world in the offing. To stop them, Michael must become a different man than he is
when the book starts out, he must evolve, literally,
into something more and accepting that fate
comes to define both him as a hero and the story as a
2. What drew you to write thriller and mystery novels?
Well, as the great Robert Louis Stevenson
once said, You can only write what you would read if so
meone else had written it. So when I chose
to be a writer, or should I say when writing chose me, I gravitated to what came most naturally to me.
I’d grown up reading all of Ian Fleming’s James Bond
novels while away at camp for the summer, this
after falling in love with the early films starring
Sean Connery as Bond. The structure of those films
has been more influential in my writing than any oth
er individual factor. As I got older while in college,
I began devouring the books of Stephen King, Robert
Ludum, Clive Cussler and David Morrell—all
great storytellers above everything else, and I realized that’s what I wanted to be too.
3. When did you first start writing?
This is kind of interesting, because not until college at Brown
University. And even then I never took a writing class. I majored in English and American Literature
and fell under the influence of some incredible professors who introduced me to the novel, the whole
concept of structure. Around the same time, I realized
how much I actually loved the process of
writing. I did a term paper on
Huck Finn
that the professor liked so much he recommended I try
publishing it. A light bulb went off in my head and
from that day I’ve been obsessed with seeing my
name in print, especially in big bold letters on my book covers! I actually wrote my first novel as a
senior thesis. It wasn’t very good, but I proved to
myself I could do it and was able to work out all he
kinks while receiving course credit for it. The best of
both worlds, you might say and I remain
eternally indebted to Brown for providing the libera
l educational experience that allowed to be what
I’ve become. It was always about the process and I fell in love with starting with the a blank page of
paper and watching what happens from there.
What are your other interests besides writing?
I’m a gym rat, especially when it comes to
weightlifting. Healthy mind, healthy body as the saying goes. I also remain very active at Brown
volunteering in any number of capacities that allow me to remain close to the undergraduate
community. I’m Alumni President of my own fraternity,
Delta Phi, and serve as Alumni Advisor to
Brown’s entire Greek System. I’m also Vice President
of the Brown Football Association and sit on

the board of the Friends of the Library. Libraries
are another passion of mine, as they should be for
all writers. Libraries are ambassadors of the writ
ten word and its sustenance and at Brown I organize
big events around name authors like George R.R. Mart
in to share my love for books and the place of
books within pop culture as a whole. I also serve on
the board of the International Thriller Writers
organization, ITW, because another passion of mine is
helping to promote our genre in general and
ITW member authors in particular. ITW’s mission sta
tement is all about the haves helping the not-
yet-haves in a very difficult profession and I remain
very passionate about that as well.
When do you find the time to write?
Well, it’s my job. When does a doctor find the time, a
lawyer or a teacher? Just because I love what I do doe
sn’t make it any less of a job, any less of a
profession. I can’t see my name in those big bold le
tters if I don’t write the book. I’m very disciplined
about my work but, fortunately, I also write very fast
to the point where I can finish a first draft in 7-8
weeks. Of course, great books are made in the rewrit
e process and that’s where I truly excel. To me
the first draft is about getting it down and the re
st of the process is about getting it right. And that’s
the thing about a career as a writer. It’s not just
the writing, but also the promoting, the conferences
the book festivals, the signings, Twitter, interview
s, Q & As. But here’s the thing about me: I enjoy
of that, every part of it, especially any opportunity
I have to interact directly with my readers.
Where is your favorite place to write?
The second bedroom in my townhouse is my office and
it’s pretty much where I do all my writing. The key in this business, any business to some extent, is to
find your comfort zone—where, how and when you best excel.
I know where all the bodies are buried
in my office and it’s very easy for me to bounce around between different things demanding my
attention because I’ve laid all the clutter out in a
way that facilitates that. I’ve got everything placed
just where I want it and where it needs to be. If
only life could be that simple!
You have written a number of series; is this one of
your favorite to write?
Frankly, no, that
would be my Caitlin Strong Texas Ranger series. I’m not saying the books in that series are better than
Black Scorpion
because I think in many ways
Black Scorpion
is the most ambitious and best
realized book in terms of vision I’ve ever written.
I’m talking about the process.
Black Scorpion
work for hire and I have an obligation to serve the
needs of the Tyrant character’s creator, Fabrizio
Boccardi. That robs this series, and me, of the spontaneity that defines me as a writer, since I don’t
outline. Writing with someone looking over your shoulder isn’t nearly as fun or gratifying. But, that
said, the end result of both this book and its prequel,
The Seven Sins, proves I’m capable of adapting.
Fabrizio isn’t a writer or a storyteller and he doesn’t grasp all the intricacies of structure. But he has
wonderful instincts that are right more often than not and form the perfect complement to my
experience and talents. Look, Michael Tiranno is his
baby. He turned him over to me to build but he
could never be expected to let him go altogether. Ultimately, I think we work so well together
because our passion is balanced by our willingness to com
promise toward telling the best story we
possibly can. It may drive me crazy at times, but the ends justify the means.
How do you approach writing a book like
Black Scorpion?
It all starts with the hero, Michael
Tiranno. I started
Black Scorpion
with the premise that in the five years since the events depicted in
The Seven Sins, Michael hasn’t changed very much. He’s still pretty
much the same man we left at
the end of the first book, a tyrant consumed by his desire to expand his empire and holdings. The
whole essence of
Black Scorpion
is watching him evolve into something entirely different—still a

tyrant, yes, but a tyrant for good. A superhero without a mask or cape. We watch his view of his
entire place in the world change, forced upon him by t
he shattering truths and tragedy he encounters
along the way. And in that respect his quest changes
from the pursuit of riches and power to self-
fulfillment and self-actualization. So now, above everything else, Michael Tiranno’s character is
defined by his obsession for standing up for those who can’ t stand up for themselves. Bullies aren’t
confined to the schoolyard and he won’t tolerate them
under any circumstances. He’s spent his life
trying to find the security he lost that day his parents were murdered and once there he uses the
power that comes with it to defend those who need hi
m the most. My point is your hero defines the
very nature of a book with the sprawl and ambition of
Black Scorpion. The book will rise or fall based
on how the audience responds to him and you have to approach a book like this with that in mind.
Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and fans?
Thank you, because
without you I’m nothing. I can only be a writer if
you’re reading what I’ve written. And I remain
extremely humbled by the whole nature of the relationship between the writer. It’s a sacred pact, not
much different than reading or telling a child a bedtime story. It comes with an intimacy that defies
explanation. That a reader is wiling to bring me,
through my work, into their lives by letting me
entertain them, sweep them away from the mundane world into one of my own creation, brings with it
an awesome responsibility and the very worst thing I
can do as a writer is disappoint my audience—
the moral equivalency of breaking that sacred pact.
Jon Land 2012 - c Rayzor Bachand10)
Tell us where we can find your book and more inform
ation about you.
To use the cliché,
accurate in this case, wherever books are sold or is most convenient for you. As for me, you can find
me on the Web at jonlandbooks.com or follow me on Twitter @jondland. I promise to keep you
entertained there too!

black scorpion hi-rez coverExcerpt:
Part One
Northern Israel, 950 BC
“They come, oh great King.”
Solomon, weary and weak from going so long without rest
, leaned heavily on the
shoulder of his son as he emerged from inside his goat-
hair tent. Already he and his private
guard had fought off two ambushes. Bandits appeared
to be to blame, but Solomon sus-
pected otherwise given their weaponry, skill, and the f
act that they hadn’t fl ed when confronted.
Now his heart pounded with anticipation, but also with
fear, in the night’s heat. He was
so close now, so close to fulfilling the destiny shaped b
y his father, the great King David. And
that reality filled him with the awesome scope of the r
esponsibility before him, along with the
price of failure.
He could not fail. The fate of his kingdom was at stake
Solomon cast his gaze down the road to see a single wa
gon kicking up a dust cloud in
its wake. Traveling under cover of darkness greatly lessened
the threat of a raid by bandits and,
in any event, at first sight the wagon seemed to be carr
ying nothing more than a farmer’s crops
being taken to the open market in Jerusalem.
Solomon peeled back his beggar’s hood to reveal long l
ocks of shiny brown hair and
finely etched features that looked chiseled onto his f
ace. He’d just nodded off, dreaming of
Jerusalem, imagining the lanterns lighting the city twin
kling in the night, when the captain of his
private guard alerted him to the wagon’s coming.
Solomon eased his hand from the shoulder of his fiftee
n-year-old son Rehoboam as the
wagon drew closer, so the boy wouldn’t feel him stiffen
. “Keep a keen eye, my son, for our
enemies are everywhere.”
“Father?” the boy said, sliding a hand to the knife S
olomon had presented him on the
occasion of his bar mitzvah. He was small for his age and a
bit frail. But, as heir to the kingdom
of Israel, he needed to be part of such a vital mission,
no matter how perilous.
“They would seek to destroy this symbol of our people and
the foundation of our future.
With our temple complete, we have safe refuge for it
at last.”
The Temple of Solomon had taken nearly eight years to b
uild, requiring men and
materials the likes of which had never been seen before
in the known world. A staggering two
hundred thousand workers had ultimately played a part
in its construction, milled from vast
quantities of local stone and imported cedar wood. It
was a sprawling, palatial structure,
perhaps the greatest ever erected— and with good reaso
n, since it would be housing the vast
stores of priceless treasures amassed by the Jewish people t
hrough time. What Solomon had
kept secret from all but his most trusted cadre was the con
struction of a special chamber within
the temple called Kodesh Hakodashim, or Holy of Holie
s. This would house the ark of the
covenant, containing the remains of the stone tablets t
hat held the actual Ten Commandments,
along with the contents carried in the rear of the sim
ple farmer’s wagon approaching now.
It drew close enough to reveal the snorting of the hor
ses and pounding of their hooves
atop the roadbed that was dry and cracking from the long
drought Solomon took for God’s  impatience. And, as if to reinforce that belief, he felt the first trickle of raindrops and took this as a good omen, until thunder rumbled in the distance and it became something much different.

A warning.
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Q&A with B.J. DANIELS~ WILD HORSES….with review

We would like to welcome, author, B. J. DANIELS as today’s guest!!

Welcome, B. J. DANIELS!!


1. WILD HORSES is part of your Beartooth, Montana series and the first book featuring the six Hamilton sisters as the main characters. Have you wanted to write about the Hamilton sisters for a while now or was this a new idea?

I mentioned the Hamilton sisters in earlier books. They were the young women that local men wanted to date, but were reluctant given that the sisters’ father is Senator Buckmaster Hamilton. Not to mention that the young women themselves are…particular when it comes to their men.

2. What is the significance of the title, WILD HORSES?

I like to believe there is some wild horse in each of us. With the Hamilton sisters, who were raised with the run of the huge ranch, they are definitely free spirits. That’s why I knew it would take a special man to get any of them to settle down. I love giving them CBD oil for horses to alleviate their pain as a natural remedy for pills.

3. The family structure of the Hamiltons has all the classic elements of a fairytale (i.e. mother dies young and father remarries a difficult woman). Do you often find yourself revisiting classic fairytale themes in your books?

Not purposely, but I think those themes are so universal that all writers tend to find them in their work. Also, I don’t think that everyone is built to be a stepmother. Angelina Broadwater Hamilton definitely wasn’t.

4. Will Sarah Hamilton (their biological mother’s) story be explored at all?

The over-arcing mystery in all six books has to do with Sarah, the biological mother who’s been gone for the past twenty-two years. I’m fascinated with her character. She keeps surprising me, which is always good. So, yes, Sarah is in all six books.

5. Each sister has her own solid identity. Did you create a character sketch of each sister or was it a spur of the moment decision?

Because I am one of those writes-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of writer, I get to know my characters as they show up on the page. It is great fun because the sisters are all different.

6. Livie Hamilton is the most headstrong of her sisters. Was there a particular reason why Livie Hamilton’s story “spoke to you” first before her other sisters?

The only reason Livie’s story is first is that I saw her driving along a narrow two-lane in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a blizzard. I’ve done that before so I know how scary it can be. You can’t see a dozen yards in front of your vehicle. You often can’t tell where the road is. And if there is no other vehicles around, that often means that the road has been closed to all but emergency traffic. That means if you go off the road, no one will be coming along to help you. I’ve also made rash spur-of-the-moment decisions that I have regretted. Haven’t we all. But this decision is about to cost her everything.

7. Cooper Barnett is the resident horse whisperer and a determined cowboy – what made you choose horse handling as Cooper’s profession?

I believe men who are good with horses are also good with gentling women. Livie needs to be gentled. She’s headstrong. She doesn’t think she needs a man. But she wants Cooper, who is equally headstrong and independent to a fault. Obviously, they are going to have to work some things out before they can really get together.

8. What is the dynamic between the Hamilton sisters and their father, Senator Buckmaster Hamilton?

The sisters are very loving toward their father. He has given them free run of the ranch – and anything they’ve ever asked for. He realizes that was probably a mistake, but he only wants them to be happy. He feels bad that they’ve never had a real mother since their biological mother died and their stepmother wants little to do with them. But father and daughters are very close in these books. He’s like all of us parents who look back and wish we had done a few things differently.

9. The story centers around one small mistake and what it costs the main character. What inspired this theme?

Rash decisions can cost you. Especially if you get angry and take off to get caught in a blizzard on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere.
I’ve been on those roads, in those blizzards, and wished I hadn’t left home when I did. But there is no turning back often because the road behind you is possibly worse than the one you are on. You’re basically trapped because there are no towns to pull off in and often no ranch houses or anything else for miles. Also the snow is often deeper at the side of the road so you can’t even pull off and wait out the storm.
You just keep going and pray you don’t go in the ditch because you could be there for a very long time and if it is really cold out, you might not make it before someone comes along.
You can see why I love writing about Montana and what I know.

10. You dedicated this book to your father and his love for Montana. How did growing up there influence your writing?

My father was the major influence in my life. He always told me I could do whatever I wanted to do when I grew up. He encouraged me always and got to see me published before he died, something I am very thankful for.

But he also gave me Montana. We moved here when I was five. He loved it and he passed that love on to me. It will always be home.

11. Here’s a cover art question. Which do you prefer: an illustration of a cowboy or the real thing?

As long as the cover conveys the feeling of the book, I would be happy either way. I have been very lucky to get some wonderful covers. The WILD HORSES cover is beautiful and it has that feel of being away from it all.

12. Without giving away too much, what is your favorite suspense scene in the book?

I would have to say the opening. What is worse than going off the road in a blizzard in the middle of nowhere, thinking you will freeze to death before morning, and then you see headlights through the falling snow. Someone is coming. But are they really going to save you?

13. Was this story inspired by any films you’ve watched or books you’ve read?

I don’t think so. As writers everything we see, hear, touch or smell – let alone imagine – can end up in our books and we have no idea where it came from.But my father loved old murder mystery movies and westerns so I’ve watched a lot of them. And I love Hitchcock.

14. Who would play Livie and Cooper in a movie?

I have to admit I’m not up on the younger actors. So I’d have to leave that up to my readers to decide. I watch a lot of old movies.

15. What is the steamiest romance scene in the book?

Now if I told you, I’d have to kill you. No, seriously, you’d want to flip to that part of the book. Sorry, no spoilers.

16. How was the writing process different for this book than for past books you’ve written?

They all seem like they are going to be easy when I start a book. I’m excited and hopeful. But there is always a point where I think I will never finish the book. I swear it is like trying to walk through quicksand at times. I write and write, but the book doesn’t seem to get longer. This one was tough because it’s the first one. Once it is in print, there is no changing any of the setting, characters, past events. So especially with the other sisters, you have to be sure you didn’t say anything you will regret.

17. How do you deal with the pressure of deadlines?

I treat writing like a real job. Except without weekends. I write every day. It keeps me in the story and makes it so much easier to pick up where I left off the day before. I also write myself little notes when I can see the next scene or two. Sometimes the deadlines get to me when a book is being difficult. But I’m pretty good at meeting them. I think the latest I’ve ever been is two weeks – and that’s after more than 70 books.

18. What is Flat Cowboy up to these days?

Flat cowboys are the bookmarks to my Cardwell Ranch series for Harlequin Intrigue. One of the lovely editors at Harlequin saw a bookmark and thought I should have a cowboy one like it. That started something. A reader began calling the bookmarks Flat Cowboys and another reader began to take photographs of each Flat Cowboy wherever she went. The first reader put up a site for other readers to post where they’d been with their Flat Cowboys (The Adventures of Flat Cowboy on Facebook)

So yes it took off and it’s been a whole lot of fun!

19. When can we expect the next Montana Hamiltons story to come out?

LONE RIDER will be out the end of June followed by LUCKY SHOT the end of September. The next three, still untitled, will be out the end of February, June and September in 2016.

20. What are you working on next?

Right now I am finishing up LUCKY SHOT. I am having great fun with the characters. As I said, the over-arcing mystery deals with Sarah Hamilton, the biological mother of the sisters who vanished from their lives twenty-two years ago. Is she the loving mother she pretends to be? And where has she been the past twenty-two years?
It is all great fun.

Thank you, B.J. for stopping by today and answering a few questions on your latest release!!

 About B.J. Daniels…

BJ-DANIELS-AUTHOR-IMAGEB.J. DANIELS, a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author, wrote her first book after a career as an award-winning newspaper journalist and author of 37 published short stories. That first book, Odd Man Out, received a four and a half star review from Romantic Times magazine and went on to be nominated for Best Intrigue for that year. Since then she has won numerous awards including a career achievement award for romantic suspense and numerous nominations and awards for best book. Daniels lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, and two springer spaniels, Spot and Jem. When she isn’t writing, she snowboards, camps, boats and plays tennis. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Thriller Writers, Kiss of Death and Romance Writers of America.





Praise for New York Times and USA Today bestselling author B.J. Daniels


“B.J. Daniels will absolutely move to the top of your list of must-read authors.” Fresh Fiction on Mercy


 “Daniels is truly an expert at Western romantic suspense.”  –RT Book Reviews on Atonement

 “Fans of Western romantic suspense will relish Daniels’ tale of clandestine love played out in a small town on the Great Plains.”–Booklist on Unforgiven

 Romantic suspense that will keep readers guessing. If you like Longmire, this is the book for you.”

RT Book Reviews on Forsaken





By B.J. Daniels

 It took only one impulsive moment on an empty two-lane highway to cost Livie Hamilton everything. In WILD HORSES, (Harlequin, $7.99) one fateful mistake isn’t the only secret Livie is keeping from her fiancée, Cooper Barnett—a headstrong cowboy with a talent for taming horses. Victimized during a treacherous blizzard by a man she thought she could trust, she’s pregnant—but unsure who the father is.

 When Livie receives blackmail notes threatening to expose her, she must confess to Cooper and trust he’ll still protect her. What she doesn’t know is that Cooper has already made many sacrifices in the name of love. When a stranger’s twisted vendetta threatens the happy ending they should’ve had long ago, their relationship is put to the ultimate test.



Harlequin; March 1, 2015
384 pages; $7.99 U.S./ $8.99 CAN.


B.J. Daniels - Harlequin Intrigue - Buy at Amazon Purchase from Barnes and Noble Purchase from an Independent Bookseller Purchase the iTunes bookstore

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 Genre: Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

Series: The Montana Hamiltons #1

Source: Received for an honest review


WILD HORSES by B. J. Daniels is an interesting Romance, Mystery & Thrillers.
The Montana Hamiltons #1 Fast paced tale of secrets, mystery, danger, passion, romance, Blackmail, and true love. An interesting tale, with engaging characters. The secrets and blackmail is amazing with many twists and turns. Oh, I did forget to mention murder? Well, the readers will find many intriguing things about WILD HORSES, not just passion, romance and love but life’s complications, and the wild ride to finding your HEA. I enjoyed how Cooper Barnett and Livie Hamilton come to terms with all the secrets, danger, passion and blackmail. A well written story, with vivid descriptions and a passionate romance. I would suggest picking up WILD HORSES for your reading pleasure.

*Received for an honest review*

Rating: 4

Heat rating: Mild

Reviewed by: AprilR. courtesy of My Book Addiction and More





What is the fascination with Alaska and romance?
If you’ve ever traveled to Alaska, you would know the answer. Alaska is the embodiment of rugged, beautiful, and romantic all wrapped in one. A man who can survive and be happy there is the ultimate man’s man. But it’s also a place of danger and even intrigue. Finding the right woman for a man who lives such a rugged life was a fascinating challenge. In AGAINST THE SKY, Nick Brodie is an ex-Anchorage police detective, so his story is a little more city-Alaska.

Inquiring minds want to know, or me rather….Why use Alaska as your setting for this series?
Having traveled fairly extensively (a month, two times, staying in the back of a pickup camper!), I wanted to explore the men who lived in the wild vastness. I wanted each of the three brothers to have an adventure that would lead them to a woman who would perfectly suit them.

Previously I had written a book called Midnight Sun, which was also set in Alaska, and readers seemed to really enjoy the setting. So I figured why not try it again?

How did the concept of the Brodie Brothers come about?
My first three Against book, Against the Winds, Against the Fire, and Against the Law, dealt with the Raines brothers. Readers liked the family connection, and I really liked the character interactions. Alaska seemed to shout for a family connection of the same sort, thus the Brodie Brothers were born.

How many books will be in the Against series, the Brodies of Alaska?
So far just the three brothers, but I have 3 more ideas (guys readers will meet in the next two books). If readers want more of Alaska, I would love to do three more books.

What was the most difficult scene to write in Against the Sky and why?
One of the most difficult involved an incident that happens to Samantha, but it’s a turning point of the book and part of the surprise so I can’t say. Some of the research I did on the internet that involved on-line prostitution was pretty…interesting. Or perhaps I should say enlightening!

What do you as an author look forward to seeing in the future of publishing, and online media?
I hope there is a better way to tell us about great books. I’m at the stage where I’m finding it difficult to locate the kinds of books I want to read. From a personal standpoint I hope on-line media will help me reach readers who have never tried one of my novels.

Of your many tales of romance and adventure, which series, do you feel was your greatest accomplishment and why?
My Against series, absolutely. It’s my best writing, my best stories. It allows me to expand into any kind of plot I want to write. It allows me far greater use of language, expressions, etc, words that aren’t limited by time and place, the way historical novels are. .


Thank you, Kat for visiting with us and our readers today and HAPPY RELEASE DAY!! What a fastinicating series!!


Against-the-Sky-cover-(300xRelease date: 1/27/15
ALASKA. In America’s last wilderness there is no limits to what a man can do.
For detective Nick Brodie, that means keeping the perps off the streets of Anchorage 24/7. Nick has never backed down from danger, but after the horrors he’s seen, he’s definitely in need of a break.
Samantha Hollis never thought she’d meet anyone like Nick, especially in a place like Las Vegas. But after one reckless, passionate night, she discovers the charismatic stranger is everything she wants in a man. But can he ever be more than a one-night stand?
When Nick invites her to Alaska, Samantha decides to find out, never guessing the depths she’ll discover in him or the tangle of murder, kidnapping, and danger about to engulf them both …

AGAINST THE SKY is a fish out of water story. Nick Brodie, an ex-Anchorage cop, is tough as nails, a true man’s man, comfortable in the hard life in Alaska. But Samantha Hollis, owner of a pet grooming parlor in San Francisco likes shopping at Sak’s and a day at the spa. Unwillingly swept into Nick’s problems, Samantha finds herself on a wild ride that leads them in to passion and terrible danger.
It was fun finding ways to make their relationship work when they seem so very far apart. This one’s very fast paced, but it has a soft heart. It turned out to be one of my favorites.










“Against the Sky by Kat Martin sizzles enough to melt a polar icecap. She allows these two polar opposite to find that elusive chemistry that the world craves, but their differences present enough of a challenge that one wonders I love can conquer all or not. Kick in the suspense and danger from the Russian mob and voila! Romantic suspense!”
“Wow, the action scenes are so exciting. I never knew what would happen next.”
“The second book in Kat Martin’s Brodie’s of Alaska series delivers an awesome punch of suspense and romance.”

Kat---Ventura-Star(250by175Meet Kat Martin…

New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History. Currently residing in Missoula, Montana with her Western-author husband, L. J. Martin, Kat has written sixty-five Historical and Contemporary Romantic Suspense novels. More than sixteen million copies of her books are in print and she has been published in twenty foreign countries. Kat is currently at work on her next Romantic Suspense.





Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KatMartinAuthor
Twitter: @katbooks
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/luvromance/
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Kat-Martin/e/B000AQ0OJQ/
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/49381.Kat_Martin

Against-the-Sky-cover-(300xAGAINST THE SKY
By Kat Martin

Chapter One

Samantha had almost reached her door when she saw a man walking toward her, tall and heavyset, weaving a little. His suit was wrinkled, his brown hair mussed and falling over a wide forehead. Obviously he was drunk.
She didn’t like the leering grin that appeared on his flushed face as he spotted her and staggered in her direction. Samantha opened her purse and began digging frantically for her key card. She was still searching when the man stopped in front of her.
“Hello there, sweetheart. Aren’t you a pretty little thing?”
She ignored him, kept on digging, couldn’t find the damned card, prayed she hadn’t left it in her room.
“Not talking, huh? I’m Howard.” He stuck out a meaty hand she ignored, finally let it drop. “Want me to help you find your key?”
“No, thank you.” For once, she wished her purse wasn’t so big.
“Say, why don’t we go downstairs and have a drink? There’s a lot of great restaurants in the hotel. What do you say I buy you dinner?”
His words were thick and a faintly slurred, though Samantha didn’t think he was quite as drunk as he had first seemed.
“I have plans.” Like a soak in the tub and an early evening. “Please leave me alone.”
Pain-in-the-ass Howard’s bushy eyebrows went up. “No reason to take that attitude.” He started crowding her, forcing her back against the door. She wasn’t very big and he towered above her.
He moved closer, knocking the shoes she had taken off to soothe her aching feet out of her hand. “Come on, what do you say?”
“I told you to leave me alone.” Samantha set her palms on his thick chest and tried to push him away. “If you don’t leave, I’m going to call security.” She pushed, didn’t budge him. “Please–I’m just not interested.”
“Come on, sweetheart, it’s only a drink.”
He had her completely boxed in against the door, and though her heart was thrumming away, she was more angry than scared. There were hotel cameras everywhere. In another second, she was going to scream.
She might have done it if good ol’ Howard hadn’t suddenly been jerked away like a puppet on a string and slammed hard against the wall. In an instant, he was facing the opposite direction, spread-eagled, legs splayed, one of his beefy arms forced up behind his back.
“Time to go home, buddy. The lady has other plans.”
“What business is that of yours?”
Her rescuer, tall and broad-shouldered with wavy black hair, cranked the arm up higher, drawing a hiss of pain. “I told you the lady has plans.”
“Don’t hurt him,” Samantha said. “He’s just drunk.”
The most amazing blue eyes she had ever seen swung in her direction. “He a friend of yours?”
“Heavens, no. I was just trying to open the door to my room when he walked up and started accosting me.”
The black-haired man turned back to good ol’ Howard, who seemed to have realized the game was up. “Thanks to the lady, I’m letting you go and not calling the hotel police. If you’re smart, you’ll walk away, go back to your room and sober up.”
Howard stiffened. The arm behind his back got cranked a little higher. Howard hissed and nodded.
“Smart move.” Easing up a little, her rescuer released him and stepped away. With a last angry glance, Howard moved off at a loping stagger down the hall, heading back the way he had come.
“You okay?”
Dear God, the man was handsome. With his blue eyes, high-cheekbones, and straight nose, he was one of the best-looking men she had ever seen. The shadow of a late-afternoon beard along his jaw gave him a slightly dangerous appearance that only made him more attractive.
She managed to drag her gaze away from those arresting blue eyes and found her voice. “Thanks to you, I’m fine. Are you a policeman or something?”
“Used to be. Nick Brodie. Glad I could help.”
She smiled. “I’m Samantha Hollis. You came just in time. I really appreciate what you did. Most people would have just kept walking.”
“Not where I come from.”
“Really? Where’s that?”
“Alaska. Up there, people help each other. Sometimes it’s a matter of life and death.” He looked her up and down. “You aren’t very big. That bastard was twice your size.”
“As I said, he was mostly just drunk.”
“I guess.”
Trying to ignore the nerves she was beginning to feel, she grabbed the purse slung over her shoulder and started searching again for her key. She could feel those amazing eyes regarding her with interest.
“I hope I don’t sound like the guy who just left, but is there any chance you might like to join me for a drink?”
Surprise had her eyes flashing back to him. “Seriously? You’re here by yourself?” Impossible, she thought, for a man who looked as good as he did.
He shrugged a set of impressive shoulders. He was wearing jeans and a crisp white shirt, his hair curling slightly over the collar.
“I needed a break,” he said. “Besides, my brother bought me a plane ticket. I didn’t have much choice. How about that drink?”
She should probably say no. She wasn’t going to give him what he most likely wanted. On the other hand, a guy who looked the way he did wouldn’t have much trouble getting laid.
And she did owe him for coming to her rescue.
Samantha looked up at Nick Brodie and smiled. “You know, after my wrestling match with King Kong a drink really does sound good.”
Nick smiled broadly, all white teeth and sex appeal. The bottom dropped out of stomach. Oh, my. Maybe she was making a mistake.
“What are we waiting for?” Nick said. “Let’s go.”

Nick wasn’t sure why he’d asked her to join him. He wasn’t really looking for female companionship. Or maybe he was, but hadn’t found anyone worth the effort. He’d come to Vegas to get away, see the city that had always intrigued him, relax, maybe gamble a little–not too much.
Samantha winced as she shoved her feet back into her high heel shoes, and he remembered seeing them in the hall in front of her door where she had taken them off and dropped them.
He was afraid he’d scare her if he suggested she open the door, go in and get a different pair, but he wanted her to be comfortable.
“I got a hunch those shoes are hurting like hell. Why don’t I wait for you by the elevator? Give you time to go in and change?”
The smile she gave him was so full of gratitude he figured he’d scored another point–besides the one he’d gotten for pulling that big bastard off her.
She opened her purse, found the key she’d been searching for, flashed it in front the lock and opened the door. “Thanks, Nick. I’ll be right there.”
He frowned. The lady was way too trusting. He could have pushed her inside and done any damn thing he wanted. He thought she would have learned her lesson with the bruiser who’d been manhandling her.
His frown slowly faded, replaced by another smile. In an odd way, he found her naiveté refreshing. Still, if he got a chance, he’d talk to her, make her understand the need to be careful with strangers. Clearly, his cop instincts hadn’t faded, probably never would.
Time ticked past. Standing next to the elevator, he checked his watch. She’d been gone fifteen minutes when he spotted her coming down the hall. She’d changed out of her pale peach linen suit into a short black skirt, pink and black top, and another pair of heels, just as tall but open-toed and apparently more comfortable.
“Thanks for waiting,” she said. “I’ve been working all day. It feels good to get into something that isn’t wrinkled.”
His eyes ran over her. “You look fantastic.” Damned if she didn’t. With her heart-shaped face and warm brown eyes, he’d thought she was attractive. Now he could see she was way more than pretty, with a great figure, curves in all the right places, just a hint of cleavage above the neckline of her blouse. She had taken the clips out of her hair, letting the springy light brown curls that hung down her back tumble softly around her face. He wanted to grab a fistful, to see if it felt as silky as it looked.



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FINISHED~ CLAIRE KENT…*Mature content, 18+please*


Title: Finished

Author: Claire Kent

Date of publication: October 14th, 2014


About Finished:

For the last year, Julia has lived with two men.

Drayton is hot and mysterious, and Mike takes care of her. Together, they have great sex and a mostly stable relationship—one Julia thought satisfied her. After all, how can she complain about having two sexy men at the same time?

Then everything starts to change. Drayton is keeping a dark secret that threatens more than their arrangement. It might actually threaten their lives. And Mike keeps becoming more alpha than she’s ever known him to be.

What once was fun and casual is now a tangle of conflicting desires. Drayton wants to keep his freedom. Julia wants a real commitment.

And Mike…well, Mike just wants her.


Available at:

Amazon // Barnes & Noble



Finished teaser 6


She was smiling at Drayton, thinking she needed to spend more time with him like this, since she’d been focused a lot more on Mike than on him lately, when he asked into the silence, “What are you thinking about?”

“You,” she admitted, putting down her glass and leaning back in her seat. “Us. Our relationship. Do you ever want any more than what we have?”

She had no idea why she’d voiced the question that had been lingering in her mind for a couple of months now. She knew it went beyond the bounds of their established relationship. But it was honest, and Drayton felt safe at the moment. She really wanted to know.

He blinked slowly. Glanced away for a moment. Then turned back to meet her gaze. “I’m happy with the way things are.”

She gave a little nod, feeling a drop of disappointment. “Oh. Okay.”

“Aren’t you happy?”

“I am. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want great sex with two amazing guys. But, still, sometimes I wonder…it just sometimes feels like something is missing.”

He shook his head and leaned toward her. “Nothing is missing. Everyone, in any kind of relationship, sometimes wonders if something is missing. That’s because life can never offer us everything. We choose what’s most important to us and accept that there are some things we’ll never have. If you have some romantic notion about getting everything without giving up anything, you’ll always be disappointed. Life isn’t about perfect happy endings. They just don’t exist. It’s about choosing. And then about giving up what we don’t choose.”

She thought about his words and then nodded slowly. “Yeah. I know you’re right about that. But don’t you ever want to be close to us—with more than just your body.”


Q/A with Claire Kent:

Tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you tick?
The two things I love to do most in the world is write and teach literature. I was pretending to teach school when I was four years old, and I wrote my first novel when I was twelve. Right now, I’m able to do both teach and write. It’s basically two full-time jobs, but it’s a great place to be. I also love dogs and books and ice-cream.

Why writing?

My mind has always been full of stories. Even if I’m not writing, I’m always making up stories in my head. It just makes more sense to actually write them down so other people can read them too.
Which authors have influenced your writing?

Too many really to count. My early influences were Louisa May Alcott and Maud Hart Lovelace. (I loved the Betsy, Tacy, and Tib books so much!). Then there have been so many others, ranging from Patricia Veryan to Agatha Christie. I think my deepest influences are those who don’t even write in my genre.


About Claire Kent:

claire Kent


Claire has been writing romance novels since she was twelve years old. She has a PhD in British literature and, when she’s not writing, she teaches English at the university level.

She also writes contemporary romance under the penname Noelle Adams.

Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Goodreads | Website


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Lieutenant Henry Gallant bannerWELCOME, ALAINA!

Character: Alaina Hepburn – Heroine of Lieutenant Henry Gallant

When I was a small child, the bright warm days of summer swore to me that each and every day would be lovely, forever. I believed that for quite a while – until my parent died.

I can remember waking up one night from a bad dream, reaching out for the edge of the bed, brushing away the covers and sitting up. I swung my legs over the side and onto the floor. There was enough light to see into the hallway to my parents’ bedroom. I stole quietly through the night into their room and climbed into bed next to my mother.

They tell me my mother was very beautiful. I inherited her yellow colored hair and blue eyes, but her parents had dark hair and eyes, so she always said we were misplaced on our family tree. I don’t really remember how she looked, other than what I’ve seen from a few poorly taken photos, but I remember how she made me feel. Curled up next to her, she would put her arms around me and hum a comforting lullaby; she made me feel—loved.

My father had known my mother only a short time before they were married. My father’s father was the only relative that remained. I was born shortly after we arrived here.

The house I live in was on the edge of town only a few gates down from my grandfather’s house. He worked the hardest to spoil me which I greatly enjoyed because I hadn’t reached school age, yet. He would play games and tell me stories until I was too tired or too hungry to remain any longer. Then I would go home and wait for the next morning when I could visit again.

It was my grandfather, James Hepburn, who told me my parents were dead.

He explained they had gone on an expedition to explore. It was their second voyage in a small boat with one other couple, mapping the islands and the location of resources. The first trip had been a resounding success and a great deal was learned.

On their second voyage, a horrible hurricane caught their small boat and they were lost at sea, or they were presumed lost, since their bodies were never recovered.

It would have been overwhelming loss if my grandfather had not been there to comfort and care for me. I’m ashamed to admit I struggled with grief, guilt, and depression. I had to let go of most of the painful feelings and move on. It was his kind gentle guidance that gave me a way to carry on. He taught me how to forgive myself for my mistakes and I developed my sense of purpose through his instruction. He was always there for me. I adored him, to say the least.

Of course, with only him to supervise me, I tended to run wild, finding my way into the woods and exploring on my own, trying to pick up the mantle of exploration that my parents had left. The result was a tom-boy existence, getting into lots of scrapes and fights with all the boys and girls my age.

One time, I was waiting motionless in a tree and almost dozed off while playing a game of hide and seek with several others. Before long, one of the boys spotted me, it was Liam, but he didn’t call out to expose me. Instead he came up and sat next to me. We remained hidden for hours while the others looked for us.

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H. Peter AlessoAbout the Author

As a scientist and author specializing in technology innovation, H. Peter Alesso has over twenty years research experience at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). As Engineering Group Leader at LLNL he led a team of computer scientists and engineers in innovative applications across a wide range of supercomputers, workstations and networks. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. and served in the U.S. Navy on nuclear submarines before completing an M.S. and an advanced Engineering Degree at M.I.T. He has published several software titles and numerous scientific journal and conference articles, and he is the author/co-author of seven books.

His latest book is the science fiction space opera, Lieutenant Henry Gallant.
For More Information
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Lieutenant Henry Gallant 2About the Book:

In an era of genetic engineering, Lieutenant Henry Gallant is the only Natural (non-genetically enhanced) officer left in the fleet. Many of his superiors, including rival Anton Neumann, have expressed concern he is not up to the challenge. However, his unique mental abilities have proven essential to the defense of the United Planets in its fight against the Titan invaders.

Serving on the first FTL prototype, the Intrepid, on its maiden voyage to Tau Ceti, Gallant finds a lost colony on the planet Elysium. Cyrus Wolfe and his son, manipulate planet politics against the democratic opposition led by James Hepburn and his granddaughter Alaina. Wolfe has allied himself with an ancient Artificial Intelligence which had lain dormant on the planet for millennia, but is now willing to protect the colonists against the Titans.

With Alaina’s help, Gallant discovers the ancient AI has a sinister ulterior motive and he matches his unique and exceptional mind against the complexity of machine intelligence to escape the ultimate trap and prevent the extermination of humanity.

In Lieutenant Henry Gallant, one man pits the naked human mind against the perspicacity of machine intelligence.

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