5 Steps to Ensure Your Retirement Financing Until Age 100

No one knows how long he or she will live. Death is a mystery. The hardest part of retirement planning is calculating how many years we are going to live after we retire. As human beings, we don’t know when we are going to die. It might be tomorrow or it might be more than 100 years. Still, we want to ensure that we will have enough money to last throughout our retirement.

Most people who plan their retirement assume that they were going to live until they are 100 years old. So when you plan to retire at the retirement age of 65, you must raise enough money to provide for your needs for 35 years. Some Americans between the ages of 45 to 70 are preparing for their retirement period, but many of them haven’t thought about the circumstances when their savings run out and they are still alive. Or more simply said: they don’t have a plan B. This is according to an online survey of the Society of Actuaries.

Though, it is not easy to save and to raise money that will provide your needs all throughout your life, there are ways to make your finances last. One way to ensure that you can have finances for your lifetime is through Social Security. The Social Security System will provide you income for your lifetime, but the amount of the money you can get depends on the year you claim it. The longer you delay claiming it, the more you will receive. It’s been advised to wait as long as you can, claiming your money only when you really need it.

A second guaranteed way you can have source of income for your lifetime is through a traditional pension. But only a few people are lucky enough to have this. If your company is offering you a traditional pension, take advantage of it. You will benefit from it for the rest of your life. Another way you can secure financing for your retirement period is through annuities. These are designed to meet your retirement goals. Some workers invest 20% of their income and others invest huge amounts to get a higher security payment.

Medicare supplemental policies or MediCaid are helpful for your medical expenses. These are insurance policies that will pay your health expenses that your savings can’t cover. Let’s face it when we grow old, there’s a fat chance that we will become sickly. Better invest in medical insurance than spend all your retirement savings on your medical expenses.

It is also better to secure yourself with Long Term Care insurance because we don’t know how long you would need a medical attention. Medicare would only cover 100 days of your medical expenses and after that you have to pay on your own.

Secure yourself for the long run. Be prepared and take action now!

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  1. I think more people need to read a novel like this and do so EARLY in their lives. My husband and I worked hard, saved and PLANNED our retirement. Today, we are retired and comfortable. Our sons are following suit as they were taught by us. Yes, they used to laugh at me at times and call me Mrs. Coupon, however, those little things helped to keep us focused on saving. I find it very frightening when I read that many people even in their 50s and 60s don’t have any savings. Wouldn’t it be nice if books like this and accompanying classes could be offered to younger students in hopes of helping them plan for retirement at an early age?

    1. That is exactly why i wrote it and it is amazing how many people have nothing and have no idea what to do. I really wanted to share this and i am so glad you talked about the classes as we are taking this book and creating an online course called PREtirement Mastery, so that younger folks will get this 🙂

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